House Republicans Push to Remove Ilhan Omar from Committees

Lorie Shaull / CC BY-SA

Several House Republicans are making moves to strip far-left Democrat Ilhan Omar of her committee assignments. The move comes after Democrats announced they will try and have Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from her committee assignments as well.

The Daily Wire reports:

“The House is set to consider a measure this week that calls for Taylor Greene, a controversial first-term lawmaker known for his support of the QAnon conspiracy theory, from her assignment on the Education and Labor Committee,” Fox News reported. “A proposed GOP-backed amendment to that measure calls for Omar, frequently identified as a member of the ‘Squad’ of progressive Democrats, to be removed from her committee assignments.”

Omar has an extensive history in trafficking in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and tropes, including her claim that “Israel has hypnotized the world.”

Then-New York Times Columnist Bari Weiss noted that Omar’s anti-Semitic remark was similar to what was promoted in Nazi Germany.

Omar has spoken out against sanctions being used against nations like socialist Venezuela and the Islamic Republic of Iran, but reportedly has different views when it comes to sanctioning Israel.

Since being elected to Congress scandal has followed Rep. Omar at every turn. Other Democrats have distanced themselves from the “Squad” member, some even hinting that her policy ideas cost Democrats seats across the country.

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  1. Did I miss the report ?
    I have never, ever heard what became of the story that Ilhan married her own brother so he could enter the United States
    I have never ever heard what charges were being filed against Ilhan for taking political funds and using them to pay the man who was bedding you

        1. Only because the Trump Humpers are too weak to do anything about it.
          Even smearing their feces about the Capitol did not force her to resign.
          You get away with things when you win elections.
          She clearly won hers, twice.

          1. Phew that odor is back .When a skunk runs for office who do you think all the other skunks vote for? DUH.

      1. That’s because pusillanemous Republicans don’t do anything about her numerous atrocities including paying people to vote.

        1. Replace the cowardly RINOs! As previously stated 75 million Conservatives can have enormous inpact! Organize in your state, town, work hard to replace the RINOs who have let down their constituents and America. They are supposed to work for us, not cower in the corner.

        1. Actually that is not true. We can EXPECT that honest people, with integrity, like a STATESMAN, would do the right thing regardless of personal political consequences.
          But clearly, we have not seen a statesman on the D side, nor on the never-Trumper side for a long time.
          Thus the correct conclusion, Albert, is not about anyone’s expectations and pluralities, but rather that the people in power get what they want. Remember, it is a 50/50 tie in the Senate – no plurality there – yet the D side is getting all they want. Thus your assertion of needing a plurality is yet another example of your lack of good judgement and lack of integrity in your words.

        2. Albert, you should know, or be told, we are not in a “democracy” but a representative republic. BIG difference that you Socialist types do not want to understand. Pleas repeat 6th grade history of the USA.

      2. Take back the house and the senate and then give the bulbs a taste of their own bitter medicine. Restore Majorie’s assignments as well. Strength in numbers!! 75 million Conservatives can have enormous effects.

    1. most likely nothing has been done just like every other time a dem is caught in a criminal activity nothing is done,,but if you are a republican the word impeachment is out before the day is out,,,what a sham,,,,ban this satanic creep from this country once and for all

        1. Specifically what laws has she broken?
          Were the committed before Jan. 20?
          Did Trump’s DOJ issue any indictments?

        1. Biden’s DOJ will be issuing indictments on the same day that Donny testifies at his his second impeachment trial.

          1. So, in your cave of ignorance and hatred you have direct access to joey. You are full of Taurus faecalis. President Trump committed no crimes, but you know that you just want to get some attention because you are lonely in that cave. Call up joey.

        1. Just ignore that Hillary broke the rules about a server, about her emails, destroyed email, lied about destroying them, destroyed phones. What happened? nothing – Comey forgave her, before he even had his interview with her.
          Comey – broke the rules and participated in lying to FISA judges – what happened? Nothing. Why? Because the DOJ injustice is too deep to clean out in 4 years. Trump made the mistake of trying to keep many “career: people on board to have a better working system. Turned out badly.

