Fox News Hires Conservative Journalist

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News has hired Ben Domenech, the Publisher, and co-founder of renown conservative publication, The Federalist, as a contributor to its media platforms.

Domenech, 39, will host a weekly podcast for Fox News Audio and provide political commentary to the FOX News media networks.

“I am honored to join FOX News Media’s accomplished roster of contributors. As we embark on this transformative year, I look forward to sharing my perspective with FOX’s informed and engaged viewers across all of their platforms,” said Domenech.

In the announcement, FOX News Media CEO Suzanne Scott said, “As a frequent guest, Ben’s insightful opinions have added depth to our coverage and engendered trust from our viewers. We are proud to welcome him to the FOX News Media family and are confident he will make an excellent addition to our unparalleled team of contributors.”

Prior to founding The Federalist in 2013, Domenech served as a speechwriter in the Bush administration for former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson. He also went on to speechwriter for Senator John Cornyn (R-TX).

Domenech also served as a fellow at The Manhattan Institute and The Heartland Institute and served as editor-in-chief of the academic journal The City. He was a founding board member of conservative website RedState and former co-host of podcast Coffee & Markets. 

He also currently hosts The Federalist Radio Hour podcast and authors the political newsletter The Transom.

Domenech is married to Meghan McCain – the co-host of ABC’s The View and daughter of the late Senator John McCain – and resides in Virginia.

          1. That is much better he is playing with himself that Biden who is playing with little girls, big girls, and his own daughter Ashley who he showered with when she was younger.

          2. You should just be embarrassed at your thinking and your being so brainwashed. You are a sad, sad commie

          3. If you have wipped sombodies butthole it is OK shower with them.
            It is not OK to ‘date’ (have intercourse with) your daughter, or son.

        1. Alber Hess, you say so few people are conservative….little do you know how many of us are out here, there is no way you could possibly say that as a fact. There can’t be more liberals the only way you know about them is that they are always doing something corrupt. (speaking only of the stupid ones that are always causing trouble).

          1. I know that Trump’s federal government said that Biden got more general and Electoral College votes than Trump.
            What do you know about that?

    1. I’ve heard him comment. He sounds very sincere. As for McCain she doesn’t seem to have focus. I’ll give her another chance. A lot of things change when you become a new mother

    2. His wife, Meghan McCain, is a total flake and space cadet as is Meghan’s mother! With parents like Meghan’s no wonder she gets up in a different world every day! Working with Whoopi and Joy adds to her disjointed state of mind……don’t you think?

      1. Ben will be just another ‘Deep State’ sitter spy. Probably a buddy of wallaces. God bless our real President Donald J Trump who believes in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt (a good man). But Mr. President I think you may have jumped to conclusions on Bens character acting. The McCains? and the most hateful show aired over national television ‘The Voice’? Fox is replacing (or trying to) the most popular and favored newscasters they have, that have millions of Fox viewers and listeners with much higher ratings in most cases, then the repeated narratives of MSM stations. Say goodbye to Fox News. They can dig a bigger deep state hole for themselves to fall in. I don’t want to be a part of controlled media propagandist’s or the hateful totalitarian democrats. Millions of others will leave too if they keep changing course and become another source of hollow horns. Ben will be a mole that helps the ‘Deep State’ do their digging.

          1. When facing a simple alternative proposition, it comes down to selecting the lesser of two evils.

    3. MY Thoughts EXACTLY!!! Plus he was a Staunch Bush supporter, who have now gone over to the other side!! Seeing as how Bill Clinton is Bush’s OTHER BROTHER, and all of them are NEVER-TRUMPERS, I would not trust ANYONE in that family EITHER!!!

      1. Fox has surely turned more and more to the rotten liberal side.The owners are not conservative so nothing else can be expected. Newsmax is he only truly conservative station. No wonder all the liberal nut job stations want to take them down. Freedom of speech is under constant attack by the corrupt media and the corrupt big tech.

          1. Big tech has created war on the world! Everyone wants to know what the President of their country is doing no matter who they are. Banning the President of the United States Of America from his online speeches and activities in his own country is TREASON at the highest levels! The Big Tech boys and girls need their licenses and business’s taken from them and never again aloud to preform a public service of any kind again. They need to go before a military tribunal for sentencing. Treason is the most deadliest threat to America, our USA President, our citizens and our environment. Republicans need to act now and have our Freedom of speech and expression restored. If this attack on censorship isn’t dealt with urgently, the public will be denied any campaign publicity and the ability to take back the house in 2 more years. 2 years to late. Shame on Spectrum for falling in line with Totalitarian idealism. Shame on all of them

          2. Big Tech has a different world view than you.
            They do not think that Trump is the reincarnation of Christ.

