Trump’s Former Top Deputy Makes His Impeachment Prediction

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Jim Jordan & Mark Meadows) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump’s former top deputy Mark Meadows – who served as his Chief of Staff – revealed how the impeachment vote will turn out in the Senate.

In a tweet, the former North Carolina Congressman explained in a tweet, “If today’s Senate vote is any sign, the Democrats’ ridiculous impeachment of former President Trump will fail—again—by a long shot. Dead on arrival. Good for [Rand Paul] and the 45 GOP Senators for standing up.”


Senator Paul of Kentucky pushed for the upper chamber to vote on whether or not an impeachment trial of former President Trump is constitutional.

“If we are about to try to impeach a President – where is the Chief Justice,” questioned Senator Paul.

Sen. Paul is referencing that the Democratic Senate leadership has chosen Senator Patrick Leahy (VT) to preside of the impeach

“If the accused is no longer President – where is the constitutional power to impeach him,” Sen. Paul continued.

Senator Paul’s argument is simple. Private citizens don’t get impeached because it’s for the removal from office and Donald Trump has already left the White House, he explains.

The impeach trial is slated to begin on February 9th after it was delayed to allow President Joe Biden more time to put his cabinet in place and embark on his legislative agenda.

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So will Trump be convicted by the Senate? Don’t bet on it.

The odds at PredictIt suggest Meadows prediction is right on target with his prediction. They imply there is a 7% chance of Trump being convicted during his upcoming impeachment trial.

  1. In order for the democRATs to drop this piece of idiocy, they would have to stop allowing President Trump to stop living in their heads rent-free. I don’t think that’s a possibility.

        1. Yep…the massive, enthusiastic crowds that turned up at pro-Trump events compared with the pathetic showings at O’Biden rallies showed WITHOUT A DOUBT that a clueless senile pedophile could NOT win the election without the aid of massive election fraud. Democrats proved to the world how corrupt they are.

          1. Some of he ELITE voters, and some of the TRUST FOUND left don’t realize, (but SOME even KNOW IT) that, their have been set up long way before 2016.
            The “PLANDEMIC”, the 2020. ELECTION, and the CAPITAL RIOT was all P L A N N E D by the left, so the result of the 2020. won’t be CONTESTED !!!

  2. This ludicrous impeachment scam is the Democrats attempt to create precedent for control/ approval of who ever runs for president – if they don’t wqnt someone – just impeach them during the election campaign. We are watching deranged evil in action.
    Republican governemtn works until the demonically possessed become the majority.

  3. There are other things in play for this sham. It gives Biden the chance to continue signing EO without the need to try and explain why that law should be passed. Biden is by far the most hidden President we have ever elected (fraud or not).

    1. What’s interesting about EOs is that there are no such things in The Constitution. In fact, The Constitution says clearly that only Congress can create laws. That means that an EO is NOT law and as such cannot be legally enforced no matter what some warped court may say. The Constitution is very clear on this point. Laws come only from the legislature.

    2. If Biden has all the power in these EO’s, why are we then paying our Congress? Why do we have the other branches of our government? Fire all of them! And save taxpayers’ funding their salaries and retirements (but we do still have a few “good” people who are fighting for the Republic and the Constitution). We no longer have representation in Washington DC. Biden is a puppet in a fraudulent election and we all know it. Watching the undoing of President Trump’s great accomplishments for our Nation in the past four years is extremely sorrowful. But, we have a Sovereign God in total control; He is our only hope; please pray, America, for righteousness and justice and His will to prevail..

    3. They are like the rabid communists, can’t get enough of spewing hate toward those that love America. This will be an exercise in insulting, disparaging and undoubtedly defaming the President?

      1. Nobody can defame our POTUS, he is the “KING’s GAMBIT” and the left knows it so well, and have the jealousy for it !!!

      1. HE started it. He knew all about it all along. Just like he knew all about the TREASONOUS Bhengazi FIASCO!!

    1. He cannot be impeached since he is no longer in office!! He can only be hanged for TREASON. But that would mean the LIBS would have to hold a trial, and they are only going to do that if they themselves are being THREATENED!!

