College Event Makes Insane Accusation About Trump Supporters

Trump Rally

An event at a Kentucky college claimed that Trump supporters are complicit in “white-terrorism.”

According to Fox News:

A flyer obtained by Young America’s Foundation (YAF) describes the event as a way to “resituate Trumpism and white citizenship as forms of white terrorism enacted against the majority of people living within the borders of the U.S. and beyond.”

Titled “White citizenship as terrorism: Make America Great Again, Again,” the event is set to take place on March 17 via Zoom, according to a page on Berea College’s website. The Women’s and Non-Gender Non-Conforming Center is sponsoring the session with the Law, Ethics, and Society at the college.

The flyer also takes a critical approach to the “Make America Great Again” slogan. “Despite calls for multiculturalism and color-blindness, segments of white America mourn their so-called loss of privilege, consistently begging to return to the nostalgic past in which their esteemed value as white citizens went unquestioned,” it reads.

“Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ appears to follow suit by offering a seemingly benign promise to return America to a previously ‘great’ past. But the offer to ‘Make America Great Again, Again,’ requires we refocus on how the last four years of daily tweets and administrative actions redefine whiteness. If terrorism is defined as the use of violence and threats to create a state of fear towards particular communities and identities, then this is what ‘Trumpism’ is at its core.”

The college tried to spin the event by stating that it shows how inclusive the college is to political views.

    1. Trump supporters are full of racism.
      In racist countries a disproportionate number of people of color are poor and/or incarcerated.
      When I went to college in the late 60’s we didn’t have a race problem.
      We were all one race.
      The few high yallers and the super achievers a few skin tones down were too smart to be uppity.

          1. He makes me laugh.
            He’s one of the many reasons why I can tell people I talk to when we travel abroad (before the Chinese virus) that the United States has a LOT of stupid people living in it and that they should watch closely what is happening in the U.S. so they can try and prevent it from destroying their own country.

          2. I dream of being the white middle of the Oreo with Big Mike and the Magic Mulatto.

          3. I think he’s hilarious!!!
            (Actually, he’s probably a guilt-ridden white person who spews how terrible white people are and how oppressed poor black people are.
            All while he lives 20 miles away from the closest black person.

          4. I have many, many friends, some of whom are black. They all affectionately refer to me as “The Great Rear Endo!”

          5. maxibaby
            Now you can believe as you wish but what Hess says about Trump supporters is at lest 90% true, I have been a Republican for over 60 years and am a moderate Republican, who does not believe in discrimination in any way. The Main Conservative hard core have been racist since the day the party was formed, which at the time the Democrats were the Conservative supporting the KKK and Jim Crow Laws, and actually started a war because they wanted to leave to Union of State to make slavery more harsh. Throughout History of this World discrimination has been the basis for more wars, and it may surprise you to know that the people who started those wars never won them just like the Conservative South and their good old boys with them squirrel rifles were going to make short work of them northern boys who were not gun smart, I do not think it turned out that way at all.

          6. I just love these leftists like this one who post their nonsense and claim that they are nontheless, “anti-Trump Republicans” Wish that these people would get a little more creative with their lies and bs!

          7. actually if they left this country altogether it would be wonderful – so peaceful and less hate

          8. let me clue you in as a 74 year old female, who went thru the 60’s there were plenty of blacks then and plenty now who don’t like whites! that would make them ANTI WHITE! since i understand that you can’t say a black is racist. so stop with the nonsense, of blaming white people. i have seen it all

          9. The Main Conservative hard core have been racist since the day the party was formed” Can you explain that statement better? So I’m a racist OK explain how I’m a racist. Better yet what is a racist and how am I a racist?

          10. Democrats were the Conservative supporting the KKK and Jim Crow Laws” I’ve heard this many times in the last 10 years or so. Let’s talk about the democrat party today. The democrat party made a big swing to the left in 1932. So let’s talk about the democratic party after 1932. Next big change came in 1964 with civil rights bill. Another big change came with Bill Clinton when they really lost their moral compass. Now the democrat party made a big change in 2008 when Obama became president. Now the democrat we got today came to life with Bernie Sanders in 2016. In the 2018 election AOC and her squad of 4 with Bernie’s support started to taken over the democrat party. By 2020 they changed the democrat party as we see in today.

