‘Give Me a Break, Man!’ Biden Snaps at Reporters Question

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden speaking with attendees at the 2019 Iowa Federation of Labor Convention hosted by the AFL-CIO at the Prairie Meadows Hotel in Altoona, Iowa Gage Skidmore Flickr.

President Biden wasn’t enthused when Associated Press report Zeke Miller asked about Biden’s Covid-19 promise. Before signing a series of executive orders, Miller broached the subject which clearly annoyed the freshly inaugurated president. Biden is promising to dole out 100 million vaccines in 100 days and Miller wondered out loud if that was setting the bar too low. Biden quipped back at the reporter saying, “come on, give me a break, man.”

Watch it HERE:

[jwplayer 5Y4v9ALf-lzmB6GEw]

Townhall reports:

Yeah, the same people who mocked President Trump for Operation Warp Speed, the folks who said a COVID vaccine could never be developed within the year—are now wondering why the pace has been so slow regarding distribution. The liberal media just likes to complain. Also, we have not one, but two vaccines developed right now with the third, the one from Johnson & Johnson, projected to be approved for distribution at the end of the month. Operation Warp Speed is Trump’s greatest domestic achievement. It’s the silver bullet to this virus, which Biden will most likely take credit for in its entirety. That gaslighting adventure has only just begun.

But this ‘100 million doses in 100 days’ promise is akin to Trump’s border wall. It has to get done. If it doesn’t, it will mark a huge domestic defeat for this administration. At the same time, this White House could lie and say there was no vaccination distribution plan—there was—to fall back on and the liberal media establishment will take it at face value. As always, it’s very beneficial to have friends in the press corps, even if they annoy every not and then which is not often.

Biden also signed an executive order mandating that face masks must be worn on federal property, hours later the President was spotted at the Lincoln Memorial with his family with no mask in sight. [Keep reading: Biden Caught Without Mask Hours After Enacting Mask Mandate]

  1. What do you expect from grumpy old biden, he wont ever change his attitude, remember he’s only doing what he’s been told to do.
    Same as those 2 dumbos in Georgia, promise a $2000 stimulus check and even old grumpy did too, now it’s $1400 and got the backs up of Georgians who were being bought to vote for them. When you sell your soul to the devil, you’re on his terms not yours, it will come back to bite you.

      1. Is Biden an albino? He does that phrase so much better than any black athlete I have ever heard say it!
        Using excessive profanity and mindless phrases displays a lack of vocabulary and/or a lack of cognitive responses! Hmmmm, where have we heard “cognitive responses” relative to Biden before? Oh yeah, I remember but, Joe doesn’t! 😳💥🤯

    1. What are what we are! “Man, know thyself!” “Man, to thyself be TRUE!” The Wise never fosake those TWO SHORT and to the POINT TRUTHS! A REAL FOOL could never faces the TRUTHFUL SELF! That provoked person might show a temper, or to blame, to scream, to slap, even to KILL….. so to cover up one’s FAULTS! The enemy of a man is within whose very own soul! FEAR to FACE one’s very own SELF! Most of the DNC people wear false images! That is the basic difference between the two party’s Charactors!

  2. Although I am not a pharmaceutical manufacturing expert, given that the supply chain and distribution systems are now quickly ramping up, even exceeding100 million vaccinations in 100 days appears to be very doable. It seems clear that Biden intentionally set the bar low so that he would come out looking like a hero. There is no question, however, that without Trump having built the foundation for all of this, it could never be achieved.

    1. but Our President will never get the acclamation he so honestly deserves. Truly he is America’s hero. He broke his own heart to serve tge County he loves.I WILL NEVER BETRAY HIM.

          1. I hope your right, biden has never done anything except to help his dope head son, and the rest of his family feed off the taxpayers money.

  3. Biden wants reporters to give him a break? The have been giving him a break for at least the past two years. And probably all his political career.

    1. The MSM is a total “break” for all Dems!
      MSM worships at the feet of the Dems…..wait, they ARE the Dems!

    2. Biden has had a break for the last 47 years. He has no record to run on. I talked to some Dem friends wo now hav buyer’s remorse but there ain’t nothing to be done now. He’s a good puppet doing what the masters say for him to do.

        1. Judy – You got that right. He does have a bug in his ear. Instead of saluting the Marines as he was told, he muttered the words to the Marines.

    3. Exactly! Now he can’t even handle a simple question. If Trump had responded like this they would have been all over him.

  4. Democrat’s are now do as I say not as I do. If this is socialism or progressive action I will not Comply , If they can not follow their own rules why should I?

