Democrats Have a Plan B if Trump is Acquitted

Senate Democrats, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The Democrats are so threatened by the possibility of another Trump presidency they will do anything to prevent it from happening. Well, almost anything, they surely won’t just let American voters decide for themselves. In all likelihood, the impeachment trial will end in a second acquittal for Trump, which is why Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer noted that Democrats may try and invoke the 14th Amendment to bar Trump from holding office again.

“No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who…shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof,” the amendment reads, adding that Congress shall “have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions.”

During a press conference, Schumer noted Democrats will make a plan accordingly depending on how the Senate trial shakes out.

Fox News reports:

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., has been on the forefront of the 14th Amendment push among Democrats, and Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., late last month called it “intriguing.”

“What Senator Kaine is talking about is a censure resolution that would also specifically include the elements of the 14th Amendment that lead to disqualification from future office,” Coons said. “That’s intriguing to me and something I’m willing to look at the bottom line here is we have to deliver accountability for the events of January 6.”

Some interpret this amendment as fundamentally giving Congress the ability to bar a person who “engaged in insurrection” — what Trump is accused of in the article of impeachment — from office.

It would likely raise constitutional questions and slippery slope concerns that it would set a precedent neither party wants when their preferred candidate is in office.

      1. We know how worthless democrats have become.
        But here are the people who let the democrats steal the election from American people and let democrats committee Treason & get away with it. Paul Ryan,Mitch McConnell & all leadership in senate,DOJ Barr, FBI director Wray and all agents, CIA director & all her agents and biggest John Roberts Supreme Court Chief Justice & other 8 and all 300 so called constitutional federal judges Trump appointed. All working for US Chamber of Commerce Communist China 🇨🇳 Bush family GLOBALIST money.

  1. Here we go again … more time and money wasted on BULL SQUIRT by the Commiecrats!
    They do not know when to give up and actually Work FOR the USA ! They want unity … I think not ! I hope they All get a lethal dose of the China Virus and DIE !
    None of the Commiecrats are worth a DAMN !

      1. You will never get a Federal officer to arrest these socialist/communists as they only want what is best for themselves.


      1. We the People should send them the requirements for doing their jobs, instead of them acting like they have permanent residence without consequences.

      2. If we let the Democrats continue to do like they did in the 2018 election , With all of the fraud in many fake people voting or them saying we have to count mail in ballets 3 days after the cut off time ,We may never get control of the house every again. That’s the reason we lost control of the house in 2018 -Illegals ballets being counted after they pated the ballet boxes.

      3. democrats continuing to do what democrats do best, waste political time in office and waste taxpayer dollars. Some things never change.

    2. You got it RIGHT Tom . . . These Dementiacrats have become such a Band Of Communist Traitors and Dictators , that they Really Believe that America Is Theirs and they can Do What They Want With it and The American people WORK FOR THEM AND MUST DO WHATEVER THEY TELL US . It may Take ALL 75,000,000 of us showing up at the Capitol to teach these Traitors a lesson and show them just how Wrong They Are.

      1. Traitorist treason like power only not what is good for the country, but convinceing their base islike talking to the wall.

    3. democrats continuing to do what democrats do best, waste political time in office and waste taxpayer dollars. Some things never change.

    1. Do you actually think the Republican congress has the juice to do anything?? Maybe if the Republicans can somehow all stick together like the Democrat’s do…they might get get something done. I just don’t see it, they are weak and have no real backbone that I can see…too many RINOS afoot.

      1. A lot of those RINOs will lose their seats next year. If anyone can pull the Republicans together it will be Matt Gates, Jim Jordan and Rand Paul. But you are right, RINOs MUST GO!

          1. please utah ? recall the mistake ya’ll made and get romney out of our govt. ex; newsom in callif good work folks, take back your state.

        1. Fix it so they will never be able to hold another government in any way. And strip them from security clearances of any kind.

      2. Many of the RINOs are leaving so, if we put STRONG “REAL” CONSERVATIVES in to replace them and Replace a few of the Libs that don’t belong there, don’t have the STOMACH for the Politics they are being FORCED into, We could Do a lot. Of course the POTUS would never sign a into LAW anything we pushed Through, but we could EASILY IMPEACH HIM AND HARRIS AND PELOSI for THEIR CRIMES!!!