        1. Ignore Albert, he’s just a troll who keeps sticking his pinocchio nose in where it doesn’t belong. I keep telling him to go troll on commie nancy’s website.

        1. The Hess-meister keeps us laughing.
          He is the PERFECT Poster Child for the left.
          No doubt just an old hippie relic from the ‘60’s whose brain has remained stuck in the anti Vietnam, anti establishment mindset that was the groundwork for what we see today.

        2. In 1964 the University of Massachusetts had ~38,000 students.
          And just 3 light skinned Blacks.
          In 1962 my high school got it’s first Black.
          On our trip to Washington he was not allowed into the Denny’s in Virginia.
          He had to settle for takeout.
          He ate in the front of the bus.

      1. AH is tripping again. Racism down south was prevalent on most campuses. Black Panthers, Farrakhan, Jessie Jackson, etc…. BIG racists. All disguised to be helping their people.

        1. But… the Hess-meister, like most blacks and all liberal, guilt-ridden white people, cannot see black racism.
          Their brains cannot admit that.

          1. All people are racist, to some degree.
            It is not question of if, but how much.
            And the ability to recognize it.
            I don’t have any problem admitting it.
            Do U

        2. Are you by any chance Black?
          You seem to know so much about the Black Experience.
          Do you have any bi-racial in your extended family?
          That often changes one’s point of view of racism .

        1. 10%?
          The one’s who have managed the American Dream.
          The one’s of lighter skin tone?
          Like Prince Archie?

      2. You are such a little black troll! Your blarney is sickening! People of your “race” are the worst racists (against whites) of all!

        1. I a very very White.
          There is no touch of the tar brush in my extended family.
          Th only Black guy I know comes over to pump my septic tank.

      3. You need to tell that to MLK, Ralph Abernathy, Newton, Malcolm X, et. al. I’m sure that they would disagree with your contention that we were all one race. By the way, Trump freed from prison many non-whites that were excessively imprisoned by the act of legislation that Biden heartily endorsed. Another amusing read Al, keep them coming.

        1. I have never contended that we are all one race.
          I do contend that we are all one specie.
          Created equal.
          Do U
          What percent of Black prisoners did Trump release?
          White Prisoners?
          I remember when America was great.
          My dad’s company hired their first show Negro.
          They put his desk right in their front window.
          He owned a string of pawn shops.
          Ugly bit of busisness.

          Do you think Biden endorsed sentences for violent drug crimes were too long?

      4. No, you were not “all one race” in the 60’s, you were all very very high on Pot and acid and now those drugs have taken there toll on your brain cells.

        1. Pot?
          Conservatives have control of the pot industry in my state.
          In some towns they are contributing 20% of the tax base

          Are you disappointed that Trump failed to lock up all the pot criminals?.
          Are you disappointed that Trump let violent gun and pot felons out of jail?

      5. Albert Hess, I think you are a closet Nazi. If you are white then I feel sorry for you . If you are black then you have an ideological agenda that belongs in the toilet!

      6. You are obviously a race baiter! Go stick your head in the sand and stop bothering people! You have been found out!

      7. What rock did you crawl out from under? I went to school in the 60’s too and RACISM WAS EVERYWHERE!! WHERE WERE YOU? DRUNK ON YOUR ASS?

        IN THE SOUTH, they had drinking fountains for whites and separate drinking fountains at the back of the buildings for Blacks. All Blacks had to ride in the very back of a public bus — the last seat! No Black was served in Restaurants unless that restaurant had a special Black seating area in the back away from the front door.

        I saw all this firsthand. I am White, but
        I had Black friends and when they were treated like 2nd rate citizens I exploded at the owners of businesses. RACISM WAS RAGING IN THE 60’S BIG TIME! You, Albert Hess, are full of it!

        And Trump Supporters are not Racist, but apparently you are! I am a Trump Supporter and have Latino and Black friends that are Trump Supporters. Hmmmmm? How did that happen? Because P.T. is for ALL RACES TO BE SUCCESSFUL, NOT JUST THE WHITES! He brought more jobs for Blacks than any other President…ever! More Latinos now have jobs because of P.T.


        1. I never said said was no racism in the 60’s
          They were no race problems in my town.
          It was all one race.
          There were almost no race problems at my college.
          It was almost one race.
          I come from small town America.
          The only racism I saw was on Black and White TV.

