DHS Chief Requests Help at the Border Amid ‘Overwhelming Surge’

One week after Biden’s Homeland security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas denied there is a crisis facing our southern border he asked for volunteers to help with the “overwhelming” surge of migrants. On Monday, Mayorkas requested DHS staff to volunteer, a measure that was also used in 2019 during the Trump administration amidst a border crisis in the spring and summer.

Republican and Democrat lawmakers have pleased for the Biden administration to address the growing immigration crisis facing our borders yet the administration has mostly attempted to sweep it under the rug.

Fox News reports:

“Today, I activated the Volunteer Force to support Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as they face a surge in migration along the Southwest Border,” Mayorkas said in an email to staff, seen by Fox News.

“You have likely seen the news about the overwhelming numbers of migrants seeking access to this country along the Southwest Border,” he said. “President Biden and I are committed to ensuring our Nation has a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system while continuing to balance all of the other critical DHS missions.”

“In 2019, over 900 volunteers deployed to support their CBP colleagues during a similar migration surge,” Mayorkas said. “Please consider joining the Volunteer Force to again provide needed humanitarian support along the Southwest Border and relief for our CBP colleagues.”

It is the latest sign that the administration is gearing up for a migrant crisis similar to that the country faced in 2019, which saw more than 140,000 apprehensions a month at its peak. Border numbers for February will be announced later this week and are expected to show a significant increase over January.

Since taking office, Biden has rolled back a number of Trump-era immigration policies which helped to substantially curb immigration rates. Now, Biden has allowed immigrations to flood our border in the midst of a pandemic.

  1. DHS Chief is absolutely within his rights – his job is to ‘keep America safe’. This wide-open borders rule is pure insanity: Covid-19, along with many other problems (money, food, clothing, and shelter), ARE JUST FLAT OUT WRONG!!

    1. There would be no crisis at the border if it were not for Democrat hatred for DJT! All Dems have on their mind is undoing every single thing DJT did for America!
      It could not be clearer that Dems don’t care about the American people, not even people in their own party! Everything they do is for political reasons…..the people can go to hell! It is more important to the Dems to be globalists and a part of the NWO so they can move America into the one world government movement! They are disgusting and will live to regret what they are doing to America!

      1. They can’t let go that a hughly successful business man bested them in campaigning, and in every facet of the Presidential job. I will admit that their constant rabid effort to resist Trump and undue what he accomplished for the citizens of America is the hardest we’ve seen Democrats work in decade. They never put forth this level of effort for the People.

      2. The election was stollen so the globalists could get their One World Government. A nation without borders is not a nation, it becomes a lawless, unsafe, crime ridden state. The regrets of this kind of policy will never leave this country, it will affect generations of Americans who will not see the freedom or opportunities their ancestors had.

      3. Well, maybe if they s##t on their own party long enough they will get tired of cleaning the s##t off themselves and change parties and all will backfire on Soros and his freaking OWO 🤮🤮

    2. I appreciate and respect and THANK the DHS Chief for making it known that this president and administration knows NOT the security and safety issues they’re creating along our borders with this vengeful and baseless effort to flood OUR COUNTRY with Illegals! Again, they think it’s in THEIR BEST INTERESTS POLITICALLY to jeopardize the security and safety of our nation, and especially that of the state of TEXAS!!!

  2. If Biden would not have Cheated on the Election there would be no problem! and Trump’s Fence was working , America deserves honest elections , No Chinese involvment

    1. Precisely, The Trump Border policies would still be in place and the Border patrol overwhelmingly supported his America first policies, and were able to enforce the laws and do their jobs. People are angry that their lives and families are now going to be in more danger than ever before.

    2. Have you ever heard of an election where CATHOLICS were there and it was not fixed… Catholics can vote after being dead a hundred years.

  3. What is happening in the countries that Biden has chosen for any and all people to move to is a serious mistake! People can’t just move from country to country at will! They must make the proper arrangements or stay in the country in which they are living! Biden is totally wrong to allow these so called migrants to move to wherever they choose but I would suggest that he bring all those that want to leave their country of origin to his home, where he can take care of them! Otherwise, he must stay out of that particular business!

