‘It’s Who I Am’ Trump Impeachment Lawyer Speaks Out

Gage Skidmore Fickr

Last week Trump’s impeachment defense attorney was revealed to be none other than Karl “Butch” Bowers. While many people and businesses broke their relationship with Trump after the Capitol riot in attempts to distance themselves from the former president Bowers never questioned for a second if he would accept the job and scrutiny that will come with it. In a statement to The Washington Post Bowers confidently said, “It’s who I am. It’s what I do. It’s all about the rule of law in the Constitution.” [Related: Trump Impeachment Lawyer Announced]

Fox News reports:

“I’m not worried what other people think,” he told the Post, adding that he has not been following media coverage of his role in the trial.

His decision to defend Trump came as no shock to South Carolina political consultant Tim Pearson.

“It doesn’t surprise me he is willing to do the work,” Pearson told the Post. “He is a lawyer’s lawyer in the sense that I think he believes that everybody deserves representation.”

Bowers was inspired to enter this line of work after his father, who led the Federal Highway Administration in the Carter administration, was convicted in 1980 after being charged with conspiracy and embezzlement. Bowers believed his father was specifically targeted by prosecutors, possibly due to his own political aspirations.

Bowers is a solo practitioner from South Carolina and has represented a number of politicians before like former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and Nikki Haley.

  1. It would sure be nice if an attorney could get a favorable verdict for a man who has given so much to this Country. So far, the Courts have not been at all kind to Donald Trump. Either he’s guilty or the Judges of these courts are part of the Deep State as well.

        1. Hiss– you’ve got too much time on your hands.
          Your vitriol and stupid nonsense you purvey is
          one of the main reasons I don’t read too much
          of this left wing crap anymore!

          1. To democrats and Alby that IS the crime. How dare the little people get ahead…Let them eat cake……

        2. We’ve asked many times for you to produce the evidence that Trump is a criminal & I suppose you have Alzheimer’s, because you NEVER, NEVER, NEVER produce any evidence. When someone is certain they are accurate with their accusations, they willingly produce the evidence, because they believe in their factual evidence. Please, produce & list the evidence of all his crimes.

      1. we know that but the bully brigade the left just does what they want and they seem to get it! so i guess now all the kids of America think it’s ok to lie and cheat

      1. Follow the money trail. The Dems are all in it for the $$$$$; with Trump in the Oval office they could not easily bribe, give away secrets and money to foreign governments, etc. and continue the path they had been on previously. Good example was the Bidens.

          1. If you were just to go down the line of Democrats who are multimillionaires you would find enough money to buy a couple of countries. Starting wit Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and the old men in Nancy’s cabinet. None of them arrived rich. President Trump was a billionaire before he ran for president. Never took a paycheck while he was in office. The Democrat used to be the party of the working citizen but no more. They are the party of the elites and have gained control of the media and corporate. They are intent on wiping out the Republican and Independent party and Americabecoming a one party country. No longer a Republic

          2. What is the average time in office for a Republican Congressperson?

            The same for net worth?

          3. But look what price they paid for their own slavery—-poor old decrepit Biden has to look and act alive when he’s half there and longs to be in bed

          4. everything you say is true and it’s well known but what i and many repubs don’t understand is how do the dems have supporters! don’t these people see how corrupt the satanic cult is

          5. Communist party more like they’re calling it inclusive capitalism. You’ll own nothing but you’ll be happy. Every one is equal accept we’re more equal than you

            UK vic

          6. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, John Kerry, Joe Biden have used their office to get rich and ingratiate family members for decades. Yes, follow the money indeed.

          7. John Kerry comes from old Republican money, his family has owned a seven thousand acre island in Massachusetts for over 150 years.
            What makes him really rich is that he managed to snag the widow of a really wealthy Rebublican Senator.
            A widow rich enough to buy half of Nantucket
            What else do you know about John Kerry?

          8. We did and it’s Bloomberg, gates Twitter,Amazon, Google, the a Chinese Government all in tank with the Their comrade in arms the Democratic’s—next ? Please me Hess

          9. You asked the question. What is the answer or are you just spreading misinformation like the Dems like to do? I think Many Dems let office very wealthy.

        1. the motto of the left is “power and money talk, fairness and truth walk” they have no soul, no compassion, no morals, no brains

      2. Follow the money trail. The Dems are all in it for the $$$$$; with Trump in the Oval office they could not easily bribe, give away secrets and money to foreign governments, etc. and continue the path they had been on previously. Good example was the Bidens.

