Senate Confirms Biden’s Secretary of Defense

Staff Sgt. Lorie Jewell, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Senate has voted to confirm Joe Biden’s pick for Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Austin will be the first black Secretary of Defense.

According to Fox News:

The Senate on Friday confirmed President Biden‘s defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, in a big bipartisan vote, marking the first time an African American will lead the Pentagon in U.S. history.

The vote was 93-2.

Austin is a former four-star Army general who served in the military for 41 years before retiring in 2016. He was the commander of the U.S. Central Command, where he helped lead the effort to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, backed Austin for the job. “I am very confident that Lloyd Austin will be a strong, capable civilian leader for the Pentagon at this critical time,” Inhofe said.

Austin was granted a waiver to be Secretary of Defense because he hasn’t been out of the military long enough. This same waiver was granted to Trump’s Secretary of Defense pick James Mattis.

        1. He and his kind, like “Albert Hess”, can’t shut their mouths. If they did they’d be totally constipated. In seconds.

    1. The federal government must legally and fairly investigate the six states that are accused of massive fraud in the election and put it to rest. Instead of assembling 25,000 troops as a threat with weapons, like the Nazi party of 1933 would of done. Just do a simple investigation, that is not DOJ or FBI done. Legally put it to rest, instead of shoving the election up our asses by propaganda news which is 99% of the all news, one party sponsored. The Supreme Court might get off their cowardly asses too, and hear at least one case, over 74 million people supported? If this election was not rigged there would be an honest government investigation. The FBI leadership, not their rank and file heroes, if not politically bias would of handed the Biden crime family lab-top case over to another trusted law enforcement agency instead of sitting on it for well over a year in secret.

      1. If this is not done it will continue to leave a cloud of illegitimacy over the Biden administration. It has to a fair and impartial investigation. There are 75 million American citizens that believe the election was a fraud. There must be an investigation to put it to rest. If not the division in our country will remain and there will be no unity.

        1. 85 million American voters believe that there was not enough voter fraud to overturn the election.
          In a democracy the majority rules.
          In a dictatorship you need only a small pack of rabid supporters ready to smear their feces around in our Capitol.

            1. those 85 million wouldn’t know if there was fraud or not because none of them want to see any evidence and they got the liberal governors and activist judges to make sure it never gets shown. 2. We are a democratic republic, not a democracy. 3. You are somewhat correct about a dictatorship and the democrats attacks on our bill of rights and Constitution proves it only takes one party to take control of all branches of a government to implement a dictatorship by making sure any opposing party never gets in power again. It is in the works right now by you leftist, just like what took place in the USSR and Nazi Germany years ago. History does repeat itself! You are the problem!
          1. I would have thought more than this post from you. The United States was not and has never been a democracy. Our problem is not having the election for the President and vice president as a totally separate election not one with other posts involved. Actually the high court said no evidence of systemic fraud. That word alone is a weasel-out method.

          2. Sorry to burst your civics bubble. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, because the founders were smarter than most of us today. There would have never been civil rights in a pure democracy, the “majority” would have always said no 75 years ago…

          3. We aren’t a democracy! But any fraud needs to be investigated so it doesn’t happen again. It doesn’t matter if there was enough fraud to overturn the election, ANY fraud is wrong! Since we are not intended to be a democracy, the mob majority does not rule!

        2. I don’t believe any investigation now would be credible. They can’t find fraud and remove Biden. They can’t pass legislation to secure the next election after Sec. Chris Krebs said this was the most secure election ever. There will be no unity and they like it that way cause they can’t control us if we were one people.

      2. Be patient, an audit (forensic) is about to begine in the next week. Once again those who are part of the judical system have been holding this up and last week the case was won by the state legislature and its CONSTITUTION. This will open the door to 16 more states that have issues with the election and proceudres that were followed. To all you name sayers there were many frauds committed and no you can not wipe the evidence away.All recods of elections and equiptment must be saved and stored for 22 months after the elction. Federal Law.This will happen in the next 10 days the first one; and no it will not be done by those in DC. doj,fbi,etc. and for the record it is bipartisen from both sate house and senate.

      1. What were those labels Al? Deplorables, racist, misogynist, xenophobes, Islamophobes,Nazi’s, white nationalist, white supremacist,OOH excuse me, that was the democrats labels for anyone that didn’t think like them, sorry. Now, what were Trumps labels you were so tired of?

    2. I agree. If someone came from Africa and wants to be called African American, ok. But if they are born in this country they should be called American. I thought Martin Luther King wanted a color blind America and people should be selected for a job by their qualifications regardless of the color of their skin. Otherwise people need to be labeled English American, French American, or Polish American, etc.

      1. why because he is going to do a witch hunt to drum out of service any individual who at any time supported Trump This will be the preferred task of any Biden appointee

  1. The central command commander during the resurgence of ISIS, or ISIL as Obama prefers. Of course a mere General couldn’t make policy, just implement it. We all know that general seem to care more about their Stars than honor.