      3. Mr. Donald J Trump is still fighting for us, and all we need to do is pray and have faith. He is not going to give up. He said he will be back, and shortly. Now Biden wants to stop travel in and out of Florida. He says because of covid, but we know Trump lives there, and he can not tell us that is the real reason. Biden is stupid, but he can open borders, and let in all these people.

      4. the dems and the rino’s and then some, all stick together for a number of reasons, the main one being that they all have a closet full of corruption in their past and present to save them from jail. ex; if i go after you what have you got on me?

      5. Republicans in Congress are afraid they are going to “offend” someone and have always allowed the Dems to bully them until they cave and give the Dems most of what they want, so Republicans have always gone “a mile too short”, fighting and winning for us and our party! They have offended people alright……….their own damn party, ALL of the Republican party with the exception of DJT haters and RINO! Republicans in Congress are spineless, weak and can’t or don’t stand together in the trenches and fight the Dems! The GOP will never win against the Dems unless they learn to “fight fire with fire”. We are stuck until we have leaders who understand you cannot win against the Dems being “nice” ladies and gentlemen! Dems are corrupt to the bone marrow and don’t understand honesty, decency, honor, ethics, integrity or any of the usual attributes of civilized people!
        Primary the hell out of DJT haters and RINO! We have to clean them out of our party asap and set about saving America……..AGAIN!

    2. Oh, add BIG MOUTH MAX to that list of impeachments. She really put her foot in it and as always the GOP weasels let her get away with it. NO MORE, make the dim wits be held to the same level of accountability!

    3. The Republicans need to flood citizens emails with political lies like the dumbocraps did. Twist every issue to fit their needs. Just like the dumbocraps do.but….ELECTION REFORM FIRST !

  2. Hey demonicRats, your hypocrisy & lack of law, order or justice is glaring more than ever as your FAIlURE TO ALL LAWS EQUALLY TO ALL. How do we know this. By your continual posturing yursel aoo INSIDES are above the law and all OUTSIDERS are below the law.
    It is not TDS, but your own traitors guilty conscience derrangenebt syndrome (TGCDS) that has had alll you INSIDERS in mortal terror of being exposed, ever since Hillarty’s 2016 frughtned blurting out “we’ll all be swinging from the gallows, if that f…ing b,,,,,d wins”, which told us what mny of us had already figured out. All of you included in :well all” knew you had been comitting treason for 6+ decades and also knew the penalty for if exposed. We understand you INSIDERS desire to escape being held accountable, which explains your desperate 4+ years of wagimg your INTERNAL COUP trying to overrhrow him.
    We the Pople are tired of being lied to over and over while paying your salary while you worked to destroy our nation friom within. So tired of it that we are THANKING GOD DAILY FOR EXPOSING ALL OF YOU & ALSO FOR EXPOSING YOU & ALSO FOR YOUR ARREST, DETAINMENT & PROSECUTION
    BTW – we have learned to look behind your smoke screen shows to see what you are trying to deflect our attention away from. What we see behind the smoke screen is just telling us exactly what we expected you to do.
    Did you really think we wouldn’t notice when you handed the operation of our government back over to the central hub of the new world order’s shadow governent?

  3. I say we invoke the lost 13th amendment that prevents any lawyer from holding public office.One way to drain the swamp for good.

    1. No they will continue to try to stop him by any means they think they can get away with. Just keep lying and telling no truths. Double standards for all democrat’s in office . Time for the People to remove these traitors to our country.

      1. Ten go in and sanitizer the whole building. And remove their garbage. Be sure you sanitizer even the cheers. Then pray over them to get read of the devils

  4. Kamila Harris raised money to bail out BLM terrorist. She also went on national tv and supported and encouraged BLM terrorist Riots! BLM and ANTIF were also involved in the break in of the White House. ATTN DEMs, where is the accountability?

    1. The Left and the Rinos are so obsessed with ruining Trump, they can’t do their jobs. What are good people to think of them, they show total irrationality. What happens to other people who refuse to do their jobs because they are obsessed with destroying others?

