Trump Issues Statement Slamming McConnell

President Donald J. Trump, joined by Vice President Mike Pence, meets with Republican and Democratic legislative leadership members Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019, in the Situation Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead).

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement through his “Save America PAC” that slammed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell saying the Republican party will never be respected with the likes of Mitch McConnell at the helm.

The warning comes as a new poll shows that 75% of Republicans want to see former President Donald Trump have a prominent role within the party moving forward.

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          1. Satan puts his dick in your daughter.
            Don’t you just love talking about Satan and your daughter.

      1. are you still working ? if you are it is for the GOV , it was the GOV Trolls who stole this election from we the people now we work for them , you can
        take that baby Butcher pedo Biden , and stick him up your AZZZZ wipe troll

    1. I think at the state level it is time and money well spent to settle a law in every state that Recall is an option for any politician from that state either at the state or federal level.
      And that does not exist in every state, it really should. Work for this year in every state!

      1. Should the recall be by simple majority?
        What percentage of registered voters need to sign the recall petition?
        How soon after the recall petition signatures are certified by the Secretary of State do the primaries have to be held?
        How soon after a primary election must the general election be held?
        Who is going to pay for the recall and elections?
        It sounds like an at least a 12 month effort, if not more.
        Why bother for a House member?


      2. Great idea!
        Take a proven winner and tell the whole state how awful he is and that even though he won his election fair and a square it is time to throw him out of office.
        Put up some jamoke and lose the seat to the Dems.
        Trump Humpers are incredibly stupid.

        1. Sounds like the last election to me. But don’t worry Uncle Joe is here…jobs lost…babies murdered…illegals pouring in & during a pandemic…gas prices rising. Ask the Texans how those frozen windmills and snowed over solar panels are working for them.

          1. The first abortion that I was aware of happened in 1978.
            I was charter boat captain based out of Tortola.
            I had a ten day charter with the Chairman of the RNC, and his family.
            We stayed in Road Town for the first five days.
            For two of those five days his teenage daughter stayed ashore.
            At the Purple Hospital.
            She never smiled.
            Conservatives keep their abortions very quiet.

          2. Smart people order their windmills and solar panels with heaters and defrosters.
            Texas cheaped out.

          3. I thank God every day that Joe is here.
            God wants women to control what is inserted, deposited, and removed from their bodies.

          4. Yes and people to control their tongue. The bible says one day we all will have to give account of everything this we ever did or spoke. You still have time, consider doing it today. Where you spend eternity matters Albert.

          1. The President has people who take care of that kind of thing for Him.
            XpresidentRump’s people are being arrested as we speak.
            Go Joe!

      1. Pelosi will expire in office because those feces urine loving California marxists just keep reelecting the old hate filled road lizard!

    1. Somebody had better get busy finding a reason to relieve Mitch of his seat because he was just reelected for six more years! 😳💥🤯

      1. He is the Senator from Kentucky for six more years, not to mention the highest ranking member of the Repulican Party.
        And he has lots of money, personal and political.

    2. How will you get a majority of the House to impeach McConnell?
      Trump Humpers are incredibly stupid.
      You have 6 more years of McConnell.
      At his pleasure.

  1. Those who thought they were going to ride the “Biden gravy train to power” are discovering they actually got on a stinking, sinking ship & they are going to go down with it.

      1. Does she smell as bad as the maggots infesting your dead daughters clit.
        Vuglarity is a game the hole family can play.

    1. Yes, the House can impeach him and the Senate can convict him.
      Why would the Democrats want to do that?
      He would be replaced by a Trump Humper.

  2. impeach Biden now before he destroys this country!!. He has violated his oath of office. The President number on job is to protect the American people, and what he is doing at the southern border with the illegals is putting American lives in grave danger.

    1. Impeach Obam-Biden and Commie-la-HO, AND Barry Obama Sotoro, NOW
      “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in American political history!….I don’t need your votes to win this election, but I will need you after the election!”: said Traitor in Chief ChinaJoeBiden

      “If the American People ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and Lynch us,“ admitted George H. Bush, 1992.