    1. They only seem to suddenly feel the urge to tell the “truth” as they see it……AFTER they are retired and that generous pension is secured!!!!
      Our WARRIORS!!!!!!

  2. This is rather interesting — as I remember, it took the Trump team OVER A YEAR to get his cabinet picks approved — ALL the dem’s voted ‘NO’ on every selection —

      1. The rotten-to-the-core Dems and the roll-over Reps are sucking each others thumbs and feeling cosy. Now the fox is out of the hen-house and they can all rest assured there is plenty in the trough for them.

    1. It will not take that long for confirmations now as Joe has the House and Senate. Joe was right when he made the U-Tube video. He did have the greatest fraud organization the World has ever known. It was still on U-Tube last time I looked.

      1. All of Trump’s cabinet picks were approved by the senate. Trump withdrew 4 of his picks and replaced them with others. There was much opposition from the Democrats and debate but all were approved. They did not fail to approve any.

        1. If the Republicans hadn’t had the majority in the Senate. He wouldn’t have gotten any approved. I’m interested in seeing which two voted against.

      2. The House when Trump took over was in Control of the Swamp Creature from Wisconsin… Paul Ryan. Turtleneck Mitch was the majority leader of the Senate. So no Trump didn’t have Congress. He fought against them for 4 solid years. You’d know that if your head wasn’t up Nancy’s Skirt!

  3. Did we not supposedly defeat isis sometime DURING PRESIDENT TRUMP’S term, say in 2017/2018 time frame? You know, after Gen Austin retired in 2016.
    I would like to call a point of order on this report.

    1. As I recall the “JV” team was still a threat when the General left the service. The author of the article must subscribe to revisionist history. Imagine that!

    2. We have been defeating ISIL ever since Obama took office.
      They were formed when Bush attacked Afghanistan.

  4. This is a very bad decision to make Austin Sec. of Defense. He should never have been promoted while in the military. He is Racists and is a piss poor leader

    1. Mary Laforet (above) is ecstatic about this pick.
      Probably because the guy is black, which is the most important qualification anyone needs to have in today’s Amerika.

  5. Isn’t it amazing how republicans support democrats.
    Had Trump nominated this guy, not a single rat would have supported him….even with the guy being black!!!!!
    (And the media wouldn’t have said a word.)
    Incredible how America works!!

  6. We can expect to see more and more of Joe’s bad behavior in the near future. This is ELDER ABUSE. The poor guy is fighting to hang on. How much longer do we need Dr. Jill and Hunter propping him up and advising him behind the scenes? We know that we will soon get Kamala.. She is so well suited to become President. She has all of 2 years experience in the Senate.. The entire nation will be at risk just to break the glass ceiling and have a woman of color sit in the oval office. We are then an officially MARXIST– BLM Antifa Country. Even if she becomes president that will not be enough–there will still be Riots and criminality until BLM and Antifa get their extortion.

  7. Ah, does this foretell black days ahead for America and American’s safety? I’m not a fan of racial notifications. Either he’s qualified or he’s not. Being Black is NOT a qualification.

  8. My biggest concern is within the next year the “deep state” will have us in a war somewhere around the world. President Trump and Secretary Pompeo worked long and hard to end wars, bring our troops home, get treaties between Israel and four Muslim nations, made personal contact with North Korean Dictator Kim Jung IL. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than any other President in the last 40 years for what his administration has accomplished. He has given us a safer world.

    1. The Nobel Peace Prize is a global prize.
      Trump has almost no respect outside of Israel, Russia, Brazil and Hungary.

  9. I agree with Moe. The legality of the election needs to be investigated. There are too many of us who believe this election was fraudulent.
    Sweeping it under the rug and and saying there is no proof just doesn’t cut it.
    If everything was done correctly why avoid an investigation to satisfy a very large portion of the voters.
    Why are the Democrats so afraid of finding out the TRUTH.
    If this Country is ever going to HEAL the truth needs to prevail

  10. They are replacing us.
    Get used to needing an angle grinder just to cut through your granddaughter’s pubes just to finger her holes.
    Such fun, except for the stench.

  11. Simply. This name was suggested from Deep Pentagon ….he will be ready for the next war planned from Pentagon Elite ….certainly Biden wont be able to recall back home the soldiers as did Trump….with Some General that refused the Trump’s orders ….General that refused orders from Commander Chief….Trump mistake he had to bring the General under Martial Court.

  12. How did James Mattis work out. If they can so easily override their own laws nothing can stop them from turning this country into their own version of dictatorship. Remember how the Romans fared after going to Senate rule.

  13. What difference is it whether he’s black or white? No wonder people are focused on color. There was no need for the Sec of Defense to bring up his blackness. And then they wonder why black is an issue. Work at being a leader, color is a non issue. If he feels it is, he’s not the man for the job.


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