The Best Memes and Online Reactions to the Biden Inauguration

Twitter screenshot from The New York Post
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If there was one thing that conservatives and liberals can agree on about Inauguration Day it was that the *memes did not skip a beat.  

The ceremony included beautiful performances from some of the music industry’s biggest stars including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and Garth Brooks. Even a beautiful speech by the youngest known poet laureate, Amanda Groman drew oohs and aahs from everyone watching. But, ultimately it was Bernie Sanders who stole the show. The internet went wild when the camera panned to the elderly senator sitting alone while wearing mittens and a simple coat with a grumpy look on his face. The image caught fire as thousands of memes were created and shared using Sander’s image in various settings and #BernieSanders hit the top ten trending hashtags on Twitter. 

(Meme: An image or video that represents the thoughts and feelings of a specific audience. Most memes are captioned photos intended to elicit humor)

People from all sides couldn’t help but get a laugh in after seeing some of these hilarious- and creative pictures.

Here are a few of the funniest “Grumpy Sanders” pictures we could find: 

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  1. Buddy buthole Biden put Bernie and Bill to sleep with his super boring forgetable inaguration speech. what a dud he is!

        1. I gave birth to an Albert Hess this morning after my 2nd cup of coffee while sitting on the commode.
          He was stillborn so I flushed him away.

          1. Hopefully you’ll continue to laugh with that feather up your a*#, after Biden raises your taxes and fk’s your loved ones. Oh! I see since you enjoy things in your a#*, then I guess you’re use to being fk’d there. You are just like your president, so that also makes you a loser.

          2. Deplorable.
            Did you get a chance to smear your feces in the Capitol?
            My President is in the White House.
            Your President is in Mary Legoland playing with himself.

        1. Actually it was won thru massive fraud and an evil coup to take down the greatest president we’ve ever had…you’ll pay for your misdeeds one day soon-God help us.

          1. I have a lot of faith in my son as a boxer.
            When ever he loses I tell him that the other kid cheated.
            It makes us both feel better.

        1. Biden is a thief and his a liar he’s not my president. Donald Trump is my President 2024 will be back., 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏼

      1. The Magic Mulatto s u c k s my 2 inch weenie while Big Mike gets me from behind. Bidet sits there watching while sniffing his Barbie doll. Good times….😙

      1. You didn’t think he did an amazing job of singing Amazing Grace?
        Was his tone off?
        Or was it that Trump was not in his audience?

      1. WOW!! That is so true Albert. Just like the rest of us who voted for him, I nice to know that you to are aware of why this is. But! If not, its because its amazing how stupid the people are who voted for Biden. So eager to embrace a evil, corrupt and lying person to be the head of this country.

        1. A lot of moderate democrats who voted for Biden are waking up with the first in a series of migraine headaches as they watch their jobs disappear with the pipe line, more jobs disappear with caravans of illegals coming to breach our borders and women’s sports becoming a none gender nightmare. Next will be the tax increase. Biden is going to give stimulus package but the money will go into one hand for relief and out the other to pay for his tax increase. You who voted for this fool will find yourself behind me in the bread line.

    1. I heard that Ray, I find it odd that the supposedly Biden got the most votes in the history of the U.S. of any president, yet his inauguration speech was nearly a ghost town.
      Just one more piece of evidence that the election was stolen.


    1. Goofy Pelosi wanted a machine gun team to protect her. Now tell me who needs to resign because she is crazy. Impeach her!


        1. They didn’t dare.
          The National Guard was equipped with fully automatic assault rifles.
          Not just fecal matter.

      1. It absolutely says that Trump supporters are a violent bunch.
        Some are so violent that they smear their own feces.

  2. When Biden was signing executive orders he was asked by a reporter what he was signing and Biden said he didn’t know. He was just signing them. Without looking at what he was signing! The idiot signs anything without having a clue. How is that for abdicating his responsibilities? Scares the heck out of me!
    I remember when I was auditing a plant in New Hampshire and the Controller was upset with the plant manager for signing documents without looking at them. So, he put through a purchase order for a Coupe de’ villa Cadillac. The purchasing agent got it and asked what is going on. Well, that cemented the relationship between the Controller and the plant manager, but he made his point.

  3. Bernie was born a mean grumpy marxist and continues to relapse into deeper darker depths! He will be called to his eternal fire and brimstone place of unrest soon enough. It’s the place all the devout marxist Dems go…..

    1. It happens to all those Damm Jews.
      You do not get to sit at the feet of God unless you accept Jesus H. Christ as your very own personal savior.

    1. What difference does that make? He doesn’t know if he is walking or sitting or laying down, in other words he has no idea what is going on around him, he is an idiot.

  4. Comrade Bernie is such a goof, albeit a dangerous goof!!!!!!
    Given the damage these demwits are going to do to this country….. being able to laugh at this imbecile is refreshing.

  5. Bernie must have been imagining him making that speech in Red Square, instead ofBiden doing it at Tian-an-mien Square.

    Little did they both realize they were at the Capitol in Washington, DC.

  6. He may be a clown, he is certainly an idiot, but he is also dangerous to our nation. He is not funny.

  7. I realize you are swamped by us deplorable viewers every day. However, that being said, I would like to suggest something to you for your consideration that I feel is very important but being ignored by everyone. Every day, I hear how we must just bite our lip, sit down and accept the fact that we must suffer liberal teriny until the mid terms. We don’t have the power to do anything right now to stop their Socialist attacks. To quote one of our terrific conservatives I say “Bull Crap!”
    The Democrats have power in Congress because they stick together on nearly everything. Republicans, conversely and with a few notable exceptions ” Don’t stick together on anything that doesn’t directly affect their paycheck. My point is this…there are 74 million deplorables out there. The problem is they are regular folks, who want to stop the violence and cancel culture, but they don’t realize the depth and earth changing power they have. They only have to speak and act as one enormous and powerful group. And they can do it without violence!
    When Facebook and Twitter banned Trump they lost a few avid Trump supporters which cost them several billion dollars, I believe. What damage would be done to those platforms if all 74 million stopped using them at once for several weeks? How about the stores that cancelled the poor My Pillow people in order to shut them up and bankrupt them. If they can get away with that, what is there to keep them from barring conservatives from buying gas or food from their stores? What would happen if all 74 million just did their shopping someplace else for a month. It’s just an old fashioned boycott but with 74 million people, it would be the “mother of all boycotts. Imagine, boycotting liberal Hollywood stars movies and not buying music from liberal singers ! It wouldn’t take a month of consintrated effort to bring all of them to their knees….because “We” are the people that work and consume. “They ” are the people that take and produce nothing.

    1. Ima, great, great post!
      Unfortunately, as much as people complain, in the end they’re like the week Republicans.
      All talk and no action!
      And yes, I couldn’t agree more. No matter what the dems always, always stick together.
      Something our side has yet to learn.
      Everyone should read your post and think about what’s next. Thank you

    2. Ima, I replied to your post earlier. However, they’re holding it. They do this to me all the time, then release it when the story goes away.
      What’s up with this site????

  8. I for one did not watch one second of that sad day for our country. In 2 years, if we survive, let’s all get out and take the house and the Senate back. That will stop joe’s agenda in its tracks. Liz Cheney already has someone who’s going to run against her. Many others will rise. We must support these newcomers and vote out all RINOS.

  9. Although I’m not a Bernie supporter, I feel sorry for him because the election was not only rigged against the President, but also against Bernie. I think he deserved a little down time. If I had been him at the inauguration, I would have been snoring.


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