    1. When Der Fuhrer said “Wie ist der Master Race”
      We went “Heil (pffft) Heil (pffft)” right in Der Fuhrer’s face,
      And when the tyrants said “You gotta mask your face”
      We say “Hell (pffft) no (pffft)!” right in the tyrants’ face!

          1. Problem is that by then the dems will have allowed more than enough votes come in to void out all the Reps left in country.

          2. Gil — that is exactly the reason we came in 2nd !!!!!!! Ever here the phrase — “nice guys finish last” — that is ABSOLUTELY TRUE !!!! You win a fight by being better -and worse than your enemy, if you get my drift. We are losing our country because the gop is too nice and too cowardly to fight dirty the way everyone else does. 2024 won’t come before we know it and Robert is exactly right — by then there will be MILLIONS more illegals and illegal voters in this country. You be “bigger than that” I will fight dirty and win !!!!!

          3. Biden/Harris administration can cost a lot of damage in 4yrs! Not to mention unnecessary deaths around the world, if they start a world w/ NK.

    1. Obama did 8 years alaready. This is his THIRD and possibly fourth term. He almost destroyed the US before and now he will finish the job. God helpl us, those who call on your name.

  5. Sleepy Joe is a joke and all the leftist b.s. is going to destroy this country…46 has already cost this country in his first few days 3 million jobs…they are dumping the American people for money and power.

  6. sleepy bozo biden you did not win the election, it was your army of democrats stealing the election. I hope you get caught and are put in federal prison.
    maybe you and kamala can be cellmates and she can do to you what she did to that state goviner
    i have NO RESPECT FOR YOU or your fellow dem o rats

    1. In fact he is a grumpy dirty old man and pervert! His favorite words contain four letters of which his most loved word to use is “fu-k-ng”! He is truly a disgusting pile of maggot excrement! Of course he is just a typical marxist Dem leader!

  7. Just another liberal saying do as i say, notd as I do.Biden snapp at a question regarding 100 M in 100 days? He has a lot on snapping to do in the future, which he likely can’t handle. Will be interesting!

  8. As the MSM runs cover and the bureaucrats micro-manage the rollout, I’ll be surprised if they make it since it would require a slower rate than the Trump plan.

  9. So Biden wasn’t wearing a mask, the W.H.O.this is from X22 said yesterday that the pandemic is over, the Dems don’t need it anymore. Of course some of us saw through it from the beginning. Did people die from it? Yes and no. Like HIV the complications or pre-existing “thing.” Were some really false? You bet, a SIDS death COVID? There were some COVID deaths, but nowhere near the numbers they give you.

  10. When ever the government is in charge of something it’s always screwed up and slow , except if it’s something for them

  11. Why can’t the Liberals in Congress and
    the Liberal Press give President Trump
    credit for any of his many accomplishments?
    He was cheated out of his next four years
    as our President. So give him a break and
    stop trying to persecute him every day
    just because some are so afraid he will
    run for President, again, in 2024🙏🇱🇷

  12. 2 faced lieing, cheating, disrespectful, disgusting,irresponsible, corrupt, worthless, pathetic, stealing, RAT’S

  13. the crooked corrupt monster now has his hands on our throat . Now you see the deep rottoness of politicians. They stole the election with precise planning. The Republicans sat on their ass and actually thought that an honest election would take place. As usual they let the evil Democrats get away with their chicanery. Just look what their inertia cost this country.

    1. Now, you’re telling it like it REALLY IS!
      Our Republican leaders in Congress failed us miserably! I am trying to figure out if they are more corrupt, naive, lazy, or just plain stupid!
      They need to be put in a holding pen waiting for the trucks to haul them away, so we can get a fresh new bunch. A middle schooler could do a better job than the average in Congress! What a mess this country is in.

  14. More than 1 million doses have been distributed per day during the last month or so of the Trump administration, so we are already on track to do what Biden promises. All Biden has to do is not screw it up, which he has a record of doing.

  15. Did the lame stream fake news media ever give President Trump a “break”? Communist-china ‘bought and owned” dementia-Joe was “broken” LONG ago, and should NEVER been FRAUDULENTLY shoved in. The “FUN” is just beginning my friends. NOW preapre yourselve to “enjoy” YOUR communist-controlled , third-world, banana republic CESSPOOL “COMRADES”..
    Watch as all your freedoms disappear, you TAXES go out of sight, gasoline prices skyrocket, and JOBS are either GONE or you will be “laid off” and YOUR “position” will be filled with illegal aliens that work for less pay. .Welcome to YOUR new FRAUDULENTLY INSTALLED communist “government”

  16. Come on man sounds like a kid that isn’t getting his way. Grow the hell up you worthless piece of garbage. You was a do nothing politician for 47 years now you are a do nothing President stop listening to the voices coming from the wire you are wearing. You work for us we do not work for you.