      Galllows for TRAITORS. Insidious impeachment was a “kangaroo trial”.
      The Democrats in Congress are impeaching the wrong person. If they TRULY wanted to root out corruption in Government, they would be impeaching Joe Biden.
      They don’t actually care about corruption, or the rule of law in America – they only care about maintaining the status quo in Washington, DC. Donald Trump refused to play their game and actually stood up for the people rather than the ruling elite, so he has to be punished.
      Joe Biden is the head of a crime family that has made millions of dollars as a “public servant,” but he has promised to keep the gravy train rolling for the right people, so the Democrats will turn a blind eye.
      This will continue, until you and I make so much noise that they can’t ignore Biden’s crime any longer.

  3. The best President we ever had in my 70 years! Thank you Mr President Trump! I hope you keep fighting for us! The rest of those bottom Suckers, including obiden, pelosi, and shummer need to be brought to justice, tried, and done away with.
    TRUMP all the way!

  4. “…the Republican party will never be respected with the likes of Mitch McConnell at the helm.”

    Hit the nail on the head. A Republican Party headed by RINO’s can never win another election. Also, a third party is not the answer. Only complete reform of the Republican Party with RINO’s gone can compete in the future.

    1. From what I’ve seen, the FBI, the DOJ, and the Supreme Court will never be respected either. They all turned their backs on Trump right when he needed them the most. In my opinion, every one of them should immediately be replaced with true, American patriots!

      1. The FBI, DOJ and the Supreme Court are respected by the majority of Americans.
        The very same people who voted for Biden.
        Biden may end up as the second worst US President in one hundred years.

    2. RINOs are now over half of registered Republicans.
      Never mind the people who left party after the Trump Thugs smeared their feces about in the Capitol.

  5. Earlier today I also wrote to Mitch to explain what I think about his RINO status, his actions and/or inactions have him at rock bottom in the area of confidence we have in him and at the top of the ladder in disgust we have for him…….among other things I stated.
    I was not rude, profane or vulgar. I let him know what I think about his job performance and why, and how conservatives hold him and all other RINO, backstabbers and traitors accountable as to why we are in this losing situation as a party!
    At any rate if he bothers to read it, he fully understands we would like to wipe him off our shoe like the doggy do-do he is……

    1. Mitch will never see your letter.
      It will give one his new interns a good chuckle before she shreads it.
      Mitch is all done with Trump’s doggy do-do hair do.

  6. McConnel is trying so hard to play on the fence and waiting to see which way the wind is blowing…No backbone and he is in it to save his own rear end…especially from Pelosi..

    1. Mitch will be a Senator for six more years.
      He has no political plans after that.
      He will be 84 years old.
      How can Pelosi harm Mitch?

    1. He has a six year employment contract.
      Do you think you can impeach him?
      When and if you win half the House and two thirds of Senate.
      “Conservatives” are “Dreamers”.

  7. McConnell has ties to China via his wife’s shipping company…China provides the ships and the cargo…it’s a billion dallors a year scam..send the old man down the road in 2022 if not before.

    1. Trump has ties to China through this hotels.
      Over half of the furnishings and consumables are sourced from China.
      His daughters fashon line is 100% Chiner.

  8. You reap what you sow Mitch. It was stupid to try to throw Donald Trump under the bus. True Patriots will never believe Trump’s motive was to incite a riot but rather have a peaceful protest. Unless he was outside beating a drum and shouting “attack, kill, destroy” there is zero basis to think otherwise. I have to believe that Mitch thinks of himself as God Almighty when in fact he is just another Dumb Ass political hack that has gotten rich off the swamp. Trump tried to change the status quo and that must have really ruffled Mitch’s feathers. Wash. D.C. is still a swamp but not because of Trump but rather because people like Mitch McConnell who blow whichever way they see they can reap a new fortune. Mitch is a died in the wool “swamp dweller” and makes his calls based on what he thinks “will line his pockets the most”. We will not forget the backstabbing and his failure to stand behind and defend the many great things done by President Trump. Guys like Mitch and all Republican Senators and Congressmen/Women should be ranting and raving “don’t mess with that wall, keep building it” and saying “we don’t want illegals getting free passes into our country, come on your merit, wait in line and “earn” your citizenship. It is not about Mexico it is about allowing anyone into our country and “supporting them” for the rest of their lives.

