Biden Ends Policy Tracking Chinese Influence on College Campuses, Republicans Fight Back

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Republican Senators Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio are condemning President Biden’s choice to end a Trump-era policy that tracks Chinese influence in American classrooms and universities. The Trump policy, “Establishing Requirement for Student and Exchange Visitor Program Certified Schools to Disclose Agreements with Confucius Institutes and Classrooms” required K-12 schools and colleges with foreign exchange programs to disclose “any contracts, partnerships or financial transactions from Confucius Institutes for Classrooms.”

The Biden administration quietly ended the program in late January according to a confirmation from an ICE spokesperson.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Confucius Institutes are front groups for the Chinese Communist Party on American campuses,” Cotton said. “The federal government ought to shut down these regime-run institutes or, at a minimum, require colleges to disclose their secret agreements with them. Instead, the Biden administration is allowing a foreign influence operation to continue in the shadows.”

Cotton and Rubio are skeptical of the Chinese government’s influence on American campuses as universities have increasingly worked to cover up donations from China and other hostile nations. According to a report from the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, nearly 70 percent of schools that received more than $250,000 from organizations related to the Chinese government underreported their funding as legally required.

Washington Free Beacon review of federal records found that more than 100 United States universities have Confucius Institutes. Confucius Institutes are Chinese government-backed programs that push Chinese Communist propaganda on American students.

Data from the Department of Education shows that several top-tier universities, including Ivy League institutions, failed to report more than $3 billion in foreign gifts and funds, much of which came from China. A report from the Clarion Project found that between 2014 and 2019 universities reported a total of $11 billion in foreign donations, though the true number is over $14 billion.

Why would the Biden administration end the program? Is this just the latest attempt from Biden to destroy Trump’s legacy or is this a sign of something far more sinister? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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  1. THIS is treason and grounds for impeachment! Can’t wait for 2022 when the Republicans can take back the Senate, the House, or both.

    1. Wrong they only impeach Trump and some Republicans. Democrats and Rhinos can and will never be impeached or removed. or even losing elections or re-election because they rigged the elections and always will.

      1. the only way to win the election is letting the ballots counting machines to be independent….no servers connected!

        1. the only way to have an honest election is get rid of those machines, and require every voter to show proof of eligibility, if they can’t do that then they should not be allowed to vote.

        2. I believe that every 4 yrs that all states use the same ballot, machines, only Absentee ballots no “mail in ballots” and same dates for voting for President. This way maybe it can run a little smoother.

        3. Machines can and are pre-programed to tilt the scale. That is the reason counting had to be stopped so that the scale tipping could be re-programed to offset the landslide.

      2. Unfortunately, you’re right. The Demon-crats are in charge of two, but more likely, three branches of government now and they will never give up the scams that helped them attain the power they’ve been salivating for…

        Look at HB 1 that was introduced by the House at the beginning of this year. It proposes to legalize all the cheating schemes they used to steal the election from President Trump.

        I don’t know if we’ll EVER have an honest election again.

        (Debbie Downer)

        1. I agree I don’t know if we can ever trust another presidential election, are any other election is it going to create a big problem down the road

      3. That is only because WE don’t show them our COURAGE. We need to show the Republicians we keep electing that we are over them. As long as they are padding their pockets they could care less about us, the people. They are to whipped to do anything that has courage attached to it. And the Demoncrats are a bunch of thugs and asses. Biden being the biggest one. Remember the Boston Tea Party.

        1. 7 of them are quitting this term. and one lib. Fienstien is the lib that is quitting. After she has made MULTI-MULTI-Millions for her Husband’s Co. in Govt Contracts ILLEGALLY, she has decided she does not like the way Politics are heading!!!
          The RINOs are
          Portman, Toomey, Burr, Johnson, Grassley, Blunt, Leahy, and Shelby. All same reason. Although they never did anything to “Put a STOP to the way things were going”!!

    2. They got away with stealing the election this time, they’ll steal it again; that is, unless Almighty God steps in, and straightens it all out like we’re praying for. If God doesn’t stop Biden and Harris now, then America is in deep doo doo, and under God’s judgment. There’s still hope, but we have to keep praying, and never give up!