  17. Clinton hints Trump contacted Putin??!!! If so, so what!!!! She remains so angry and vindictive. 80 million of us (or so) love President Trump and want him back in office. Voter fraud was so obvious yet we sit here waiting to see what atrocity the left will inflict on us next. It’s time to take our country back from those that seek to destroy it and enslave us.

  18. They want to impeach him so when they find out the election was rigged Obiden can stay,I call that BS those Dan demrats rigged the election and Trump needs to be in office now!,,,

  19. Sleepy joe better learn how to sleep with one eye open all the time!! Heels Up already making plans, same as LBJ did to JFK!!!

    1. He wears loafers…that way he doesn’t have to sorry about tieing his shoes. Of course there is still the matter of getting the correct shoe on the correct foot. 🤔

  20. C’mon Man, give me a break! I sure “hope” that “this guy” gives ALL of “us” a break. He is not working with a full deck! So “who’s” covering for him? ?Susan Rice? & probably half of Obama’s & Hillary’s TEAM? Ever “notice” that all these Dems in Congress are 80+ yrs old? “THINK ABOUT IT”! I’m 72 & “remember” SUPER BOWL ONE!( maybe !!, but I remember) The Jets & Colts in Baltimore,,in the snow & on wooden benches! & “coats” on ALL of them in the freezing weather! “Willie Joe Namath & Johnny Unitas! THE N.Y. JETS WON! UNDER-DOGS!! in the “betting dept.” Well, “MAYBE” this “could”be “US” in the Trump Dept. “THINK bout it”…….

    1. I have said for a long time now that we have ANCIENT people in there that belong in a either Institution or HOSPICE care, they STAY there because of FRAUD/election CHEATING, they are all so CORRUPT it’s just astounding…..We NEED President TRUMP…!!!!!

  21. No SELF CENTER PEOPLE could ever put up with the PRESS as D. TRUMP! HE IS THE BEST in so manythings! Because, the people who Brought HIM UP cared for his Charactor! As is caring for his CHILDREN ‘S Charactors! They are all WELL GROWN!!

  22. A little bit off the track, reading this crap how president Trump had no roll out plan for the vaccine, well did they expect him to personally administer these shots? Besides, how many states held it up, for 1 we know NY did and Ca, so stop the damn lies, we know you want to blame trump for anything and everything.

  23. Slow is good – There is far more mounting evidence that the Vccine is unneeded and very bad and no evidence at all that it is any good.
    So drink the Covis koolaid and have faith in Big Pharma;…The same big Pharma that is now getting Xiden’ t eliminate Trjmps bi-partisan cost suts on Perscription meds, Biden has stopped it all.

  24. Slow is good – There is far more mounting evidence that the Vaccine is unneeded and very bad and no evidence at all that it is any good – no evidence.
    So drink the Covid koolaid and have faith in Big Pharma;…The same big Pharma that is now getting Chi-com Presidet Xiden’ to eliminate Trumps bi-partisan cost cuts on Perscription meds, Biden has stopped it all.
    Inslin was to be $35 dollar per month starting January 2021 and now will retunr to $400 – $800 dollars per oth depending on which state.
    Evil never treats good voters right.

  25. Traitor Joe HAS BEEN, in the government system for 40+ years.
    We the people, don’t even know, if HE knows OR reads, what he is signing?
    He receives his orders from past presidents.

  26. China Joe’s standard answer when he doesn’t have a clue how to answer a question, which is most of the time

  27. The US went from a totally competent, hard working, business oriented, pro-America, pro-police and military, pro-secure borders policies President, to a person who suffers from dementia, irritability, pro-China, Iran, open borders policies, anti-police, anti-military, and irrational behavior President. Looks like this country is in for a bumpy ride!

  28. Resist! These are not officials elected by the people. We are strong when we stand together in the millions. Never give up. Their words mean nothing. They are not our elected officials.

  29. Come on man,give me a break. We will hear that line time and time again—well at some point he will have to add “woman” to that line as well..Can you imagine how China, Russia,N.Korea and Iran will exploit him. Ugh!

  30. FLIP Dominion!! Don’t let Dominion flip another election. Don’t let them choose for you. See a Dominion machine? Flip it off the table!! Flip them all off!!

  31. No Joe, you’re not getting a break. You wanted the job, NOW DO IT! You campaigned on the promise that “you’ll get the job done!”
    All hat no cattle.