          3. They do not believe there was an original incarnation, much less a second coming. Instead, Gates and Bezos are their twin golden calves.Epstein didn’t kill himself.

        1. I restrict my news watching to OANN and Newsmax. Just last night, I heard a Newsmax reporter repeat a demo talking point. That caused me to have an uh-oh feeling.

        2. The founder of Newsmax is or was a ‘member’ of the Clinton Foundation, just so you can balance your perspective. Newsmax does date back to while Clinton was in office and was solid then… but during the Bush thing, when WJC and Bush, Sr. were working together, and nobody knew that the CF was just a ‘job bank’ for Clinton Cronies… Chris Ruddy was all up in that, donated $1M to CF prior to 2015, run-up to Hillary’s campaign…

          1. How much did Trump donate to the Clinton Foundation?
            The Clinton political campaigns?
            The Democratic National Commitee?
            New York State Democratic candidates?

    1. Meghan and her mother are some of the most vicious Trump haters so how could this new addition to the Fox News be any different if he wants peace in his own home?? We are not stupid people. Here are some f the garbage radical racist liberals on Fox that are a disgrace. Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, Marie Harp, Leslie something?? can’t remember her last name. And many more radical monsters that should be booted off including some crazy guests that they have on. We still have some good hosts like Hannity, Tucker, Shannon Bream. Laura Ingram, Jesse Waters,Judge Jeannine, Mark Levine, Steve Hilton and sadly one of the best Lou Dobbs which they already booted out. Fox leadership is a disgrace to America. Democrats are a conglomerate of anti American terrorists. I urge every conservative person of this country to check out Newsmax and watch real News and commentators that don’t make your blood boil. The democratic party is nothing more than a arm of the communist China empire..The biggest corrupt compromised demented criminal cheated himself with the help f the evil party into the White house and has single handedly destroyed the fabric of this country.In most other countries a man like Joe China including his entire family would be locked up for life for treason. Not here in America where the politicians can sleep with foreign spies and still have extremely sensitive positions and directly pose a danger to our country.The democratic party is the biggest treat to our country and all American’s. Next is China the Biden’s benefactors. Disgusting to have this corrupt Biden in the White House. Prison is where he needs to be.

        1. Yes this should be on every front page newspaper. A perfect analysis of what is going on in America. Thank you Helga.

      1. I could write pages denouncing those you refer to as “good” FOX reporters. The one exception is Lou Dobbs. I used to “love” Shannon Bream – until she too began giving a bully pulpit to liberals – and THAT was the established procedure of FOX. Admittedly, Shannon seems to retain conservative facade while succumbing to fox requirements to feature liberals.

        1. Lou and Tucker should go to either OAN or Newsmax, and convince some of the “good ones” left at Fox to make the move too, although I’m just a little wary of Newsmax…

          1. Lou – Yes! Tucker – NO!!! Tucker trades on being sensational in order to promote Tucker 0 news be danged. I cautiously believe the only “good ones” still at FOX is Shannon Bream – maybe.

          2. They would have to take huuugggeee pay cuts.
            They are Conservatives, they follow the money.
            Fox is a business.
            You make money in the middle.

      2. Trail of Tears, Slavery, Civil War, Triple-Kay, Lynching, Jim Crow, Segregation, Eugenics, Income Tax (slavery), more lynching, US citizens in Concentration Camps for years, Alger Hiss and the UN, abandoned Bay of Pigs fighters, abandoned S Vietnamese, abandoned Iran-hostages, defiled the White House, repealed Glass-Steagall Act (Great Recession), doubled the federal debt in 8 years to produce ‘worst recovery since WWII’, spied on and perpetrated a coup against the duly elected President, then dumped a $Billion or more of donor money to ‘buy/steal’ 2 elections.
        Any person or politician that joins the DemocRat Party, runs and ‘serves’ as one is obviously complicit and ‘down with’ their history and criminal tactics, and has to know that: that party is and has been the longest and worst enemy of the United States Constitutional Republic since slave-owner Andrew Jackson founded it.

        1. Trump is not in the White House because his followers are weaklings.
          Weaklings think they can win an election by smearing their feces in the Capitol.

      3. They should be in prison on LOCK DOWN. SOLITARY CONFINEMENT No panty waist house arrests. Hard time for hardened criminals. They’ve inflicted danger on us and in some cases have brought death upon millions of people around the globe. Big Tech and MSM have been accomplices and the cover ups for the most heinous acts imaginable.Joek and his mixed team of bullys have all knowingly IMO committed crimes against humanity..


