Mexico ‘Worried’ Biden ‘Stoking Illegal Immigration,’ Incentivizing Cartels

President Biden can’t keep pretending he hasn’t caused an immigration crisis at the border. Now, even Mexico’s  President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is even voicing his concerns over the catastrophe saying Biden’s relaxed policies are “stoking illegal immigration” and giving business to the country’s extremely dangerous drug cartels.

Reuters recently reported Mexico is “worried the new U.S. administration’s asylum policies are stoking illegal immigration and creating business for organized crime.”

The Daily Wire reports:

“They see him as the migrant president, and so many feel they’re going to reach the United States,” Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said of Biden. “We need to work together to regulate the flow, because this business can’t be tackled from one day to the next.”

U.S. policies that Mexican officials believe is driving the criminal activity include “support for victims of gangs and violence, streamlining of the legalization process, and suspension of Trump-era accords that deported people to Central America.”

The Mexican cartels changed their modus operandi “from the day Biden took office” and are now showing “unprecedented” levels of sophistication in their criminal activity, which includes “briefing clients on the latest immigration rules, using technology to outfox authorities, and disguising smuggling operations as travel agencies.” The smugglers communicate with the migrants on numerous social media channels to update them on “impending checkpoints, when freight trains they can jump on pass, where to stay and how to navigate immigration laws.”

The smugglers are telling the migrants to go to their local authorities and make complaints that they have been the victims of crime that way they can apply for asylum in the U.S. and the migrants are being told to bring children so it is easier for them to apply for asylum.

The recent tidal wave of immigrants has already begun to overwhelm the Department of Homeland Security. This week DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas requested additional DHS volunteers to help with the crisis.

  1. 19% of the population of prisons is ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS.

    A new study examining the economic toll of mass incarceration in the United States concludes that the full cost exceeds $1 trillion ― With 19% OF THE COST BEING ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS, 19 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR IS SPENT ON THE ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS FOR PRISON ALONE! The USA can save 19 BILLION dollars per year by building the fence and keeping the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS out! VOTE FOR ANY CATHOLIC AND YOU VOTE FOR A TRAITOR.

    1. Finally someone else speaking up about the low life Catholic SCUM of the EARTH! People need to read the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer a look at the Catholic Church in his time and realize that Jesus was killed by saying that the Catholic religion was a faith and not a true religion, They show the cross with a fake body to shame jesus for what they have done to him! They are the most retarded group of individuals on planet earth! They worship Mary more than they do Jesus and he is the only way into heaven, Mary was just a body God used to deliver Jesus!

      1. Bret, the Catholic faith or religion did NOT exist nor did Christianity for several hundred years after Jesus lived. There is no way Jesus could have commented anything about a religion that didn’t exist!

    2. The DEVIL is upon you Finnell. He has taken over your mind and Soul. You DO NOT WANT TO HELP ANYONE AND ARE DISGRACING YOURSELF BEFORE GOD AND AMERICANS.

      STOP getting drunk and then trying to comment about something. All you are doing is looking like a 💩FOOL🤡.

      HOW EMBARASSING FOR YOU. Shame, shame on you.

      1. Darling, Finnell is right. Most of the illegal aliens from south of our border are catholics. Know your history and facts and just don’t fly off the handle when the facts are with his statement. Mexicans and south americans are one of the largest majorities of catholics in the world and that is a fact!

        1. SD of AZ, you are correct most immigrants are devout Catholics. And I underline devout, they are not trying to be criminals but Biden as more or less made them seem this way. The mix of the illegals trying to come to America includes harden criminals, drug addicts and the ever present drug cartels…..Biden has gone over board and invited in everyone but Lucifer himself with no screening, medical exams or much of anything else but the run for the border and run the have citizenship and all the perks he could pull out of his hat to offer new voters. Citizenship was not his to just give, there are laws that govern becoming a citizen…………..HE and The Democrats need to FIX IT this invasion after all they caused it and we are all sick of it…..Illegals and Americans and I know Mexico must be fed up to the gills with it too !!!! PUT AMERICANS FIRST for ONCE .

