Ex-Clinton Adviser Warns U.S. is Becoming Totalitarian State Under Biden

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It’s been a little over a month since Biden took office and the left is already abandoning him. Naomi Wolf, who advised Bill Clinton during his 1996 re-election campaign and  is a staunch feminist author, blasted President Biden’s leadership saying America is becoming a “totalitarian state before our eyes.” During an interview with Tucker Carlson, Wolf said that the U.S. is racing towards becoming a police state because of Biden’s extreme Covid economic lockdown measures.

According to Fox News:

“The state has now crushed businesses, kept us from gathering in free assembly to worship as the First Amendment provides, is invading our bodies … which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, restricting movement, fining us in New York state … the violations go on and on,” she said.

The outspoken liberal, who previously authored a book outlining the ten steps that “would-be tyrants always take when they want to close down a democracy,” believes the United States is heading toward what she refers to as “step 10.”

“Whether they are on the left or the right, they do these same ten things,” Wolf explained, “and now we’re at something I never thought I would see in my lifetime … it is step 10 and that is the suspension of the rule of law and that is when you start to be a police state, and we’re here. There is no way around it.”

Wolf said she has interviewed U.S. citizens of various backgrounds and political affiliations who are in a state of “shock and horror”  as “autocratic tyrants at the state and now the national level are creating this kind of merger of corporate power and government power, which is really characteristic of totalism fascism in the ’20’s,” she told Carlson.

Wolf went on to note that the emergency order is a gross overreach of power and is being used to subvert our Constitutional rights.

“They are using that to engage in emergency orders that simply strip us of our rights; rights to property, rights to assembly, rights to worship, all the rights the Constitution guarantees,” Wolf said to Carlson.

On Twitter, Wolf has become increasingly critical of Biden’s leadership and approach to Covid-19, even going so far as to say she regrets casting her vote for the fellow Democrat.

  1. Aren’t these acts of Biden impeachable offences? Isn’t the president agreed to follow our constitution. And if he doesn’t isn’t that impeachable? And isn’t there a way to stop Obama from advocating all of this breach of duty to the citizens of the USA?

    1. Who is going to bring articles of impeachment against him? And even if they did, who would vote to impeach? We are totally under the thumb of the democrats in both the senate and the house. I fear for my grandkids and great grandkids. They will never know the America I grew up in. So sad.

    1. Unfortunately they have control of this country; and they make up the laws as they go along. I’ve never been so depressed and helpless in my 64 yrs. on this planet!!

      1. I feel the exact same way, Cathy! It breaks my heart to see how far and fast we have fallen into a socialist/communist dictatorship style government. And had it not been for our good President Trump beating their queen, Hillary, it would have happened much sooner! He is the best President we’ve had for decades, and I hope and pray that his path forward leads him to another opportunity as President, so he can raise us out of this h$ll- hole the Democrats have dug and are digging deeper into every day!!! And that we can Make America Great Again!!! God help us.

        1. If we don’t do our own digging then we will never get out of this hole, three more years and there won’t be anymore elections, or at least those in which the people have any say in.

          1. You could certainly be right about that, scd! I agree we can’t just roll over and play dead and need to keep digging regardless — my “shovel” is ready!

    2. I think it is time Biden is carted off to the looney bin before he starts growing a small mustache and demands to be saluted by everyone. He is fast becoming a dictator!

      1. Be careful what you wish for. They do that and we’ll have President Harris sooner than later. We’re going to, anyway, but we don’t want to rush THAT. 🤢

        1. Better sooner than later, if it happens now maybe there are still a few patriots left, a year of two it will be a done deal and they will have consolidated all their factions, and the people will have about as much chance as a peon in the jungle.

  2. If these liberals actually believed he’d be middle of the road.. they’re mindless twits. They’re getting what they deserve after bashing poor Trump all these yrs.. unfortunately we conservatives have nowhere to escape to. This is scaring me to death.

      1. you had best learn to reload you own, there is coming a time when you will not be able to purchase ammo unless you are one of the chosen few.

    1. They have more to fear than we do. I don’t see MY Marine Corps going libtard. There may be some libtard generals, but the REAL Generals will handle that.


  4. No matter how many people voted in the election, the powers that be were never going to see him inaugurated for a second term. Knowing they cheated, lied, and subverted the law to gain the presidency and the senate is the hardest part of this whole mess to take and to try and understand how it could happen here in our wonderful USA. There has to be an end to this nightmare scenario, at some point, but it will be tough to handle the desperation until that day arrives.

  5. Is only the beginning of millions of people who will come to realize, our Freedom & Rights were Fraudulently Stolen from We The People in the Election of 2020! What do we do People??? Do Nothing if you’re okay with a Police State of by the Government!!

