Pompeo Won’t Rule Out Challenging Trump in 2024

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo isn’t saying no to making a run for the White House in 2024. During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Pompeo said “he’s always up for a good fight.”

Watch Pompeo hint at a presidential run HERE!

[jwplayer 4YZe3DPj-lzmB6GEw]

The Hill reports:

“I’m always up for a good fight,” Pompeo said. “I care deeply about America. You and I have been a part of the conservative movement for an awfully long time now. I aim to keep at it.”

“I’ll take that as a strong maybe,” Hannity added, to which Pompeo replied: “That’s perfect.”

Pompeo also lashed out at President Biden’s foreign policy priorities, accusing the new administration of taking on a “blame America first pattern.”

The former secretary of State warned that China presents “the most sustained threat to our fundamental way of life,” urging the administration to “take that threat most seriously.”

Would you vote for Pompeo in 2024 if Trump doesn’t make another run? Tell us in the comments below!

          1. Where did you get that idea? Mike pence is a loyal man with integrity, humility and a fine Christian man. Trump got Mike Pence between a rock and a hard place. He had to be loyal to the President even when it went against his principles. I give him all the credit in the world for putting up with the President. I myself a Christian over looked so many things Trump said and did only because of the America First policy. He was and still is the best President US has had. His Policies that is he is a flawed individual.With good Policy IMO

    1. the question that was asked if Trump decided not to run in 2024 would you consider getting in that race?

    2. Trump is neither young nor in good shape.
      Who should he desigante as his heir apparent?
      Does he dare?
      Biden dared.

      1. Oh come on, President Trump is in a heck of alot better shape than Biden, mentally and physically, nobody could have stood up to the grueling travel during the campaigns that Trump did, especially Biden, and besides that Biden’s mind is really severely affected by dementia.

    3. 🍐Pompeo will not challenge Pres Trump in 2024, he is smarter than to face an impossible task. If Trump does not run in 2024. Pompeo would be the leading candidate and very electable.

      1. First in his class at both West Point and Harvard, and also an impeccable record in public service. Who in their right mind would not vote for him?

    4. This Heading is FAKE NEWS. He was asked if Trump DID NOT run in 2024, would he consider it? He never said anything about challenging Trump.

      1. Mike Pence is not a traitor. He could NOT do what President Trump wanted him to do. It would be Unconstitutional. Pence was loyal to Trump and never compromised his Faith,or Principals. Read your Constitution.

  1. Hope he reconsiders. President Trump will win again in 2024 if they do not allow mail-in voting. Every sane person knows that Trump won in 2020 and the sleazy Democrat political party cheated with phony mail-in ballots.

    1. This Heading is FAKE NEWS. He was asked if Trump DID NOT run in 2024, would he consider it? He never said anything about challenging Trump.

    1. Obama the dicktaster is telling moron Joe what to do. No one can tell the MORON what to say as it is an empty perverted shell. Obama the communist lover is pulling the strings of the demoncrat party.

      1. Nothing to say make it gay.
        Did you retire from the all male Marines?
        Do you still have fond memories of the gang showers, all sleeping sooo close to each other.
        Gay talk is such fun.
        It is what real tough guy xmarines do.

      2. I love gay talk! Ever see the picture of Barack playing basketball without his shirt? So hot! 😗

  2. You cut the part where Hannity said “If Trump decides not to run” He DID NOT say he would challenge Trump.

    1. They have to be teaching how to misconstrue EVERYTHING you report in American “journalism” schools!!!

      1. Trump is fine no worries better worry about corrupt democrats notice how many are being arrested. Oh yea you watch cnn they dont show you braindead fools that. Trump is always steps ahead of demorTs never going to get him

        1. We have to start using the Democrats Play-Book if we Conservatives want to win the White House ever. They out smarted us somewhat.

  3. Boy, I would hate to see Trump and Pompeo go against each other. They have a perfect relationship now and I would hate to see that messed up. He should wait until 2028. I hope he does because I would love to see Trump again in 2024 and I would love seeing pompeo in 2028. He would be a fantastic president. First tho, Trump really needs to be able to finish what he started.

    1. Pompeo has no plans of running against Trump. My picks for VP is as follows
      General Mike Flynn
      Richard Grenell
      Mike Pompeo…anyone of the 3 would make a fantastic VP, but Mike Flynn would really have dems and the deep state pooping in their pants.