        2. BETTER catholics coming than Islamic Supremacist Terrorists, and other Muslim Jihadists like Obama, OMAR,

    3. Why is anyone giving this cretin an ounce of attention. He can type till his fingers fall off I will pass his post unread like I do every Hess post .

    4. Your choice of being anti-Catholic……you just made yourself look foolish!
      By looking the part of being a big fool, you managed to cancel the rest of
      what…by basic math and logic…was a probably a reasonable statement.

    5. Guess a lot of catholics don’t believe the illegal aliens are mostly catholics. But they are! Course you would have to know your history to understand that!

  2. I really do want to help the CATHOLIC cause! 
    I need to know who the patron saint of pedophiles is. 
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    I do not vote for perversion, failure, traitors or corruption, especially when they are all combined! 

    1. You ARE A FOOL FINNELL. STOP airing your dirty laundry on this blog! It is NOT relevant and extremely desperate on your part. You ARE being racist in a way by condemning a whole organization for some in it that are broken. STOP that! Not everyone in every organization is perfect. And to “criminalize” the whole organization is just immature and childish.


    2. The Great Crusade really wasn’t that great, how was forcing soldiers to march into farms and villages and forcing them to accept Catholicism as their new religion or die? They are the whole reason Jesus came to be because they are satan!

      1. What the retarded DemoRATS don’t understand by their actions as of late they are really pissing GOD off Trump may have a revenge tour but if things keep up with all of the thefts and illegal activities of the DemoRAT Party I could possibly see a Jesus Revenge Tour, or a God’s Wrath Tour by 2028!

      2. The crusades were in answer to Muslim aggression and conquest. They weren’t perfect, but the Christians didn’t start the conflict. Muslims had been on the offensive for hundreds of years before the first Crusade was undertaken based on the request of the Christians of the defeated Byzantine Empire.

    3. Your idiotic tripe belongs buried in the annals of the country and the world’s disgraced past. The days of Protestants and Catholics being on opposing sides is long over. Even the conflict in N. Ireland has ended, but there are still a few fools like you who will continue to rant on about differences, when the world needs more focus on coming together and the things that unite us. I am personally not a big fan of the hierarchy of the Church, but most Catholics are decent people, and many priests are also good people. Making generalizations about an entire group based on the actions of the minority in that group is the height of ignorance. Are you always this ignorant?

  3. Defend the USA….Invasion, conquest, domination, then elimination is the method of the CATHOLIC “C” in Italy for a thousand years……Where oh where is the list of successful CATHOLIC “C” nations? I am seeking a nice successful CATHOLIC “C” nation!!!!! Until I do, then I will wander about thinking that there are none. Yeeeeep, there are none! Failure forever and forever and forever is the CATHOLIC “C” dogma. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and you vote for a traitor. Remember the CATHOLIC motto ‘BE CATHOLIC OR BE DEAD’.

      1. He can claim to be whatever he wants, but he’s not a Catholic because he doesn’t subscribe to the most basic of Catholic teachings. He’s a fraud, just as he’s a fraudulent president.

    1. Al, pull your head out of your a$$. Take your anti-Catholic views and put them there instead. I suppose you wear a tinfoil hat to keep aliens from knowing your thoughts, too.

    2. Al, anything, be it MAN, organization or company, once it gets $$ and POWER over people, it becomes CORRUPTED WITH THAT POWER. You can go back into History and read about those whose POWER over people corrupted themselves and therefore, hurt others and destroyed societies.

      The Catholic Church is one, but so are many Billionnaires walking around today, using people to accomplish their goals, NOT caring about those people, but only looking at them as “tools” to accomplish an end. The present DEMOCRAT PARTY IS VERY GUILTY OF DOING THIS TO THE BLACK AND BROWN RACES IN AMERICA. They promise them wonderful things while campaigning to get their vote, but once in office, they forget all their promises and ignore those races.

      In support of the Catholic Church, I think their leaders forgot that all Priests are first human, then a Priest. The constraints of the Priesthood has proven too much for many mortals and they bloodied their religious role in many of their parishioner’s lives, including the innocent and naive. Being that they did that is horrendous and lives have been changed forever, but they are only a small part of that religious church AND YOU CANNOT JUDGE EVERY CATHOLIC BY A PRIEST’S MISTAKE. THAT’S JUST BEING FLAT OUT IGNORANT.