          I know what I lived.
          You do not.
          Many Trump supporters are racist.
          Many Biden supporters are racist.
          The US was launched in the racism of slavery.
          The Civil War, almost, eliminated slavery, and exacerbated racism.

          We all have at least one Black and one Latino ‘friend’ who voted for Trump.
          What percentage of Blacks and Latinos voted for Trump?
          Can I keep my socks on?

      8. You may want to retract your obvious and intentional BS. Watts Riot 1965, Harlem Riots 1964.

        Stop lying comrade it minimizes even further your self agrandizement in the eyes of those who know you’re full of …!

        Credibility lost is rarely recovered.

      9. I lived the 60′ as well. Guess Albert doesn’t recall all the race riots that occurred in major cities across the nation. Or the hundreds of blocks that were burned to the ground during those riots. Or the Police Officers / Firemen / Ambulance personnel who were attacked and/or shot at. Selective memory is a wonderful thing … eh Albert ?

      10. Trump supporters are full of racism?? You’re either a moron or just another liberal sheeple towing the line for the real racists…DEMOCRATS. People like you perpetuate this kind of garbage…get some help.

      11. What collage did you get tossed out of? or did you just walk in one door and out of an other and call that going to collage?

        1. Just how to design precision three phase controllers for the draw works on offshore drill rigs.
          The patent royalties provide me a comfortable retirement.
          Pandemic proof.
          Why did Trump send me $2,000 and then $600?
          The same reason Biden is sending me $1,400?

      12. Missed you, huh you pretty uppity, you blamed Trump supporters and left out in the sixies who were really freed up, and who freed them, you are a certifiable nut case, and good at the blame game, one of the trademarks of the Demoncratic party!!!

        1. Might I suggest a night class at your local high school to bring your English writing skills up to an eight grade level?

        2. Things just keep getting better.
          They have a long way to go.
          When will the percent of people of color incarcerated equal the percent
          in the population?

        3. Are you going to refuse the $1,400. BidenBucks as an indication of your loyalty to Trump?
          He really values loyalty.
          He gives none.

      13. No race problems in the late ‘60!s when you were going to college….
        “We were all one race.”
        Hmmm, that’s interesting….
        Look at the damage, destruction, discontent, dysfunction and discord that the generation YOUR generation spawned has inflicted on the rest of us.
        Your generation were such GREAT parents!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!

        1. The town I grew up in was all one race.
          (Some people of color did work in town but they had to be gone by sundown.)
          The state university I went to was 99.97% White (just a few high yallers). .
          We were all ‘one’ race.
          My generation gave us the technology for high speed transportation and communication.
          The technology to reduce body damaging and mind numbing work.
          The technology that has allowed us to increase our standard of living.
          Do you use any of it.
          Did you have great parents, what generation are they from?
          Or are they one of the very few good ones?
          The outcome of the 60’s race riots was a signification reduction in racism.
          Black people finally starting speaking up.
          Instead of just taking it.
          Whites viewed this as uppity.
          A certain sign of genetic inferiority!
          America just keeps getting better.
          We have a long way to go,

        1. Speaking of fecal matter did you manage to smear yours at the Capitol?
          Did you actually touch it?
          Do your fingers still smell?

      14. Elevators, escalators, aircraft and cable cars are all racist because they raise us up. Therefore, Liberals have to completely stop using these means of conveyance in order to avoid becoming racist by their use and they need to publicly denounce and foreswear their use as evidence that they are not racist. Liberals, Do it now or be exposed as the racist hypocrites that you are.

        1. Elevators, escalators, aircraft and cable cars are all means of conveyance created by white people and therefore any use of them by Liberals and Socialists or Communists is participating in white racism by their own standards of judgement. Liberals must Stop their use or be part of the white racism you profess to abhor.

      15. Hess you seriously can’t be as stupid as your comments make you appear to be. I know you racist liberals like to point the finger at everyone but yourselves, you know where it should be, you disgusting pos!