    We need a clean sweep of every politician. Term limits, Social Security and whatever the average Joe has, not a Cadillac plan and free tuition for children of Congress and Social Security, not a lifetime pension for serving one term. It should be an “honor to serve”. Our Armed Services sacrifice themselves and put their life on the line for their country and a lousy meager paycheck. Time to change, really drain the swamp and really reform the broken system. Frankly I hope Trump does not run again, not because he would not be just as great as he has proven he was but because until we shit can both the entire Congress and establish real solid rules for the media and stop allowing companies like Twitter and Facebook and Google to control the minds of people for their own weird Liberal ass-backward idea’s I feel we will never make any progress and it will be back to the swamp and status quo with people like Mitch running the show.

  9. My view, I WON’T GIVE A DIME TO THE REGULAR GOP WHO FUNDS THE RINOS TOO. Not only are they snakes in the grass but it is time to finish them off and find people who we want to vote for who want to help us against the dim wit communist party. And today that is only a few. Posturing and talk is not actions following their words. Pence was a real disappointment but you never know who is worth supporting if they whimp out when it is important. And November to the current date, too many in that weak party failed to be brave. We need heros and brave men and women, not whimps! Another fail is Nicky.

    1. I agree. I will not give money either. I want to see Rino Romney recalled or whatever they have to do to get him out of office.He is lower than a snakes belly. I believe the Republican Party in Utah has censored him.I think Romney is trying to position himself to run for president again. But, he is dead in the water now.

  10. It seems many of you are still operating under the delusion that what we the people think actually matters. Where were you all when the current COMMUNIST REGIME was FRAUDULENTLY INSTALLED?

    1. Where were you? You have actionable intel? I would love to oust the democommies, so if you have an actionable plan, I would like to see it.

      1. There is no actionable intel you old fool.
        If there was XpresidentRump would not be pulling his pud at Mary Legoland.

    2. Do you have hard evidence of fraud?
      Have you shown it to a Trump appointed judge?
      Yeah, you got nothing.
      Just keep pounding out your all caps.
      You loser.

  11. I recently read Mitch is a millionaire 38 times over. Nice when you consider his annual salary.
    Why does anyone think he should remain? It is for power and control alone, NOT because he gives a damn about this country! Show him the door.

    1. The dang turncoats are the majority.
      We all saw what Trump did on the sixth.
      We did not like what happened on the sixth.

  12. I always figured, that if the chips were down, McConnell would cave like the cowardly traitor he actually is. He’s the Republican version of Pelosi. He needs to be ousted the next time he’s up for reelection

    1. Pat Toomey is not an embarrassment to Pennsylvania.
      They voted for Toomey, and Biden.
      Trump is an embarrassment to Toomey, and Pennsylvania.

  13. Pelosi is the thorn in the asses of the country. She smells of poop. Her face looks it! Maybe Mitch can wipe her add clean! Ha ha!

  14. Not sure if I can ever vote for another
    GOP person. It is time to remove these trash as they have proven to be traitors.

  15. McConnell’s wife comes from a very wealthy Chinese family
    I have a feeling that if some smart reporter dug around just a bit they would find a connection between her family, the Chinese government, and the Biden family
    Mitch needs to step down now

  16. If. They. Think. They. Are. Going. After. People with. Guns. They are in. For. A. Real rude. Awakening. and. The. Republican party. Needs. To. Throw. Out.
    People. Like. Mitch McConnell. Nikki H
    Liz. Cheney Mitt. Romney Meghan Mcain
    The. Nasty. Scumbag. Rinos

  17. when will everybody accept the fact this election was stolen ! the evidence is the corruption in our courts and gov.branches and the deep state and dems.Our country was never to be a democracy but a Republic ! the United States does not exsist anymore not for a long time, but still does in our hearts .we have a illlegal white house admin.Anybody that belives otherwise is ignorant .President Trump is still the commander in chief !this is a truth declaration from a citizen of united states!

