House Impeachment Managers Fire Back at Trump’s Pre-Trial Brief

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Democrat House impeachment managers have fired back at Trump’s legal defense brief. The five-page rebuttal focuses on countering the Trump team’s two main defenses, that the Senate cannot constitutionally hold an impeachment trial for a former president and that Trump’s speech is protected by the First Amendment. The impeachment managers accused Trump of “the most grievous constitutional crime ever committed by a President.”

Read the letter HERE.


Fox News reports:

“The Framers’ intent, the text of the Constitution, and prior Congressional practice all confirm that President Trump must stand trial for his constitutional crimes committed in office,” the brief reads. “There is no “January Exception” to the Constitution that allows Presidents to abuse power in their final days without accountability.”

“President Trump’s incitement of insurrection was itself a frontal assault on the First Amendment. As a matter of law and logic—not to mention simple common sense—his attempted reliance on free speech principles is utterly baseless,” the brief says. “[T]o be clear, this is not a case about ‘protected speech.’ The House did not impeach President Trump because he expressed an unpopular political opinion. It impeached him because he willfully incited violent insurrection against the government.”

“Insufficient evidence exists upon which a reasonable jurist could conclude that the 45th President’s statements were accurate or not, and he therefore denies they were false,” Trump’s lawyers said.

The House managers shot back Monday: “To call these responses implausible would be an act of charity. President Trump’s repeated claims about a ‘rigged’ and ‘stolen’ election were false, no matter how many contortions his lawyers undertake to avoid saying so. When President Trump demanded that the armed, angry crowd at his Save America Rally ‘fight like hell’ or ‘you’re not going to have a country anymore,’ he wasn’t urging them to form political action committees about ‘election security in general.'”

The impeachment trial is set to begin tomorrow with Jamie Raskin serving as the lead impeachment manager. Today, Trump’s defense team released their pre-trial defense memo. [KEEP READING: Trump’s Defense Team Hit Dems With These Arguments]

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