Congressman Ron Wright Dead at 67

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Texas GOP Congressman Ron Wright has died at the age of 67.

The congressman has been hospitalized since September due to complications stemming from cancer treatments.

Two weeks ago, Rep. Wright tested positive for Covid-19.

Wright, who was elected to Congress in 2018, represented Texas’s 6th Congressional District – which was represented by famed former Congressman and Senator Phil Gramm in the 1980s.

Prior to Wright’s tenure in Congress, he served on the Arlington City Council from 2000 to 2008 and Mayor pro-temp from 2004 to 2008.

Wright gained experience in Washington politics by serving as Chief of Staff and District Director for former Congressman Joe Barton from 2000 to 2009.

Following Wright’s stint as a congressional staff member, Wright was appointed the Tarrant County Tax Assessor in 2011. He served in that role up until his election to Congress.

In July of 2019, Wright was diagnosed with lung cancer which led to a slew of complications landing him in the hospital.

His campaign office released a statement on his passing:

“Congressman Wright will be remembered as a constitutional conservative. He was a statesman, not an ideologue. Ron and Susan dedicated their lives to fighting for individual freedom, Texas values, and above all, the lives of the unborn.”

“As friends, family, and many of his constituents will know, Ron maintained his quick wit and optimism until the very end. Despite years of painful, sometimes debilitating treatment for cancer, Ron never lacked the desire to get up and go to work, to motivate those around him, or to offer fatherly advice.”

Congressman Wright is survived by his wife Susan; Son Derek; Son Justin and wife Susan; his daughter Rachel and husband Jeff; his brother Gary and wife Janis; nine grandchildren; cousins and extended family.

This story is developing. Updates will be posted as they are received.

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  1. Hospitalized since September due to complications stemming from cancer treatments.
    Two weeks ago, Rep. Wright tested positive for Covid-19.Thanks healthcare workers.
    Ron Wright didn’t get it at a party.

    1. And he obviously didn’t die from it either, as we know. Do these people have no shame?? If this keeps up, before we know it, the only thing that causes death will be this hyped-up “panicdemic” virus! Disgusting.

      1. I work in the fall delivering produce. One on the ladies at a stand had a sister who lived near Milwaukee,Wi. Her sister was having chest pains so to the hospital she went. Before she was admitted she had to have a Covid test, which came back negative ‘ She was in the hospital for10 days. She was not doing good so they took her to a senior assisted living and before she was admitted she had to have a test, once again she came back negative. within a month she died and was take to the morgue where she was again tested and came back negative. Would you want to guess what the county listed as her cause of death??

        1. No doubt Covid! They claimed Covid for someone who was killed in a motorcycle accident and supposedly tested positive. Go figure!

        2. You find stories like that all over the internet.
          Along with stories about the Jewballs lighting California on fire from outer space.
          They are listed under stupidity.

      2. The article did not give the cause of death.
        It did say that he tested positive for Covid-19 two weeks before he died.
        That is the sweet spot for Covid-19 death.
        Does that disgust you?

    2. He would have been more likely pick it up in a hospital than at a party.
      Hospitals are simply crawling with sick people.
      There are even people with Covid-19 in hospitals

  2. I read through the entire article sharing how he was fighting lung cancer and the end said he died from COVID! I get it now…..every death is COVID so our numbers are so convoluted that we are being told to wear 2 masks and anyone believes that!

        1. You only think of the bad things from the virus! If it where not for the virus the deaths by heart attacks would be around normal and not near 0%, the same goes for other things like Pneumonia. 😉

          1. Where did you get the 0% number?
            In January my coumminty hospital had six heart attack deaths and nine Covid-19 deaths.
            Do you know of any reason for a highly educated professional to mischarterize a cause of death?
            Realitvely speaking medical examiners/corners are rich.
            Rich people trend Conservative.
            Do you have a motive for misreporting?

          2. just how do you know that he was misreporting are you a mind reader or maybe a gypsie fortune teller?

          3. I know that people on here are saying his death was caused by lung cancer.
            Being Covid-19 positive two weeks before he died helped him fight off the lung cancer but it was just not enough, he was too far gone.

    1. Three work better. Why not go to full gas masks for the best protection. Covid has taken over for most deaths that’s why the overall death count has not risen that much. Covid works well with Biden and the ruling Democrats.

      1. Trump told us that just after the election that Covid-19 would, just like magic, disappear.
        He lied.
        So many lies.

    2. Not convoluted at all. The real question you and everyone should be asking is how anyone contracts COVID while in the hospital which should be a safe place but obviously was not.

      1. Sometimes it is hard to believe how stupid Trump Humpers can be.
        Hospitals have the highest concentration of Covid-19.
        My Doctor’s take on hospitals is,:
        If you are sick you need to go to a hospital.
        If you want to get sick you need to go to a hospital.
        They have so much on offer.

    3. I don’t, and will never wear even one mask, if air can go get thru then so can that china virus, all that mast carp is just political hype to give them more control over the people.

