MURDOCK: Trump Answered Liberal Prayers Through Conservative Means

President Donald J. Trump cuts red tape, December 14, 2017. Photo: Shealah Craighead/The White House

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NEW YORK — Whenever liberals see Donald J. Trump strolling through Palm Beach, they should disturb his peace just long enough to yell two words at him: 

“Thank you!”

While they never will admit it, the now-former president secured numerous policy objectives that leftists advocate. However, Trump answered liberal prayers through conservative means. This, of course, makes him “worse than Hitler,” as Refuse Fascism organizer Sunsara Taylor told Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson.

So, which Leftist bullseyes did Trump hit with Rightist bullets?

Cut CO2! Reducing perfectly natural carbon dioxide (or “carbon pollution” as Obama smeared it) approximates Holy Communion in the Left’s Church of Climate Change. The Left should be thrilled that CO2 emissions fell 2.9 percent between 2018 and 2019. 



Yes, center-Left boys and girls, that dirty, nasty, evil fracking that you hate more than steamed spinach yields abundant natural gas. As skyscrapers, power plants, and buses switch to gas, they respectively yield 32 percent less CO2 than with heating oil, 50 percent less versus coal, and 88 percent less beside diesel. This helped push energy-related U.S. CO2 output into a post-1985 pit.

Stop income inequality! For years, the Left screamed for an end to American paychecks in different amounts. If only we all earned the same, they dreamed.

Under the income-inequality-hating Obama-Biden Administration, the relevant Gini Coefficient actually increased from 0.466 in 2008 to 0.481 in 2016 — 3.218 percent more “unfairness.”

Under the Left’s despised “Donald Trump,” Gini advanced from 0.481 in 2016 to 0.489 in 2017. But then Gini fell two consecutive years, to 0.486 in 2018 and 0.484 in 2019 — 1.033 percent less “unfairness.”

Credit Trumponomics. Tax reductions, regulatory relief, and a pro-business tone ignited robust economic growth, buoyed the modest, and never bashed the moneyed. A rising floor, not a falling ceiling, squeezed Gini the right way.  

Fight for 15! The Left loves the $15 minimum wage so much that it wants to impose it nationwide — even on employers who cling by their cuticles amid lockdowns and layoffs. 

Regardless, Trump helped American workers enjoy $15-per-hour wages voluntarily. Under the Trump/GOP Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), numerous employers shared their tax savings with employees. Americans for Tax Reform reports that at least 45 employers hiked their minimum wages to $15 per hour, including major job creators such as Charter Communications, JP Morgan Chase, and Met Life. Cigna and at least two other enterprises hiked hourly wages to $16 — all without government mandates.

War on Poverty! President Lyndon Baines Johnson launched the War on Poverty in 1964. SNAP, TANF, VISTA, and other tax-fueled acronyms became costly beads on the Left’s collective social-spending rosary. Five decades and some $16 trillion in federal outlays later, Manhattan Institute scholar Brian Riedl calculates, Trumponomics chopped the poverty rate from 11.8 percent in 2018 to 10.5 percent in 2019 — its nadir since federal estimates began in 1959, five years before the War on Poverty. Trump’s policies graduated 4.2 million from poverty and cut Obama-Biden’s 22 percent black poverty rate in 2016 to 18.8 percent in 2019 — a record low and its first-ever reading below 20 percent.

Urban renewal! Since the 1960s, liberals have pushed to revitalize low-income, minority, inner-city communities. TCJA’s incentives (e.g. capital gains tax: 0 percent) have lured $75 billion in private investment and created some 500,000 new jobs in 8,764 Opportunity Zones in such neighborhoods.

No more wars! Since at least the 1960s peace movement, liberals typically have been dovish and conservatives hawkish. Regardless, President Trump rebuilt the military that Obama-Biden neglected and then pursued a Reaganite policy of Peace through Strength. Trump brokered four Middle East peace deals with Israel and its Islamic neighbors. He also was the first American president since Jimmy Carter to launch no new war. Hence, Trump earned four Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

As former President Trump encounters Lefties in Greater Mar-a-Lago, he should offer them these two words: 

“You’re welcome!”

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research. Bucknell University’s Michael Malarkey contributed research to this opinion piece.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. Thank you for saying “Thank you for the Democrats”, they will never have anything good to say about Trump. He did a lot of good and the Democrats could build on that, but their hatred has their blinders streamed up. So the American people will suffer, Canada will suffer, Mexico will suffer with immigrants trashing their cities once more, when there is hatred in a party, there is no unity.

