GOP Senator Makes Shocking Announcement

Office of Senator Richard Shelby, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby announced his plans to retire today. Shelby will not seek re-election for a seventh term in 2022. Sen. Shelby’s decision to retire means there will soon be an opening on the powerful Appropriations Committee where the veteran senator was the top Republican.

According to Rollcall:

Shelby’s retirement at the end of the 117th Congress will mark the end of a congressional career that began in 1979 when he joined the House as a Democrat. During his more than four decades on Capitol Hill, Shelby has served on numerous committees, influenced countless pieces of legislation and chaired the Appropriations, Intelligence, Banking and Rules committees.

“Serving in the U.S. Senate has been the opportunity of a lifetime,” Shelby said. “I have done my best to address challenges and find ways to improve the day-to-day lives of all Americans.”

He cited efforts to improve school quality and access to education, Alabama’s role in space exploration and “the utilization of Alabama’s greatest resources, including its unparalleled river system and the Port of Mobile.”

His decision to retire caps off months of speculation about whether the 86-year-old would seek a seventh Senate term.

This story is developing and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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      1. As I understand the article he is retiring at the end of his term, not right now, so there will be an election.

    1. They don’t have to anymore! They can just contact their commie/leftist goons in a myriad of countries to take over the tally remotely.

  1. Did he chicken out? Not enough courage? Now’s not the time to retire. Fight for the Constitution and Religious Liberty. Never heard of this guy though.

    1. Let’s try this again: he is 86 years old now. And he has to put up with Bidet and CommieLa. It’s time. How about term limits??

    2. Well that might be the way a younger person would do, but the man is now 87 and that means in two more years he will be 89 if he lives that long and there isn’t really much chance of that if you look at the national age average for the U.S. male.

    1. Shelby was a big time establishment RINO, Bill. Be glad he’s gone. Let’s hope Alabama puts another MAGA supporter in the Senate. Shelby loved to see his name emblazoned across college buildings, but I have no idea what he did for his state except to encourage Republicans to vote for Doug Jones over Roy Moore!! He never stood with President Trump, and he couldn’t care less about his constituents.

  2. He’s 86…time to go.
    Don’t know much about him, but from the great state of AL, I’ll take it he’s a conservative?

  3. 86 years old. Should have been gone a long time ago. I am a senior citizen and I do a great job. But I have no business being there at 86. And neither does this guy. When are we going to learn. These Senators and Congressman should have to live by the same rules and regulations as they put on us. Our leadership is the biggest joke in the world.

    1. Are you related to the late Arthur Outlaw of Mobile, Alabama? He was an outstanding mayor. I agree with you – Shelby needed to go a long time ago!

  4. And the rats begin to jump ship. How opportunistic of them all. More and more of this we will see until The Trumpet comes back to take his seat at the WHITE HOUSE.

    The WILL of the God of Abraham will not be IGNORED. Unless you are an IDIOT.

  5. As an Alabama resident, I welcome his retirement. He is a RINO all the way! During the Roy Moore debacle, he sent out a turbo-call to Alabama’s GOP registered voters urging them to vote for Doug Jones!! Admittedly, I’m not a fan of Roy Moore; but, that betrayal forever sealed Shelby’s legacy as a Washington establishment figure. He recently refused to stand with Trump by voting to certify all electoral votes without fighting for forensic investigations despite the pleading from his constituents. I have no respect for him, and I hope Alabama elects another MAGA supporter.

  6. He is 86 and it is time to retire. In my view there should be a term limit of 12 years service in the Congress and then they leave gracefully without benefits.

  7. Sheesh what’s the deal with these republicans wanting to retire now? One thing the dems have going for them is getting young ppl (even though they’re clueless) on their side. Youth = longevity. Who do you think will have more lasting impact on our nation, the 30 year old AOC wanna-be (God forbid) or the 80 year republicans who’s considering retirement? Republicans, start reaching out to more sensible millennials. There’s a lot of us out there willing to help.

    1. 12 year term limits is enough !! You will see A whole hell of a lot more GOP rhinos that are going to jump ship and then go to prison!! It’s coming😂

  8. Shelby wants to retire and pursue his dream of remanufacturing old decrepit Yugo’s, painting them all white with two blue racing stripes and high performance badging of a Garter snake on the sides. He say’s they will run the drag strip @ 90 seconds/55 mph trap speed.

  9. Shelby unfortunately became more RINO as he stayed in DC longer. Hope there is a MAGA somewhere in Alabama who can replace him!

  10. Thanks for your previous service.I just regret that others have not joined the retirement ranks at an earlier age. The mind usually slows as we age. Ted Cruz’s bill with Term Limits needs to be passed badly. Bill Sturdivant

  11. Anyone remember the concept of Term Limits? Now republicans like the democrats have a bunch of old people who have never held a real job, suddenly all pulling the plug to collect their golden spoon pensions and benefits, without any young and trained conservatives ready to take up the reins. Poor forward thinking and planning. But oh so political.

  12. How would term limits back then effected the country??? 86 years old??? 1979 till 2021??? How many years??? 40+ years????? What the hell gives??? Reps- three 2 year terms … Senate 2 terms … TERM LIMITS!!!

  13. At least he’ll be 88 when he retires, so maybe it won’t cost us to much in retirement as he won’t have many years left.


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