  5. Democrats are blowing smoke to distract the Americans from what they are actually doing! And, that is to steal America and turn it to a socialist, one party dictatorship form of government!

    1. They have 4 years to prove that their ideas and policies are so good for the American people that we would never elect Trump or any other republicans. Funny that they already know ,that isn’t going to happen. Democrats—-Ideas and policies are so good that they have to work full time to keep someone running against them 4 YEARS from now..

  6. We the American People do not have representation in Congress. All we have is a bunch of flaming morons try to “GOTCHA” Donald Trump. It will come back and bite all you DUMB DEMS and LOSER REPUBS, who are flaming idiots on the ass. 2022 will be the year of the Republican Party in both house of Congress….

    1. There is an old well-known saying:
      Those of us who are too smart to get into Politics, will be governed by those who weren’t.
      They don’t care if they actually have the qualifications to do the job. All they want is the power.

  7. Many in the Democratic Party could be brought up under the 14th Amendment for inciting riots based on their comments during the past 4 years that Trump was in office.

    1. And should be. I just hate to see Congress tied up by this horseshit instead of doing the actual work we hired them to do. Its time to go back to citizen representation in Congress. Term limits!

      1. You are soooo right. Term Limits will prevent these bureaucrats from building up a power base and using their formidable influence, like Biden, to enrich themselves and families fortunes.
        As a politician sees it, their only job is to get re-elected.

  8. The democrats just showed how we can, post presidency, impeach Obama. Bet they didn’t see that coming. There are more than a few scandals that Barry was involved in. Ones that involved giving aid to our enemies.

  9. Stop with this lunacy! It is a blatant attempt to hide the fact that there is no constructive agenda to fix anything, and there is no substance in the the Democratic Party leadership.

    1. Sure there is Communism is their reason for wanting to take all weapons instead of going after criminals. Enough laws on the books just enforce them Democrat/Socialists.

  10. It’s hard to believe that the dems have fallen so far that they have to make sure that nobody of whom they don’t approve will ever hold any kind of office! It seems that they are so terrified of never being elected to any important positions that they have to write an article, which will include elements of the 14th amendment, that will prevent all those of whom they are most terrified from being elected to those positions!

  11. It would be nice if you deplorable biddey supporters would help this idiot president make some sense before he turns over to a communist racist brownie to destroy the USA

  12. The socialists obsession with Mr. Trump is nothing short of pathological. Know this Schumer, know this Pelosi, the more you act like attack dogs instead of doing the work of the people the more support there is for former President Trump and the less support there is for your sorry asses. What are you afraid of? I think I know, Killary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros…these communists can ruin you if you don’t do their bidding. Well know this, we the people can ruin you too and that’s what we plan to do in 2022.

  13. I’m in fakebook jail so I’m sharing and caring. Australia’s Dr’s have a new drug called INVERMECTIN they give to covid patients and 48hrs later it’s gone. Research it. Darn fakebook jail 😒😑😕🙄. DemonRATS don’t want Americans to know to keep them locked down in there CONTROL. DON’T LISTEN OR BELIEVE DEMONRATS WHATSOEVER. JUST SHARING WHAT I GOT.

    1. Some of the States’ State Reps are making laws for their states that they do not have to listen to ANY of Biden’s Laws that are HARMFUL to the people of that state. You may want to contact any State Reps in your State and tell them you want the same Laws drawn up for your State. There are usually 1 or up to 4 or 5 State Reps per County!! Depending on the size!!

      1. Hydroxychloroquin is an older and cheaper drug, but it works very well. Ivermectin is also now being used and is a good anti-viral medication. Theres alot of controversy concerning the Pfizer BioN TechVaccine with side effects such as neuromuscular problems. placenta affected in pregnant women, and the body reacting to the Covid vaccine by attacking and destroying platelets in the blood stream. The vaccine is still in testing mode, what happens down the road months later?

  14. just wished they would ever go after hillary like THAT…..Now, with HER they would go after a REAL CRIMINAL…..But then, they are ALL the CRIMINALS that NOBODY “needs to have” in Government….!!!! Election FRAUD is a CRIME in which they were all involved….!!!!!

  15. That is unconstitutional to do these democrates are ignorant and need to be removed from government. Trump was acquitted another words not charged.