          The examples are too numerous to list, but the Muller report said it all – “No evidence of Russian collusion with Trump” – in spite of the lies by most every Dem around. So why don’t Dems vote out their own liars? They need the numbers to keep power? Or are they just dishonest?
          Please tell us why.

    2. I agree with you Vree…If you are going to be accused of a crime publicly, then the people doing the accusation better have all the information needed. We will never have the truth about Obama’s citizenship that I’m aware of … and Ilan doesn’t give a crap about anyone except her movement. If she did care about the citizens she should separate her self from the Squad and be darn grateful that she holds the position she has. It seems she really hates the US… Maybe she should return to her Homeland. where she won’t have to try to convert anyone. We will never know

        1. You seem to very taken with fecal matter.
          Did you smear yours in capitol, like a good little Trump Humper?

          1. Gee troll albert, you seem to be fascinated with humping Trump, do you have a confession to make?

      1. What did Trump do about Omar?

        We do have the truth about Obama’s citizenship.
        The little brown nappy head was pushed out of an American citizen’s bloody vagina.
        Be that in Hawaii or Kenya makes no difference.
        Eh, we do have the truth about Ted Cruz’s citizenship.
        The little brown Latino head was pushed out of an American citizen’s bloody vagina.
        Eh, the fact that that bloody mess happened in Canada makes no difference, eh.

        1. Both parents of an American POTUS are required to be ‘Natural Born’ American Citizens! Obammy’s Pappy wasn’t an American Citizen! His Pappy was a ‘Bush’ Byotch!

      1. didn’t she marry her brother to be able to come here and disgust us. Same with Talib. The Muslim ban for certain terrorist Muslim country has been lifted by Joe they can come and do what ever they want. Biden has forgotten 9/11

        1. I guess you are not well informed about politics as Obama/Biden left many deep state swamp creatures in our Government. The President doesn’t have unlimited Powers like you think he has. He can’t demand that the FBI or the DOJ Arrest someone on his say so. It is up to the higher Officials in those depts. to make those decisions on how to proceed. Like AG Barr should have made an attempt to investigate the Voter Fraud claims but instead he didn’t do an investigation into the matter except make a comment he didn’t see Fraudulent Voting. It was as plain as the nose on anyone’s face. The whole Presidential Election was coming down to the Battle Ground States which would declare a Presidential winner by taking those 5 states. In all those Battle ground States the Voting rules were changed to allow mass mail in Ballots and late Ballots for up to 10 Days. There were no signature Validations done on these Ballots which surprising they were mostly for Joe Biden. In these Battleground States, each of the state legislatures were the only ways to change the Voting Rules/Processes, which were proven to not have been done to count all those mail in ballots they were counted Illegally, making Joe Biden the winner. Many signed affidavits of voter fraud at these Voting Counting stations were signed and collected under the knowledge of Perjury Charges could be made if they lied on their affidavits, but many were signed because of what they saw. I believe President Trump was ahead by 750,000 votes in Pennsylvania and when the last votes came in he lost by 12,000 to 20,000 votes. Trump was on the Campaign trail day and Night besides doing his Presidential Duties. Joe Biden was hiding out at home except for a few very small rallies as he was told to stay home and let the powers to be get him Elected President of the United States. So Albert Harris AKA Albert Soros go to Hell.

          1. Every single EO President Trump signed was obstructed, contested or liberals went to court to get an injunction. Have you noticed in the case of Biden’s, excessive executive orders, where he has been rolling them out since his first day in office. not one has been challenged by a liberal, in fact they don’t even seem to be paying attention to what he is doing, They are to busy planning their phony impeachment. Pelosi and her toadies are as blatantly corrupt as anyone I’ve ever seen in office.

          2. I bet Joe China the Alzheimer patient doesn’t even know what he is signing they just put it in front of him and say sign Joe. Biden the clown is doing what clowns do.

    3. everything she has done so far has been covered up and she has done enough that she should be stripped of her citizenship and deported

    4. It is not a violation of US law to be married to your brother, sister, mother, father, son or daughter.
      Trump’s DOJ has known all about it for 4 years.
      That is why he lost his second term.