      4. Most Americans hate Trump.
        Trump will be indited before Biden.

        Trump being indited for voter fraud in GA would be poetic justice

    1. Don’t forget how Juan Williams came to be a regular on FOX. He was on CNN or MSNC as an anchor. Not long after 9-1-1, He remarked -ON AIR – that he felt uneasy getting on an airplane when he saw Muslims also getting on the same airplane. Juan got fired! FOX “saved” him by offering him a spot as “guest commentator”.

      1. I was getting more than a little annoyed with Cavuto and other Fox “stars”, and I despise Juan Williams, but the death blow for me with
        Fox was November 3rd! I won’t go back even for The Five of whom I only liked Three.

    1. The hilarious thing is Fox doesn’t realize that hiring Benny blue pill, won’t be an easy pill to swallow for those who have a living brain. Exposure in plain sight. Bye Bye Sesame Street. gang. I agree No thanks. Can we have our adult journalist back please? If not my support will go wherever our favorites go. All their talent can create a greater informational news channel for real life news. It could become as huge and as great as the MAGA movement.

      1. Fox realizes that there is more money to made by moving toward the center.
        They saw the results of the 2020 elections.
        Political purity be Damned.

  1. Just another establishment player. I think most people have already turned from mainstream media including Fox.

    1. What is FOX thinking?? To them we do not count any more. I wish with all my heart Trump will start a network that we can all join and not have to rely on these traitor to give us their biased News and opinions.

      1. FOX obviously is engaged in brainwashing America – and FOX just as obviously has been successful. That is, until FOX slipped up during recent election cycle. OUR CRY NOW IS “wE TRUSTED YOU, AND YOU BETRAYED US.” Even commenters on this site express continued “faith” in FOX anchors who have betrayed us at least one or more times. Lou Dobbs was the last anchor believably 100% conservative.

  2. Sorry nancy,
    Your favorite network is replacing the wrong people, for starters.
    No more chances, Rupert’s son is liberal enough, but he pales in comparison to sonnys communist wife.
    It’s over for fox. fox was #1, so they wanted to start in 4th and try to work back? — too late, too stupid, too liberal.
    Gone with the wind.
    Maybe if senior took complete control and bought his idiot son and the sons communist wife a house in california, just to get them someplace comfortable?

    1. Love does strange things to people. History keeps repeating itself. Now the interwoven media-political incest fest is on display for all to see. Maybe this time the fan that this [stuff] hits will clear away the kitty litter that’s been covering it up. One can only hope…

  3. I’m guessing another RINO.
    I say this because it’s REALLY HARD to be married to someone whose politics are SO different than yours.

    So I agree with Pete that he’s going to have to prove himself a conservative AT HEART.

    You all know the saying – “Happy wife, happy life” and if he doesn’t keep her happy, he probably won’t be happy either.

    1. ALL OF YOU ARE OVERLOOKING ONE BIG THING!!!!! With the current Cangaroo court, FOX and emp will be “gone” for good and FOX can returning to its facade of being conservative.. Think of the old adage – you can fool some of the people all of the time AND you can fool all of the people some of the time BUT you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

  4. I quit watching Fox News in January of 2019. They were going too far left for my tastes. I now only watch OAN & NEWSMAX

    1. I quit watching the first time Juan the tard Williams was on. Wasn’t he first fired from PBS? Anyway, I can’t watch enemies of this country on ANY outlet.

  5. Hey Fox, NOT IMPRESSED! I stopped watching your channel when you betrayed your viewers and President Trump on election night. You have no credibility and I WILL NEVER WATCH YOUR CHANNEL AGAIN! Lots better channels and lots better things to do with my time.

  6. “He was a speechwriter for Bush” – you mean the guy that never saw a spending bill he was not in love with AND DESPISED President Trump?!?!?!?!

    1. Not only that but the entire Bush clan is NWO (New World Order) advocates. Also, they are total open borders advocates who favor Mexican privilege. Jeb married one. Dubya nominated his Mexican nanny for the SCOTUS. Remember that?

      1. George W. Bush nominated Harriet Meirs for the SCOTUS position. She was Chief counsel in the Bush White House and is an exceptional Attorney. She was the first female to head the Dallas Bar, The Texas Bar and her 300 person Law firm. Is she extremely conservative? No. But she is not hispanic and has never been a Nanny to Bush or any other. I always love reading commentary… but get your facts correct.

  7. First of all he cant be too smart because he is married to a RINO. I will wait for someone to tell me if he is really a conservative because I quit watching Fox News since the election.

  8. From the McCain RINO camp, I can tell you he is NOT a conservative, not brain surgery. Would I go back to FOX, no freaking way. That is channel FOXNBC, not for me. FOX fired Lou Dobbs, they must have you know whaet for brains.

  9. Newsmax TV is the best (and now, the only) Conservative news station. If you don’t have it, you should consider getting it.

