GOP Senators to Introduce Bill to Block Biden’s Energy Ban

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A group of GOP senators plan to introduce a bill to black President Biden’s unilateral ban on energy leasing on federal lands. The charge is being led by Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis and Idaho Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo who have crafted the Protecting our Wealth of Energy Resources (POWER) Act. The POWER Act will prohibit the president from going around Congress.

Read Sen Risch’s statement on the POWER Act:

“The Biden administration’s move to ban mineral and energy leasing on federal lands is not only inconsistent with the multiple use mandate enshrined in law, but also raises our energy costs and endangers American energy and technology independence,” said Risch. “We have learned all too well over the last year the national security risks posed by not having control over critical supply chains. Now is the time to develop our resources here at home, not diminish them.”

“Energy and mineral development on federal lands provides affordable electricity to homes across America, and any effort to curtail production would threaten our nation’s energy independence and greatly reduce funding for federal conservation efforts,” said Crapo. “Idaho is home to vast mineral resources, including gold, silver, zinc, and phosphate, which provide high-paying, quality jobs across the state. Senator Lummis’ legislation ensures Idaho’s mineral resources can continue to be responsibly developed in accordance with federal law.”

“The Biden Ban would be nothing short of catastrophic for western states that are already reeling from the decline in energy usage brought on by the pandemic and continued volatility in energy markets,” said Lummis. “It’s a one-two punch that means disaster for energy jobs, families and communities. Through the POWER Act, Congress would reiterate that federal lands should serve not the whims of a radical progressive minority, but the needs of all Americans.”

Biden’s block on energy leasing was one of his 40 executive orders he has signed since being sworn into office. Since taking office Biden has set the record for the most executive orders signed in his first week in office.

  1. Dopey Joe has already he cannot block use of public lands. Federal means that we the people own those lands and can use them as we see fit. If those uses include, along with grazing cattle, looking for oil/natural gas the clown in the WH can’t stop it.

    1. We possibly would have won if not for the RINOS in our party. Dems don’t have DINOs that sabotage and connive backstage and behind closed doors or constantly criticize. But we have RINOS. Besides the stolen elections we had RINOS agreeing with the left that it wasn’t stolen. What a travesty. Everyday they still ask for money. “Chip in.” “Step up.” “Don’t give up on us.” We need time to rethink and recover.

      1. Belcara: I love what president Trump said, “Don’t bet against me.” He also said he’d be back in some form. He has something up his sleeve other than his arm. Find X-22 and be cheered up with wht is going to happen.

      2. That’s exactly right!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! We must not give even a single penny to any proven RINO going forward. The time has come to boot them out of the Republican Party and invite the likely 10-15 million patriotic Americans in the democrat party (who, after having seen first hand how Biden and the other leaders of the America-hating leftist elite are more than willing to destroy our great country, are now probably of like-mind) to join the party which will then be referred to as the Republican Party for all America-loving citizens!

    1. Biden Crime Family crimes are out all over the internet every night and books have been written about them. No one is interested.. Something in the air switched off honest Americans brains. They don’t care !

      1. As the GOOD BOOL says in Revelations: What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right!’ Sound familiar??

    1. Anyone who voted for biden hosed their own job and can only blame themselves. Just think, Georgia residents elected a b*l*a*c*k wife beater and a s*n*o*w f*l*a*k*e to the US senate. Stupid cannot be fixed.

  2. The mind of the Cognitively deficient BIDEN, says everything you need to know about his ability to make rational decisions as the Leader of the Free World. If, BIDEN ever has to make a decision about deploying America’s Military due to the Defense of all Americans, we really need to get on our knees and pray for GOD to intercede on America’s behalf. We all know that BIDEN, is a clueless individual and couldn’t make a rational decision if his butt depended upon it… So sad, as is VP Harris knows this and is absolutely taking advantage of BIDENS frailness….

      1. They’re there to reel him in when his comments start going off the rails.
        You have to know that there is someone “off camera” putting papers in front of him and telling him to sign them. He has no clue what he’s signing or why. The Puppet Masters have taken up residence in the White House and are doing their thing through a brain dead puppet named Joseph Biden.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ voter fraud appointed globalist puppet, chester the molester biden for 47 years, globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ bribe and order globalist puppet, chester the molester biden to preach all the globalist agendas .

    2. Trust me, H G, MISTER Biden is not making ANY decisions! He doesn’t have the mentality to put a sentence together, never mind make any decisions on his own. Guarantee those are being made by the insidious, vindictive, liberal puppeteers who are pulling his strings from behind the curtain!! Mr. Obama via Rice for one, Pelosi, Schumer, Alexandria Bartender Cortez, et al, etc. Guaranteed!