  16. Leave the man alone you bunch of communist pigs. You are supposed to work for us. Not against us. this will come back to bite you in the rear.

  17. They have not even PROVEN that PRESIDENT TRUMP was involved!!! And we ALL KNOW in our HEARTS that it was the LIBS that set it up!!!

  18. Well lets talk about the supposed VP, Article II section 5 of the Constitution,
    NO person Except a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN or a Citizen at the tie of the Adoption of this Constitution shall be Eligible to the Office of President. so how it is that Camel toe Harris is the VP and would be next in line for the Office of President. She is NOT a Natural Born Citizen of the USA neither one of her parents were citizens of the USA when she was born. in fact her father didn’t become a citizen for 3-4 years after she was born in California, and her mother never did become a US Citizen that I know of and She and her 2 daughters moved to Canada and became a Citizen there.

  19. It’s laughable how the Democrats are jealous and afraid of President Trump! Everything they try to do against him fails miserably. Bring it on… Trump will be our next president whenever that will happen

  20. I think the Dems are very afraid of Trump and conservatives in general. Afraid of losing control and fear of exposure of past misdeeds or current ones. I’ll toss in many of the Rinos here, too. There is a lot of corruption in DC and in Lib run states, and before Trump most citizens believed every thing both our leaders and the media spewed. No more. The libs like to use the term Woke. Well, Trump created an awakening that threatens the status quo of DC and the money flow that has bought them off for years and years. It is time to stop with all the antics to “get Trump.” You poor excuses for leaders have tried just about every underhanded move and accusation available, and for well over 4 years. The only people buying your tricks and lies are borg-minded people who are too brain-washed to see how they are being fooled. They need term limits and true oversight. I know Trump refused to buckle, and being a NYer he could be offensive but his policies benefited America. And that is important.

  21. Hypothetically, the Democrats just opened the door to allow post-office Holder to be impeached at any point in the future after they leave office. Now let’s think about the fir a moment. One party holds the Majority in the House of Representatives come Election time. The opposing Party’s Candidate is enjoying a large lead in the polls (at any Office race. The Party in current power says, “Hey, I have an idea, let’s impeach the opposing Candidate who is leading and prevent them from holding Office.” That my friends, is what really happened last week.

    Face the true facts, folks. The Democrats AND RINOs going after President Trump has never been about President Trump; it’s been a warning shot at ANYONE who is NOT a party of the Established Ruling Class from ever attempting to run for Office, because that really does. present an existential threat to their iron-clad hold onto Power. Of course, they will never stop going after President Trump and attempt to do everything within and/or can be spun to be within their Authority. This is also the reason that, We the People, must do everything legally possible to support him. Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe that President Trump accomplished more in four year than nearly every other President in history, but this is about something much larger than President Trump.

  22. So, any politician who has engaged in fiery rhetoric, ie: “fight like hell” is now guilty of insurrection and is not eligible to be president. Biden has used that rhetoric himself. Can we get him booted out next week, if possible

  23. How will they prove insurrection through the 14th Amendment if they were unable to impeach him on the charge of insurrection? Liberal logic for you. Fantasyland. Guess they will just think up some new lies. What a waste of time and money. Maybe they should focus on helping Biden do something other than write EOs. Biden is on a single-focused mission to undo everything President Trump did for us and Congress is still, after four years pf unending partisan warfare, focused only on their intent to destroy him. WOW – how does that demonstrate unity? The only unity I see demonstrated is their unity in their single-minded partisanship. ENOUGH already.

  24. By any means necessary whatever the cost is the Democrat’s battle cry from the first day Trump took office politicizing the FBI/DOJ in an attempted coup based on a Russian collusion hoax-failed and with only one indictment, A first impeachment where Republicans were suppressed from calling witnesses or even attending-failed, deep state obstruction and resistance to any and all Trump actions,politicizing mainstream news media that reported 90% negative on Trump policies and suppressing or minimizing Trump’s accomplishments and in many cases not reporting them at all;cheating during the 2020 election by suddenly approving mass mailings and changing voting rules in swing states and using a computerized operation known as Dominion that had been used to corrupt voting in other countries; a second impeachment based on an insurrection charge-failed . And now they want to go after him utilizing the 14th Amendment to make certain he can’t run for office again. This only demonstrates that the Dems are afraid of Trump with good reason. He was elected to drain the swamp and he was succeeding.with policies that made us safer,more prosperous, business friendly country,slapped tariffs on China to make trade more fair,shored up our borders and supported the military with the money they needed to keep us strong,foreign policies that made Middle East safer,created US as energy independent country and I could go on and on. No wonder Dems fear him. So, now Biden will return US to pre Trump days and transform the Republic into a Socialistic country making China and Russia very happy indeed.