      1. Why are you throwing it in our Lord’s lap for something WE allowed to happen ???? God helps those who help themselves — not those who don’t do 1 stinking thing to change what’s happening.

        1. Where did you ever get the idea that God helps those who help themselves???
          That’s NOT in the Bible, and is actually the direct OPPOSITE of what the Bible says. God only helps those who admit that they CAN’T help themselves and turn to Him for help.

          1. IF they are THAT INCAPACITATED how are they going to know to ask God for help. Asking for God’s help, is in itself HELPING himself!!
            And FYI God DOES help those who HELP THEMSELVES!!!

        2. Amen again! God helps those who help themselves.

          Bellyaching makes you feel better for a little while, but other than that, it doesn’t accomplish anything.

          Write to your representatives, call them and let them know what you want.

          It may help although in a blue state like NM, it’s pretty hard to get them to listen to you. They have their minds made up that we will be subservient to the Chinese, I guess…….

        1. This isn’t a question of helping yourself. It becomes a question about turning your back on God. All these people who have rejected God….and that’s in the bible….when they finally decide that “Oh I have to go to God for help,” his answer when you knock on his door will be, “I don’t know you.” And the door will be closed. No help.

          1. God will ALWAYS ANSWER you if you ask Him. He will give the wisdom to know HOW to help yourself!! And that means TAKING ACTION of some sort!!! If you NEVER ask for his help, and have turned your back on him, he will ask you about it at the “gates” and you had better have a good answer or you will NOT get in. And don’t forget, he KNOWS if you are LYING!!!
            Too many people think they can just sit back and it will all be done FOR THEM!! Not necessarily so!! Those are the ones that tend to let everyone else handle any task that needs to be done.

      2. God cannot stop our MESS!! All he can do is give us the wisdom to FIX it ourselves. THAT is what you need to pray for. THAT WISDOM and the COURAGE to ACT ON IT!!!

    3. You’re right! Makes me cringe to think of the damage Biden and his gang have done in ten days time and they still have four years to go!
      These damn corrupt dems are and will continue to tear this country apart. I can only hope and pray that Trump will win his well deserved title of President in the next election. He’s the only President we’ve had that actually worked for we the people. All we can do is pray to God to save this country with Trump🙏

    4. The only issue I see with your comment is that most Rebublicats are RINO’s and swamp creatures. There are very few that stand fast for the Constitution…and I mean like 5 to 10? The Demicans (or communists) have been guilty of federal crimes that no one prosecutes. The pundits talk a good game, but NOTHING every happens. I am a cynic and this country is lost except……

    5. 2022 if we take back the house senate impeachment will begin against O’Biden kick him out of office the ol senile perv!

  2. No one is going to do anything! Guilty or not guilty. Republicans have brought this Biden virus upon themselves. Now wallow in it!! You fought Trump from the start. Reap what you have sown

      1. Wrong. “Could care less” means he DOES care at least some. Godfather Bi-dung does NOT care anything at all about this country – he COULDN’T care less. He only cares about lining his own wallet with Chinese and Ukranian money.

    1. Not silly — STUPID !!!! where have you been for the past 20 years? the biden crime family sold the U.S. out many years ago and will continue to sell us out.

  3. Of course he did. Swallwell asked him because the politicians need the China spies to sleep with and tell our secrets to so they can take them back to Chinese government. Biden is just doing what his Master Chi demands.

  4. il·le·git·i·mate
    /ˌiləˈjidəmət/ President Biden only has loyalty to his Chinese Masters that fund his Crime Familt.

  5. Biden is a traitor has always been one and should be impeached along with harris neither one of them is not fit to run a dog pound much less our country and while impeaching all the democrat leaders in congress should be impeached also

  6. Are there no Democratic red-blooded American patriots that actually love America and are prepared to stand up for it or are they all lemmings that just don’t know what’s going on in the world?
    I just can’t get my head around the fact that all 75+/- million democratic voters apparently just don’t give a damn about America’s future.