    1. Visit Ellis Island, where people were divided into two groups
      1) healthy continue the process to become citizens, learn our laws, learn our language, take written test and pass it before becoming a citizen
      The other group were sick and divided into 2 groups 1) treatable diseases 2) not treatable diseases they were quarantined, those that lived were examined again to help them or protect the USA citizens, many died due to health issues
      Today it is presidents and courts after the immigrants are in this nation for years
      DUMB, we are forced to wear masks etc, they are treated like royalty, while your and my tax dollars pay the bill – someone forgot many in America are broke
      Soon this nation will be bankrupt

  4. Well DUH. Tried to tell him. It was a platform Biden ran on, he said he would do it and people voted for him anyway. You live you learn. This is going to be a hard lesson.

    1. There are 22 million who voted that cannot be attached to any registered voters. I’m pretty sure this is a real indication that a majority did not vote for Biden. That alone ought to disqualify and void the election. Run it again of just arrest the entire bunch of usurpers. Either way Trump is our president and never Biden.

      1. Biden is an incompetent CATHOLIC idiot. And he was two minutes ago too!
        Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and the borders will never be secured.

    1. Correct! They look at it as a voter block beholden to them for letting them in. I say the administration failed in their duty to protect Americans first, they should all be impeached and on trial.

        1. Biden is an incompetent CATHOLIC idiot. And he was two minutes ago too!
          Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and the borders will never be secured.

  5. Biden told us he wasn’t going to put America first, it’s clear now his illegals come first, even when infected with the COVID virus. Thanks Biden. Now the Dems will have more excuses to keep us locked down for months/years more. Another atrocious, dangerous, unAmerican move. 😡

    1. I would love to see bus loads of these immigrants dropped off at Creepy Joes house and
      also at the White House and Pewlosis house and the Capital building and see how that stupid creep will like his open border policy. Might as well take a bunch of them to the
      ring leaders house (obama) also.

          1. Crazy Nancy is a, cooked CATHOLIC two faced Demosh*t snob! Biden is an incompetent CATHOLIC idiot. And he was two minutes ago too!
            Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and the borders will never be secured.

          1. Nah, Nancy is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR……Crazy Nancy is a, cooked CATHOLIC two faced Demosh*t snob! Biden is an incompetent CATHOLIC idiot. And he was two minutes ago too!
            Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and the borders will never be secured.

  6. That idiot that is pretending to be a president has no idea what he is doing. He takes his orders from the people who are trying to make the United States into a socialist country, obama, soros, bill gates and several more.I can’t believe this is happening and if we don’t
    get involved soon it will be to late and we will have lost our freedoms.

    1. I really can;t take much more of this guy he is a complete idiot. all of his decisions are a complete disaster for USA.

          1. All the crazy CATHOLLICS voted for him….Catholics are Catholics NOT Americans.
            The only difference between Muslim and CATHOLIC “C” is the continent they destroy.
            R and D mean nothing.
            A third of all politicians are CATHOLIC “C” traitors.
            Half the “C” traitors call themselves r, half d, all are traitors. NOT Americans.
            Throughout history, all military and all other means of defense have been used to defend a nation. The reason for no defense is that a third of all elected are “C” traitors and keeping the borders open.
            They are ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC “C” INVADERS. Vote for ANY “C” and you vote for a traitor.

  7. President Stolen is just as responsible as Cuomo if Wuhan virus kills more Americans due to illegal crossings of infected aliens.


  9. Mayorkas should step down since it is obvious he can’t recognize a crisis when one confronts him!

  10. In the name of Sweeet Jesus did they expect to happen? Folks, this Biden administration is trying their dead level best to destroy America. May the Good Lord help us that try to do the right thing.

    1. Democrats said they were going to fundamentally change our country. The Total Destruction of America appears to be their idea of change. Then they say they’ll build it back better. Their first step in building back is to put up fences around the capitol with razor wire. So I’m thinking they want to build us back a huge third world country. From the executive orders Biden is signing the next step is to send congress home, do away with the constitution and have a dictator instead of a president.

  11. I have had it with do nothing politicians. According to the Constitution a Militia is noted. states should develop a Militia as composed of people injured by illegals to aid the border Patrol and catch and send back should be the State directive. It would help if the idiots actually read the constitution to which they took an oath. The governors have the power, they have the responsibility.

  12. If I invite them, they will come!! Duh!! What a revelation. This is an admission that Biden’s policies are a disaster and that what is needed is exactly what President Trump did to resolve the problem of illegal alien entry after the 8 LONG years of Obama-Biden disaster. Now Biden is repeating that disaster again.