  25. Modern Democrats are nothing if not totally filled with HATE. None of them have any business in government office, and none of them are honest or trustworthy. Biden is the foremost example of this evil. He has been doing NOTHING in government for the last 45 years, and he continues to follow that same path – with one set of exceptions. He has done (and will further do) immeasurable damage to the American people and the American economy by his immoral and ignorant presidential actions.

  26. Is there any petition or letter to Republicans in Congress – a group effort – that states we the undersigned will no longer tolerate the constant attack on President Trump, etc.

  27. Why can’t Trump lawyers get a restraining order against the democrats that keep threatening him and his family? Is there anyway at all that Trump can fight back at these people? The Democrats really do have an obsessive hatred of Trump that actually appears to be mental illness. Doesn’t anyone see this?

  28. It’s going to be hard to invoke the 14th Amendment for insurrection when he was just acquitted of causing an insurrection. Double jeopardy, anyone?

  29. Based on the above description of 14th Amend. all of the Dems s/b removed and banned from offices. Look at Fang Fang’s lover. Pelosi and Schumer and their constant plotting and hinted parts in the Jan. 6th event…

  30. That could be used on it smaka harris for supporting black lives matter that attached federal building in numerous States. They better think twice it could come back and bite them

    1. They rarely think beyond immediate action and always seem outraged when it comes back to haunt them. That tells me they are not all that bright. And these people our our leaders?

  31. The Democrats just don’t understand. We the American people are fed up with the tactics of Pelosi and Schumer. They were elected to serve this country not there personal agenda. I think when you lose you must pay attorney fees. Well I think it high time that Schumer and Pelosi cough up the cash. You get paid to do you job for all the people in this country, get over losing the election and do your job before a rash of personal law suits come your way.

  32. While we wish Trump and the Patriots had the necessary votes to win back both houses of congress and the White House, I wonder who controls the voting machines. Doesn’t anyone remember what happened las November? Who actually received the majority of votes. Who was it that got elected by rigging the process with mail-in ballots and rigging the voting machines?
    Unless something is done to stop the fraud, we are doomed. God help us.

  33. There is no “next” for Democrats in their lust for their pound of flesh. They are delusional and will pay a big price for continuing this nonsense.

  34. Then every Democrat that supported the summer of love and the BLM BURN LOOT MURDER and help raise bail money should face the 14th Amendment

    1. Whole city blocks were taken over by radicals, and it was anything but Summers of Love. More businesses were shut down, and then came the Covid, so the businesses were once again deterred from doing business and serving people.

  35. It’s an interesting idea, but don’t they have to prove that he is guilty of violating the 14th amendment? If there is no requirement for proof of guilt, it would appear to be a simple method to prevent political opponents from being able to hold office. Besides, I thought that in order to be punished by our government one needed to be found guilty through legal proceedings. Or, did I sleep through the United States turning into a banana republic.

  36. The only ones guilty of these crimes are the Dems. May God’s judgement be upon them for trying to destroy HIS country.

  37. The Democrats NEVER stop working on how to “fix” an election. They cheat in every way possible. The Democrat Political Party is obsessed alright. They are obsessed with gaining power. Then they use it to enrich themselves. The American citizens mean absolutely NOTHING to a Democrat politician.

    Just how much time they have wasted on these phony impeachments is all the proof you need.

    If there is a Democrat Party supporter who reads this, would you please tell me one thing; Exactly how stupid do you have to be to support a Democrat politician? I really would like to know.