    1. Have news for you — at least half of your so-called 75+ million voters are ficticious. They are illegal votes. If you can explain how 2 candidates who can hardly get 100 people to their rallies and all of a sudden on election day muster 84 million votes — you are more intelligent than Einstein.

      1. Gerry…I asked a dim that question… Answer ? We already knew we were going to vote for them so we had no reason to go to a rally.. If someone could explain THAT to me I would appreciate it..

  7. China Joe when he is bought and paid for by the CCP. Hunter is a tratorious scum takes millions to influence his dad. If he does not pay off he is in big trouble. The CCP could come after him for their money or.

  8. Yes he would end it .Biden has a section of a college in Penn. that is named after him and they have been caught taking money from China. Biden does not want that news to get out to main stream . Biden would sell this country to the highest Bidder. Biden will dastroy us.

  9. The POS pedophile surrendered to china years ago and all of a sudden(too f******late)it seems to be coming to light. What a surprise– too late to do anything about it. The repubs fight back — BS — what are they doing making a nasty face at the demonRATS because they have NO clue on how to fight.

  10. We know Sleepy Joe & Hunter have criminal relationships with China, Ukraine & many other foreign nations! They want a Global system of Government and it is not a free thinking Republic which has been the best government in the US for over 200 years! They want Socialist, Marxist and even Communist rule! They do NOT care about the people & want to silence our opposition to their crime & corruption! Keep the faith! I believe something may happen sooner then anyone expects to expose this sham government that cheated its way into power!🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  11. I don’t trust Biden.He and his son both have dealings with China and I think that spells trouble.People may not like Trump,but he did alot of good as far as peace treaties,creating jobs, and just giving a damn about Americans.He will be our down fall

    1. They can’t fight for air, much less fight for America. In the Obama days, we were known as racist, now we are insurrectionist. Back in the day, we were patriots for fighting against a corrupt government. Now they want us dead.

  12. What an embarrassment,this corrupt,senile,old,fool,china,joe has already bowed down to chinese government, if we don’t stop him,he will sell America out to them. Hidenbiden needs to be tried for treason, along with his bf, obuthead.

  13. Admit it America! Biden and Harris are an extreme embarrassment to all of America! Nobody respects them including other nations and our own people! He is a terrible mistake!



  16. Is anyone posting on here aware that slow joe has signed 41 executive orders. Even the gingerhead can’t keep up with what’s in them.
    Hate to be the one to say it. This is not gonna end well. Eventually people will realize that we’re headed in a very bad path.
    The tree of liberty needs watering. However that happens remains to be seen.

  17. Don’t be fooled the billionaire corrperations micro soft ,facebook ,Google ,Twitter,and many more have climbed in bed with the Chinese and most of the media.There blinding you all this upheaval while they sell this country out.Amonzon ,George Soros. There all in on it.The funny thing is they believe China will be there buddy’s. Look into China s beganings the truth lies there.The Chinese people are beatin in to submission buy the PLA.They are treacherous back stabbing elite that will pretend to have your back till your not needed or disagree with them then you will be killed.China was started treachery.Read there history.All Americans will have no place in there world conquest.

  18. What if … the Chinese planned the virus pandemic (with the Dems help) … then rigged the Dominion voting machines THEY BUILT, to steal the election, to put a Chinese lover (Biden) in office… as retaliation of MAGA & Trump bringing our jobs back… then factor in “Paris Accord” & renewal-able energy & electric cars (Lithium batteries – China has Lithium mines) (solar energy requires batteries-more Lithium)… think about it…

  19. Follow the money. The Chinese have contributed millions to the Biden Foundation on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Plus, the universities are benefiting money wise across the board whereby Communist China has contributed 100’s of million dollars to university programs, both through grants and attending students. These hotbeds of socialist authoritarianism are voting supporters of the radical left agenda, which Biden is the front man for.