      16. WOW, how pathetic you are. Were you saying that when these very same people who voted for Trump voted for Obama? Of course not we weren’t racist when we voted for Obama we just became racist over night, when we voted for Trump. Yes, I was one of those people who voted for Obama and I was a Democrat but I will tell you what I know I am so glad that I voted for Trump and left the Democrat party. I am so tired of liberal democrats playing the race card or the victim card because they don’t and can’t back anything up with fact so they pull out these “you’re racist card” Please give me a break. 1st you need to do your research on Joe Biden and you will find out who the true racist is. Albert Hess the reason you didn’t have a race problem in the 60’s is because you didn’t have teachers telling you this political party was racist, you didn’t have coca-cola telling white people they had to be less white and the list goes on. Today you go to school and are told if you support this one or that one you are racist. Wake up. By the way in the 60’s there was racism, like I said you might want to do your research before looking like an idiot…Why would MLK need to give his speech in 1963 if there was no racism in 1963. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivers the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech at the March on Washington, August 28, 1963.

        1. Read for comprehension.
          I said that my town had no race problem.
          To have a race problem you have to have more than one race.
          The same for my college, the two high yallars and the Oreo were close enough.
          No doubt you are more comfortable in the company of Whites.

      17. In racist countries a disproportionate number of people of color are poor” yes you are right. The reason you are right is because of the democrats and their welfare system. The more on welfare the more democrat votes. Name one act from a democratic congress that they did to get people off welfare and into jobs. The closes in Bill Clinton when welfare people had to get a job after so long on welfare. Now Biden I think just sign a bill to take work requirement off the welfare people who gets welfare. Welfare is the democrats new form of slavery.

        1. Why are these people of color on welfare in the first place.
          Lack of employment opportunities for people of color?
          Why aren’t they more White people on welfare?
          Are they genetically superior?

        1. Planet Earth
          Country US
          State MA
          Town 15 miles offshore.
          All white.
          Zero crime rate.
          What kind of a crime ridden ‘multicultural’ hell hole do live in.

      18. The race issue is not an issue for Whites.
        Should the Capitol fecal matter smearers get a free pass?
        Why did Trump fail to have the leaders of BLM arrested?
        The fecal matter smearers were!

    2. No, they’re not even “full of it”. Stupid? Yes, definitely, otherwise they would know how to spell “resuscitate” (or revive); instead they throw in “resistuate” (??) whatever the hell that is.

    3. They don’t know anything they are just a bunch of spoiled rotten idiots. Who’s mommy and daddy paid for them to go to college to be indoctrinated. Besides college’s are just a place to send your kids after they graduate high school and get them out of your hair. But not everyone can go to college it is mostly for the rich and they think they are elite. They should teach them true history and the constitution and show them what hitler did then maybe they can wake up. President Trump is truly one of the best President’s we have had. To bad we have a these cry baby’s out there with the hurt feelings.

    4. Sadly, it’s because of the liberal/marxist/communist professors and instructors they have been exposed to and indoctrinated by. Investing thousands and thousands of $$$$ in a college education, these days is like BURNING YOUR MONEY. Far better ways for young people to get ahead and avoid indoctrination – – -try APPRENTICESHIPS and “get paid while you learn”!!

    1. It is time to round them all up and put them back on the plantation to do the work they were brought here for.

      1. Dumb a$$ John Wilkes Boothe Screwed America ROYALLY! Had he not shot President Lincoln all of the retards were going to be shipped back to Africa because they were too LAZY to work! Many Decades later their laziness has never changed they just made up a word and the retarded idiot white people somehow have grown a fear of being called a stupid word! Call me whatever you want I really don’t care! But I fear no human, no government, no military and definitely no word! Unless it is the word of GOD!

        1. Lincoln recognized that Blacks were lazy subhumans that had no role in America.
          Lincoln was the first racist Republican.
          Will Trump be the last?

        1. In 50 years the world will be essentially borderless.
          We will all be citizens of the world.
          Kind of like Europe is today.

    1. Why won’t Conservatives teach?
      It’s too hard?
      They do not have enough education?
      It doesn’t pay enough?

  1. They still miss the point of Trump and his message! His economy did not distinguish color! The road to better jobs and salaries, was open to people of all creeds, colors, “you know the …thing”. It is a shame that these college educated children are not as bright as we had hoped and are being led by the nose thanks to some radicals who recognize weakness when they see “them”.

      1. How much education do you have?
        How much money did you waste on your children’s education.
        Do your children have interesting, good paying jobs in their field of study.
        Do you think that these kid’s parents think that they wasted money educating their children?

  2. My grandmother graduated from berea and her older brother was the first berea graduate.
    They both are very embarrassed to hear of the communists running things.

