Where These Senators Stand on Biden’s OMB Nominee

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Biden’s choice to lead the Office of Management and Budget(OMB) has caused quite the stir. Neera Tanden is facing an uphill road to confirmation after previously making and deleting thousands of incendiary and disrespectful comments and tweets about current Republican and Democrat members of Congress. If confirmed to the position, Tanden will be forced to work with a bipartisan group of senators and her disparaging comments already put her at a considerable disadvantage to get meaningful work accomplished.

A number of senators have already announced their plan to oppose Tanden’s confirmation and now both committees have abruptly paused meetings where they planned to vote.

See how these senators plan to vote on Tanden’s confirmation:

  1. BUCK FIDEN ! He is NOT presidential material … just an old fool living on borrowed time ! A wasted use of oxygen and space on Planet Earth !

    1. Hi there Thomas, I couldn’t of said it better. Thank you very much. Sniffy Joe is CORRUPT. JO & Ho need to go away with the rest of the swamp.

    2. I agree 100%. Have you seen his Asst. Sec. of health candidate Rachel Levine?? First was it woman or man or trans of some sort?? She is a nut job and a perfect fit to the insane Biden cabal. I hope they do not approve this joke of a so called human.

      1. Amen Beverly! That Bucken Fiden is NOT my president either and never will be. President Trump won the election and it was taken from him by crooked courts judges and Communist led states who never went by their own voting laes!

    1. If only Biden were awake enough to realize how truly atrocious his choices are. I’m pretty
      sure his handlers didn’t care how bad his choices are they just gave them to him and told him to put his valueless name on them. Sign here, and you can go play some video games and take a nice long nap. Pathetic,.Hollywood’s best sitcom writers could never match this script… and our nation is being forced to live it out.

      1. With President Trump at the helm our lives were returning to predictability’s and normalcy. Jobs, lower taxes, businesses booming. Why would the American people vote that away… just give it away? This man made virus, lockdowns, joblessness and homelessness hit us hard. President Trump was trying to stir our country through these perilous times. Keep the Constitution and laws of the land.
        With Biden, Pandora’s box of monsters are attacking all that is good and righteous. These are not refugees crossing our borders looking for a better life. They are Iranians and Drug gangs from Oaxaca to further destroy our citizenry. Petitions and phone calls are old fashioned and time consuming but we have to start somewhere!!!

    2. All of them are FONs!!!! Especially the HHS that want to put our next generations of children on puberty blockers. These children will have reproductive health problems. So abortion and puberty blockers as population control. Who voted for such evil.? People your vote counts! Wake up American! FONs are “freaks of Nature!”

  2. I laughed when I read some of the names and their responses. The over-rated pretenders who believe they’re real power players, looking to scoop some bylines and score points with their constituents. ie. Markowski, Romney, Collins. We see these names over and over again. Losers.

  3. Way to go Joe the people of West Va. should be proud we finally have a guy with the guts to stand up to the mob on the other side of the aisle. Play do not support the Pork loaded Covid bill either. You are now the most powerful man in the world do not abuse it.

  4. Ever “notice” what a “great” bunch of “people” that this “nitwit” has assembled? NOBODY IS QUALIFIED & has NO EXPERIENCE in “whatever” field that “they” are appointed to. NOBODY “KNOWS” “WHAT” their job entails AND NOBODY has ANY credentials! ALL “they” know is that “they” deserve a POST, because they’re Biden supporters. Ever “notice” that the First Lady is a “babysitter” for him?Ever “notice” how Joe “walks”? Ever “notice” this “nobody’s home” look on his face? So “WHO’S” REALLY “running the SHOW”? It sure ain’t him AND the’re gonna keep him “UNDER WRAPS” as long as possible. So “WHERE’S” the State of the Union” address?SIMPLE. The man is incapable of “delivering” an ADDRESS, especially without a MASK! Let’s SEE Nancy “rip up” his ADDRESS, “if EVER”! his “handlers” LET him give one!



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