      1. DOJ had no back bone, Trump lost ? his second term was stolen mass amounts of proof, legal profession had no ba-lls to follow through all scared of names being called.

      2. That is an out and out lie. It is still the law in 31 states, and the majority of the rest of the world. The first case allowing in family marriages, was in New Jersey in 2019, and that was between first cousins. There has been very little interest in looking into marriages between brothers and sisters. Their has always been incest, states prefer not to bring it into the limelight. In regard to your remarks about the Presidents incompetency, he called for investigations and sanctions against Omar almost from the beginning, but liberals refused to take any action, once again obstructing his request. The reason for his loss had nothing to do with incompetency and a lot to do with voter fraud.

      3. Which one did you marry? And you are wrong, it is a violation of the law to marry the family members you listed.

    5. She married her brother to circumvent immigration, she was married to two men simultaneously. She lied on FEDERAL FORMS to obtain money to go to school. She was having an affair with her then married campaign manager if that’s what he calls himself. She divorced both men and married the campaign manager whom just happened to start his own company with one employee, him. Now a vast majority or her campaign contributions are funneled into his company and her pocket.

    6. For one thing she should have never been allowed to enter Politics as she has entered Our Country ILLEGALLY. She paid her brother/Husband over $900,000 from her campaign donations for his consultation fee he charged her. Sounds like all in the family tome. The Dems could stop not for one day in trying to unseat President Trump. The republicans who aren’t Rino’s should start impeaching Politicians like Ilhan Omar and the rest of the squad for the anti-semetic views. It seems that if you are corrupt and not interested in keeping our Country’s safety first you should be removed from Political office immediately. Our 45th POTUS did more for our Country and for the Majority of American Citizens, especially the Middle Class and many of those at the Poverty Level, who need help in this time of Multiple crisis we have in our Country now under the Democrat total Control. These Politicians work for us but they only are in Office to hurt us and they only help the wealthy get wealthier. It is our Duty as American Citizens and not that of Illegal Immigrants in our Country to Recall these Politicians who are ruining our Country for us and Giving it all to the Wealthy Elite. I some how believe that if say 3 million republican supporters(Voters) marched on Washington DC in a peaceful manner say about 6 blocks away from the Capital Building and Chant that we don’t want climate control as it cost us many good jobs and will snowball into many more lost jobs shortly, until there is nothing left for the average American to do except that when these Illegal Immigrants enter our Country we should personally escort them to the Democrats homes for them to stay until their court appearance for Asylum hearings come up. The Dems want open borders so let them allow these immigrants to live in their homes. It is a shame that our Federal Government is a place where people can become very FILTHY RICH and Powerful and run our Country into the ground. Although I am one that is not for Violence I predict that if the Democratic Administration continues on its course they have taken in their first two weeks in all three branches of our Government, they more than likely will see a real insurgency unlike the little ordeal done by BLM and Antifa on January 6th, 2021. Biden took 11,000 great paying jobs from from American Citizens and promises to get them jobs possibly making Solar panels. He has a Press conference where he says that we need jobs for the American people. Well 11,000 just got signed away with his signature. So what will he do Sign up 11,000 more jobs maybe making $12 per hour. And guaranteed lots of these jobs will go to the Illegal immigrants or worse yet to China. If no one from the prior Obama/Biden Administration, FBI, CIA, DOJ, gets Criminally Charged for their support in the Continuous attempted Coup of trying to unseat a Duly Elected POTUS then we should just throw away our Rule Of Law and do whatever we want whether it is right or wrong. This type of issues goes on everyday in our Government by those who want to stay in power for as long as they want, 20-30-40-50 years. How can some of these Politicians who have been in Office for so Long be worth Tens of Millions of Dollars from just hanging around Political Office. They have bills to pay like everyone else so how can they take part of their salaries and invest it and become Multi-millionaires. All from the Cash Cow Trough in the Federal Government they have visited many many times over the decades.