      Not only do I have many Catholic friends and family, but Mormon friends, Baptist friends, Episcopalian friends, etc. There has been different issues in all those religions, but you don’t hear about them, only the Catholics because Catholicism is the biggest, richest religion in the World. Of course you would hear about anything happening in that church. When you are that HUGE, you become public fast!

      Al, there is almost a “panic and desperation” feel about your Catholic slam! Are you Catholic yourself? What happened to you specifically to go off so radically on that church. Your whole rant smells very personal. Did something happen to you personally at a Catholic Church? Or to one of your loved ones? Something set you off…what was it so we understand where you are coming from.

      As for Biden being Cathoilic, well, he may have been baptized but by his actions alone, BIDEN IS NO CATHOLIC NOR RELIGIOUS PERSON, BUT JUST A LONELY, CONFUSED OLD MAN INCAPABLE OF COMPLETING HIS OWN THOUGHTS NOR SENTENCES! DO NOT put the issues of the church on biddyboy because Joe wouldn’t understand what you were saying anyway.

      Don’t give up on Catholics or any other religious groups of people. We ALL have our issues and need to trust in God more than we do. When we stray from God’s teachings, we leave ourselves open to the darkness that waits close by. Be very careful about “dissing” any religious group. You do not want to open that door to “darkness” and let it into YOUR OWN LIFE! IT is just waiting close by to leap at that opportunity. Just ask Pelosi and others like her…they already know its “touch”!

    3. Where did you get that “Catholic” motto? That’s just ignorant talk. Catholics don’t seek to control either individuals or countries. Jesus said: “My kingdom is not of this world.”

  4. Reading these statements, there are a lot of unsubstantiated claims, to be real they all are just a bit insane. There are zero truths, just a myriad of hysterical insane rants. al finnell, your hatred makes you certifiably insane, and the spewed nonsense is quite annoying.

    1. HUUUM
      AM I RITE
      SO CAN WE

      1. I don’t know that Harris would be any worse, but Biden did choose her for his protection, just as Obama chose Biden for that reason.

      2. I think that was their plan from the very very beginning, they used his face to get her into the oval office, “the first black woman vice president“ who isn’t even a African American woman. Lying demonic rats! America is going to hell in a handbasket under these traitors!

    1. Biden must go but who takes over????? This election was a fraud and the sad part is that millions of us AMERICANS will suffer the price. The real question who rally is running things???? Harris has not got the brains to put together this take over. I wonder if Obama has a tunnel from his D.C. home to the White house. These policies being put out there sure looks like Obama is in charge.

      1. Now you have hit the nail on the head. Obama was and is a pure communist. His grandfather on his mothers side was one. His named father was one and his real father Frank Marshall Davis was one. He was raised in communism. So he is currently operating as the communist mentor to the democRAT communist party. No doubt in my mind.

      1. “Who will replace”…. the senile man, reading the teleprompter,
        and signing ….ANY Executive Order put in front of him?
        His Vice President, HARRIS, and then she will choose her V.P.
        Any COMMUNIST and anti-American to continue this nightmare!

        Nancy Pelosi…. is “banking on”, that she will be chosen as V.P.,
        but we could get even “luckier”….with either Susan Rice or even
        …Michelle Obama who can “legally” step into that roll.
        Without having to hide, like now, Barrack, would then be in the
        ……..public position… to continue his destruction of America!!

        THIS, sadly, is the nightmare that is already in progress.

        1. Think about it … barrack had 8 yrs to set up his puppets in high government positions and train Biden for this day. President Trump weeded out some but the swamp is still very large.

        2. OH PLESSSSE not Nancy Pelosi !!!!! NOT meant to be funny, the queen of all haters……………..sigh……

    1. We all agree with you Sage. The trouble is that if we do not get them all out of power, they will intentually take our country to a point we cannot return from. The debt and mass immigration will kill this country, impoverish more Americans, and make us a thrid world country where only the multi-millionaires and billionaires will rule – the rest of us are slaves working to bring them more and more tax dollars each and every year to pay the interest on the debt they have placed upon all of us – and what do we get in return? A lousy $1,400 check that does what? Joe Biden is set on keeping the minority sectors in chains like they did with welfare where a large sector of our population see that as their conception to death hand that was dealt with no escape. Yes – there will be massive wealth increases like the financial experts keep talking about – but do you have $150,000 or $500,000 sitting in the bank to invest in this futuristic escapade that makes the minority wealthy wealthy weathier and the poorer more poor and held up on welfare rolls with no future.