      1. Mike Flynn is a convicted felon
        A Presidential pardon does not erase that.
        A convicted felon can not be Vice President.

      2. I hope Rick Grenell is going to challenge the idiot Newsome in my state of Ca. These democrats have practically destroyed our state for the last 5 decades.

    2. Like Pence Pompeo’s relationship with Trump is on his knees right up close behind him, downwind.

  4. I would support Mike Pompeo in 2024. He was a loyal ally of the President during
    his tenure as CIA Director and as Secretary of State and would be an excellent choice
    to carry on Trump’s MAGA goals and objectives. He already knows where many od
    the swamp rats reside in the Intelligence , Justice and State Department and could easily continue President Trump’s swamp draining efforts.


  5. Should President Trump run, then that’s it. If not, Pompeo could be a good candidate. What might be better is a Trump/Pompeo ticket, leaving 2028 open for a Pompeo bid. Sounds good to me. Anyone not supporting President Trump need not apply!!

  6. Something tells me this Pompeo for President is nothing more than a precursor to him being put on the ticket with DJT as VP. I have read that DJT is giving strong consideration to Mike for VP should he run again in 2024. Then if Trump doesn’t run Mike will be set and ready for DJT to support him! Pompeo is a brillant mind and hopefully would be conservative enough to suit us. It is vital fot the sake of America and the Constitution that true conservatives gain controll back in all three branches of government!

  7. Yes, I would support Pompeo if Trump doesn’t run. If Trump runs, Pompeo would make a wonderful choice for VP.

  8. I would wait to see the pulse of the people.
    Back in 2016 I was a Cruz supporter. Then it became clear President Trump was running away with it. Then I got on the Trump train. Haha
    Maybe he could be VP?

  9. If TRUMP doesn’t run, I’ll definitely support him. We need TRUMP back in the White House as soon as possible. I would love to see TRUMP Pampeo ticket, then Pampeo run 2028.

  10. If Pompeo ran against Trump, it could really divide the party. I would vote for Pompeo if Trump did not run and have said this from day one. But in this case, I think a Trump/Pompeo ticket would be unbeatable. You might not like Trump but would like Pompeo. It would be a good pairing. He’s already got the foreign stuff down pat and Trump could send him anywhere in the world where he is already known and respected and knows his stuff. Am hoping we don’t have to wait until 2024.

    1. I wonder what will be left of our country with the evil duo Biden/Harris after 4 years. China is really in charge with Obama the henchman and Biden is the marionette.

  11. LOVE Mike Pompeo. He’s a “true” Trumpster! The MAN has a brain, can certainly, “THINK”, “ACT” & relay relevant info. As for PRES.?, I “think” not.

  12. That would be a fool’s errand. If President Trump decides to run again, he will win the nomination without breaking a sweat

  13. Yes, I look forward to some positive, intelligent thinking Republicans to run for President in 2024. I’m sick and tired of Trump’s arrogant attitude and the chaos he creates He acts as if he is King Trump. We already have our God and it isn’t Trump!

  14. I say no Pompe you do better now at the job you had I would say yes after Trump is done but not now please

  15. If President Trump decides not to run in 2024, Pompeo would be a good choice! I don’t think he’d run against President Trump, maybe a Trump/Pompeo ticket would be more like it in 2024.

  16. If Trump doesn’t run Pompeo’s earned the right with his 4yr hugely significent foreign polucy record under Trump to run tho De Santis has more personal Conservative governing experience = they could team up…
    If Trump doesn’t run and whichever Trump endorses would be top man.

  17. I, and many others felt very safe with President Trump. Now we have Obiden pissing off other country’s, and he is bombing other country’s. We don’t feel safe with Obama .3 on steroids. Not at all.

  18. This Heading is FAKE NEWS. He was asked if Trump DID NOT run in 2024, would he consider it? He never said anything about challenging Trump.

  19. I wonder if President Trump will want the job, and the total ridiculous chaos that is caused unnecessarily by the Democrats. The elites, tech companies, politicians, and other corporations have been trying to change America for years. Now we have an illegal invasion going on because the elites and the politicians want cheap labor. They put illegal aliens before Americans, and people are seeing that.

  20. Nope, would not but I may if he is nominated as I would not want another Demoncrat Oval Office!!!

  21. I would vote for Pompeo if Trump doesn’t run hands down I like his style of no BS and he’s not afraid to say it.


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