  20. It’s kind of OBVIOUS in a NATION with 132 MILLION legal CITIZENS and there were 156 million votes in the Presidential ELECTION that QUITE A FEW VOTES WERE FRAUDULENT, the 132 million is counting the dead voters who mysteriously came back to life only to vote in the election as well the living CITIZENS is closer to 116 Million!!!!! So over half of the Biden Votes are mysteriously from dead people and Illegal Immigrants who are not supposed to be allowed to vote, That’s what happens when the DemoRAT Candidate and the Ballot Counting Machine are both MADE IN CHINA!

  21. Go tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is King. I am still shaking my head in amazement that Joey B., a renowned stay in the basement, china-boy commie, is now roaming the halls in the White House and living the life of current POTUS, being the most unqualified imposter of a real President that has ever been in the office, and not duly elected I must add. GOD help us all !! As a society that has allowed the murder of the innocent unborn by the millions we will all be held accountable for the sins of our Nation having not had the conscience and courage to do what is right in the eyes of Almighty God. We can, as a nation, be forgiven but we must first acknowledge and repent of the sins of our Nation that falsely professes to be one nation under GOD and going forward seek to do GOD’s will. Our Nation came to be because people identified with a principle that recognized GOD as our creator and the founder and keeper of our faith. As a Nation who has abandoned those principles we can only rightly expect the consequences of our actions and even worse to come unless we return to the principles and righteousness that will restore GOD’s favor unto us. Peace and prosperity will not will not continue for us unless we are faithful to GOD. If we as a Nation will be faithful to GOD, then GOD will be Faithful to us as a Nation who started out professing “In God We Trust”. There is no need to ponder and ask, what happened. All of you and I already know what happened. As a Nation we turned our back on GOD. GOD in turn no longer hears the voices of the wicked, but I can assure you of this; he hears the cries of millions and millions of slaughtered babies. Go forth and tell this on the mountain even though it falls on the deaf ears of big tech and fake media.

  22. Anybody with a modicum of intelligence who is not a Trump hater or Democrat realizes that Joe Biden and his family are financially obligated to China. Most Americans know that China is not our friend we owe them vast amounts of money and yet the Byton administration has sent millions to China little gift (one has to wonder how much of that gift will be kicked back to the Biden family); as for Russian Collusion by President Trump Democrats use of hyperbole, innuendo and speculation never had a solid fact however, it is an outright fact that Joe Biden is colluding with Russia, even China and Iran sending them millions of dollars for supporting their agenda – which certainly is not favorable to the United States. It is kind of like handing your enemy bullets to shoot you with and then misdirecting it with Impeachment.

  23. THANKS, Commie Joe PANTY SNIFFER for turning your Chinese Commie SPIES loose in America. YOU TRAITOR BASTARD! there won’t be any elections ever again as they have it rigged and will turn America over to China before then. This would have happened four years ago if Killary had won.

  24. It has already been proven that a number of Chinese students are stealing American technology and science at the labs they work in in research universities. This is ludicrous, but so have many decisions that Biden has made.

  25. Since Biden loves China so much, he should resign as President of this country and move to China forever. Maybe the Chinese will reward him by electing him President of China, or not.

  26. When I first seen BIDEN for the very first time when he was VP. In obama’s screwed up presidency you SEE the IGNORANCE in the eyes of him and obama. And now you can see total ignorance in his eyes and kamala. They are a perfect match with peelousi . there is not one DAMOCRAP I WOULD EVEN TRUST THAT I HAVE SEEN IN THE WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM !!! And every one of them are so corrupt and most of the Republican politicians. Supreme Court JUDGES are just as bad and mostly worse. This is the garbage in our political office’s its NO WONDER Ore country is in the shape it is today . TRUTHFULLY AMERICAN’S POLITICAL REGIME NEEDS TO BE FROM BOTH SIDES. BACKGROUND CHECKS AND TERM LIMITS NEED TO BE PUT IN PLACE . The longer they are in office the more corrupt they become with greed and power . And they lose interest in doing their jobs we pay them to do !!! We hired these people we should have the say so not another kiss up politician !!! 98 % OF all need replaced !!! Peelousi Hillary Obama all should have been gone before they ever got there.


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