  5. Biden didn’t create this catastrophe. He’s an afflicted incompetent barely able to read his teleprompter. A small group of billionaires have an army of handlers who write bills and regulations for Congressional staffers and the Executive Branch to implement. I doubt that Biden has an inkling of what’s in new laws and regulations. Perhaps big media ought to demand that he answer a few questions regarding his understanding of what he signed.

    1. Biden in the W.H. is the second most unconscionable political crime in the history of the U.S.A. Obama’s coronation was the first. That was the real introduction to the rape of America by the Left. FDR and Wison both hade communist leanings and communists in their cabinets. But Obama weaponized many agencies (ie) FBI, CIA, IRS, DOJ and DOD all in preparation for the assault on Donald Trump because he knew Trump would undo everything bad that Obama & Bush did. Obama fully expected Clinton to step in and carry n his crimes. When that didn’t happen he took control of what has gone on for the part four years. Obama needs to face the ultimate punishment for treason.

    DESTROY !!!!!
    USED TO BE !!!!!!!

    1. People didn’t make the mistake, The lying, cheating, demonrats with their rigged machines, fraud illegal and dead voters stole the election.

  7. No need for Mexico to worry about it, it is really happening, if you want to do something about it then you will have to because Biden isn’t going to do anything to help America, if it doesn’t benefit him first.

    1. All the dishonestly in BIdens life has still allowed him to walk around a free man just like tis been in politics for decades in that particular party.

    1. I have to be amused……did We the People,who were so taken with him really think he was a loving grand father type person ? One thing they did get right………he certainly was a ” hands on ” type man without a doubt and a killer of Biden is not who we needed to be our President but we have him now what we gonna do ? Wish him away ? NOT my job, thank God !!!

  8. Great job, Joe. Release the children Joe. No kids in cages Joe. Joe, Joe, Joe if you read this BUILD A WALL (and I don’t mean in the District of Criminals.

  9. Foreign leaders respect and will work with a strong president, whether they agree on all matters, or not. They know that Biden is a fraudulent, weak president.

  10. Joe couldn’t care less about this fiasco. They know they will need every vote they can get and every dollar they can extract from the cartels. How else would you explain the lack of concern about illegal immigrants and/or that war on drugs we’ve been promised for years.

  11. El Presidente is right to be concerned. The Immigration Trail from every Central and South American nation, including dictatorships, corrupt-o-cracies and banana republics, runs right through Mexico to our border. The deluge of asylum seekers and escapees inspires the coyote scalpers who raise the level of criminality.

  12. Please remember that all religions have good points and not good points. A blogger on this website has gone ballistic against the Catholic Church on this website. He is blaming what is happening in our world on them. I guess he needs something concrete to hang on to at this point in time, at the end of a horrible pandemic, the loss of loved ones, the loss of jobs, homes, and Freedoms, etc. Al needs to blame someone, something for the desperation he feels. I so get that 100%!

    However, the Catholic Church isn’t behind this mess, but a group of very rich, arrogant conspirators are, including George Soros and his billionnaire buddies. George isn’t a Catholic, but a Jew. Catholicism isn’t his thing, but World control is, anyway possible. If you researched his life, all roads from the destructive demonstrations gone riot, to illegal immigration, to Antifa and BLM, all lead back to George, hiding behind a smoke screen, doing his dirty work. It’s NOT the Catholic Church, but The Cabal of Billionnaires responsible for what has happened to our Society and World Cultures!

    Like I said before: MONEY AND POWER CORRUPT PEOPLE, ORGANIZATIONS AND COMPANIES. The Cabal is nothing but corrupt criminals and they do not care who they squash to obtain their goals. The COVID 19 PANDEMIC fell right into their laps, they grabbed it and ran with it to “try” to control Americans, to get us ready for “Socialism”, so they can take over our lives. This has nothing to do with the Catholic Church, but everything to do with the greedy Cabal members lusting for Power over one of the largest, most successful countries on the planet — the United States of America!

