Angela Merkel Refuses to Choose Between U.S. and China

FinnishGovernment, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is receiving harsh backlash from U.S. intelligence officials because she refused to choose between the capitalist United States and communist China. In an interview, former acting director of national intelligence under the Trump administration, Richard Grenell remarks how Markel has been able to outmaneuver Biden in a matter of weeks.

According to Fox News:

“You have to give it to Chancellor Merkel: She outmaneuvered Joe Biden in just three weeks. Merkel made it clear she would not take sides between communist China and capitalist America, reversed the 10,000 U.S. troop withdrawal that Trump previously announced and got the Biden administration to stop enforcing Nord Stream 2 sanctions,” Grenell said.

For Grenell, who was the first openly gay person to hold a U.S. Cabinet-level position and who also served as ambassador to Berlin from 2018 to 2020, the “message is you can have a ‘Germany First’ policy, have your businesses totally engaged with China, and you do not need to take sides between Communist China and America.

“Merkel always wanted to return to the table where she sits across from a weak U.S. president,” he continued, adding that she did not like the Trump administration’s “transactional diplomacy.”

“From the German perspective, they get the pipeline [to import Russian natural gas] and do not have to pay their NATO commitment,” Grenell said. “Europe wants a U.S. president who won’t demand that they pay their bills.”

What do you think? How will Biden’s weak approach to foreign policy affect the U.S. and our standing in the world?

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    1. Neither does 0bama, who no doubt gets a big slice of any Biden pie. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if 0bama were the REAL “Big Guy”…

        1. IMO, John Brennan, as head of the new woeld order’s
          shadow goverment, was a level above Obama & still is. Former AG Holder probably is also.

      1. Biden is most likely Obama’s puppet and has been groomed since his tenure as VP under him for 8yrs. I believe Obama calls the shots today and Biden is a puppet to continue Obama’s power after he finished his two term limits. Biden is protected by Obama and has been all along. Think about it … it’s obvious.

    1. ….looks like a nut with one foot nailed to the floor, scratching his butt, picking his nose, burping and farting and looking for his Chinese ping pong balls….!!!

        1. globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep enjoy sacrificing their daughters to globalist puppet, chester the molester biden .

  1. Biden will do anything if it profits the Biden’s pocketbooks. Just watch and see what happens when he is not welcomes to many countries and wanting favors.

  2. He was a weak Senator and he is now a weak Prey. All you bleeding heart liberal will turn this country into one where they don’t shoot rubber bullets at you when you marsh they will use real ones. Thinking you will get everything free will get you killed and you won’t get anything. Someone has to pay and the more you try to cancel out culture the more you open yourself up for attack!!!


    1. Bidens on his way to the global reset. In the future you have nothing to lose.
      There won’t be anything left.

  4. Biden and his administration are professional prostitutes, they will do anything for money. Good-bye America.

  5. This is just the beginning. You haven’t seen anything yet! One thing for sure though, those Dem’s will all laugh all the way to the bank.

  6. We have seen from the obummer admin. that being week only puts the USA in the rear. Do nothing, and things will never work out for you.

  7. yes indeed. The other nations will be more than happy to quit paying NATO again, just like they did under the previous socialist president and vice president. Nobody should be surprised by any of this. Democrats wanted a weak, mushy, ineffective president and that’s exactly what they got. I will take Trump’s brash, make it happen attitude any time.

      1. You darn right Cowgirl! When we win the 2022 elections and take over the House and the Senate, we can rid ourselves of Pathetic Pelosi and crew, and we will be happier than a wood tick in a nudist camp.

        1. It doesn’t matter now, cowgirl. The dems won the election & changed the rules. Republicans will never win another one.

      2. I have been trying to figure out why so many were against President Trump and his fraud theory. I came up with the following; during the time after the elections, in many states, there were questions. The courts (yes including SCOTUS) cowardly ramped up semantics and decided NOT to hear any case. The words effectively used were “No Systemic fraud was found”. Now I did not hear one news outlet state what that meant so, I looked it up. Here is what it said in Black’s Law Dictionary…System wide effect of a group or system as a whole instead of individual member parts. Now we know the system, as a whole did not have wide spread fraud involved. However, the Left only needed a few close states to change a loss into a win. Wonder why no person has brought that out? Georgia did not want to be the showcase of fraud so, when President Trump called and told this clown AG that with their control of the votes it would be easy for his office to find more than enough votes for Trump to win.