  38. Democrats hate Trump because he came to “drain the swamp”, and they are the swamp and know it! And his beneficial actions for the past four years have exposed the Democrats as the complete failures they really are. Money and power, two things democrats cherish (how many Dems leave congress far richer than they entered) are the two things Trump already had. He was already rich and as for power, he empowered regular American citizens, especially minorities. Small business applications for all minorities skyrocketed during his four years. Manufacturing returning from offshore, Unemployment decreased to a decades low, base pay increased and the list goes on.
    Not to worry. Non-President Biden will take all the credit while Sen Biden opposed it all. After four years of Biden/Harris even Biden’s “extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization” won’t be able to fraudulently steal another election. Even Dems will be saying ‘why?’

  39. I do not believe Democrats will use the 14th Amendment against Trump, as much as they would like to do. That will require a more thorough investigation into January 6th than occurred in the Dog & Pony show that ended February 13th.
    Please note that Democrats agreed to call witnesses to testify during the impeachment trial, then almost immediately rescinded that agreement when they realized Republicans would also be able to call witnesses, REAL witnesses. Is it possible that Democrats already know who arranged the attack, and a real investigation would reveal the truth; the only thing Democrats fear?
    In my personal opinion, a proper investigation will reveal the attack on the Capitol was actually arranged by Psychotic Pelosi, Sanctimonious Schumer, or Beijing Biden: This is why the 14th Amendment will not be used.

  40. What about being behind all of the looting, rioting , murders as the D’s have been and being responsible for the January 6 riots? Anyone with any common sense realizes it, so most of House and Senate should be subject to the 14th Amendment!

    HOW ABOUT TRYING TO DO YOUR ACTUAL JOBS (and actually surprise the American public!) YOU WERE ELECTED FOR


    If Americans haven’t figured this out yet, today’s Demonrat party is full of mega disgusting people so FULL OF HATE FOR OUR PRESIDENT that all they can think of is destroying his possibilities of ever being President again. DO YOU KNOW HOW “COUNTER PRODUCTIVE” THOSE IDIOT DEMS ARE?? The dems are so busy developing ways to destroy P.T. they have forgotten what their jobs are in Congress — “TO SERVE THE PEOPLE”!!


    “They had better get back to their REAL JOBS OF SERVING THE PEOPLE, NOT PLAYING CHILDREN’S GAMES!”

    Get all your family, friends, associates, etc to write FAXES, EMAILS, SNAIL MAIL LETTERS TO EACH INDIVIDUAL WHINING DEM CONGRESSMAN AND THOSE RHINO TURNCOATS demanding that Congressmen to do their job and get off this idiotic Witch Hunt for our President. “Threaten” them if they don’t STOP this waste of time — no one will ever vote for them again!!


    OVERLOADING EACH OF THOSE CLOWN’S TECHNOLOGY IS THE “BEST” WAY TO IMPACT THOSE INDIVIDUALS 100%!! But it takes mass amounts of people doing this AT THE SAME TIME to make a huge impact! The more people the better!!


  42. If I have to trade Trump to get rid of all the Dems that have incited rioting under the same rules then I think I would make that trade because that is about a 10:1 ratio. Boy they couldn’t come out and tell the world how much they fear another Trump Presidency if they had a sky-writer sending the message. The amount of fear they have would seem to dovetail the idea that they would do anything to defeat him in an election, dare I say they might even stoop to cheating??? No, of course not, not the Democrat Party members, they wouldn’t cheat, lie or steal, just read Andrew Cuomo’s book on leadership, he is a many of integrity at the top of the Democrat Party!


  44. Democrats need a psychiatrist, they are addicted to destroying Trump. How can they utilize the 14th amendment. Trump has not been convicted by any legal court of inciting any insurrection?

  45. The American people will turn on the Democrats big time if they try to disqualify Trump, especially afdter losing two crazy impeachment trials. Regardless, in November 2022, The Democrats will lose control of the Congress, if the votiung system is unrigged.

  46. What the demoTRASH scum need to do is take a very long walk off a very short pier — never to return to the surface. Every last one of them.

  47. These Democrats and RINO Republicans need to watch their steps. The American Patriots will not allow the elites to dictate to us who we should vote for in the future. Remember that the way you act will bring us out of the woodwork to ruin you forever.