      1. Biden and his criminal family should be locked up as terrorists because they have sold out this country and are now destroying us completely. All dems are evil period.

    7. Nothing came of those charges even though they were true, you should know by not that a “mo-slum” can be held to account for anything.

      1. Omar said they did something?? Right only killed many people. But she is suffering because people look at her differently. What a joke they should have done to Omar what her country does to our people.

    8. Look everyone knows the DOJ and FBI are the personal federal agencies of the democrat party. Usually, democrats are not prosecuted after committing crimes, only the republicans, at the same time listen to Omar in her speeches verbally take a shit on America. She is worthless, she takes all she can and openly appreciates nothing, she was given. My grandfather waited years to come here and told me he had nothing till america took him. Omar, or whatever this pompous ass real name is, was a refugee and appreciates nothing, a typical leftest lunatic democrat. This is the greatest nation on earth but the democrats are trying to destroy our republic for global communism.

    1. The Gop must fight or lose the support of MAGA Deplorables. Right now I am so mad at the whole party I have nothing for them. Gutless wonders who let the dim wits run over them at every turn. But I will vote for them but I AM concerned about the choices. I suggest supporting your picks at the primary to be rid of the pretend republicans.Fix the mess at the state level. Primary the rinos at every opportunity.

      1. They are worse then the Democrats. The Democrats want us on Cattle cars going to reeducation camps. At least they are honest about their hatred of us and America. The Republicans promised to back our choice for President then stabbed him in the back.

          1. Your so called Republicans are the majority of the Republican Party.
            That is why Trump lost.

        1. There are 7 RINOs from the House, that have been put on notice that they are being Primaried OUT next Election, and 8 more Senator RINOs that are leaving of their OWN accord!! And one Lib Senator!!

          1. They must be primaried out!!!!!
            Especially those who won with less than 55% of the general election vote.
            That will make it more than likely the seat will turn blue.
            Real Smart.
            Trump Humper smart.

        2. Why can’t a clear majority of Americans see the Dems as pure evil?
          Is it that a clear majority of Americans are evil?

      2. Sadly soon there will no longer a truly red state. Immigrants (not all) and illegals Every one) vote for these monsters that bribe them with free stuff that we have to pay for. We have such uneducated brainwashed citizens an liberal in this country that I believe this country is gone Communism has taken over..

        1. There should be no red or blues states.
          There should be no one party states.
          China, Russia, and North Korea are one party states.
          We hate them.
          Trump told us to.
          When you speak of Communism are you talking like those Communes in Israel?
          Where they share the land, housing, work, child rearing and wives?
          That kind of Communism?

      3. Even when they are in power it seems the dems still run everything because the dems call them racist, the main thing, but others as well. They need to grow a spine instead of letting the dems control them. we need more Ted Cruzes and Dan Crenshaws to mention a few.

          1. At lest he admits it where is the obummer on that issue. Want to see a birth certificate ?

      4. The GOP is fighting to expel the MAGA Deplorables to keep the US from becoming a one party government, like China.

      5. There are still many good republicans left sadly the bad ones puts a shadow on them. But they are still better than what the dems are doing to this country. It is very sad what is going on now.

      6. I totally agree and am doing the same thing. The GOP will never get a donation from me until all the RINOs have been replaced. I donate individually and work for those candidates. I believe the 2022 primaries begins in approx. 8 months. Lots of work to do.

    2. If we had fairness which we no longer have in this new communist America.Biden voters along with illegals and dead peoples and millions of fraudulent votes gave away out our country.

    1. Right now the Dim Wits have opened the door wide for more of her kind. Like with Bozo the supposed refugees will be dropped into your communities and settled with no warning. And blame your local state government. They are involved!

      1. America has a long history of immigration.
        It is what makes America Great.
        80+% of Trump voters have at least one foreign born great grandparent.
        All four of Trumps grand parents were foreign born.
        Trump’s mother was foreign born.
        Immigrants and their anchor babies are wonderful things.