        1. SCOTUS is joining in a conference to review a number of election issues and decide which ones to take up.
          Hopefully this means something, otherwise…on the plan B, etc.

      3. globalist puppet barry soetoro sold all our voting machines to globalist puppet $oro$ so globalist puppet $oro$ can manipulate all our voting machines and appoint his globalist puppet, democrat criminal party and globalist puppet, rino criminal party .

    1. We really need to watch who globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media, voter fraud will appoint next .

  8. Now that we have DOTUS running things with his abundance of Executive Orders killing jobs and soon our economy. DIC (Dictator In Charge) Biden and the Demon-rats are working to take our guns, he has troops in DC because the Demon-rats are afraid of American Patriots. It wasn’t patriots destroying cities last year, it was the liberal mobs financed by American traitorous billionaires and corporate America. It’s only a matter of time before we see American Citizens die from the traitorous Biden Regime and they will be vilified by the leftisr media. Future is bleak for America.

  9. America deserves what voted for socialism maybe it will get bad enough they will do something. I hope most people saved their money an started shedding or cutting back their lifestyle.

  10. No surprise here….Biden weak…Trump strong….leaders of other countries benefit from a weak America….Thanks for nothing, Biden !!

  11. ‘Phew’ said Merkel exhaling forcefully. ‘ Jetzt, Wir can restart our social programs, continue to payoff unions and keep the illegals coming in.’ Alles ist gut!!!! Vielen Dank kartoffelkopf Biden!!!

  12. This OLD Communist knows who butters her bread..!! She is, no doubt, on the Communist Chinese Party payroll…!!

  13. Well outsmarting Biden , former court jester to Bath house Barry is hardly the work of a mental giant. What goes around will surely come around for Marxist Merkel. Merkel never got over the fact that President Trump forced her to pay her bills and also moved troops to Poland.

  14. Biden has no clue what is going on….he is a leftist puppet…the world knows Biden has no clue….Biden will bankrupt the USA

  15. Merkel, Kim, Zi, Putin and many others will use Biden as a rug in their diplomatic discussions and negotiations. With Biden there is no negotiations, as he is being told to shut the hell up and listen how it’s going to be. Weak, wimpy and worthless is what has stepped into the Presidential role for America.

    1. Bill, can you imagine Sleepy Joe being in a meeting with any world leader. Biden cant say anything alone to them as they will talk circles around him and that’s only if he can stay awake during the meeting. He is a failure and figurehead only. Trump demanded that other countries do their part to cooperate with the U.S. and help pay their part.

  16. Biden is a tart losing one marble a day but all in all, if Merkel bats for Germany, she’s right on all counts. Trump or Biden. Why spend German tax money for military equipment that is used only to bomb brown people in the desert and why pay extra for liquified gas from the US when you can get it cheap from Russia? As to China, it’s normal to try to make business with a potential huge market. Ask cancelling Disney. I thing it’s now a pre requisite to learn Chinese to work at Disney, even at the janitor level.

  17. My dog could out maneuver that moron he’s to stupid to come in out of the rain. He got mad at Harrison because she making more unbelievable statements with her stupidity then Biden EO.

  18. In 26 days Biden has done more worldwide damage to America than Benedict Arnold; he gave away our independence and as history shows, he is destroying our great nation from within so that our enemies can destroy us totally. I wonder if there is a consideration as to when or if the military for the first time in history will stage a coup to get rid of the tyrant rather than to place one in office to save our nation.

  19. I want to make the one comment about biting paying off unions yeah we see how he did that when he canceled the pipeline he f***** over five separate unions and the whole back spinner that it’s going to cost more then 60,000 jobs it’s going range closer to 120000, possibly more and that was just his first strike.

  20. Biden is a weak president that is not respected by people in the IS or other countries! Everybody knows he will cave cause he is mentally unfit! They were afraid of Trump cause he didn’t take crap from any country! He made them pay their share! With Biden, they know America will have dark days ahead!

  21. Biden is NOT MY PRESIDENT, NOT NOW NOR EVER! He is a disgrace to our Country and has already ruined our standing in the World arena.


    Dear God! What have those idiot demonrats done to our Country? It has become such a mess since Biddyboy took his fraudulent office and if someone doesn’t remove that old empty headed antique from our Presidency, our Nation will be shamed and embarrassed beyond measure.

    Biddyboy is no contest for Merkel. She will chew him up before breakfast and still go out dancing that night.


  22. No one should be surprised. It will happen with other countries. He’s already screwed America over, by trashing everything President Trump accomplished.