    You can’t blame Finnell for ranting about the Catholic Church. He needed something concrete to blame for his life falling apart. We all need something concrete to blame for our sudden life changes of Social Distancing, wearing masks everywhere, not seeing our beloved family members, and should a family member get Covid, become hospitalized, we can’t even be by their bedside to hold them as they take their last breath. Covid destroyed more than we realize and we all need something we can blame.

    But it is not the Catholic Church, nor Catholic Congressmen or Senators. And if you are blaming Catholics because Biden is a pseudo Catholic, don’t. He is not a religious man, but is just “playing a role” like he does every day in our Presidency. He knows nothing about what he is doing, because “dementia” is slowly robbing him of his life experiences. One day soon he won’t know “who” he really is. He has been put into our Presidency by The Cabal BECAUSE THEY COULD CONTROL HIM…and they are doing just that, until the dementia eats all of his brain and he is no longer viable. Then you will hear he has had a medical issue and had to step down. Harris will step into his place — if a Civil War has not erupted by then.

    And the Catholic Church will go on as they always have. The drama is over and the U.S.??? Who knows?

    1. Soros has no belief in a higher power and I totally doubt he is a practicing Jew..born Jewish I heard tell but his place of birth would deny him that privilege if they had lived thru his betrayal of them to the German followers of Hitler, who invaded Hungry where he came from ..he seems to hate everyone and his goal is to destroy the world……………shudder, man we got some sickos running around our earth ???

  13. Wonder how much kickback is old senile (maybe) Joe getting from the cartels once again for him and his cronies and one wonders how many of those kids (?) are gonna end up on the pedophile available menu of the cartels and criminals in the USA to be molested as young ones today thanks to the old senile Joe edicts with his pen and backup of old Nanc and Schmucky and whole lot of rinos too ramming crap through congress or the establishment to set the old barometer they all wanted bad enough to cheat in a NATIONAL ELECTION to win to our shame as a nation? Even those who voted for them are regretting that stupidity. Stupid enough to believe in the words of those lying dim wits. How dumb!

    Why should anyone trust the dim wits these days? Opening this nation back up to all the trafficking we tried to close down with Trump? What a major step backwards but to the dim wits it is an accomplishment. A joke of the USA to the world thanks to the dim wits who are indeed liars, cheaters and thieves with no exaggeration whatsoever and they have once again verified it all. How seriously sad and now kids are really in cages again as they were with Bozo NOT Trump!

  14. Gee has Hunter taught his father how to take corrupt funding from the cartel to line his pockets? Biden is a corrupt as they come heck he will more than likely still be corrupting those in heaven but hopefully he goes to visit the devil and stays there.

  15. people calm down most central Americans do worship in catholic churches and it does not matter when you cross the border illegally you are not supposed to be here it does not matter what or even if you go to church you are still breaking the law he is just stating a fact nothing anticatholic but I myself could not be a catholic when the pope is saying abortion and being gay is all right when Gods word says it is not yall take it from there

  16. If they enter the US illegally, they have broken the law and are criminals regardless their situation. That’s just common sense. We should NOT encourage criminal activity.

  17. You politicians think we the American people are going to finally back down. You will back off on the illegal numbers so it will be a push. What you cork suckers mutter is a Quid Pro Quo. We have immigration laws on the books what the hell is going on? It`s time to take you down and make sure you never are again able to push laws.

  18. When are We The People going to start facing facts. The Biden Bunch is out to ruin this Country one way or three others.
    These “mistakes” and carelessness things that occur are deliberate and all of them are part of a horrible agenda by the Democrats to wreak havoc on all aspects of our great Country. We must somehow prevent this atrocity.

  19. This feeble old liar-in-chief imposter has created chaos on the border and should be impeached!

  20. Has anyone looked into whether Hunter Biden is getting a commission from the Mexican cartels as a monthly retainer or per illegal immigrant as long as his father, the imbecile President allows illegal immigration without resistance.
    How are the funds being handled?


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