  48. After all the aid given to BLM and ANTIFA the Democrats are the ones that are guilty of insurrection. Even kamala Harris helped raise bonds for arrested individuals. As Pedo Joe says:, come on man

  49. The Democrat’s seem to want a Social/communist nation where they have the only say. If this is what they want then declare it and start a war they will loose.

  50. Just ‘impeach’ him again, and again, and again, why not, this congress is that stupid and useless anyway !!!

  51. I believe what was stated is more in line with what Pelosi, Schumer, Harris and Biden are guilty of and they should all be impeached and thrown in jail for their crimes against this nation

  52. If the 14th amendment and insurrection bar officials from holding office, we got a whole list of democrats who fit the bill for being prohibited form every holding office again, and who should not only be impeached, but should be behind bars. Get moving brave Republicans.

  53. It is reassuring to know how much they fear this man and his supporters. Remember: “the flack is always heavest when you are over the target”.



  56. My God. Can’t the Democrats find a new Boogeyman. Sheesh. I can never see me voting for a single Democrat at any level going forward. They are so power hungry. They want to run our lives because they think we are too stupid to do it on our own.

  57. The first thing is that they keep saying, Trump is “FALSELY” bringing up FRAUD accusations! There’s nothing FALSE about it. They have MOUNTAINS of evidence that the election was RIGGED if they don’t like the term STOLEN. And not just by ONE method, but by about TEN ways. I’ve been an Election Judge since Obama’s 2nd run, several people told me that their votes were changing on the touchscreen to the Democrats candidates BACK THEN!!! They had to change their votes several times before they stuck. How many people didn’t notice before they hit the send button??? We have to get the courts to listen to all the evidence of the FRAUD and not just the insurrection. TRUMP didn’t incite this, the ones who RIGGED the election did.

  58. democrats continuing to do what democrats do best, waste political time in office and waste taxpayer dollars. Some things never change.

  59. Why can’t all the rioting burning Federal Buildings and businesses fall on the Democratic Socialists. You Republicans better wake the f ** up. You need to think with the same mindset of those sick f**hers that are kicking y’all’s asses . The US is not going to Socialism or Communism under a bunch of walking dead, illegals that lied and married their brother , or white trash like Newsom, Swalwell,Schift, etc.

  60. They are so driven by hate for the REAL President and they all have a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

    They could care less about doing what they were ELECTED to do for the America People.

    They plan to use their time in office to pursue any and all means to try to make SURE that President Trump can never threaten them and their house of lying cards ever again.

    It SHOULD be patently obvious to anyone that doesn’t have TDS, that these are sick, sick excuses for human beings.

  61. They forgot or didn’t know that the charges made do not violate the 14th unless the Senate confirms the charge. To say that he is guilty and the 14th applies is the same as after the judge releases the defendant when he/she was not convicted. In fact to even try and hold an acquitted defendant as an ex-felon would be grounds for a huge lawsuit. “It prevents prosecution for the same crime after an acquittal or a conviction, and it also prevents imposing multiple punishments for the same crime.May 27, 2019″

  62. Let the Democrat/Communists keep occupied with this crap until Nov. 2022 and beyond. As Khrushchev said in the 1960s to the full body of the UN, targeted at the US, ‘We will bury you’. Hear that Democrat/Communists?

  63. The insurrection has occurred under the RINOs and Dems… it is THEY who should be removed from government permanently.

  64. Dumbocrats -JUST MOVE ON & GET OVER YOUR ELITE SELVES & STOP SPENDING MONEY FOOLISHLY. Someone needs to be watching over them.

  65. Tweet from Osoph does not mention along with the “aide” they are including lots and lots of pork . $ to states that refused to open and mishandled the pandemic. Election laws in a covid bill? He also forgets to mention they are trying to take your money to pay for $50K student loans – taking money from working class to pay for debts for people who supposedly will be making more money throughout their career because of the education. Is there NO personal responsibility beliefs left in the dem party?

  66. Hey, if that’s the game they want to play, we can use that amendment to get rid of all the dems in the house as they announced they were going to impeach Trump as soon as he was inaugurated. We can go after Maxine and others in the Dem party also for their attempts to unseat him with nothing to go on but made up “facts” that cost tax payers millions and millions of dollars.


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