          1. The Proud Boys have labeled Deep Staters as Satan worshipping pedophiles
            The Proud Boys have labeled Roberts as a Deep Stater.
            The Proud Boys do not lie.
            They take an oath.
            They are America’s Oath Keepers

        1. Who are THEY & why haven’t THEY produced it? We have seen a multitude of pictures showing Biden fondling kids & then he made sure with his statement about keeping 4 year old little girls on Netflix doing sexual & dirty dancing. That is evidence as we have all seen it. Show us, show us. You keep spewing accusations, again with ZERO evidence. Why be such a coward & not show us all the evidence.

      3. The left has been known to change laws. They just threw out President Trumps law demanding stiffer sentences for criminals so they could give a light sentence to a real political crook, a democrat crook of coarse.

      4. Or something they want like impunity from criminal behavior as we seen this last summer, or free stuff like not having to pay back what they borrowed for education, The left wants free stuff and no responsibility.

        1. You are a minority.
          That is why Trump lost.
          Like Trump so many of you are close to death.
          And inconsequential.

          1. Again, no evidence. The evidence is in all the voter fraud. Trump won & that has already been proven, with evidence. Simple mind thinks simple things. Again, where is your evidence that so many of Trumps supporters are close to death????? & who’s opinion is it that Trump supporters are inconsequential. No evidence. Just your simple mind that can’t think beyond simple…

    1. The way all RINOs distended themselves, and the liberals made him public enemy number one its amazing President Trump can get a fair trial anywhere.

        1. 🤔 hmmmm so you say well listen up if we Trump supporters are as you say Cultists at least we offer better benefits we all can agree on that right Mr Hess. So you ❤️ Maxine Waters 💕 good for you—— everyone needs someone to love them good luck on your romance

        2. Again, no evidence of your accusations. The majority of people are simple minded like yourself, produce no evidence & yet spew their opinions & never FACTS. When 95% of people are followers, they can’t even look at Trump without feeling their lack of quality & incapability. JEALOUSLY reigns high when people know they are so far beneath anothers intelligence & brilliance. Trump is so far above most people, this is why they hate him. They know they will NEVER have the slightest chance of understanding his abilities, honesty, kindness & truth. You can only dream of it… When people feel less than another, their only defense is hate & spewing false accusations. I’m sure my post will take you months to figure out……. Good luck, Mr. Simple mind….

      1. Trump, the recent Democrat, is the RINO.
        The Republican Party is under going surgery to remove that orange fleshy cancerous growth from the body politic so that our nation can regain it’s health.
        After what Trump did on the 6th he is public enemy number one.
        He is the greatest threat to our democracy.

        1. He wasn’t even there. He did not incite the riot. Everyone knew his supports were going to be there. They had no idea Antifa and BLM were going to infiltrate them. Video shows a cop opening the gates and welcoming them it. I’m sure Nancy Pelosi knew about it though. Maybe she invited them. I wonder, are you gay or on welfare? They are the ones most opposed to Trump and you seem to fit the mold.

        2. Before you get to the point of looking too dumb here is what actually happened with President Trump’s speech and complete with reference…, here is what President Trump actually told the Save America Rally:
          “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”
          “We’re going to the Capitol, and we’re going to try and give [wobbly Republicans] the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.”
          “So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you and God bless America.”
          Trump knew that day’s Electoral College challenges were the last chance to document these accusations. Alas, zealots disrupted this process when they burst police barricades about 1:00 p.m., some 13 minutes before Trump finished talking. The Trump-loathing Washington Post now reports that this lethal assault was planned one to five days earlier.
          Democrats have zero evidence against Trump. They should forfeit their prosecution and, instead, apologize for their asylum-grade psychological projection: They, not Trump, repeatedly excused and encouraged violence, not least during the blistering George Floyd madness, which killed 25 people, wounded some 700 law-enforcement officials, and converted $1 billion in public and private property into rubble and ash.
          Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research. Bucknell University’s Michael Malarkey contributed research to this opinion piece.

