Dem Senator Urges Biden to Reverse Keystone XL Decision

Senate Democrats, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is urging President Biden to reverse his rushed decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline permit. In a letter to the President, Sen. Manchin writes that pipelines are the safest method to transport oil in addition to providing thousands of good jobs for hard-working Americans.

Machin’s letter to Biden reads, “Pipelines continue to be the safest mode to transport our oil and natural gas resources and they support thousands of high-paying, American union jobs. To that end, I encourage you to reconsider your decision to revoke the cross-border permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and take into account the potential impacts of any further action to safety, jobs, and energy security.”

In his letter, Sen Manchin also notes that without pipelines oil will still continue to find alternative methods of transport that actually have a more devastating impact on climate change.

“Crude oil will continue to find its way to market through increased reliance on other modes of transport, like truck and rail, which have a higher number of reported releases of crude oil per ton-mile than pipelines,” writes Manchin.

The Democrat cites studies conducted by the Transportation Department which showed incidents involving crude oil shipment by truck and rail have a considerably higher probability than if transported by pipeline.

Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline his first day in office by executive order. Since making the move, Republicans have urged Biden to reverse the decision which killed thousands of American jobs while the country continues to reel from record unemployment rates as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Joe Manchin is now the chair of the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Read Senator Manchin’s letter to Biden HERE.

Joe Manchin Letter to Biden on Keystone XL

  1. ONLY ONE DIM WIT OBJECTING? Figures they are spineless and owned. Honesty and sticking up for their constituents just is not the way of the dim wits!

  2. The Democrat Socialist party and their sheeple corrupted the election process and
    lied, cheated and stole ballots to get their mentality retarded candidate into office,
    He will be gone in 6 months or less as soon as Nancy Pelosi presents the argument
    under the 25th Amendment an Karmela takes over then they will remove her under
    some questionable clause so Nancy can become Queen for a ??? Bottom line you
    got exactly what you and other in the Democrat Socialist party wanted and the rest
    of us have to suffer because of it.

    1. “The children and the environment” was also the mantra used to try to block the Alaska Pipeline, but it didn’t work then.
      The Alaska Pipeline has been so environmentally friendly that over two dozen species have been taken OFF the Endangered Species List. The oil has to be heated during transport, producing a warm environment for animals to nest in close proximity to the line.
      In stands to reason similar results will occur when the Keystone line is completed and operational.

    2. Only because they think we’re stupid. It’s the same with the insane gun laws he is pushing. Only Socialist/Communists are stupid enough to claim strict gun control will stop the killing. Anyone with one brain cell knows that murders aren’t being committed by people with legally licensed guns. We also know that up to 95 percent of gun crimes are committed by people with illegal guns.Many of

    3. Only because they think we’re stupid. It’s the same with the insane gun laws he is pushing. Only Socialist/Communists are stupid enough to claim strict gun control will stop the killing. Anyone with one brain cell knows that murders aren’t being committed by people with legally licensed guns. We also know that up to 95 percent of gun crimes are committed by people with illegal guns. Many gun related incidents occur in Gun Free Zones. That happens because they know there is no one to shoot back, which only proves that taking guns from law abiding citizens will increase the crime rates, and leave Americans vulnerable to every person with an illegal weapon. Criminals do not follow gun laws.
      England is a perfect example. They stopped people from having guns, so criminals started assaulting people with knives. B & E’s have more than doubled. It’s gotten so bad they break into homes, while people are at home. They don’t have to fear being shot and if families are home they have a better chance of stealing purses and wallets. This administration needs to stop lying to the people. What they really want is to violate the 2nd amendment and have everyone under complete Government control. Thomas Jefferson summed it up over 200 years ago when he said,” The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms, is as a last resort, to protect themselves from tyranny in Government.” He also said,” The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until Government tries to take it away.” The course of history shows that as gov’t grows bigger, liberty decreases.

  3. Manchin voted to impeach Donald Trump. Nobody on Trump’s side should listen to this guy at all and neither to the RINOs who did the same. He’s only worried about HIS appearance, but now the good people of his state will vote him out. He obviously stands with everything Biden is about- and it’s not good.



    1. Won’t happen ’cause Manchin, despite his bravado, is scared of Chuckie Schemer. He’s dead in the water no matter what he does because he voted to convict Trump over phony charges amplified (and this week ‘quietly’ retracted…)by the nyt on Jan8.