  3. Several of the Obiden/Biodan Executive Orders are Anti-American intended to weaken the Country. NEVER in the 244 year history has Newly Sworn President signed an Executive order on his first day in office, he sighed SEVENTEEN (17) printed and prepared in the formal manor that a single Executive order would be presented. There is no consideration of Congress, not so much as a by your leave. He has opened out Boarders to anyone, promised Amnesty and Citizenship to the millions that disrespect our laws. I love my Country, two of my son’s have served this Country for a total of sixty years. My Father and Grand Father also served. Mr. President what you are doing is going to harm every American in one way or another. Slow down think things through and stand up to the UN and the rest of the left wing extremist.

    1. Why is anyone surprised, he told everyone exactly what he was going to do! Who in their right mind would vote for him??

      1. The “dumbing down of America” for generations in our school systems and the helplessness of welfare economics that destroys families has been on purpose… intentional and ongoing since the 1960s.

      2. A bunch of brainless stupids that who voted for him. Thinking they would get a lot of free stuff, Surprise Biden doesn’t give he only takes. Like he is taking everything away from the American people. If the good for nothing supreme court had done their job Trump would be in office. but they would rather take the payoff Pelosi offered them. Now they sit there playing with themselves well the country is being destroyed by scumbag Biden family. Oh he is spending 2 million dollars on redecorating the white house. tax payer monies.

    2. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ had all of globalist puppet, chester the molester bidens executive orders printed long before their voter fraud appointed globalist puppet, chester the molester biden .

    3. You are correct. I am not aware of a single request to Congress. Orders have been issued as thought he were absolute ruler of the nation!

  4. Here’s a novel idea, do what the Democrats did every time Trump issued an Executive Order, go Federal District Court Judge shopping and get one to issue a stay against it. So far it’s worked for Texas to block Bidens anti-deportation E.O.

    1. If only the republicans were more worried for America instead of worrying about losing their overpaid perk laden jobs that might be a way to curb SloJoe’s assault on America. Unfortunately, the majority of them are too spineless to mount any semblance of a resistance.

    1. Partshound: Did you watch what the NG General said when he was asked WHY they were there in DC? His response was to, If I remember correctly, restore MARTIL LAW. Find X-22 and listen to his rational as to what has happened an why. All is NOT lost.

  5. Too late GOP. All talk no action. Could have passed laws when you had the chance. Executive Orders are nothing more than the current kings decrees.

  6. Old, rickety joe needs to be stopped at every turn possible and everything he wants to pass and impose on the American people.

  7. For years we heard no use to drill as it would take 10 years to get it to market… Clinton ADM cut the soft coal from the western states…polluted??? destroyed the environment. Yet they had no problem importing the same coal.. of course after the Clintons received $$$$$$$$$$ from that country. Seems all it takes for Dems to destroy industries on the pretense of climate change. To H*ll with jobs. Taxes for our schools/govt. These people seem to have no problem selling our country out for $$$$$$$$$$.. During the Obumo/Biden Adm.. when Hunter fronted for Chinese Military he was able to get a military strategic company who had a do not sell to Chinese.. any foreign country. A US company with strategic military value to the US… But up pops Hunter and the Obumo ADM sold to China because Hunter was the VP’s son. A few years later using the strategic info from these plants the CHinese military have surpassed the US in carriers… military planes. All using our science. So guess this means the mortgages that the Chinese holds on Bidens 4 mansions is gone.. paid in full.. Our sons/daughter/ husbands / wives are out there protecting us and are being put in danger because for $$$$$$$$ our most secret military secrets will buy These Dems …they are for sale.

    1. I vote for responsible care of the environment but I guarantee I vote against anyone who puts environment ahead of American jobs….or restricting methods of power generation. I heat with coal. Coal or nuclear are the best for large stationary facilities…and coal is the best to minimize foreign produced gas or oil…. Think about it, the EPA wrecked the US steel industry starting 50 years ago. Talk about shortening the alphabet… EPA needs to go away, L&M got kicked out for smoking, and PU got flushed….

  8. Remember folks this isn’t Biden doing any of this – he can’t even remember where the bathroom is. This is Obama and other “handlers’ speaking. This shooting yourself and the American people in the foot approach to energy policy is imbalanced. This shouldn’t be an all or nothing headlong rush into financial disaster but a measured and gradual process.

  9. Republicans need to overturn the orders on the XL pipeline and border wall and save those jobs…. The biden administration needs to be mired down in lawsuits just like a car stuck in mud… Any attempts to restrict 2nd Amendment rights need similar handling… The objective should be to sue and stall executive orders until the right people reclaim Congress…

  10. Everybody knows that Biden doesn’t care about the people in this country, that is how I know the election was fraudulent. There doesn’t seem to be enough of a following, to support any bills, if the Biden administration did things the right way. He is going to circumvent our laws and the way we do things, Obama did the same thing. The former president Trump only did things, like this to help people, not detract from them, like Obama and now Biden. These aren’t people ” Obama/Biden” that should be running any country, they can’t even run their own households, what makes them think they can do whats good for a whole country. They are morons and everybody knows, they are bought and paid for by the communist countries in the world.