  3. Notice he had lung cancer, which is a very aggressive form of cancer if not detected soon enough. Now they state he died of Covid-19. I have my reservations on that diagnosis or cause of death. Automobile accident deaths are called Vivid deaths if found in the victims system. Crazy.
    Rest in Peace Congressman Wright.

    1. And the poor man had been hospitalized since September from treatment complications! So we know how Congressman Wright died — and it was not from this virus.

      1. He was Covid-19 positive two weeks before he died.
        It doesn’t take much Covid-19 to cause death in the immune supressed.

    2. Lung cancer now has a eighty percent survival rate.
      Do you have any reason to doubt the Covid-19 diagnosis two weeks before his death?

      Do you have any firsthand information that a death up to three days after a serious automobile accident was called a Covid-19 death?

      1. ok smart guy, if the survival rate for lung cancer is 80 % and the survival rate for the chinese virus is 99.? and two weeks is not enough for that kung flu, it will still be in the incubation stages, but according to the way things are reported in the lame stream media, even all the people killed in atomic bombs that were set off in the mid 1940’s could actually the kung flu and not the bombs.

        1. The 62 year old former mayor of my city died of Covid-19 last week.
          He had been in excellent health.
          He was tested positive on Friday, felt poorly on Monday, went to the hospital on Wednesday and died on Friday.
          Two weeks is the Covid-19 death sweet spot.

        2. Death certificates must be signed by Doctors.
          Doctors are rich.
          The rich tend Conservative.
          What is the advantage to improperly list the cause of death?

  4. Umm if Ron died from complications from cancer then why is his death being posted as complications from covid? And ppl think this virus wasn’t used for political purposes.

    1. He had Covid-19 for two weeks before he died.
      What was his prognosis two weeks before he died?
      I heard that he was planning on attending his swearing in right up to a few days before.

  5. Despite the incorrectly stated cause of death, Congressman Wright is now free from all earthly suffering and pain. May he rest in peace. And I pray peace and comfort for his family over time.

    1. The article did not say the cause of death.
      It did say that he was being treated for cancer and had Covid-19 two weeks before his death.
      As every silly goose knows Covid-19 does not cause death.
      They all die of heart attacks.
      The heart does not get enough blood so it stops working.


    1. Stop shouting it does not make you right. Covid was the complication of lung cancer that he died of. In the days before Covid if he had gotten phenomena and died; the death certificate would read complications of lung cancer. If he had not had cancer Covid would probably not have killed him, that is why his death should have been stated as complications of lung cancer. Rest well Congressman Wright.

        1. From the American Cancer Society for lung cancer
          These numbers are based on people diagnosed with NSCLC between 2010 and 2016.
          SEER stage
          5-year relative survival rate
          All SEER stages combined

          1. The article said his cancer diagnosis was less than two years old.
            Myself and two of my siblings are six year plus lung cancer survivors.

    2. Lung cancer has a eighty percent survival rate.
      People undergoing lung cancer chemotherapy that get Covid-19 have a very low survival rate.
      Chock one more up for Trump’s Chiinaa Virus.

      1. Why is it Trumps china virus, when it was the allergist dr. facui that sent the chinese over 3.5 million dollars to make it?

  7. Very sorry to hear of Ron Wright’s passing. RIP Congressman! Yet another COVID pronounced death and statistic even though he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in its last stage. Oh yeah, more money for the hospital!

    1. Covid-19 is not a flu.
      There is nothing amazing about it
      Look at the death versus time curves of any epidemic.
      If you are really referencing the real flu then yes real flu deaths are down.
      For two very good reasons.
      Masks and social distancing are even more effective at reducing the spread of flu than Covid-19.
      The Covid-19 virus is much smaller.
      Covid-19 picked off the medically vunerable before the flu got them.
      You won’t find it on OAN but Fox has run a couple of pieces on it.

      1. Albert you need to go back to school, that virus will go thru a mask like water thru a screen door. and two layer won’t make a bit of difference, if air goes thru so can the virus as it is the smaller of the two.

        1. The diameter of a molecule of oxygen is .233 nanometers.
          The diameter of the Covid-19 virus is 60 to 140 nanometers.
          If you are having trouble with the math a Covid-19 virus is

          1. …thirty thousand to two million times larger in volume than an oxygen molecule.
            Trump Humpers are ignoramuses in Conservative costumes.

  8. Sorry to hear of his passing. With cancer being the prime health problem, he was weak, and his system was not up for the virus,(flu). Pray for his family, during this time.

    1. You are losing to many young potential Republicans.
      They did not like what they saw on Jan. 6.
      That is not what they want America to be.

  9. The article said that he had been diagnosed with Cancer in July of 2019.
    A paragraph later it says that he had suffered painful and debilitating cancer treatments for years.
    Does TTN give both the facts and the alternative facts?
    It also said that he tested positive for Covid-19 two weeks before he died.
    That is the sweet spot for Covid-19 deaths.
    What was the cause of death?


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