  4. It was a very large mistake for Biden to cancel the XL pipeline. Thousands of jobs will be lost and will slow down our economic growth.




      1. I wonder if any of the GREEN NEW DEAL clowns have thought of where the power to recharge their electric car batteries comes from ? They better not say wind or solar because neither are dependable. Also their electric cars have to be delivered by diesel trucks because you can’t make and electric semi-trucks

        1. There is plenty of gasoline powered 18 wheelers in the country of Columbia. But oil people in America won’t even consider gasoline.

        2. I agree with almost everything you say with one exception they’re are Electric 18 wheelers(trucks) Budweiser is testing 300 of them for viability in delivering their products.

        1. Doubt he will be around to see what the outcome is, of any of HIS plans. We all know that he is just a pathetic puppet.

    2. And it will have ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT on the climate. Geological core samples have completely proven that carbon dioxide levels have absolutely no effect on climate. But plants need CO2 to make food, so trying to reduce CO2 emissions will only serve to increase world hunger!

      1. And if you haven’t yet, read “Dark Winter” by John Casey. TRUE climate SCIENCE that BLOWS the agw crowd TOTALLY out of the water because it’s the SUN and MOON that CONTROL our CLIMATE!

    3. That’s the whole agenda of Biden’s puppet masters. They’re out to destroy America, and no one in D.C. has the guts to stop them. I believe the America-loving patriots in Congress are now outnumbered by America-hating Communists, and God Almighty is the only one who can save our nation now. If God doesn’t step in now, we have only one alternative left: We can all bend over, grab our ankles, place our heads between our legs, and kiss our butts good by. Please make haste, Oh God; our country is dying!

    4. Biden, is a demented old creepy fool. He spent his entire career in a government job. In 45 plus years what had he ever done, except to collect a paycheck. He fancies himself a “tough” guy and that is a joke. Mail in ballots are how he was installed in the WHITE HOUSE.

  5. Manchin is a FOOLISH HYPOCRITE..!! He knew who he was voting for when he voted for Biden/Harris….I wonder just how many times he actually voted…AKA..VOTER FRAUD…!! Now, he has buyer’s remorse..? TOO BAD..!! SHUT UP…!!! IMPEACH BIDEN/HARRIS and we’ll know you mean business, Manchin…!!!

    1. Biden and harris, besides being illegally sworn into office should both be impeached for LYING while taking the oath of office! Not that it means anything to the democrooks, but they SWORE to “PROTECT” and DEFEND the Constitution of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!, and they are doing anything BUT!!

    1. They are running crazy cuz they know the end is evidently near and will cheat lie steal change things in their favor you name it. Something big is coming and they know it. It can’t come soon enough for the American ppl. We are all waiting impatiently. This is the quiet before the storm…

      1. And it is WHY d.c. is now a PRISON, they think these fences will stop The PEOPLE when they finally get FED-UP with these VERMIN! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  6. As long as Democrats continue to vote in lockstep for the Party agenda, Senators who want to exercise some independence on some matters will have NO INFLUENCE. Manchin has made his own bed and has no position to complain unless he tries by-partisanship and seeks help from Republicans.

    1. Manchin is just another “gutless coward ” like many in the Republican party. I am fed up the Republicans and I am now an independent voter. My first Presidential vote was for JFK and look what they did to him..

  7. We already spent MONEY for the Pipeline-
    America needs to be independent of oil & natural gas.
    Already notice gas prices are up.

      1. Do you know any people from WV? They are kind AND certainly smarter than you! If you were to go there, rather than tear you apart, they would forgive you and invite you in for a good dinner of fried chicken, real mashed potatoes and gravy. Then take you out behind the privy and string you up!

  8. After almost 50 years in Politics, Biden exposed his immaturity by cancelling the Keystone Pipeline Permit, just because it was approved by President Trump.
    Perhaps, with all the hatred in his mind and heart, we would have been better off if he had migrated to some place in China with Hunter in tow.

    1. Joe is an old angry man, because he wasn’t elected before. He was forced to step down in 1987 for the 1988 Presidential election because of his lies and plagerism. At the time it was discovered that his plagerism went all the way back to his college days. He hasn’t changed.