  2. While I am NOT a Joe Biden fan, I do hope and pray that he will have a successful (and somewhat uneventful time while he is in office, primarily because (very frankly) I am scared absolutely sh##less of the prospect of “Heel Up” Harris becoming the leader of our country.

    1. She will probably be doing most of the work anyway as slow joe is not smart enough to do much of anything and as feeble as he is it won’t be long he will probably be in bed most of the time. Thanks to all you people who decided to nominate and vote for socialism, hope you’ll enjoy losing your freedoms.

    2. Have you noticed Harris is always in the background while Biden is on camera? Strange isn’t it? Wonder what they are so afraid of if Biden is left alone?

    3. Successful? Biden reneged on the agreement with Canada concerning the Keystone XL pipeline by canceling the contract, Biden rejoined the ridiculous Paris Climate Change debacle (China is considered a developing nation), Biden will drop sanctions against China, Biden will rejoin the Iran Nuclear deal (which will give billions of American taxes to the ‘Destroy America’ crowd in Iran, Biden will stop fracking which has contributed to sub$2 per gallon gasoline and has contributed to lowering CO2 emissions, Biden will increase government $$ to Planned Parenthood, Biden will root out the great While Supremacy threat (code for crushing conservatives and Republicans… and that’s just his first half week on the job. If you’re a Democrat/Socialist then Biden will be a phenomenal success. If not, you’ll see the US decline economically, culturally, militarily and wonder ‘why did I sit back and allow this election theft to occur.’

  3. I’m inconsolable about the stolen election, and take down of President Trump, the betrayal byPence and how Republicans lie to our face take our donations then team up with the Democrats to achive their goals to remove Trump from office and insulate their own power

    1. I receive ‘alarming’ pleas from the various GOP organizations and politicians telling me how if I don’t donate now all will be lost. On one of the recent pleas, I wrote back telling them that I will donate again once they (the GOP) support Pres. Trump, and stand up to the Democrat/Socialists as Pres. Trump does. So, action by the GOP in those two directions will win me back. I am eagerly anticipating a ‘movement’ by Pres. Trump to keep his 75million+ person base unified and motivated. As the Biden administration continues its destruction of the US economy et al, I expect many ‘fence straddlers’ to wake up and see the Socialism. I would suggest you motivate yourself by anticipating some action by Pres. Trump that will keep MAGA alive and well.

  4. Trump did more for America and the people than any president before him. And it is sad to see how much Biden is harmiong the American people already. Today heard on TV that Biden is stopping Trump’s war on drug prices. Why? Thye only answeris, it helped the people and Biden has NO intention of helping the American people! Again I ask WHT? Heard McCarthy say the dems really do not want Unity, they only6 want and demand Obedience. Have I woken up in China already in less than one week? Please God help America and her people!

  5. Obama is back. Biden is a shadow. The HO is a figure head without a brain. Get rid of those two and you have Piglosi. Can this country survive? The Dems are authoritarian. They want power, control of the people and to destroy the people’s ability to be independent and free. They did this after the Civil War. The Puritans darn near starved to death under socialism until they divided up the settlement and gave some to each family. Then it propered. It seem that history means nothing to Dumos and illegals since it’s not taught and what is taught is “policially correct”. America isn’t perfect but it had been more helpful to the people of this country and the world than China, Russia, Venezula who take and take and take and give back only misery and hardship, poverty and degredation. In the meantime, the elites prosper under the yoke set on the people.

  6. I appreciate all that is said, but you are missing the biggest point. The election was stolen through coordinated massive fraud and in 4 years it won’t matter if Trump gets 80 million votes, the criminals will come up with 90 million fraudulent votes. The blood is on the hands of scotus who are sworn to uphold the constitution which they didn’t. Secede now, bear arms, and defend your life and families from the communist left/neofascist Rhinos.

  7. What I miss most is a way to communicate with Trump. All my conservative e-mails are blocked or “ERROR 404” OR PAGE UNAVAILABLE. The West Coast is looting & burning AGAIN, a Church was bombed, Newsom REFUSES to share ANY Covid-19 info, & “WE” learn nothing of any of this! ??Any ideas about “WHAT” we can do about this?

  8. New; American troops are in their second day of entering in to Syria. Their goal is protect the oil fields. The military industrial complex is happy that Biden wants to secure foreign oil for America.

  9. This article just confuses the DUmbocrats. They are such a hateful greedy power hungry wacky Nazi’s(socialist same thing) group they can’t think straight.


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