        1. Was the bloody vagina Obama was pushed out the property of an American citizen?
          Do you think that Ted Cruz could be our President?
          He was pushed out of a bloody American vagina, in Canada.
          He did not renounce his Canadian citizenship until he was 43.
          The Ignoramus/Senator/Lawyer” didn’t even know he was a citizen of Canada.
          For two years Teddy Boy was the Canadian Senator from Texas.
          Where was Obama born?
          Any record of his mom’s bloody vagina ever being there.
          Any question of his mom’s citizenship?

          1. You should be banned from this site as well as the human race. Then you are the example of dumercrats.

  2. Her views are the opposite of a free society, how she got elected is a mystery, she does not hold free american values of any kind, LOCK HER UP.

      1. Biden just lifted all restriction of certain Muslim terrorist countries that Trump had in place. Biden has opened us up for terror attacks and a complete take over by our enemies. Joe and his criminal family are paid off already and now have to pay up. Your little demented Joey sold us all out,

        1. Yes, Biden will not limit immigration based on the religions of a country.
          That would be so un-American.

          We are a Democracy.
          You get the most votes you win.
          Trump is a loser.

          1. No, we are a republic. Study the history of America. Do you know the difference ? I fear not. It did not say with cheating votes.

    1. Obama he brought millions of Muslims in when he did everything to destroy our Christian country. The Kenyan is Satan and is still working behind the curtain. Biden is a empty suit without a functioning brain.

      1. Helga, are you one of those filthy disgusting people who discriminants on the basis of religion?
        That is so un-American!!!!

        1. i don’t discriminate nobodies religion but I hate people that call us infidels and wont to convert us or kill us. If they chose to come a Christian country than assimilate or get out. Plain as that,

  3. The Goon Squad headed by AOC (Another Offensive Communist) should have been tossed out of Congress in 2018 and tried for sedition.
    President Trump was too kind to their intransigent behavior, not realizing how spineless were the leaders in both houses of Congress.

    1. Swawell, another Democrat caught with his pants down. AOC dragged through the halls of congress and nailed to her office door, according to her…. She was in another building.

    2. I agree and Talib and many others are a danger to us all. Iranians are already among the thousand of illegals that are landing on our borders via Joe China’s invitation to come here. I wonder how much of our tax dollars Joe will fly to Iran. He already gave many billions to Yemen. His corrupt administration put more stimulus to other countries than our own suffering people. Butt kisser of China is in the white house.

  4. I won’t be the least bit unhappy should Ilhan Omar be replaced! She is not a person I can consider suitable for Congress or for the media! She is a known anti-semite and as such cannot be acceptable for a place in CONGRESS or THE MEDIA

    1. there are so many more of them running cities, states and the federal government. We are surrounded by enemies. We allowed it ao the fault is our own by voting for these people.

  5. Two justice system nothing will happen she came to this through fraud her dad work for a war lord bought votes married her brother to commit immigration fraud funneled campaign money to her new husband I never read that he was a relative before they married but you never know she did marry her brother if they had kids what would they be called son nephew or what

  6. What has happened to our country? Nobody – and I mean absolutely NOBODY in Congress gets prosecuted for anything. The corruption is so deep and so widespread that the elected crooks have all started to protect each other. DRAIN THE SWAMP! America is tire of all the corruption from the political class.

  7. The GOP would be more successful if they would mirror the Democrats stupid actions right back at them, ie: if they want to take out Greene, you take out Omar with equal vigor. Fight fire with fire, as is stated in one of the comments below. I am sure we all could think of 100 or more times this could have been very successful. So, don’t forget to set up a PAC to bail out our friends who got somehow caught up in the capitol “riots” as Kamala Harris did for the BLM and Antifa members arrested last summer.

    & WE THE PEOPLE !!!!!
    & A COUP
    NOW ???????

    1. They are not games it is TOTAL WAR … we are up against COMMUNISM !
      They must be hunted down and EXTERMINATED !

  9. She is an enemy agent bought and paid for by Terrorists, real Terrorists not the 80 million Conservatives that WILL Vote for Trump Again!