        3. Again, no evidence. What you don’t know is that the capital had been closed for months, to the public, due to fake Covid-19, yet the Congress allowed an unknown (to the public) group to tour the capital, the day before the rally. They are the group who did the violence. Also, Josh Sullivan has publicly announced he was in charge of the BLM & Antifa who did the rioting. Look it up & see the evidence. It appears, you are now the greatest story teller/liar alive, because, all you have is stories & NO EVIDENCE…..

    2. I wouldn’t even say that word IF
      They have been on this mans back the whole time. They can’t stand him cuz he doesn’t play favorites or drink blood or anything nasty and he uses the law of the land made by our fore Fathers and the constitution. The constitution was made to prevent everything that is happening by the left. Enough said. God sent DjT to us and God always prevails. Remember that God always WINS .

      1. How many deep state judges did Trump appoint?
        How many of them threw out Trump’s voter fraud cases?
        All of them?

      1. To you they are —-this is what you get when you never leave the pit of hell called the Swamp otherwise known as the deep state, otherwise known as hell— stick your neck out and see that the Sun ⛅️ really does shine 🌞 in Trump-land and were kind and nice too ——not always snarling at everything in sight Try it at no cost Mr Hess it’s a limited time offer given to those who have most lost their way

    3. Come on now. This is a set up, a sham trial to make Americans not trust but hate President Trump. Don’t you get it??

      The radical left (Pelosi & Schumer) are the enemy of our FREE NATION AND THE MAN THAT GAVE US THAT FREEDOM. The Left is scared to death of President Trump AND HIS SUPPORTERS (because we All know the Left committed fraud to steal our election and we want their blood). They are 100% Guilty, so to DEFLECT THEIR OBVIOUS GUILT, they want to shift the attention to P.T. and his makeshift fake trial.


      SO PLEASE WISE UP AMERICANS. What the democraps are doing is just a sham. They don’t know how to stop President Trump AND ALL HIS SUPPORTERS FROM COMING AFTER THEM. THEY ARE RUNNING SCARED AND THEY SHOULD BE. EVEN Our Military Veterans are pissed off, grandpas and grammas are ticked off besides the young and the restless Trump Supporters. MOST AMERICANS ARE PISSED OFF AT THE DEMS — EVEN THEIR OWN SUPPORT BASE IS ANGRY!

      Then there is Biden who is a physical shaking mess, having trouble doing simple things, mumbling to himself, wondering “Why don’t people like me?” Even he knows “something” feels very wrong. He still has dementia, but he can see/feel what’s going on around him. It feels wrong…and it is 100% W R O N G !!

  2. Trump will go down in history as the only President to be acquitted twice and it will be clear that he was persecuted by his political opponents which led to not just one but two baseless impeachments.

    1. we need to start now telling our children and g. kids so they can pass the infor to their kids. that President Trump was a great man, a great leader and a great patriot

        1. Of course not – in case you haven’t looked lately, your kids’ teachers are all left-wing libs. Is this really how you want them to view the world? Unfortunately, there’s very little “truth” in our classrooms today.

          1. And, unfortunately, there’s even less that we can do to change this. Can you say “entrenched”!

          2. Nope! Like St. Paul of Tarsus, we should declare, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” Hallelujah!

          3. Trump thinks God is a bad joke.
            He has never actually read the Bible.
            But he has held one up.
            While campaigning.

          4. Oh Albert, don’t you get tired of telling lies when people that read your comments are really seeing how stupid you are? Just how do you know if Trump has ever read the Bible or not? You are such a misinformed liberal lunatic.

          5. My my aren’t we judgemental—oh well your a lefty who no one would mistaken for being a Christian mr.Hess

          6. How would you know if he’s read the Bible or not. The Bible he held up during campaigning was given him by his grandmother

          7. Again, no evidence, because, you have probably never even been anywhere Trump has been. At least he isn’t a pedophile Biden, going to church every Sunday, hoping to deceive the public as to his crimes.

          8. What kind of a stupid comment is that:? 46 at 1500 is the proof. You have said no kind of proof of any of your liberal uneducated comments yet.

          9. What has he lost at doing? A Billionaire, the greatest, smartest President ever to lead our country & could buy you a trillion times over, because, I’m sure you are the loser & penniless………. Show us your winning stats!!!!

          10. Connie, honey, School Boards determine the type of teachers a district hires, and fires.
            When was the last time you stood for School Board?
            When was the last time you were in a school?
            In the day light.