  4. I think I said that wrong in my hurry to get this out. The democRATs won’t drop their Quixotic quest to impeach a private citizen because they can’t get him out of their heads. four years of unbridled hatred have stuck that mindset permanently in their heads. I’m pretty sure they’ll try to think of something else when this fails. There’s no fix for stupidity.

      1. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping priests .

        1. Please know that God Almighty DOES NOT bless evil…that is Satan’s operation ..The EVIL that the DemocRATS operate in is Satan’s plan they are fulfilling..AND this too shall fall! They continue to expose how corrupt they truly are and this is necessary so people can come to an understanding that when they elected them, what a grave mistake they’ve made and hopefully they’ll be more intelligent in their selection in 2022 mid term.

    1. What is most interesting is that their hatred is for a guy that did great things for our country! What does that tell us about the haters?

      1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media hate America and hate Americans and hate Trump for doing so many great things for our country .

      2. …and if they wanted “unity” why not join in to assure Americans know that the election was fair??? Because it probably would have cost them their jobs. Says a ton.

    2. It is awesome that Trump kept his private security to protect him and they refused all the bribes from globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet ss and globalist puppet cia and globalist puppet fbi etc .

      1. Vladimir…I have been reading your posts for a LONG time. You are truly excellent! Could you please provide some references for this depressing claim? I am NOT criticizing you, my good man!

    3. They can’t get Trump out of their heads because that’s all they know how to do – hate! They have nothing else…no solutions, no plans, no remedies. If you can’t do what you’re paid to do (govern), the only alternative is to try to make the bad guy to be the one who DID have solutions and a solid record that proved he did.

    4. The scary things while they hated POTUS for 4 years, they knew well, He constantly IMPROVED our economy every single day ………

      But this BOZO (and cronies) are RUINING our beautiful country step by step, tearing down what NORMAL & functional brain could call, a true revolutionary A C C O M P L I S H M E N T by a PHENOMENALLY GREAT PRESIDENT !!!

  5. President Trump OWNS the Democrats….FREE OF CHARGE! HE STAYS WITH NIGHT & DAY…Sign…Sealed…and Delivered….Rent Free!!!

  6. Funny, it ends with he has a 7% chance of being convicted. He also had a 7% chance of losing the election but they managed to somehow beat him so I wouldn’t put anything past a low life democrat.

  7. 5 Senators. I got at least 3 texts a day from Susan Collins camp, begging for money. She would Not have been elected if it weren’t for President Trump. Romney, the mormons in Utah, hate him. They want him out. Murkowski, Alaska is planning to ditch her. She’ll have to cheat to stay in. Toomey, he needs to retire. Sasse not for the U. S.A. Rhinos are done. The sleeping giant is coming for all of them. If there’s any darkness that is being held over them to make them line up, they better head out the door now. It will all be revealed, on both sides.

    1. So true….Alot of Republicans slid into office on the coat tails of the President. He is the popular one, he is the one who is the leader and loyal to his country.

      1. Remember the RINOS are taking a chance by going the other way, that they very well may be not voted in again! Be careful guys! Unless u like the left! (DEVILS)

        1. But remember that the Dems have a cheating system better than anything ever devised. Biden said so. No one listened. We have to suppport the patriotic Republicans who are running for state and federal office and DEMAND congress investigate voter fraud and revise voter laws.

    2. Most of the “Mormons” in Utah voted for Trump. Too many Utahns were fooled by Mitt as he was rich and famous. I campaigned against him as I knew his record. It was obvious he was a RINO. He’s turned out to be even worse than I thought he’d be. At least Utahns are finally starting to wake up to what Mitt really is.

  8. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have committed treason why doesn’t some one pursue “Vetting” Harris she is not a “Natural Born Citizen” I am pushing it but there are to many crooked Federal Judges

    1. You must be very carful here . Get rid of Biden and you have the Pot smoking rule breaking Harris. Get rid of her and you get the speaker of the house and that would be the end of the USA as we know it !! If Harris is not native born she can not be President even if Biden gets sick.

      1. Not necessarily. If both Biden & Harris were removed Pelosi would become acting President but only temporarily until the House votes for a replacement and the senate would select the VP.

    2. Look up Hamilton Brown, an ancestor of Harris, am Irishman who specialised in shipping slaves from Ireland and England to Jamaica.

