Actor Matthew McConaughey Considering Run for Office

Matthew McConaughey and Scott Rice host conversation with film director and screenwriter Jeff Nichols on October 1, 2019 for Scipt to Screen.

Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is considering a run for political office.

On The Balanced Voice podcast, the host Rania Mankarious implied that the people of Texas would be “very happy” if McConaughey were to run for governor.

McConaughey surprised her by responding, “it’s a true consideration.”

“I do think I have some things to teach and share, and what is my role? What’s my category in the next chapter of life that I’m going into,” he continued.


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Texas Governor Greg Abbott could seek his third-term next year as Texas is one of 14 states which has no term limits.

If McConaughey were to challenge Abbott it’s unclear whether he’d do it as a Republican or Democrat, but past comments suggest he’d do it as a Republican.

McConaughey, who’s appeared on right-leaning programs — such as the Hugh Hewitt Show– has been critical of the left.

“There’s a lot on that illiberal Left that absolutely condescend, patronize, and arrogant toward that other 50 percent. In [Hollywood, when Trump was voted in four years ago, they were in denial that it was real,” McConaughey said on Under the Skin podcast back in December.

Shortly after Trump’s inauguration, McConaughey encouraged America to unite behind Trump.

“He’s our president now, we must embrace, shake hands and be constructive with him,” he said.

If McConaughey, 51, were to seek the Governorship, he’d be following in the footsteps of other actors who made the leap into elected office including former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, former Carmel Mayor Clint Eastwood, and former President and California Governor Ronald Reagan.

  1. I’ll vote for him. I’ve heard him speak, and I’ve read his praise about Trump. I think they have the same mindset about our government. Go, Matthew!

    1. Have you paid attention to what Abbot has done and only reversed himself when the opposition got tough. Go with the wind Abbot

      1. Yes, we have paid attention to what Governor Abbott is doing. He get’s pretty good overall grade from most of us.

    2. Governor Abbott wants to deplatform and cancel out the social media site GAB, for alleged antisemitism, even though many Jewish Gab users have said his claims are BS. Is this what you mean by “ain’t broke”? Seems like a wolf in sheep’s clothing to me.

    1. What was Reagan’s management experience before becoming Governor of CA? Probably comparable to McConaughy’s, or most likely knowing those times, even less. Reagan turned out pretty well, maybe it is better to find out what he stands for before making a knee-jerk decision.

  2. I’m from N.J. & I’d “stick” with Abbot. At least I “KNOW” where he’s coming from, what he’s trying to do for Texas amid the lousy weather, no water & no electric. SOMEHOW I would have thought with the “ENRON SCANDAL”, this “energy state” would have figured all of this out BEFORE this “fiasco’. I “think” there’s GOT to be a “connection” to California in this mess.Enron was California dependent on this Texas grid & those people got “screwed” BIG TIME! I didn’t buy Enron stock because I “thought” something was rotten in Denmark.Turned out that the whole company was nothing but a SCAM & “then” I could @ least go with Investors Business Daily for CREDIBLE stock news.I’d say stick with Abbot. Hopefully he’ll get to the bottom of this .

    1. Abbott has been Governor for a long time, yet the electric grid was not up to acceptable standards. It’s not like it wasn’t known that there were problems. Abbott failed on this issue, and is accountable for the non-compliance by the industry due to Abbott’s administration not doing adequate follow up.

  3. Texas has a good Governor 👍… come to California we need you ! They are all socialist in Sacramento!! Please.

  4. I would vote for him in a Cincinnati second. I like Governor Abbott but he has been in “Political Office” since 2002 and THAT IS LONG ENOUGH. We don’t need and we don’t want LIFETIME POLITICIANS. They should serve their elected term and then go get a REAL JOB.

    We need TERM LIMITS badly in our country. Lifetime politicians are the biggest problem we have in this country. The longer they are in office THE MORE CORRUPT THEY BECOME. The Founding Fathers couldn’t even imagine somebody making the political office a career. If they thought this would happen they would have put term limits in the Constitution.

    1. Casey, I can So relate to your comments! I’m a Californian and I am sick to death of these corrupt lifetime politicians changing and winning new jobs every four years! Term limits are the solution to these career politicians! I am SO impressed by the Founding Fathers’ foresight, intuition and ideals which have guided the USA for over 200 years!

  5. I’ve heard from a friend in Dallas that Col. Allen West was considering running for governor too. Don’t know that it’s true, but if so, I’d say he would be a good candidate to consider. I’d probably go with him over McConaughey. Abbott has been good, but a little wishy washy at times. He does have a fairly good record and I’d consider him probably at the top of my list unless I saw or heard something to the contrary before the primary.

  6. I can’t vote in TX, but they’re a neighbor to NM.
    I like McConaughey as an actor, but I like tried and true like Governor Abbot as well.
    As the REAL President would say “Let’s wait and see.”

  7. “Celebrity”, objectively, means NOTHING when it comes to leadership or in the exercise of political power, but it means everything in the quest for office. I like McConaughey alright (alright, alright, alright) as an actor. I think his Lincoln commercials are weird. I have NO idea of his politics, but I am hugely satisfied with Governor Abbott’s performance to date and believe he deserves yet further terms. Let McConaughey declare his positions and we can judge him. Until then, he’s just a name with name recognition and that ought not to excite anyone. After an empty suit like Biden, we need to know whether or not the people we vote for have any substance.

  8. Get you feet wet in Congress, maybe even at the State level. I am not sure we have seen any managerial experience in your resume.



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