  11. Biden works for “We the People” so why can’t we fire him for not doing his job for us? Some Dumbocraps are not happy with him either..He’s got to go or he will really ruin us as a nation

  12. So glad to see some leadership from Risch and Crapo on this!
    Too many think their senators are only a voice for their state. This bill will benefit every state. Every senators vote effects us all!!! Conservatives are the majority, we have got to be as loud and in your face as the pufferfish socialists! Look up puffer fish – a perfect symbol for people like Maxine, Pilosi, Schumer, Harris, Biden, Romney! Quasi-important liberals!
    Christian conservatives need be as loud as we are big! Dabnabit! Are you as sick of the self serving swamp creatures from both parties as I am? My petition to true conservative Reps and Senators is to speak up, speak out, dominate the news! We are sick of Romney and Waters and their ilk! Cruz and Rand are your example, enough with being timid and avoiding visibility. Speak out!

  13. Like it is anything but virtue signalling? Assuming it gets past the senate ( unlikely since they have to get a democrat to join plus all the ” republican” senators), it will die in the House. This is the same as the “repeal the ACA votes”. They get to say they did this while when it matters, they fold

  14. What is wrong with these Republican Senators, get a judge to stop all this stupidity. Transgenders now can compete in girls sports, use their showers,bathroom, stop the pipeline, can’t use Federal lands, giving illegals citizenship, stop building the wall, let all people in our Country to eventually take Americans jobs, etc. He’s so senile he doesn’t even know how to speak unless he has a monitor in front of him. Impeach him, Harris and Pelosi

  15. Pay attention voters. Every single House and Senate member who votes against this should’ve primaries or voted against in coming elections.

  16. The Republicans can post all the bills they want. The left controlling Biden are not going to let any of them pass. Face it Republicans. You’ve been cancelled, you are nada. You have come up against a juggernaut so vile and filled with hate and so well prepared to cancel you I dought even God could destroy them.

  17. An overwhelming nuimber of “Americans” voted for Biden to do exactly what he is doing. At least that is what democrats claim. Loony Joe signs anything that is put in front of him, much of it created by lobbyists. aimed to benefit THEIR projects to the detriment of the rest. Environmentalists are some of the worse. Climate change, useless Joe claims, is an existential, clear and present danger. OK, then if so why aren’r China, India and Russia decimating THEIR economies to the god of climate change like Biden is doing to our country? Why is Biden trying to save the WORLD at OUR expense? To me the most clear and present dange and existential threat to our country is Bidan and his administration. God help us.

  18. We hope that Republicans will unite, to find enough evidence from the Hunter and Joe Biden, Ukraine Scandal to impeach him. They should have used the Riot Act regulations, against Kamala Harris for funding and releasing criminals, involved in the Marxist BLM destruction. She also praised and promoted them.

  19. And why are the Republicans not stopping this executive order with an injunction? Seemed to work well for democrats.

  20. Joe Biden is not in charge, the Shadow President must be forcing him to do all this damage to the USA and the American people.

  21. Many of the western states, use the oil money to fund their public schools. By eliminating this, many of those states would be in financial trouble BIG TIME, if the oil $$ were cut off. Typical Dimbocraptic move..knee-jerks without checking what the downstream effects would be. NO PRIOR PLANNING!


  23. Republicans should let dementia joe wreck America; otherwise, they are only going to be made to look bad by the press for trying to stop him from wrecking America. V

  24. There is no such thing as “Federal Lands”. The landmass of the United States belongs to the legal citizens of the United States of America.

  25. Why don’t someone introduce a Bill to stop joe and his family’s dealings with China? Of course if someone were to do this they’d most likely be black listed or threatened. What a mess this country is in.

  26. Biden and his handlers clearly see the climate as a tool to be used for redistribution of wealth and establishing firm control over the general populous. It does not require an expert to see that their policies will cost American jobs and enhance Chinese business. They falsely claim that workers in the fossil fuel industries can easily transition into clean energy jobs. They neglect to address all the products and corresponding jobs dependent on petroleum production. And if I am not mistaken, coal is essential to the process of making steel. Climate constantly changes but it is not the threat they make it out to be.

  27. Political fight against him for ever…the GOP do not must help him….him and his son going to trial before about China and Ukraine. And Russiagate.

  28. Good luck with that. No way they will be able to get past the veto you know will happen and they know it. It is all just a big show like they did with Obamacare before Trump took office.

  29. Phony Biden is clearly not fit to hold the office of President of our United States! Additionally, his ban on oil and gas energy is ridiculous!


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