  10. They wouldn’t hired him unless he was a lib. He is nothing but a lib in conservative clothing. I don’t care because Fox is no better than CNN or MSNBC. Will not watch them unless they have Mike Lindell on with his 2 hr show ABSOLUTE TRUTH. OAN was running it every 4 hrs I guess because they where treating it as paid advertising. I believe it is no longer on but I have a recording of it and it is really a true BOMBSHELL. You must see this show it is now available on his web site. YOU must watch this as it is 100%, take it to the bank proof of how the election was stolen by Chinese hackers. This evidence is good enough to be entered as evidence in a civil or criminal trial. I would like to get Barr on tape saying what he thinks of it. Also wonder when the DOJ/FBI will try to debunk it. Guess they won’t because they cant and will just rely on their MSM buddies to do the lying dirty work.

  11. FOX = too little too late.
    Just like my FORMER Southern Baptist pastor. He preaches gospel with democrat talking points/accusations inserted. Both are hypocrites that can no longer be trusted.

  12. The best move FOX could make now is to get rid of Wallace. He is a hateful lib who cannot carry his father’s jock strap.

  13. If he’s married to Meghan McCain that says it all. I wouldn’t trust anything he says just like I don’t trust her. Fox is a phony network.

  14. Library of Congress
    Conservative – n, (2021) Definition
    Any of a number of persons holding membership in the Republican (GOP) Grand Old Party
    and known as RINO’s any other members of the GOP are of the Alt Right persuasion, and not to be confused with RINO’s and/or Conservatives,
    The word Conservative used in a sentenece: Many Consservatives known as RINO’s are finding new homes in the Democratic Party.”

  15. Fox sucks,and nobody or thing can change that, hell their in the toilet, with CNN communist news network, MSNBC the loony channel, all belong in same category.Bs and propaganda and were fed up with it.

  16. On one end the Federalist is a very good resource. I use it a lot. Accurate and a good conservative source. On the other end you have Fox in free fall collapse because Murdoch’s liberal sons are idiots and turning their brand into just another liberal mass media outlet and you have Megan McCain who is a trump hater and has a lot more in common with her View associates than anyone reading this publication ever will ! I hope the Federalist doesn’t go down the tubes and become the propaganda arm of the democratic party !

    1. The top brass listen to their top advertisers.
      They are in it for the money.
      Morality be Damned.
      Fox is not some namby pamby government agency.

  17. Forget it. FOX will change today AFTER they destroyed a fabulous Presidency but I will guarantee you that they will go back to the same destruction as soon as the next election arrives. What you did once and got away with it you will definitely do again. Throw them away.

  18. As much as my family and I loved watching Tucker Carlson, Hannity, and Laura Ingram, We cannot trust FoxNews anymore. FoxNews has abandoned conservative America.

  19. The fact that Domenech was a speechwriter for John Cornyn, the (RINO?) deep state US senator from TX already makes him suspect for me.

  20. He may not be a “pure” conservative but, at least he is not a bleeding heart liberal marxist!
    I don’t know why I am bothering to comment, I have boycotted Fox since November 4, 2020 as millions of others have done!
    Shame, shame, shame, Fox!

  21. “UT-OH”, is this “guy” the real deal? OR “is” THIS suppose d to “be” “wife” & “hubby” from 1990’s , “he’s a Dem, & she’s a Republican” & BOTH “espouse” their “thoughts”. Quite frankly, “WHO” could care less?ANYBODY with half a brain will NOT “listen” to either one of them! No “clue” what network, & it doesn’t matter.WHAT “does” matter “IS” that “WE” get to hear “the TRUTH”! FAT chance!

  22. Will not subscribe to watch this joker. He is married to the traitor Meghan McCain. She is an embarrassment to the Republican party . Just another Rino and I’m sure she directs her husband views as well! Fox is on it’s way to bankruptcy. This is just another attempt to save their sorry asses!

  23. That will not drag us Ex- FoxNews viewers back to that news media
    They have burned us too many times to regain their trust
    that will be a very, VERY, VERY…long time before we ever go back to FoxNews…ever!!!!!!

  24. All sounded positive until the last comment about being married to Meghan McCain. How conservative he really is and how much McCain influences his opinions will soon tell the rest of the story.

  25. FOX can’t get its audience back! They stabbed the good and decent American Citizens in the back and that will never be forgotten!!!!!! Bye bye FUX! news?

  26. One thing for SURE…….
    MEGHAN was a BAD CHOICE……, But, I hope she changes,& does NOT turn out to be PARIAH like her dad….. Does anyone think, she, or her mother, voted for Pres. TRump? I don’t think so….. Perhaps, the liberal COO of Fox News, (son of Murdock, the Old Man) is placing a MOLE….. I hope I am wrong….


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