          11. 1964
            A School Committee Member for 23 years, and counting.
            Have you ever even attended a School Committee meeting?
            Sat down with a teacher and discussed the local education issues?
            Things like ciriculum, facilities, sports, bus schedules and budgets,
            When did you last hold position where you could do something about the schools?
            The state of our schools is not your fault.
            You do not participate.

          12. When was the last time you were involved in any school board? You, really, think you are impressing people & attempting to make them think you have knowledge of a lot of things, but, sonny boy, every thing you state on these post boards, is so farfetched, a 3 year old could see right through you.

          13. Your kids teachers are a reflection of your School Committee members.
            When did you last run for School Committee.
            Go to a School Committee Meeting?
            Been in a school?

        2. I have watched lately the leftist local News Media trot out little public children to proclaim how we are destroying the Climate and such garbage. They are well proper grandized and trained with leftist views!

          1. Are the polar ice caps melting?
            Is the sea level rising?
            Is it getting warmer?
            Are there more and bigger forest fires.
            What do you think the science says?

          2. Maybe Mother Nature thinks it’s time for a change in the weather? And maybe she is just trying to cleanse the earth from some of the unnecessary liter that has grown in the world? Do you think you know the answer to that? And how do you claim the Republicans have caused this, is not the Democrats living on the same grounds and sprewing their venium?

        3. Why then promoting and maintaining such devilish classrooms ? Lets denounce the kingdom of the beast and announce the Kingdom of God and help our children come out of this corrupt brainwash.

        4. When was the last time you ran for your local School Board?
          That is where those decisions are made.
          If you are are going to make change you have to participate.
          When were you last in a classroom to see what actually happens?

          1. By design, of course. They knew that by distractions there would be little time for other things. ‘They’ are smart in one way but pure evil in their intentions.

          2. Isaiah 60:1 & 2 ” darkness and deep darkness cover the earth….” Refer to the Deep state and the corrupt reign of the beast I believe. But, the Sun of Righteousness will prevail!

        1. Obamacare?
          The great big beautiful concrete wall from sea to shinning sea that the Criminal Mexican government paid for.
          Not to mention that the virus went away the day after the election.
          Like magic.

      1. President Donald J Trump. Easily the BEST President of the United States of America. Only Abraham Lincoln comes close but Donald J Trump was a man of integrity, honesty and courage who was vilified by the cowardly left and even many Republicans.

          1. Is Nanci the Tanswoman form of Nancy?
            Or is it more of a people of color thing.
            It certainly is not a straight White female thing.

        1. pelosi’s district….San Francisco….says it all. But I guess her getting a bigger airplane to transport her useless a– back and forth to DC is much more important than her constituents. They had to use the dominion machines in her area….I refuse to believe that there are that many stupid people in her district.

        2. At this point in time Trump is villefied by the majority of Republicans.
          “Your” RINOs are the majority of registered Republicans.

        3. George Washington began the first Revolution Trump will led the 2nd revolution Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves from abhorrent slavery and Trump is all three They were God Appointed —-keep the faith. Our mortal enemy is Satan himself. All fillers of Satan are compromised for their 30 pieces of Judas silver—-Trump will prevail—- keep the faith

      2. Hint:
        …get your kids and grandkids out of government school education (and “private” school as well – yes, even “Christian private school” –
        where liberal atheist/communist indoctrination is overwhelmingly abundant!
        Sacrifice (we homeschooled through highschool and it was a sacrifice, but well worth it!) for your children and grandchildren’s sake and homeschool

        1. Sadly, this may be the only avenue to continued conservatism and TRUE Patriotism. It has to come from the family.

        2. Did any of your children go on to college.
          Are they scientists?
          High tech entrepreneurs?
          Know world wide for their achievements?
          Or did they take a job down at mill like their dad?

      3. Don’t forget to tell the grandkiddies about how the Trumpers smeared their feces in the Capitol building.
        Make it a Fourth of July Parade tradition.
        Patriotic floats in red, white, blue and BROWN!!!

        1. The feces you were talking about were probably from AOC and Pelosi because they had the shit scared out of them that day…

    2. 100 % correct! God our Righteous Father in Heaven is on the side of our unique and beloved President! Romans 8:31 amen!

    3. Trump is the only President to be impeached twice.
      Like any criminal you may not get a conviction at the first trial.
      You just wait for them to reoffend.
      It didn’t take long.
      Justice will be served.
      I would like you to do us a favor.
      Fight like Hell.