    We know who you are dementeds and we are watching you like a hawk, waiting for the right opportunity to strike– just like what YOU DID TO OUR NATION AND OUR RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT! YOUR TIME FOR JUDGEMENT IS COMING…you better hope it is man’s judgment, because God’s judgment will be much harsher! It’s coming…

  14. The Governor of Texas took the border crisis into his own hands because Texas has the biggest migration area of any state. He ordered his National guard, ICE, Police, etc to guard our border there so not even one illegal can get into Texas without being stopped, tested for Covid (100’s are infected with Covid) and then those illegals (infected or not) are forced back into Mexico. America has mega issues with Covid and we do not need any more Covid infected people bringing different strains of it into our Country!

    Now if we can get Arizona and California to do the same, our Nation would be good! Oh, Texas is passing legislation to FINISH BUILDING THE BORDER WALL ALONG THEIR STATE! That should pass with flying colors and Texas will once again be a secure state — Thanks to the Texas Governor! Hats off to him!


  16. Time to swallow your pride and reinstate President Trump’s immigration policies!!
    You are destroying the USA!

  17. CHEATER Joe Biden’s mind is gone completely and he now is “living in a FANTASY LIBERAL DREAM WORLD instead of the REAL WORLD that we, the American people, live in our lives today”!!!! Is it time for your “coup” CHEATER criminal Democrat Communist Party Mob leadership”????? Like their new true political party name???????

  18. Don’t wait for Biddyboy to help or secure your state, he is mentally incapable of doing that. Whoever he is listening to is telling him things to destroy our Nation, NOT HELP US! BIDDY WILL CHOOSE ILLEGALS OVER HIS OWN AMERICAN CITIZENS!

    If you live in a border state and these illegals are bringing infected people to re-infect you and your loved ones, I suggest you do whatever is necessary to protect your borders– especially if your Governor is weak and refuses to protect his people. Form Militias, Citizen patrols on Horseback, offroad vehicles, but monitor the fenced border areas so not one illegal can bring that nasty disease back into our country and re-infect us all again!


  19. Shut the border, screen those who came inside for crimes, and test them all for the virus. Then you can let the few people left into our country.

  20. This is just the beginning of America’s ruination. Clearly, it could be the worst and last if the people had a choice. Since the democrats hope for the worst, perhaps it’s time the U.S. learned a hard lesson.

  21. Spring is just around the corner and time for sleepy Joe to wake up and start foraging for brains!

  22. I’d love to go down there and volunteer! But somehow I don’t think they’ll like what services I would be willing to offer!

  23. So, Uncle Joe has dusted out Obama’s “Kid’s Cages.” Come on where is the media outrage. The whole of the Democratic Party should be “up in arms” pver this. What about the babies being ripped from their Mother’s arms. We should be able to hear the crying leftist crying and howls just by walking outside. They still bay at the moon don’t they?

  24. The rumor started that Biden Administration opened borders( exactly as planned to fit pandemic agenda) to get voters. NO!! (1) It’s all about the children they pretend to care about, therefore opening flood gates for child trafficking (2) The pandemic was so close to exposing their true Socialist lockdowns,states are opening up with NO MASKS!! Back to control, knowing illegals had high percentage of testing positive or carrying Covid fits into their Lockdown agenda since variants didn’t work. People are waking up to Swamp’s lies calling them out for bringing in more Covid!!!

  25. They need razorwire around DC to protect the Dems from real Americans while they pass legislation destroying America.

  26. In his frenzied hatred to deny and reverse all-things-Trump, Mr Biden has become a loose cannon, in effect promising warm reception to hundreds or even thousands of unvetted immigrants at the border. Did he stop to count the cost, whether infrastructural, criminological, legal or epidemiological? NOOOOOOOO! He is non compos mentis. This is legalese for ‘not in his right mind.’


  28. What sane person doesn’t know that when you kill the deals Trump made to secure the border, stop building the wall, tell illegal aliens they will get Covid checks and give an invitation to illegal aliens to come one come all that the border would be flooded with illegal aliens with diseases, criminal illegal aliens and drugs. The administration appears to be run by idiots and morons or worse.

  29. Why should civilians volunteer to do what the government is supposed to do? They want to spend 50 billion dollars on killing babies for Planned Parenthood, but could put that money to use by finishing the border wall. Those illegal immigrants are not exactly the ones we need here…mostly uneducated and unable to work except at manual labor. However, we would then have to house them, feed them, educate them, give them healthcare…all the while so many of our own people are ill-equipped to provide more than a substance of living, due to age, illness, etc. Biden’s already taken away thousands upon thousands of jobs by shutting down the pipeline from Canada, while the materials just sit there waiting to be used to finish it. Talk about idiocy! The Dems have it in spades, but I probably can’t say that or I’ll be accused of racism or something.