  9. I know what we can do. Those 25k illegals the Sleep Joe is letting out, we can give them a truck and license. They can drive it to market.
    Let’s screw over the middle class one more time for illegals.
    Or Joe, tell ya what, I will mow my own damn grass and you can keep the 25k where they are now? 🤪

  10. Joebama is like a jealous little kid that came upon a beautiful sand castle on the beach that everyone praised and since he wasn’t able to hold a candle to the quality and beauty decides to demolish it thinking it will erase any trace of it.

  11. Joe Manchin, Do not let up on Biden, he should have NOT shut down the pipe line. Biden has no plain. He needs to have jobs available before you shut down Keystone. Keep fighting Senator.

    1. Actually, Biden and other Liberals DO have a plan. They want as many people as possible unemployed, so the unemployed will depend on the government for everything needed to live. Favoring illegals is just camouflage for the plan.

  12. It really wasn’t Biden’s decision to close the pipeline. It was Obamas and the Clintons!! They’re the people making all of the decisions for Joe Obama!

  13. Whatever happened to the “Pro 2nd ammendment Joe”? He left the building. W VA, Manchin is a SNAKE in the Swamp>
    But W.VA is too stupid to figure it out. Typical inbred dolts.

  14. Although Joe Manchin is a Democrat, he is one of few moderate Dems in the Senate, and as the head of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, has not subscribed or accepted allegiance to the Socialist agenda which would maintain their anti-Keystone Pipeline stance. He has been the first Dem to speak out against Biden signing the emergency order to stop the pipeline; and after finding out that he heads the Energy and Natural Resources committee, I can understand why he’s against it. Any intelligent person who is familiar with the problems that maintaining safe energy transporting in America has caused in the last 50 years, would know how much time and money the Keystone pipeline would save, as well as offering a MUCH safer way to transport oil and natural gas. Both the Keystone and Dakota pipelines have proven to emit among the lowest amounts of environmental pollutants in the world…by comparison, look at China and India which emits the highest amounts of pollutants as evidenced by their hazy, darkened skies. China will not share this information, but it should not come as a surprise if the death rate of the Chinese, as directly impacted by the pollutants, is very high. Although I have been a stalwart Republican for 40+ years, I would side with Joe Manchin on this topic, hoping that it will have positive results. If not, then Joe Biden has heard his political death knell.

  15. Oh year, are some of the nut case Dems worried about their ‘life time’ job? Shutting XL Pipe Line is the most stupid thing Biden has done, but ther are other right up there in the ‘stupid category’. Maybe voters will wake up, or maybre we will have an honest election some day.

  16. Biden is too far gone to realize, or care for that matter, closing down the Keystone XL pipeline is hurting untold numbers of children and families who will be going to bed hungry and penniless when their unemployment subsidy is gone because jobs have been snatched from the breadwinners hands! Who knows what is next? Our taxpayer funded welfare system can support only so much especially since, as jobs are lost…..less and less taxpayer money will be coming to the government!
    Biden thinks he is making provisions for future generations while in reality he is by way of decisions like this one, and also opening the borders to who knows how many hundreds of thousands which we will have to financially care for in every way because there will be no jobs for them! At this rate America is doomed to collapse and guess what? When the continent of North America becomes ONE BIG THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, everyone will live in poverty as will the rest of the world because, when America and our economy goes…….so goes the rest of the world!
    Doom and gloom…… bet it is!

    1. This is what happened in VENEZUELA when the “socialists” were voted in. A once properous oil rich Country and now the people are starving. Think it can’t happen here???

  17. Happy Presidents Day to our President Donald J Trump we are all waiting for the smack down and we now it’s coming sir. We love you God Bless

  18. Hey folks think its a payback to Buffet as he owns all the railroads!!
    With the pipeline he loses billions….with out the pipeline he makes
    billions….so figure simple plus he gets another Trump cancellation!!

    1. There You Go Jay ~ You hit the Nail on the Head. Looking Forward , there are ALOT of “Tacks” in the Track that need to be “Nailed” Down !

  19. Too bad Manchin. Somehow guessing you personally voted for Biden.
    Genuine case of “you got what you asked for”. And now he’s panicking over his 2022 re-election chances and trying to save face by attacking Biden’s Keystone cancellation?
    Yes, Joe Manchin, the people of WV were stupid to buy your lies and re-elect you in 2016. Seriously doubt you can turn “republican-enough” to win in 2022.