  32. I’ve got an Autistic “kid” who IS NOW a productive individual , making $$ &”owns” his “co-op”.He,lives “alone”, pays his bills,& does NOT depend on “Mom & Dad” to survive .”If” we died tomorrow , we’d “KNOW” that he’d survive on his “own’, without the “help” of his sister OR what w’d leave him “when” we die. “HOW” is Bidien gonna “help”him now with Increased gas prices, OR electric for A.C. when it’s 100+.? SO MUCH FOR BIDEN! N.J. IS “the next California.t

  33. Again, let me give you Biddyboy Biden and every other Democrat’s Creed: “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!”

    They love telling people how to live their lives, while the dems always do exactly what they want — even if it is breaking their own laws! This is common place in their clueless worlds. Yet, they expect you and I to obey their insane demands.

    This even goes further when they approach people and ask them to vote for or perform an action like ANTIFA did for them across the U.S. by creating demonstrations that turned Riots. And when ANTIFA approached the dems as Biden was being inaugurated, looking for the “promises” they promised those Bully Domestic Terrorists, the dems turned them down. ANTIFA BECAME ENRAGED AT THE DOUBLE CROSS BY THE DEMS AND PROCEEDED TO ATTACK SEVERAL DEMOCRAT ESTABLISHMENTS, AS WELL AS DESTROYING DOWNTOWN SEATTLE…AGAIN!

    What happened is the result of the democrap’s constant “abuse” of the people they “Use” and “Abuse”…even ANTIFA. Unfortunately for the dems, ANTIFA not only gets mad, but it gets “even”!

  34. biden take his face mask and stick it up his rectum, they are useless anyway you look at it, if air can go thru one then the so can the dv19 as it is smaller the air.

  35. Notice how the D run states are having the most problems distributing the vaccines. And my state of PA had that looney tune Dr Levine. She/he couldn’t do a good job in Pa…. how the heaven is he/ she going to do anything positive in DC for America?!

  36. Why should the press give you a break, what’s so special about you. If this is how you deal with people, GOD help us. Is this the way you handle world leaders that ask direct questions, are you going to respond with COME ON MAN, GIVE ME A BREAK! You’d make this great Country a laughing stock

  37. And they wanted to replace Trump with this piece of Crap, “C’mon Man” Avery good indication How Smart the DemonRats are

  38. The ‘news’ will TELL us joe obiden ‘cured’ the CHINESE WUHAN CORONAVIRUS as mortality and infection rates disappear from their sites. Then he will be given the barry obanana/nobel piece prize.

  39. Biden is a mentally deficient fool, fraudulently put in office to be a puppet for the socialist’s destruction of this country. Supported by foolish mentally deficient morons of the democrat/socialist party, all of which should rot in hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. This is a clear example of moderate dementia. Wait until he snaps at a world leader. Our country is screwed. It will happen, his handlers cannot control

  41. Why should anyone give him a break. He is out to destroy our country and he thinks he needs a break We need a break from him and all of his cohorts.

    1. if 3rd world joe had to deal with the flak and crap Trump had to during his term, biden would not make it through one year in office.

  42. It seems to me that almost EVERY, if not EVERY restauranteur in the Country is in some kind of financial difficulty And, it will only be ecsacerbated by the Democrat’s gift of $15.00 per hour in the middle of the pandemic. If Federal money is going to be extended to any group at all, the Restaurant industry should be a clear and easy to hit target.
    Why is our Congress and Senate not doing it right now?
    Hell, the money saved from giving rich people an unnecessary windfall should be enough to fund it.
    PS: I am not in the food/beverage industry.

  43. Hey…..bubblehead biden. You are supposed to be the potus. You don’t get any breaks.

    80 million legitimate votes??????? No way.

  44. Rand Paul is right, the legislatures need to do something about the change of election laws without their vote. Voter integrity needs to be restored, and yes we do need voter IDs. People need IDs to buy liquor, passport, withdraw money, buy a home, and get other services, Why should people be able to vote without proper identification? Think about it.


  46. Don’t worry the Democrats are planning on dumping this old man before he can commit to big programs that he envisions. Harris is awaiting her being President, Soros has already given her the marching orders to finish what Obama did in his two terms destroying our economy and pitting races against each other. Antifa and BLM are his ground soldiers who we are seeing in action even when the Democrats have won. It’s a fact that America may not survive as we have known it with them in control. We are seeing just in the first weeks of his being made President, I don’t think he legally was voted in so we are getting what we deserve for not fighting to know the truth about the fraud which was clearly done to gain their power. God bless America we’ll need help from above.

  47. Give me a break man…I’m not the President! I mean I’m not a gingerbread man…wait a minute…what was the question again?


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