Trump Immigration Official Announces New Job with Federation for American Immigration Reform

Mark Morgan, former head of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), announced he is joining the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). FAIR is an immigration group that strongly advocates for border security and lower overall immigration levels. Morgan was named as head of CBP under the Trump administration and has been a leading advocate for his immigration policies.

Fox News reports:

“I’m honored to serve as a senior fellow with FAIR, which is dedicated to engaging in meaningful dialogue to influence, formulate and promote responsible immigration policies for the 21st Century and beyond,” Morgan said in a statement. “I am delighted to be part of the effort to seek out solutions to mitigate the tremendous burden and negative impact of uncontrolled immigration on our country’s national security and economic prosperity.”

FAIR, which has been supportive of many of Trump’s policies — and frequently urged him to go further to reform U.S. immigration law, particularly on issues related to legal immigration — has been similarly critical of Biden’s immigration policies since he took office.

“There are very few people with as much front-line knowledge of immigration policy as Mark,” FAIR President Dan Stein said in a statement. “As we reckon with an administration that appears to be bent on dismantling immigration enforcement and exercising executive power to maximize immigration even during a period of crisis and high unemployment, and efforts in Congress to grant mass amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens, Mark is uniquely qualified to assess the impact of those policies.”

The move to FAIR comes after Morgan, along with former acting Homeland Security Secretary  Chad Wolf and former deputy acting Secretary Ken Cuccinelli joined the Heritage Foundation as fellows in the Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy — although Morgan’s role at FAIR is expected to be more extensive.

Since becoming president, Biden has acted swiftly to tear down Trump-era immigration policies. Within his first month in office, Biden has already halted all construction of the southern border wall and re-implemented the controversial “catch-and-release” policy.

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  1. Mark Morgan’s new position is such an encouraging hope for securing our borders..Being outside the “swamp-controlled” environment is such a better opportunity to be a more forceful & affective position! Looking forward to good reports to be coming forward!

  2. He cannot do anymore but advocate for sensible change in our immigration laws, and with the congress that exists today not much chance of anything sensible happening!!!


    WHEN he was at the first Summit of European leaders (via video) and stated “he wouldn’t put Americans First”, that was the first clue he is going to throw us to the Wolves, i.e. let thousands of COVID INFECTED ILLEGALS into our Nation.

    “WHAT 🙈 ME 🙉WORRY🙊?” BIDDYBOY SAYS. He could care less because he and his family do NOT live in a state that is overrun by illegals, bringing their diseases and crime with them. Typical of all deluded Democrats, they don’t care about what happens to anyone else but themselves — very arrogant, narrow minded snakes .🐍🐍

    All that President Trump did to make us stronger, economically secure, and our borders more protective for the American people, is being torn away and our guts exposed by this old mentally destroyed senior with not a sane thought in his head. How long are we going to put up with this?
    It’s like having the Disney character, “GOOFY” in our White House and we can’t turn him off! Duh!!😡😠🤬

    1. On the other hand, it’s good to know Mark Morgan is taking control of our Border situation! He is knowledgeable, has history there and knows the down sides of too many illegals flooding our Nation. Mark definitely is the Man for the job!

      So could we persuade Biden/Harris/Pelosi to go to the border to inspect it and then somehow they disappear? What a dream come true!

  4. Like, who the hell cares – this guy is a good one, no doubt, but the damned gummit is doing everything in their power to make sure the US SOON becomes a third world country by allowing anyone and everyone to enter via the southern border!

  5. Is there not ANYTHING we can collectively do to STOP Biden on both immigration and the Pipe line? Law suits? What? Anything? One man can bring ruin to the whole USA and there is NOTHING we can don?

  6. Biden is a train wreck, in every facet of his life!!! The fact that he has such an impact on the lives of so many Americans is one of the biggest disappointments, of my lifetime.

  7. The Delaware Dunce already has proved he’s dedicated to building the democrat base with illegal aliens. Peaceable, lawful citizens will begin to distrust Latinos and illegal aliens alike as they’re commingled.

  8. Biden & his nitwits are destroying America from within.”We” are now being told “what” to think, “what” to read, “what” to listen to and “what””we” MUST DO!. ALL of THIS, while “these commies” are taking away our “rights” & any semblance of FREEDOM! Everybody coming to the USA should ALL park their carcasses in the White House & Capitol Hill! THAT’S “WHY” Washington is surrounded by fencing & barbed wire. The Dems are in FEAR of Americans “rising up” AGAINST THEM! Maybe “we” can bus all of the “illegals” to Washington, D.C.. Let’s SEE how “THEY” like it!


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