  20. Hello Republican Senators & Manchin, from what I have observed since Biden was declared winner, the central hub of the new world order’s shadow government is now back in controlo of operating our federal government & working at warp speed to finish destroying our nation from within. I came to this conclusion after the immediate efforts to stop the southern border wall,
    open the border to all the illegal immigrants President Trump stopped there for vetting & at least 2 new caravans already on the way since Biden was declared winner (and probably more on the way & being recruited by Soros),
    Biden’s plan to invite even more here with promised amnesty,
    Biden’s plans to cancel jobs and keep nation locked down to crash our economy despite reports of 12 hour lines at food banks & reports that 40% of those in line never having been there before,
    reports of food shortages secondary to covid 19 and more being caused by weekly reports of food recalls of tons of foods by FDA & USDA – often for no reason than {we cidn’t inspect or might be contaminated).
    Connect the dots between these facts & we come to a frightening conclusion that our federal government is working to create a massive famine combined with a massive influx of illegal aliens, which will create massive chaos & civil unrest secondary to massive populace in massive starvation.
    As one psychologist said: we now have an increased populace out of work and basic needs not being met, civilization & humanity goes out the window, leaving a state of utter chaos.
    I urge all congressional members to take a look at what is going on & realize you are the only ones who can take immediate action to end the inevitable results of the direction in which we are headed. IMO, we have a majority of deep state establishment INSIDER congressional members working to destroy our nation from within. However few of you are American patriots, please be realistic to the facts that we can not save all these illegal immigrants by admitting them here, but only bring them into a situation of inevitable starvation & no prospects of employment in the near future. The fake advice of Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, the WHO already has many of our own in food lines that stretch for miles, so take the only action that can save our own citizens, which is to cancel these anti-American plans to destroy our nation by impeaching those who are making them.
    There are thousands of doctors who refute their claims of how to contain the covid 19, which has proved to be killliing less than the regular flu;
    Stop this insanity NOW.

  21. Hey A merica , Joes Manchin is at it again. He is upset… demands action… .. says these Dems need to change the ex action, law they are pushing.. etc IT IS AGAINST THE PEOPLE…..But when it comes to standing up to the Dems when it is important… does nothing. Votes with the Dem thugs. BUt he got his headlines. And the misbelief that he is standing up for the American people. +

  22. There should be an investigation on how many politicians, their family, friends, relatives, or donors have investments in electric car companies?

  23. This latest storm proves why we cannot depend on solar panels and windmills. laced over and breaking down and the storm has only begun! Snow will pile up on the solar panels and make them useless for several weeks. Homes are without power as a result. Every one say “Thank You”! to president Biden.

  24. Biddeys supporters should realize that he is to MFKM stupid to understand anything
    You stupid bozos need mental support

  25. Hey Joe, Why don’t you tell Biden, that if he does not reverse his stance on Keystone XL, you will not support his covid relief bill. Ya think he might listen then? Joe Manchin, you are nothing but a talker. You talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk…WAKE UP WEST VIRGINIA.

  26. Biden does NOT want “the USA” to be independent of foreign oil! KILL the Canada pipeline so”we” can truck in oil, increase diesel fumes & raise gas & diesel fuel prices AND make Amricans pay for it !In the meantime, “we” are freezing our buns off , & paying more for natural gas & gasoline., while this JERK sits in the White House with his thermostat set @ 72 degrees. “WE” should “find out” HOW “they” heat this place & “what” “it” costs “us” monthly to HEAT OR COOL “it”!HE SHOULD BE sitting in a sweater! “IF” “WE” can do “it”, so should he!

  27. I FINALLY figured out WHY the Capital has been militarized, the VERMIN demoTARDS know that America WILL RISE UP AND REMOVE this ILLEGITIMATE administration so they are gonna DIG IN and ride it out, NOT!

  28. Manchin is as close to sane as it gets in the current Democrat party. XL isn’t the only pipeline the Democrats want to cancel, their goal for is any pipeline currently under construction.
    It is too bad that we can’t shut down the natural gas supplies to liberal cities like DC or New York for a couple days this winter. Most of those anti-fossil fuel advocates have no idea that the heat in their residences comes from natural gas, including the White House.


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