  3. Indoctrination and Brainwashing at its best….

    These colleges are becoming more Chinese Communists in their PROPAGANDA

    1. How much college do you have?
      Are you brainwashed and “dillusional”?
      You can’t even spell delusional, you moron.

  4. sounds like a bunch of liberal kids that do not even know whats going on in other words a bunch of bull crappers trying to call it racism

    1. People have to be taught to hate like this. I was around in the 60’s and I did not
      see the hate some of you did. It was taught and too bad to ruin your life with
      such hate in your thinking, it will destroy you.

    1. Hey they will soon be Alumni.
      I am guessing that after this national attention donations will be up.
      The professors are an accurate representation of the students and their parents.
      As a very significant doner you can take affirmative action against professors.
      But you can’t, you can not afford it.
      You are a TTN Trump but slurping keyboard pounder.

  5. We the People have some accusations of our own Below is from the Redbaiter.

    “Time for the truth that Nancy Pelosi is a Communist Subversive
    Redbaiter / March 24, 2017
    Here’s the hard truth about Nancy Pelosi… . She is a communist subversive, and her long term ambition is the destruction of the Constitutional Republic. The facts to underpin this assertion are below.
    The Democrats have been captured by far left progressive activists and are today an unconstitutional force actively seeking to destroy the US Republic. The Republicans are meant to oppose the Democrats, and sure as hell should be doing something to weed out subversives like Pelosi and stop them, but apparently they’re powerless.
    Here are the facts on Pelosi that should have disbarred her from entering the US House of Representatives.

    Pelosi holds an executive position in the Progressive Caucus, a subset of The Democratic Socialists of America, which is the US branch of Socialist International. Who and what are these groups?
    The Socialist International carries the torch for Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotzky, and Josef Stalin. Pay no attention to the desperate attempts by socialists to distance themselves from Stalin. For our purposes, it is suffice to say that every single tenet of the Socialist International is the exact opposite of the principles upon which America was founded, and which define the U.S. Constitution.
    Then we have the Democratic Socialists of America. As the U.S. arm of the Socialist International, they share the symbol of the fist holding the rose, and they share the tasks to be accomplished – in our case, an altogether different America.
    This subversive group welds disproportionate power in the Democrats and therefore in US politics by means of The Progressive Caucus, founded in 1991 by Bernie Sanders, who almost won the party nomination.

    The political philosophy known as Socialism, a cause the Progressive Caucus vigorously pursues, was devised to combat and prevail over Anglo-American principles, law, and economics. Every version of socialism, from Nazism and Bolshevism to the mildest form of Social Democracy is fundamentally opposed to Anglo-American attitudes and the US Constitutional Republic.
    Why is it that Nancy Pelosi’s connections to this group go unreported on? Why is it that even the presence of such a subversive group as the Progressive Caucus is not exposed, that it subversive intentions also go virtually unreported on?
    Look at it this way. If an international organization existed to carry the torch for Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, and if Donald Trump or any Republican had past or present ties to such an organization, what are the chances the New York Times would find it irrelevant to the matter at hand? Its a staggering reflection on the state of politics in the US that such a subversive anti-American group can have been such an important part of the political system for so long, and can wield so much power and influence. Keep in mind that members of the U.S. Congress are required to furnish an oath whereby they will preserve, protect, and defend said Constitution.
    The bottom line is the Progressive Caucus is an organised well funded group of communists, and after existing for 35 years, they today own the Democrat Party. Their leader today is Keith Ellison. A Muslim who also chairs the Congressional Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Caucus. Here’s a quote from Ellison- \
    ‘The responsible activist has to show young people out there that white supremacy and capitalism are what’s putting them in the position they’re in.’
    In an article in the Washington Post 7th February this [2017], (by communist writer Katrina vanden Heuvel) the Progressive Caucus openly declared its intention to “up its game and bring down the Trump administration”. A massive people’s uprising is driving the opposition to President Trump. In Congress, the Congressional Progressive Caucus is an emerging center of that resistance. . . . .[M]ore than 30 of those members joined with activists from across the progressive landscape to share ideas and plot strategy at the annual summit of Progressive Congress. CPC members individually … mobiliz[ed] against Trump. … ”
    “Pelosi is a Communist. Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Keith Ellison is a Communist. They cloak themselves as “socialists”, and the weak Republicans are complicit in this subterfuge. The truth is the DSA is a Communist controlled organisation and so is the Progressive Caucus. Today, those organisations virtually control the Democrat Party, and they are openly stating their intent is to bring down the American government. The mainstream media will not report these facts, because they’re too a big part of the great deception that today engulfs the US Republic.
    Its up to us folks, to get the news out about what the Democrats have become, about who controls them, and what their plans are. Please re-distribute this information by any means you can. We must defeat this group, and their agents like Pelosi, and shining light on them and who they really are  will go a long way…”

    —Redbaiter, March 24, 2017

    Since the article asks to “resdistribute this information by any means” I offer it here.

