These 50 House Republicans Just Stood Up to Biden’s Disastrous Immigration Policies

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Fifty-one House Republicans have signed a letter warning President Biden of the devastating effects of his executive orders involving immigration.

Numbers at the southern border have surged since Biden was elected and according to these GOP Reps, it is only going to get worse.

Some big-name representatives have signed their names to the document including one pistol-packing patriot.

House Republicans Letter on… by Fox News

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    1. Right now, NoBummers Right hand man/women. Susan Rice is Beijing Bidens Puppet-master and pulling the strings. Rice was the one that went on a news spree declaring and blaming a Video-tape for the killings of Americans in Benghazi. they knew about the Killarys Weaponizing and creation of ISIS. Dead men don’t talk, Biden, and NoBummer was her partners in crimes, and still is.

    1. The Republicans will be lucky to even get a take out lunch as long as the democ rats have those crooked voting machines.

      1. Things will have changed by then!! NO MATCHENS! BY HANDS with equal no. of people from both parties! No ONE PARTY is allowed to be alone with any VOTING MACHINE!

        1. We’ve been asleep for the last 60 yrs. while this so called progressive movement has snow balled into what it is now,the war is over and we lost ! The irony of it all is that they warned us ! “GIVE ME YOR CHILDREN FOR ONE GENERATION AND I WILL HAVE YOUR COUNTRY”. “WE WILL TAKE YOUR COUNTRY FROM WITHIN WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT”!

    2. I’ll drink and dance in the streets when that happens! Comrade Kamala is next on the agenda! They are both so corrupted they have a stench that would make a paper mill smell like a Mother’s Day bouquet of American Beauty Roses!
      We won’t have to worry about cult leader Pelosi making waves by then, she will think she is next and she could also easily have the 25th amendment used to relieve her of duty! Oooooraaaah!
      God bless and save America!

    3. Joe: I hate to disagree with you but I must. There will be no fair and free election in 2022. The Dems already stole this one and they will either steal the next one, or institute policies to insure more votes than Republicans can muster. ie: Amnesty for all 22 million illegals and citizenship for them–thus about 18 million more votes for Democrats. Then there is making D.C. and Puerto Rico states and getting 4 more Dem. Senators. Then adding 4 more Leftist judges to the SCOTUS and there you have it—a one party rule for as far out as the eye can see.

      Armed insurrection will be taken care of by attacking gun ownership with all kinds of legislation which has already begun. And, all the while keeping Americans locked away so that the swamp creatures can accomplish much in the slime and muck in which they dwell.

      I would sure love to be more optimistic but I simply am a realist. Watching the news in this country and from around the world and it becomes readily apparent that America’s days in the sun are over.

    1. He won’t and if he did, he would only use it as a photo op like Jill did with cookies to the National Guard. They are good at that. She is a real commie and he is just out to lunch. She still needs to be arrested for elder abuse.

  1. Impeach Joe in 2022…that’s the top job the gop has after they win back the house…then retire Pelosi….finally impeach harris..we will vote out the scumbags..once we do do your job and takeout the trash.

    1. Kamala will already be President in 2022. Joe won’t last another year with her nipping at his heels 😭😭

  2. That scumbag cares nothing about this country. Yes, he likes his friends in the oil business so he nixed the Keystone pipeline so we could finance his Middle East relationship. This feels as though we have stepped back to the Obama days when Joe’s boss was intent on paying for foreign oil and we had $3.00/gal. gasoline. This fool is clueless!

  3. Biden is NOT President. One does not become president because he stole, cheated used Election and Voter Fraud as well as Foreign Interference. We know that President Trump won the 2020 Election. It’s time you all had the balls to speak the truth and stop lying.

  4. China Joe Xiden is a lost little TURD in an out house basement !
    He has no clue how he got there and no idea as to a way out !

  5. Makes me want to gag. Like they didn’t know 3 months ago this was going to happen.
    Trump is the true leader of this country, not the gangster thug clown called biden.

    Beware, the milk toast conservative briefs wants us all to play nice and reach across the aisle. Bull shiggity !

    Why would we want to play nice with commies like manchin of W. banjo playin virginni, who voted to impeach the greatest President of all time ?

    lies, lies, and damn lies for 4 years. They wanted this war and now they got it !