    1. We can only hope that many Democratic voters are unhappy with what is happening and let their senators and representatives know that if they go along with this, they will be voted out of office.

    2. We all know it, but our best recourse, the so called supreme court, has but three real conservative constitutionalists, the rest are libtard pukes and need removal.


  7. “WHO’S” running the “SHOW”? It sure isn’t Biden. Ever “notice” WHO is left “out of the pictures” in the White House? “WE” STILL have zero “clue” “WHO” his commie “advisors” are.His nominees to various posts are “crazy” people with no “background” in “whatever” they are appointed to, & know ZIP!! So the “Dems” are IN POWER, & their “radical reforms” WILL soon come crashing down in front of them. “It’s” only a matter of “time” before “people” WAKE UP & “IT” begins to hit YOU in your pocketbook! In the meantime, “the moron” cannot even read off a teleprompter. As for a “Press” conference, it will be on CNN.

    1. I refer to MISTER Biden as the puppet, and whoever is running the show as his puppeteers pulling their socialist/communist strings! They tell him to sign on the dotted line and he does it — has no clue what he’s signing nor does he care!! They have the absurd red-head speaking for him and all we hear from her is “I’ll circle back,” and other non-commital responses! Most ridiculous and ludicrous play-acting I have ever witnessed in all my years! And despite the foreign countries loving it because they know they will have their way now that he’s there, I can’t imagine they aren’t laughing hilariously at him and the United States for this farcical administration!

  8. Dr. Wolf is one liberal who sees the writing on the wall and is calling Biddyboy out for his ignorant demands. Too bad more Democraps aren’t as intelligent as she is!

    What every state needs to do is create legislation that makes biddy’s legislation “Null and Void” in their state. Several states have already created that legislation to deal with Biden’s outrageous demands.

    When one of biddy’s own party is criticizing his actions, that’s a RED FLAG that maybe putting joe Biden in the Presidency is not such a smart thing to do? Yes, even the dems are sorry he is in there. SO WHO IS GOING TO REMOVE THAT OLD ANTIQUE FROM THE OVAL OFFICE? MAYBE DR. WOLF HAS SOME SUGGESTIONS?!?

  9. Biden wants to run Our Country like Richard Trumka runs the AFL-CIO his union. In other words we have traded a Trump for a Trumka. I much more prefer the former who was donating his salary to charity. Biden has milked the unions more than his son Hunter has milked our Countries adversaries. I want my Trump back.

  10. They keep taking away and squeezing our basic freedoms as the free American people they are going to have a “Second Civil War on their hands and they are going to lose badly”!!!The American people will only be crushed so far until they revolt!!! They are too “dumb and stupid to see it coming, so hang on to your guns, you are going to need them for protection!!!!!!!,,,,

  11. The fuse is lit…..He has a very sick control issue of power and finally after all these years he gets to show what he has been denied and made of..and America is in trouble..

  12. Well Dr. Wolf, what is it you didn’t get about Biden that everyone else knew would happen when he would become Predident ?

  13. Actually, NObama is joining Biden in his third term, and the puppeteers’ strong cords will be choking Biden as he tries to sic his dogs on them! Sad that his “Dr Jill” has let it go this far—follow the money to its source. Hunter no longer the hunted, so he gets a passs, along with broher Biden. When will his 6 weeks be up after seeing his shadow? Kamala is counting the days—

  14. Anybody that voted for a person with DEMENTIA for President of the United Statesis a complete IDIOT her/his self!!!

  15. Biden mistook his inauguration for a Coronation. He has been acting like a king ever since. It’s time to demand his abdication before he destroys the Republic. King Biden is ruling by executive order, laws be damned. .

  16. This maybe off the subject but I have not heard anyone bring it up. Texas..instead of so much money going to other countries help for ours should be FIRST. The whole state of Texas needs help so DC Just do it!!!

  17. Biden & Harris the reason why most AMERICAN vote for TRUMP, but American’s vote flip over by Corrupted Crooked Communist Socialist Pedophiles DEMOCRAT, I though SUPREME COURT will have the say on this matter BUT NO, they not even bother, in the ball game if you cheat you out, here they CHEAT THEY IN

  18. No one in their right mind would support what Biden is doing. They are talking about taking back the house and senate inthe next election…..what are they thinking… the computers will take over and the vote will mean nothing. If you don’t think we are in a police state just go visit the congress.

  19. bombastic biden is only the front man. The real presidents are the commie stink kumalot, sanders,and warren.They will kill all of you because they want your wealth,and it is the most efficient thing to do.


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