      1. Stupid! He as NEVER been impeached. Check the facts….. More fake BS. There is a process for impeachment & no process, whatsoever, was completed to create any impeachment. You bet! Justice will be served, but, only by one entity that has the power to deliver justice. Wait & see!! You, along with the other liars, will also receive the justice you deserve & it won’t be pretty.

    4. Trump will go down in history as the only President to be impeached twice.
      Trump was so weak that he could not win the House.
      The House impeaches.
      Elections have consequences.
      Trump is a loser.

  3. As a follow up to my own post, I also predict that Nancy Pelosi will be viewed by history as
    a vindictive, self serving, vitriolic old hag who didn’t know when to get off the stage. If she thinks historians will cast her disgraceful behavior at the State of the Union in a positive light, she really is a self important fool.

    1. I believe you nailed it with Nancy’s description and if there is anyone that truly needs to be impeached, it would be Nancy and her cohorts

      1. I pray someone will have the guts to impeach Biden and his radical cabinet as well as charge Obama, Soros, Pelosi and Shitty Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Waters and several other commie idiots in the Democratic Party. These people are guilty of committing a coup, treason, bribery and lying corruption in their line of duty. They will be judged by all of us and tried for this despicable acts against God and all people.

      2. now thats the truth bidens a crook and so is pelosi,they need too drain the swamp and get these crooks out of there,i still cant believe crooked biden snailed his way in there he,s not my president TRUMP 2024

        1. If you are an American then Biden is your President.
          If you are not an American then get the Hell out you filthy immigrant.

      1. She is wicked as is Hillary and they would have personal satisfaction from destroying President Trump. I believe they hooked up with their counterparts, BLM/Antifa rioters to cause the siege on the Capitol. Remember how Hillary stuck her nose in with Pelosi wanting Trump phone records and saying he may have been talking to Putin that day. They are serial Trump haters.

    2. She will be remembered for impeaching Trump, twice.
      She took Trump off the stage.
      Historians will view Trump as a victrolic old fat man who cheats at golf.
      He has never seen a lie that he can not improve, just as long as no one can see him do it except for his caddy.
      The caddy is not a problem, he signed a non disclosure.

  4. shame on the businesses etc who left President Trump in a flash! why haven’t they left the democrats, with all this corruptness they projected over the past four years! also the way they treat Trump was unncessary and a disgrace! the reason i’m sure is that these businesses and others are just as corrupt as the left. They have nerve to act disgusting the way they did and never take blame. How do they live with themselves. President Trump is the real president and the fake election, now fake president are a disgrace. satan and his cult

    1. there is not one honest person in the Democratic party they lie an cheat an rigged elections so they win if not they cry for years they were cheated when they screwup rigging it in their favor like crybaby hillary

      1. You are wrong. I happen to know him. The only honest person in the democratic party. He is not a politician, just a misguided soul who believes their crap.

      2. Don’t forget to include a goodly number of gutless, cowardly Republicans in that group. They’re just as bad as the DemonRats. Mitt Romney? Ben Sasse? Pat Toomey? Lisa Murkowski? Susan Collins? Mitch McConnell?

    2. You don’t understand it, that’s okay it’s a deep secret that’s been hidden since 1871. There is a USA.Inc that Biden pledged to and USA the patriots’ country. USA.Inc went belly up on Jan. 21 at 12:01 so bidet really has no power. Or if you want further proof look at archives, presidents have soldiers at the inaugurations. The soldiers have insignias on their uniforms that say which branch, medal rank etc. His soldiers’ uniforms were blank FAKE SOLDIERS! He gets no Intel briefings. He had to take a private jet, Air Force One wasn’t for him. He signs blank EOs. Presidential?

    1. Joe…not sure what you said…spineless is an adjective, spine is a noun. But I think I know how you feel…like all REAL Americans!

  5. Pearson told the Post. “He is a lawyer’s lawyer in the sense that I think he believes that everybody deserves representation.”
    So this Lawyer believes everybody deserves representation” So apparently he would defend Ted Kaczynski also known as the Unabomber, and Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber. Is he offering his services for free or only interested in taking the case for money? Sounds like he’s not interested in defending people for justice. I believe President Trump should maybe rethink his choice of attorneys.

    1. Lawrence, please checkout the definition of a lawyer’s lawyer.
      your twisted interpretation is fallacious, irrational, and self serving.