  10. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, enemy of America will suffer no adverse personnel action until & unless her behaviors & speech cause harm to the Demunist (Democrat Communist) agenda.
    The district she represents is mostly Somali Moslem … The majority of her constituents prefer Shari’a ‘law’ to constitutional secular law.
    Little Mogadishu is virtually a no-go zone for non-Moslems and has become the landing zone for the worst of Third World atrocities in North America.
    Be concerned fellow Americans — be very concerned.

  11. Her and the rest of her followers need to be put on a slow boat to China.. Maybe she can try to take over in that country..

  12. Wow, Republican must drink some thing better not the cool-aid serve by Corrupted Crooked Communist Socialist Pedophiles DEMOCRAT

  13. There is a revolution coming, not like the one the DemoCommunists elites imagine. It will be more like the French Revolution that threw the condescending elitists like them into the dumpster of history. And it will be very ugly .

    1. French Revolution was a Masonic anti- Catholic Communist movement intended to destroy religion and wipe out Catholicism. Thank God they were wrested from power by Napoleon.

      1. If they deported he r she wold be right back just like these illegals are doing and have been doing for years, Now with dementia Joe China none of them will be deported and the criminal illegals will be released and put back out in the streets.

  14. Omar believes in beheadings, killing Jews, destroying Israel..Greene does not. So which one believes in evil??

  15. She should be removed and ban forever from being in Congress are any form of government terrorist don’t belong in the USA Congress

  16. Another socialist Deomocrap untouchable. They are great criminals, stick together like super glue, have a spine, and smarter than most Republicans. So what is to prevent from tearing America down? Nothing!

  17. The vast majority of Republicans in office are weak, spineless invertebrates and lack the conviction to do what is right for the American people. Allowing AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Pressley, and now others to rant against our democracy, against Christians, against Israel and American values is an insult and disgrace. Republicans should have to fortitude and courage to shut these villainous parasites down and have them stripped of all their committee participation and denied security clearances at all levels.


  19. If they remove green then they need to remove the four squad filthy mouth communist racist deplorable bitches then Swalwell then Maxine just to name a few

  20. ABOUT TIME, She is just a Sand Turd SPY for the Muzzy Brotherhood. Send her back to her sand pile after dipping in pig shit. Don’t you know Democraps can do anything they want and no one is to charge them with a crime. Examples: Killary, Obummer, Obiden, AOC, etc.

  21. Ok, can someone please tell me how that’s going to be accomplished since we’re in the minority?
    GOP IDIOTS! I can’t wait till old Lizzie Chaney will be primaried. Hope she loses.

  22. The whole squad should be removed, period !! Since they do NOT love our country, they should be deported back to their country. I am tired of people who are not US citizens be elected. There are so many others who are in office that should go to jail. Double standard as always. Wish the Republicans put on their big boy pants.

  23. For every Democrat in the house who is not prosecuted for Crimes there are 51% of House Republicans who are protecting them.

  24. She is anti-American as they get–how she got elected is beyond me
    calling Israel the scrouge of the earth and saying anti=semantic words
    thruout her tenure—all Margorie said whe liked Quanon–well that is her
    right to say so–hell I’m a Q person too–should I be censored>? Double
    standards are glaring although Omar is a racist of sorts–a bad person!!

  25. deportation is better for the lawmakers who hate America. If you don’t like this country, leave. The borders are all around this country and easy to leave through.

  26. Completely silly story.
    Republicans do not have the power to ban squat.
    They just bang their lips together on TTN.
    Elections have consequences.
    Where have I heard that before?
    On that’s right 2017.
    And then the Trump Humpers lost the House.
    Then every thing turned soft and brown.
    You can still smell the fecal smears in the Capitol.

  27. Sounds fair based on the past 2 weeks, but the Republicans lack what it takes and it will never pass a simple Republican party line vote.


  29. I thought this was a guy. For real. Something isn’t right. We need to make sure that it isn’t some horrible person sneaking in, then pulling the old switch-a-roonie and we’re supposed to feel sorry for the little lady. The one who could be diabolical and try to destroy America from within. From sea to shining sea, I might add. Sincerely, and never been more serious in all my life. Patriot Dotty🌌


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