    My hope would be to open the pipeline because hauling oil from Canada would be costly…dangerous, and more expensive. Not only because of the damage to air quality from all those trucks, but damage to the roads, infrastructure and higher taxes to keep the roads in shape. I could go on…someone has already posted a notice about the actual cost of shutting down the pipeline, so if you have a chance to look it up, do so. You will be shocked! All this monkey business is due to an election that was run poorly, allowing truckloads of votes after the original votes were counted that proved Trump was the president elect, and that days later the illegal votes were counted all in favor of Biden, that creepy, brain-damaged man who can’t hold a conversation and has to be kept out of site while the democrats do their dirty work outside the view of the rest of the country. Remember, when you vote next, vote them (Dems) out!

  30. The left wants the states systems to collapse from the overload of illegals, the high cost of taking care of them, feeding them, giving them shelter, food, and even putting them in schools. The border patrol is occupied being wet nurses, while the drug cartels are sneaking through unguarded, unwatched areas of the borders. This is totally illegal, and the states should start suing the Federal Government for this kind of endangerment to American citizens. The Blue states who want this situation should be forced to take all the illegals, including the Eastern states that are so liberal and seem not to care if parts of the country are overloaded, but not their states.

  31. There would be no problem if there was no border! Remove all borders, let everybody walk in.

  32. Wasn’t DHS created after 9/11 to help protect our country from invasions and protect our citizens and yet now it is being used to allow invasions and not protect our citizens. Why is this agency still in existence when it no longer protects our citizens but illegals and criminals invading our country? It is time Congress wakes up and get our nation back in order before we are down the tubs!!!

  33. The so-called Commander in Chief (I prefer ImPOTUS), is completely incapable of understanding the situation due to his rapidly pressing dementia.

    American children are kept out of school because of the r=fear that the politicians have instilled in the population and they will be deficit as far as their education, for the most part.

    Adults have also been scared by the “health” professionals warnings about how Covid won a disease that kills less than 1% of those with no other health issues.

    But, this same idiot ImPOTUS lets in people – we don’t know what diseases they may carry, why they want to come to America (drug cartels, free health care, housing, or terrorist intent), and with no regard to the harm that they may do to American Citizens.

    So who does he care about?

    Not you – that’s a fact!

  34. Well, guess what – the DHS chief will either be fired or will somehow mysteriously disappear – HOW DARE HIM, after all no one can go against the great intellect of know-it-all basement dweller bidentime(sarc)!!!!!!

  35. R and D mean nothing. .. ..The smoke screen continues and continues. They are ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS….
    Political correct will get us all killed. they are ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC “C” INVADERS. Know who the enemy really is… Half call themselves r, half d. CATHOLIC “C” traitors have run the USA since 1956. Proof: There is not one American on the SCOTUS! Almost all on SCOTUS are CATHOLIC “C” traitors! ALL CATHOLICS are failed forever traitors. Hitlery was in bed with the CATHOLIC “C” traitors. The only difference between Muslim and CATHOLIC “C” is the continent they destroy. Trump was the first AMERICAN elected as pres. since 1960! . The only difference between Muslim and CATHOLIC “C” is the continent they destroy … The clear and imminent danger to the USA is here and now!………R and D mean nothing…….CATHOLICS want the INVASION, CONQUEST, SUBJUGATION, THEN ELIMINATION TO CONTINUE. ….. Look south of the USA. This has been the plan for a thousand years….. Know who the real enemy is. … Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and you vote for a traitor. and the invasion will never stop.

  36. Biden is CATHOLIC…There are two sides to a coin, heads tails. You cannot have it both ways. There is the USA, OR there is the VATICAN . You cannot have it both ways. There is the Constitution, OR there is the bi-babble. You cannot have it two ways. One will always be ‘superior’. Catholics have made their choice. There is science, OR there is the bi-babble. You cannot have it both ways. Treason it is. The bi-babble has been proven to be a fairy tale of madness many times. (If you want some of the proof just let me know, you can attempt to refute if you want to.)

    Yes, there is free speech. When Catholics get control, it is gone. Look south of the USA for proof. Hey Catholics, how about walking across my pond and we can have a nice little chat.

  37. There are supposedly “two” parties, R and D.
    There is a third party, and it is of equal numbers to the Rs and Ds, and it is the C party.
    Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and you vote for a traitor.
    Vote for ANY “C” and you vote for the USA to be just one more total failure, just as every CATHOLIC “C” nation on earth is a total failure. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and the borders will never be secured.


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