    2. Everyone is entitled to representation regardless of what they are being charged with. Even Ted Kacynski, Bundy, etc. This is part of our constitution. Everyone is considered innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law. You should know that as apparently Mr. Bowers does.

  6. Mitch McConnell should stop this insane trail business and just call the vote and be done with it. We were forced to listen to the Democrats lie for a week with no evidence, lying witnesses, what makes anyone think this will be any different. JUST END IT!



  8. I read the U.S. Constitution concerning impeaching a President. People and politicians of this great country should read it. You do not need a college education. The Constitution speaks for itself.

  9. President Trump will be an EASY person to defend because he’s NOT GUILTY..!! ALL this is just political theatre designed to distract us from the REAL ISSUES..!!

  10. Guilty of what? Being an over 70 white man? They got him. They got me for that matter. Did he incite the riots? If they read the transcript, he specifically said ‘peacefully!’ That was why my thirty stopped, we do have other plans now, nothing violent.

  11. It is much easier to defend an innocent man. There was nothing in the President’s speech that incited anything. The attack was preplanned, according to the FBI. We know it wasn’t by any Trump supporters because, if it were, the attack would have come AFTER the debate and vote on the electoral college validity. The only logical conclusion from all the evidence is it was the democrat leadership that planned the timing of the attack because it benefitted them the most. I believe Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer need to be investigated for their part in the planning of the attack. It is well known that the democrats accuse their political opponents of doing what they have already done, and the appears to be no different from their past actions

  12. The left and Pelosi want a war to have the CCP step in and save their collective butts. We are now under a Dicratorship Even Biden said it . One(1) party rules that is a dictatorship or Communism . Depends on who you ask.

  13. Democrat’s are setting themselves to fail again. The caused the riots in DC.< but have to blame someone so why not Trump. N.Pelosi was warned but chose to ignore it so their Antifa and BLM aggitators could cause problems like they do on the west coast. When will the Dem’s put a stop to that, Harris even helped bail them out. Enough with their lies and half truths.

  14. I do not for one moment think that Donald Trump incited any riot. I do, however think Democrat supported Antifa and BLM had a lot to do with the invasion of the Capital.

  15. They love to project on him. Google Nov. 7, 1983 and see who trashed the Senate. Believe me they are still preparing to destroy if they don’t get their way. What about the bombs found that were placed on Nov. 5. Why were these people in town waiting? If Cruz had won to recount, they would have been blown up. They already had protested at Hawley’s house and not the Democrats and some Republicans are blind to it because of hate for Trump. He is to me like John the Baptist crying out “Wake up America! Wake up FBI and get these people before we are destroyed!”

  16. Bring it. Trump innocent of any idiotic charges, and 75,000,000 behind him, until justice has been served, against the new dumbocrap, communist death party. Trump will go down as the greatest president in history, for the people,by the people,with the people, and screwed over by the people,with a rigged election,that will be overturned.

  17. President Trump is the Greatest President Ever and I Still Do. Believe That God Has A Perfect Plan For Him God isn’t Finished With Him Yet I Don’t Believe If Biden,Kamal,Schumer,Pelosi And the rest of the Nazi Clan think they r getting away with Fraudulent Election and all these Executive orders and trying to Impeach a President who isn’t even in office anymore and pretty Sure all Other Countries Are making A Mockery Out of Our Country They’ve got another thing coming to them they are not in Control God is and he’s the one Allowing This to Happen not them so they better get down on their hands and knees and Pray to Our Heavenly Father Not their Father The Father of Lies and Is Deceitful and Destroys lives including theirs before it’s too late

  18. Maybe an impeachment trial would be a good thing. Then maybe all the dirt about the Democrats can come out…. like the phony election, and the phony accusations! Trump can bring in witnesses like Adam Schiff and put them on the spot to show the “proof” of what they have been alleging. Trump’s lawyers should put the lying Democrats under the lights and make them squirm! Any sane American should know that Trump has been a great president, and that he loves America. Why would anyone want no borders, or having hordes of illegal aliens enter the country? Why would anyone be against America being energy independent? Why would anyone be opposed to a president who stands up for America and demands our “allies” pay a fair share for the support of NATO. Who doesn’t agree that our military needed to be strengthened, unlike Obama who wanted to reduce our military to a level commensurate with out “Muslim brothers”? And Trump served without taking his presidential salary, which he donated. In contrast, Obama got rich while in office! Trump has been the most pro-American president I’ve seen in my more than eight decades!!!