    1. Executive Summary
      You backed a loser.
      Trump tried to bring the government down by telling his fecal matter smearers to march on the Capitol and fight like Hell.
      Hell is having to take your pants down and poop in front of cops.
      You aint going to defeat nothing for at least two years.
      Trump is a loser.
      Trump lost as the incumbent.
      How do think Sleepy Old Joe will do as an incumbent
      With the exception of Carter Democrats don’t tend to be flash in the pan one term wonders.

  6. While I was serving my country in the US Army 1966/1972 these so called draft dodging
    scum were running away,now these are those same liberal cowards that are the people
    teaching our children all their anti-american liberal messages and these young morons
    are believing everything they are being told.If this country is sooo bad go live in China
    the Soviet Union or Cuba.

  7. Indoctrination of our youth is complete. What follows will be to punish the seniors. When they get old, they’ll wonder about many things.

  8. What lovely children! NOT…..
    If DJT supporters are “white terrorists” then….these little “woke” students are “BLM/antifa terrorists”!
    We all know how to play the name calling game….as redicious as it is!

    1. DJT supporters are white terroists.
      (See Jan. 6)
      Everyone one is Antifa/BLM.
      This is America.
      Absolute America.
      There is no grey.

    2. Please don’t be redicious.
      It smells bad.
      Like Trump Humpers fecal matter.
      Yeech, what do those people eat?
      Trailer Trash Condiments?

  9. Come bring your prissy little butt to my door, I used to love whipping smart a** punks that think because they took a class they are more intelligent than anyone. I went back to school 20 yrs ago and had to teach my Professor what was inside my computer. You children are a joke today. Screw this country up for your brats. I did not have kids because I knew you were gonna be such a waste on the country and would ruin its great way of life. Can you say

    1. The kids today are just like the kids were when you came of age.
      You have changed, kids have not.
      People are born liberal and become more conservative as they age.
      Most people think that life was great as they came of age.
      And then they have children.
      They are so disappointed in children.
      Kids are the scum of earth, except for yours.

    1. 95 percent of them will.
      They have an attitude that startups/unicorns are looking for.
      Some of them will be the darlings of Silicon Valley in ten years.
      One of them could be the next Elon Musk.
      He was a progressive radical as a kid.
      He has become slightly more Conservative as he has aged.
      Most people do.
      That is why Trump supporters are so old.
      He has fooled them into thinking he is God fearing Conservative.
      I remember when he was a big time Clinton supporter, and pro abortion.

  10. Left=wing fkg idiots, they don’t go to learn, they go to protest, but their not smart enough to know what their protesting.

  11. Back in the 1960’s we all knew who the racists were, the were democrats, the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and don’t forget the DNC enforcement arm, the Ku Klux Klan. The segregationists, like AL Gore Sr. Joe Biden, Bill Clinton’s mentor Buckminster Fuller, and Mrs. Clinotn’s mentor, the Grand Kleagle of the KKK, Robert Byrd. It appears the only one left from the old segregationist gang is Joe Biden, but many of the disciples of the segregationists are still in the democrat party.

    1. We?
      I came of age In the 60s.
      Speak for yourself.
      From my suburban point of view I saw little racism.
      There was only one race.
      Please do not speak for other people.

  12. The “deep south” education system is now WOKE! Never thought I would see the day! The “marxist” are good at their jobs! Remember, they could not do it if there were not allowed!

    1. Brea is a very old, very liberal college.
      It has been woke since birth.
      It was the first college in the south to accept women, and Blacks.
      Brea does not only allow their professors to teach the way they do but encourage it.
      Brea has a low acceptance rate.
      Could you have gotten in.
      Most people who complain about a college couldn’t.