  6. I doubt that it will do any good. Biden will show it to Harris and she will tell him to stand firm and ignore them. Then his handlers will tell him the same thing.

  7. A little too late for the GOP to stand up. We needed courage right after the election after it was stolen. Too little, too late.

    US Congress, State legislatures, judges – nobody stood up to insist upon forensic audits.

    I’d be curious to see if any of these so-called Republicans are the same that voted to impeach the REAL President, President Trump.

    1. Haven’t you gotten an email about how they are going to fix things, but first we need to send a donation so that they can correct the situation. Do they think we are stupid enough to give our money to the Republican party after they deserted us. They will never again get one red cent from me until they get rid of the dems and the rest of the rhinos.

  8. How about those 50 GOP Reps hog tie Biddyboy and remove him from the White House, take him to an old closed mine in Alaska and drop him down? Forget where the mine shaft is and return to D.C. to do the same with Kamala and Pelosi — different closed mines, different locations.

    Sounds good to me. Not sure what good those 50 signatures will do or if Biddyboy will even remember why they did that.

    He is going to flood our Nation with so many illegals plus illegals infected with Covid that we will never get rid of this pandemic. And with MOST Americans already HOT TEMPERED BECAUSE OF THE STOLEN ELECTION, I FEEL FOR ANY ILLEGAL WHO GETS IN THEIR WAY. SOMETIMES PEOPLE BECOME TARGETS FOR THE WRONG REASONS… We need to stop this immigration. N O W!!

  9. Keep the caravan moving right up to Hollywood and let the phony actors deal with them as they expect us little people too

  10. You all know why the plot to steal the election with fraud happened don’t you? That is the way the left can force their One World Agenda on America…they aren’t legally elected and shouldn’t be getting away with this steal, its not what the American people voted for. They voted to continue the Trump. years with jobs, prosperity, secure borders, fair trade deals, and energy Independence.

  11. About time, the clown B is bad news for our country and our people, the demon rats don’t care about us, they only care about money and power! and good ol’ Nancy hates Trump so bad that she will lie and lie and lie some more oh lets not forget abouts the votes. I have never seen such hate except the devil hates The Almighty but I am reminded how much Cain hated Able so much that he killed him<><

  12. Does anyone think that Biden cares about this letter? Really?! It is the Left’s game plan. Biden is simply signing and doing what he is told. Chances are he doesn’t even realize a lot of things he is signing. The destruction of America began on January 20, 2021. Why are there so many troops around the Capitol. Why the fence with the razor wire on top. Because the Left knows that as more time goes by and Americans wake up to the fact that they are being taken over by the CCP, there may well be a major insurrection. AND, Americans will eventually wake up. The problem is—it will be too late. All the Liberal dupes will realize they were instrumental in bringing about a Police State. So very sad!

  13. It will mean something for Biden if the majority of people in the country are against his policies! That would likely help his being finished in the next election — or even sooner if the majority decide to remove him!

  14. Their talking to the hand that’s signs all Trump did. Rediculous, this is what they call pushing back! I didn’t dear say fight like hell. Even though it’s ok for the Dems to say it but no one else.
    This country has become a Cesspool and starting too stink more and more each day!!!

  15. It’s all good just like upgrading the minimum wage statistics say it will help 900,000 ppl but will put 14,000.000 out of work. Their you go more bad is good and good is bad.

  16. Ok – so there are 51 signers. Where are the REST of the repubs? There should be 200+ signatures.
    Looks the Uniparty is back in business…

  17. This is all fine and good and everything. But what’s missing is one teensie fact. The Delaware Dunce is not in command. He has only two jobs, go where handlers tell him and read what they put on his teleprompter.

    Any warnings or pleas to continue what’s good for the nation will have to be directed to the billionaires to whom the Delaware Dunce is indebted. At some point, non-compliance at the agency level might be necessary and that surely will lead to violent confrontations. The billionaires have the nation now and won’t surrender it without a fight.

  18. Thankful that 51 Reps stepped up on the crisis at our S. Border Illegitimate Joe is
    inciting! Now that you’ve sent a letter how about getting the buses and go and confront
    him in person. If you wait for a response you’ve wasted our time and for sure your own.
    So get cracking and show up at the White House. Confronting him is the only way you
    get his attention.


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