    1. Along with the globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep that loot and riot and set fires and vote for him and wore MAGA hats and MAGA shirts and invaded the capitol .

  23. Muck Merkel ought to tell you all you need to know about Germany- a squat, wide broad is running their country.
    Nothing like being subservient to some broad.

    1. A broad who grew up and was enculturated in Soviet-dominated East Germany, by the way…that tells another story, nicht wahr?

  24. Praise “Angela” since she has more brains in her “pinkie” than Biden in “what’s left” of his brain! Ever “notice” that Biden always has a babysitter present? He STILL can’t “talk straight” & “Dr. Jill” is usually there to bail him out.With “the FREEZE” going on from Ca. to the East Coast, “HOW” is “he” gonna help people heat their homes, help with electricity OR rising gasoline prices? He can shove his solar panels when they are covered in snow & ice! To boot he hasn’t even put FEMA into “action” to help.I;’d “like” to see the Capitol & White House “snowed in” & “THEM” freezing their rear ends off!

  25. The current administration in the United States is following the policy right down the line. The big question who is drawing the line? It is wrong to say Biden is losing to other countries because he is doing as told. Come on man we don’t need a strong stable country.

    1. It’s really irritating, every time, when Biden tries to act tough and consistently uses his lame comment ” COME ON MAN” !
      Is it because : he is trying to convince everyone he can be tough like President Trump! That would be like comparing a poodle (Biden) to a fierce President Trump Doberman and that’s way beyond anyone’s imagination ability. Maybe it’s just a simple three word response he can easily remember without having to draw a mental blank. It’s really a shame we must be represented to the rest of the world as a bad joke !

  26. Maduro in Venazuela could smoke Biden in a heartbeat! As could all other leaders of any Country…..Joe is not of sound mind nor body! Move over Joe, Kamalla is taking over!

  27. Merkel didn’t break a sweat while outmaneuvering our mentally afflicted Delaware dunce. He was a pushover for Germany’s radical, leftist Chancellor and perhaps her political leanings endeared her to a kindred spirit.

    This is just the beginning of the U.S. serving as a de facto member of the European Union, and the United Nations. We’ll see many more losses like this as he makes the rounds to destroy our constitutional republic form of government.

  28. This is but an example that the deep political state is definitely not confined to the US. The deep state (DS) is a multinational organization whose purpose is to control politics and money on a world level. Therefore, the deep state controllers, the ones who control the actions and operations of the DS are the world leaders, such as Merkel, Putin, Xi, etc., and a wanna-be, Joe Biden. In this case Biden just does what he is told by the likes of Soros, big American business, big tech, and the billionaire clique which is trans national.

    Trump was putting an end to that, and placing America First – which would have ended the DS program, and placed American power back into the hands (and votes) of Americans. (But even Trump did not understand the depth and the reach of the DS.) This is why they, and their lap dogs, like Pelosi and Schumer, et al, developed such hate for Trump and why they did literally everything in their power to destroy him politically, and every way possible. They actually tried to kill him with a covid infection last year, which didn’t work.

    Of course Democrats are only taking the lead, politically, in the US. The Republicans are (mostly) on board as well, and will try to prevent him from being nominated in 2024. He just may out maneuver them by forming a new political party in the US, which would destroy their world rule power at its root. The American economy still runs the world economy (thanks to Trump), unless Biden’s dogs manage to cause such damage as to make it unreparable. At this point I do not think they have the power to do this, if the resistance of loyal Americans is fierce and constant.

  29. What else would the world expect from a German lady who grew up and matured in East Germany, under the thumb of the Russian Bear? She’s a socialst/communist at heart. POTUS Trump knew that and recognized her for who she was. That’s why she and Trump could never get along.

  30. There is None of the top 4 World leaders afraid of Biden’s Administration!! They will not hesitate to tell him to “ Shut the F up, we are not afraid of the United States NOW .”

  31. Mitt Romney ( you know the loser presidential candidate who could not remember if he owned 6 or 7 homes….i.e. his wife ‘s family had the money and he is just a hanger on ) and TRIPLE CHIN McConnell are traitors… McConnell has more Chins than a Chinese phone book ).McConnell is in bed with the Chinese… LITERALLY… that Chinese wife of his who kissed TRUMPS ass for a Cabinet Level job, then threw TRUMP under the bus and resigned her Cabinet job first, right before Biden’s swearing in so Triple Chin McConnell could suck up to Plagiarizer Biden….both of these Senators have to go…….LOSERSSSSS !!!!!!!


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