  19. PRESIDENT St. DONALD TRUMP IS THE MOST HONEST PRESIDENT WE THE PEOPLE have had in a long while. That’s why the demonic democrat dictatorship liars want him so badly. They can’t steal the taxpayers hard earned money. That old eighty year old pelosi is gonna be the richest zombie of them all with gatesy boy. Old satan even getting scared by her evilness. I can’t even imagine how she’s going to look like as a zombie in the tribulation period. SEMPER FIDELIS

  20. When pelosi, biden, gates, soros, & schumer went to China to have the fake mail in ballots printed up they should have arrested them when they landed back in America for the Logan Act. No amount of money is gonna beat the fraudulent voting ballots, or the dominion voting machines being rigged. SEMPER FIDELIS

  21. It’s all been lies just like the first time they tried to impeach him. There is no proof except what someone wants to believe that was said by someone else that THINKS he did something wrong..Same thing as the twisted witnesses in the first trial..He has not done a DAMNED THING WRONG!!! It’s an on going thing with Democrats like Pelosi, Waters, and Schumer…A waste of more money and time….

  22. So why do we even have a Supreme Court if they’re too “CHICKEN” to look into the election fraud by the LEFT.??!! They fear a rioting, but let the rioting past few months by the LEFTISTS get away without a whimper.—so unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. This impeachment maneuver is unconstitutional. Why do you think SCOTUS Roberts wouldn’t preside. Robert’s hates Trump, but should be made to articulate his reason for not presiding. Epstein problem?

  24. The only reason for the violation of Constitutional law is the Democrat Socialist and their
    masters are scared shitless of President Trump and how he united the American People,
    whether you love him or hate him you have to admit he did things no politician has done
    in a very long time. Made Promises and keep them despite whether it made him popular
    or unpopular. He worked for all American and the only idiots who opposed him were
    those who have been brainwashed since the end of WW II by the Communist who
    infiltrated our colleges and spoon fed them communist propaganda and they took it
    out into the education world and spewed the crap to the youth of our Nation. You can
    see and hear it constantly by those “Baby Boomers” who became teaches and
    continued to spew the Communist Manifesto to the youth of our Nation. It continues
    today and now they are trying to erase our History to make it easier to lie to the
    public and fill their minds with pure crap about our Nation.


  26. That whole Trial is NOTHING BUT A SHAM BEING PUT ON BY THE MOST CORRUPT PEOPLE IN OUR GOVT,, PANSY NANCY AND THE SCHMUCK. Neither of those two could ever walk inside a church. Synagogue, temple, etc. without catching themselves on fire. That’s how immoral, evil and corrupt both of those swine are…and neither of them are even aware of how evil they have turned! Yet there are TOTALLY CLUELESS AND IGNORANT AMERICANS who actually believe them. That shows you the mental acuity of our great country…or lack there of.

    It’s good President Trump has a good lawyer. I believe he will teach those two hypocrites in Congress what the Constitutional Law is all about -‘ and it is not anything either of those snakes can take and bend at will.


    👉”Be very careful what you wish for because the next man coming forth from our Great PATRIOTIC Nation will not only chew you up, but spit you out in tiny pieces. Yes, P.T. may be your Nemesis, but this man will be your WORST NIGHTMARE AND WILL DESTROY YOU!”.👈

  27. Trump is not guilty but all of those Democrat Sumbitches should be impeached or even better, be tried for treason and be hanged from the highest Oak tree they can find.

  28. This is again bull! I for one am so disgusted with the Democrat Socialist party now getting to feel that the Republican Party is caving in an not fighting for us True Americans

  29. Trump has done nothing wrong not like Obama or Hillary have an should have seen prison time. Trump has done more for America than Clinton, Obama, Bush.
    All these ex Presidents should have been impeached or jailed. Not Trump!
    I due believe the Socialist have threatened or paid off judges and Republicans. The plot or agenda to end our freedom an America’s strong leadership and life style. So They are jealous of Trump and it’s people.

  30. it’s a disgrace that people and businesses rush to judgment with President Trump! He was a good man, a great leader and a wonderful patriot. now we are stuck with joe schmoe who wants to put American back in the toilet


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