    3. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

  9. I agree with the assessment. The Constitution of The United States of America clearly states that impeachment is a tool used to remove an unfit public official from office, you can not remove someone from office when they do not hold that office ! The Demoncrats are about to be feed a large slice of crow pie simply because of their inability to read.

    1. …or follow the constitution. Geez…can I evict a rentor who is already gone! These public servants are a FARCE.

  10. Don’t waste this opportunity, show that Nancy knew this was going to happen and helped facilitate it. Let Trump come in and testify, I know it won’t happen but he should give a speech like no other in this sham, and point the finger right back at each of these folks as to why they are the problem in Washington DC and how they have lied since he came on the scene, for fear of losing their little kingdoms. He should wax poetically about why there needs to be term limits and also explain on the record about the Hunter Biden laptop. He should talk about the impeachment of Obama next for what he did in his last days in the White House. All of this, one finally blow to the deep state and tell all his followers we can’t survive with either of these political parties jockeying for their spot in the sunlight.

  11. They need 67 votes to impeach. 45 out of the 100 voted it is unconstitutional. That leaves only 55 possible votes to impeach, not 67.

  12. It makes good sense that the so-called impeachment will fall flat on it’s face! These Trump haters are an ugly breed and their whole thing will fall flat on it’s silly face!

  13. We see nothing but depravity from the left, they now work in total absence of any common values with the American people. Do you all wonder if they can even legislate anymore and do whats necessarily to fulfill their obligation and oaths to be loyal to, and work for the best interests of the country? Look at the money and precious time spent in their obsession of getting President Trump who has left office. WHAT DO THEY INTEND TO DO FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, PARTICIPATE IN POLITICAL THEATRE FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS?

  14. Here’s the sign from our Lord.
    Patrick something or other from Vermont has to be hospitalized right at the beginning.
    Our Lord is in charge.

  15. The RINOs that vote for impeachment will never hold office again … after the next election they will be done in the USA !

      1. They have been talking about this for years….you think we will ever have election integrity? None of these morons would never get elected.

  16. Sen. Paul is right! The DEMOCRATS have done so much harm to our COUNTRY! They have to stop and shop it now! I can’t believe that they really don’t know that you can only push people so far before they start to push back! It’s so funny it’s so sad! The DEMOCRATS want to DEFUND THE POLICE but not for them! They want to cut out MILITARY but not for them! 25,000 soldiers in Washington D.C.
    are you kidding me! Our lives don’t matter but the SWAMP CREATURE DEMOCRATS LIVED MATTER MUCH MORE THEN OURS!
    Welcome to our everyday day lives! We don’t have protection in our lives & you SWAMP CREATURES DO! Take a real look at what you and our BUDDIES BLM & ANTIFA has done to our cities and our lives! I think the only reason you are so worried 😟 about your selves is you know HOW WRONG YOU ARE!!!

  17. This is not an impeachment, it’s a political assassination and for no purpose except for ignorant twits to express raw hatred against the most effective American President in my 77 years. He exposed the Washington swamp, in fact did before he ever took office, and they hate him for it. Sad, because Trump was right about that as he was with most other things.

  18. Keep the impeachment going!! But since President Trump is no longer President, scratch his name off and put joe biden name on it and you will stand better chance of getting passed!! It’s totally illegal to impeach a XPresident, and if it IS legal, Congress should file impeachment charges against obama AND clinton asap!!!

  19. Impeach a former president because he called for a forensic investigation into voter fraud claims from credible and multiple wittnesses. AHH OK. How about we impeach Obama then for his actual crimes. Not fabricated crimes. How about we impeach Maxine and Kamala for inciting violence. We have them on record calling for it. How about impeaching OBiden for abuse of power bribing a foreign government and then bragging about it.

  20. I suggest the in total and very very detail examination on every member of Congress with knowledge of US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Looks to me the all DemRats and few RepRats are fellers on arrival.

  21. Surprised the democrats aren’t impeaching Abraham Lincoln. How about Ronald Reagan? Will the democrats go back to impeach Nixon? Appears all avenues are open now that the democrats think you can impeach Trump when he is no longer in office. Democrat and RINO stupidity is supreme in congress.

