Top Trump Admin Covid Task Force Official Blasts Biden for Taking Credit for Trump Accomplishments

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Assistant Secretary for Health Adm. Brett Giroir, M.D has had enough of the Biden administration’s lies. Giroir helped lead the Trump administration’s testing efforts and is now blasting Biden and the media for falsely claiming he Trump did not have a vaccine distribution plan. Since being sworn into the White House, Biden has had the audacity to falsely claim the Trump administration did not have a plan to ramp up vaccine supplies, and to nobody’s surprise, the media rallied around the false claims.

Giroir responded directly to claims from Biden’s Covid-19 coordinator Jeff Zients made during an interview with “60 Minutes”.

According to The Daily Wire:

“The bad news is there really was no plan to ramp up the supply of those vaccines,” Zients claimed. “So there wasn’t enough vaccine. There were not enough vaccinators, people to actually take vaccine and turn it into vaccinations by putting needles into arms. And then third, there just were not enough places for people to get vaccinated. There was no comprehensive plan or strategy when we came into office.”

“It seems that @Twitter is censoring my tweets because I am calling out the continuing lies on @60Minutes that Trump had no vaccine plan,” Giroir responded on Twitter. “Fact is, current supply and ramp up are 99% due to Trump’s #OperationWarpSpeed, including the pharmacy and #healthcenter roll-outs.”

“And ‘Trump’s mess and non-existent’ vaccine plan had already achieved a rate of #COVIDVaccination to achieve #Biden goal of 100 million doss in 100 days when Biden inaugurated,” Giroir continued. “I[n] fact, #OperationWarpSpeed would have had to slow down to meet that new goal!”

Giroir’s remarks are factually accurate according to Bloomberg News, which reported in January that the Trump administration had gone over a million shots a day by the end of his administration.

This isn’t the first time the Biden administration has attempted to downplay the accomplishments of the Trump administration or take credit. Recently, and Associated Press reports called out Biden for attempting to take credit for the progress Trump made in regards to companies involving the Russia-backed pipeline Nord Stream 2. [Related: Reporter Accuses Biden Admin of Taking Credit for Trump Accomplishments]


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