  18. Mitch Is Communist black mail to down Trump no one should ever betray his own party’s and country it’s despicable as traitor vote him out !

    1. Trump betrayed the Republican party.
      That is why the ‘Rino’ party is now bigger than the Trump eviserated Republican Party.

  19. No, it is the other way around, the rinos let the Republican party down instead of sticking together like the crooked Dems do!!

  20. Impeach Biden, Harris, Wasserman/DNC, Pelosi, Schummer, Schiff, Adler, Waters, Obama, Clinton, Omar, Hirono, Schatz,, all of whom have committed high crimes and misdemeanors like Oath of Office violations, I.D. Fraud, Election FRAUD, perjury, usurpation of Office, including TREASON many times over ?

  21. Trump should invite mitch and joe down to Mira Lago and


    1. If Trump comes any where near Joe Joe’s Secret Service will blow Trump’s brains out.
      Were you that tough, Friday Night Lights brawler who is now the village idiot that pounds out all caps drivel in their Mom’s basement

  22. Trump is exactly right — there was absolutely zero reason for that POS weasel to run his garbage after the vote. He should have kept his big kiss-a** mouth shut. Karma has a way of catching up to these fence riders and it will get the weasel from kentucky soon enough.

  23. Definitely agree with the first patriotic President we have had in many decadesk who actually represented America & Americans. He also took control of operating the federal government away from the central hub of rhe new world order’s shadow government, which had been working to destroy it from within with the complicity of our elected officials who were happy with doing nothing to earn their salary except accept bills written by them to vote on & put on pony shows.Many of them even stopped reading the bills before voting to pass as when Pelosi told the CONGRESSIONAL members to “come on & pass Obamacare so we can find out what is in it”.
    That is the difference between a government operated by enemy combatants of our nation and a patriot who loves it and has the wisdom of how to operate it efficiently as Trump did. Amazingly Preswident Trump was able to be so successful while having to fight off a 4+ year treasonous INTERNAL COUP waged against him by enemy combatant congressional members who liked working with the new world order to destroy our nation from within;.The fact nothing has been done to end the treason should tell us that a majority of our congressional members & judicial members are still deep state establishment enemy combatants working with the new world order to destroy our nation from within An INTERNAL COUP IS DEFINED AS TREASON.
    .Why else would they have ignored former CIA John Brennan’s handwritten note re his briefing Obama,, VP Joe Biden & FBI director James Comey if Hillary’s signing off on the Trunp/Russia collusion. The wording of this note says it was written after the Stop Trump movement failed, during the throw the election to Hillary phase, but prior to the 2016 election. John Brennan was the director of the CIA at the time it was written. The CIA has been identified as the central hub of the wew world order’s shadow government, by a former CIA agent. IMO, the wording of that note says the Trump/Russia collusion Hillary signed off on was written by John Brennan, the head of that shadow governmentl. It also tells us that Obama, VP Biden, Comey & both Clintons were in on the hoax to demonize OUTSIDER Trump to throw the election to INSIDER Hillary & oninue rhe desrrucion of our nation from within. This note of Brennan’s also tells us why they waged a coup against him – which ended with a shampeachment after he left office. It also tellls us that these enemy combatants of our nation knew they were putting two traitors to our nation inside the White House & why they are moving at warp speed to finish desrroying our nation by a continued lockdown, causing a famine, open border with an influx of thousands to millions of invading illegal aliens to increase the chaos of lockdown & famine.

  24. I think these people should be stripped of their titles. Take away their pensions. They care nothing about the American peoples welfare. They want to flood our country with ignorant illegals. Shut down American business where we have to buy that cheap Chinese crap. There was no sane reason for shutting down the Keystone pipeline. The elites have their money invested in OPEC and mid-eastern oil. Its way past time to take our country back.


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