Former Trump Staffer is Running to Unseat Ousted GOP Rep. Kinzinger

Hudson Institute, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Catalina Lauf, a former Trump administration staffer announced her campaign to unseat GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger. Lauf, a 27-year-old from Illinois previously served as a top advisor to the United States Department of Commerce. Kinzinger has been the subject of disdain from the Republcian Party after he voted to impeach Trump on insurrection charges.

The Daily Caller reports:

“As President, Donald Trump lifted millions out of poverty, invested historically in our schools, hospitals, and communities, restored America’s status as the strongest nation on earth, and defended the right to life, our Second Amendment, our borders, and our faith,” Lauf’s statement read. “Almost 75 million Americans supported that America First Agenda – but it is clear now that Congressman Kinzinger is a closet liberal who would be better suited for a job as MSNBC or the Lincoln Project. Without question, he cannot be trusted to stand up for his constituents, for President Trump, or for our shared conservative values.”

“That’s why today, I am proud to announce my candidacy for United States Congress,” her statement continued. “Now more than ever, America needs true conservative leaders to oppose the radical agenda of Joe Biden and continue the legacy of President Trump – and as a former advisor to his Administration, I look forward to carrying that torch.”

“This wasn’t an easy decision, but Kinzinger has long proven he does not work in the best interest of the people in Northern Illinois who elected him. I grew up here. Being one of only a small group of Republicans voting for the 2nd impeachment of President Trump is just one of many instances of how out of touch he is with his constituents,” Lauf said in a statement to The Daily Caller regarding her decision to run.

“Illinoisans, frankly, Americans all across the board are tired of politicians who go to Washington and forget the people who believed in them enough to send them there to be their voice. Until term limits pass, it’s now more than ever important we hold them accountable in the electoral process, and the only way to do that is by challenging them sometimes in our own Party.”

  1. Alas. There may never be another real election. If there is, it will be because democrats permit it, which they will never do if they aren’t assured of winning. Then of course, she can run, but will lose. This assessment sounds dire. But, just watch!

  2. Doesn’t stand a snow ball’s chance in hell! Fair and free elections are a thing of the past. Also gone is the Supremes. Except for a few, the justices are all in the tank for the socialists.

  3. Election rules and laws were ignored in my state for sure; then these same legislators would not meet to effectively remedy this. Our state supreme court and the US supreme court just refused to even hear and honor the many affidavits, signed by the appointed poll watchers. We must do better in 22

  4. Take-out this frickking RINO..,these a-holes go to the swamp, to represent ‘lobbyist, corporations & special-interest.


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