  22. What goes around comes around! They will get the boot up all their asses and will be shamed again and will be laughed about or pitied for they all have empty skulls! I can’t stand any of them and can’t wait for the big circus to begin! Oh that will be heaven…

  23. The Democrats are scared. That’s why they are coming out with the political garbage they hope will score against the Republicans. As a Republican, who voted for President Trump, I’m sure that the now President Biden would like to see the whole thing in the trash can.

  24. I wonder how dumb a person has to be to be a congress person? The constitution is as clear as can be. You can only impeach a setting President not when they are a private citizen.

  25. Say what you want about the the craps, they will stick by anything that has a D after it’s name. The stupid pubs eat their own. The fool romney is the worst of the lot. The never Trumpers hate so much that they wll cut their own noses of to spite their collective face. I would call romney a Jackass, but why insult a poor Jackass.

  26. Since there impeaching a person that no longer is in office, then we should be impeaching president Obama, president Clinton ,and president Biden in justifying trumps impeachment

  27. Waste of time just so the people who say they are against hate can spread hate. We have more important things to do. They want this so bad because they know in four years he is President again and the only way to stop it is through impeachment. The courts will undo all their cheating mail in voting because anyone can get a blank ballot and drop it in a box on the street. If they really want secure voting then get voting IDS and quit making up reasons for unsecured voting. You have to have an Id to drive, case a check, or do any other number of thing so do it write and compare photo ids with a voting photo to all voting freedom isn’t free so do your duty.

  28. democrats, continuing to do what democrats do best. Waste Taxpayer Money and Waste Political Time in Office accomplishing nothing. They complain a lot about nothing that matters.

  29. Where’s Biden’s “Legislative” Administration?

    ALL I can see are his flurry of Executive Orders!
    Who died and made Biden the Supreme White King?
    He is bypassing every Citizen and the Congressional Branch!

    Let’s talk about, who is guilty of abuse of power and what is truly inciting riot, shall we?

  30. sorry Nancy, this is all about revenge, And the dems are all scared that he might run again in 2024. how about this? try doing your job for a change… i know thats a foreign concept for you…you have been getting a paycheck for years doing nothing but opposing this ex-president every step of the way… take a look in the mirror and ask yourself is your conscience clear? yeah, didn’t think so…

  31. I really feel sorry for those demonicRATS with the hate in their hearts. So hard to live a peaceful and happy life with so much hate. Remember when “they” said it is the republicans with the hate in their hearts. So shameful.

  32. The gone-fascist Dems are desperate in hate and furt. They are so deranged that laws. truth, reality doesn’t count. Just like any other socialist gangster outfit in history.
    Democracy and rule-of-law is over, the raw winter of socialism has arrived.

  33. Nothing will change until our children get a well grounded education.
    How did our country get in this mess? The ground work started even before WWII. Dumb down the electorate, and we can get what we want. Around 1980 along came the Federal Dept. of Un-education (thank you Jimmy the Peanut), Un-common Core, and Every Child Left Behind (thank you George Bush), but now changed to No Student Succeeds, which with the exception of eliminating the accountability part which punished states if too many students were not proficient in math and reading, is still bad because the feds have the camel’s head under the states tent. When a school district accepts federal money, these programs are mandatory. Every child who attended a government school since 1980 has been subjected to brainwashing propaganda put out by the government. So, now we graduate kids that can’t read, do simple math, or have been taught little about U.S. history or our system of government. As If that wasn’t bad enough we now find kids being taught that homosexuality is fine and it is kool to be transgender. This has been by design and parents continue to commit child abuse by sending their precious children to public government schools. Parents can only hope their kids will get home safe. Don’t take lunch money to school, and never wear high end sneakers. Because local politicians beg for the federal money, that always has strings tied to it, we will never have control over our local schools. Tell the feds where they can stick their federal money! Parents need to home school, or send their kids to a religious or private school. Anything less is child abuse. They are definitely “government cesspool indoctrination centers.” Sending your HS grads off to most colleges will just about guarantee they will graduate hating you, this country, and God. Try Hillsdale College. Update: I recently talked with a manager of a Subway who said most millennials can’t read or do math which prevented them from getting an entry level job. I also talked with a captain of a local police department who told me over half of millennials can’t pass their simple police officer’s test. Next was the head of a county Chamber of Commerce who had zero takers for a chamber internship. She said they want to start at the top and are unwilling to learn. Then there was a physics teacher whose company downsized and he decided to go back to teaching after an absence of 30 years. He quit before the year was out. “I never saw such disrespect and unwillingness to learn.” There are more, but you get the idea.  

    1. Good golly, Ollie!’re painfully right!

      They’ve been indoctrinated, and failed to learn how the world works. They only know virtual reality.. they don’t know who they are or how they got where they are…
      Like a hog in its own pen, they can’t see or smell the mire, they wallow in…

      They can neither communicate, although they have a cell phone glued to their face… Nor can they think for themselves, and only parrot what their indoctrination mandates…

      Too sad!

    2. Olly,
      You hit the nail squarely on the head Hillsdale is the only college I can think of to teach a well rounded curriculum. I’m older (87) but sure as hell not senile, when I was a junior in HS 1950 I had a serious run in with my civics teacher who was an avowed communist. After my service time USMC and raising a family I found myself trying to help one of my children with his homework, NEW MATH. That experience woke me to the fact that our educational system had entered the twi-light zone of confusion and was totally unfocused on cultural, practical and historical education. Keep spreading the word and lets MAGA

  34. D MacKay is right.

    This sham impeachment is to set a precedent.

    If this is allowed to happen, then anyone that served in any office is subject to
    impeachment if the “ruling” party doesn’t like them for whatever reason.

    Next – and this is a slippery slope AND it’s already happening – if “they” don’t like what you do or say as a private citizen, then you can be “impeached”. I’m not sure what impeachment of a citizen who didn’t serve in any office means exactly, but I’d say that it is further censoring, time in prison or jail or some way to punish that person for not complying with their “groupthink”.

  35. HOW “great” that John Roberts, (the FINK) , REFUSES to preside over a Senate “kangaroo court”.NOW YOU “KNOW” that the Supreme Court is in the “dems” pocket! Some how I don’t “think” that the “Thomas Paine letters” &” The Federation of the States”, after the American Revolution ,had in mind what is happening in Congress TODAY. That’s “WHY” these Reps from the 13 colonies drew up the CONSTITUTION! I love the “elastic clause” which allows Justices to interpret “how” LAWS relate to “today’s problems. OUR PROBLEM is HOW “they” interpret the LAW! which is based on POLITICS! THIS IS NOT “what” our Founding Fathers had in mind. LAWS may be flawed, & it’s up to the Supreme Court to RULE by LAW, & NOT politics!

  36. NOBODY can “predict”ANYTHING, when it comes to the SWAMP, run by Dems who will “DO” ANYTHING to stay in POWER. Pelosi & Schumer will HOPEFULLY “screw up”.NONE of “THIS: will be covered by MSM. ALL “we” can “hope for” are some “investigative reporters” who blew the “lid off” of NIXONGATE., & HOPEFULLY, “we’ll get” another “DEEP THROAT”.

  37. Is the Senate constitutionally required to stop all other work and take up the impeachment hearings exclusively once submitted by the House to the Senate for action?

    The, by what authorities, Senator Schumer, Mitchell and others delay its start by two weeks without such extension having been asked by the defendant?

    The same argument goes for it being a sham when Pelosi, as the Speaker of the House held back its transmission to the Senate beyond the day after the Resolution was passed by the House.



  39. LIBS on the sites keep saying Trump was IMPEACHED before, and has been Impeached for a second time, which is NOT true!! And now he will be Impeached for a third time according to the idiots that have no idea what actually transpired!! He has never been IMPEACHED. They NEVER had the votes to impeach him. And they won’t this time either!! Their LIES mean NOTHING!!

  40. It took corruption and fraudulent criminal collusion of the highest order, betrayal by Congress on both sides of the political isle, and most damaging, a dereliction of duty by the US Supreme Court in refusing to take on the most important in our history [President Trump’s case of the fraudulent election], to put Joe Biden in the White House.

  41. If the Democrats go through with this impeachment, it opens up a case for impeaching Obama, which will be a good thing. Also, since the Democrats are using President Trump’s fight against a fraudulent election as part of their rationale for impeachment, Trump will be able to finally present all the evidence he has that the election was stolen. This impeachment may turn out to be a very good thing.


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