  13. That KenSucky College is complicit in destroying our Nation by telling lies about the White Race. Without the White Race, THERE WOULD BE NO AMERICA.



    Wise up, that’s why you are going to college. But if you want a really good education, get out of Kentucky and find a more rounded curriculum UNIVERSITY, NOT KENSUCKY COLLEGE!

    1. America existed long before the White man besmirched our shores.
      There was no slavery.
      Americans will still be paying for the cost of slavery for another century.
      Slavery is a lot like nuclear power.
      A relatively modest up front cost and essentially free fuel.
      The real killer costs are the dismantling and disposal.
      Not only is nuclear fuel almost free it’s also almost forever.
      It is just too bad that there is not a cheap way to get rid of slaves..,.

  14. That is so amazing. How you people know how us Trump Supporters are I never knew that. Now I know how I really am. Thanks for thinking for us.

    1. We know that relatively speaking you are not very well educated.
      That you do not have the qualifications for entrance to an institution of higher learning the caliber of Brea.

  15. Obama brainwashed young kids just like Hitler did in Germany. Look what we have now. Thanks to the brainwashing of our children in schools. They don’t even know who they are today or what to call themselves. Who are the racist? It appears to me those who are calling white people “White Terrorist” and “White Supremist” are the real racist.

    1. Crusty old Conservatives are always saying that kids today are just no Damn good.
      Kids have not changed over time.
      You have.
      You got older and more Conservative.
      Slavery was racist.
      The Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves from slavery.
      It did not free then from racism.
      That will take another hundred years.
      Maybe by then the percentage of people of color incarcerated will equal the percentage in the population.
      The way to tell if a society is racist is to compare incarceration rate of races versus population.
      If it is more than five percent, congratulations, you live in a racist society.

  16. My black, Asian and Hispanic friends are OK with my complexion, and my gay friends are ok with me being who I am, and I’m OK with all of them. Maybe a few of the could learn something just from this.

  17. THIS is all a bunch of B.S.! I’m Catholic, a Conservative & believe in God and family values. I don’t RAM my VALUES down “these weirdo’s” throats, so I RESENT “them” doing THIS to me AND my family. “If” you want to be gay, tattooed, face piercings & behave like animals, then that’s your prerogative. There is no need to FORCE this on me since I will NEVER accept it .As for the Dems, Pelosi, Schumer & that IDIOT Biden, all I can say is “what goes around, comes around” & it can’t happen soon enough! Take down that Capitol Hill fencing & razor wire & the “little people” will be like the patriots carrying lit torches protesting PEACEFULLY, until Antifa decides to burn down the Capitol & “maybe” the White House too! A lot of people HATE YOU for “what” you are doing to OUR COUNTRY. You Dems will need bodyguards wherever you go, since the populace DESPISES you., & no amount of facemasks, lunacy, shutdowns & Covid-19 immigrants will help you. You sow what you reap.

    1. Most cops now have tattoos and I see more and more piercings.
      Do you think they are animals, like baboons.
      Antifa was not at the Capitol, that was pure Trump Thugs.
      How many of them did Trump’s DOJ arrest?
      The majority of the populace voted for the Dems.
      No more than one percent were fraudlent.

      You do not sow what you reap, you reap what you sow, with hard work and good luck.
      The US sowed slavery/racism for 150 years.
      It turns out that racism is a perennial.
      No one knows how long it will continue to bare fruit.
      Perhaps the only way to eradicate it is to eradicate one of the races.
      If we can get the Blacks down to less than 3% it should not be a problem
      They will considered a novelty.
      We can keep them in cages.
      Make them do hard labor if they get uppity.
      Keep the picannies at the Big House.
      Just for fun.

    1. I want every American to embrace America Last.
      Last in:
      Gun Deaths
      War Deaths
      Ugly Americanism
      Covid-19 deaths
      Make America Last Again

  18. Being 80 years of age, this is not the country grown up in … that being said, my vote for Obumma was to give him a chance, but never thought he would sell us out and try to make us equal to the “3rd world” countries… when Trump came on the scene, yes he was supported and voted for because he was a businessman, and this country needs run by a business man. 2020 saw my refusal to be seen wearing any Trump regalia for fear of being in an “unpleasant” situation… shame what this country has been reduced to…

    1. You are not the person you were 80 years ago.
      You evolved.
      We are not the country we were 80 years ago.
      We evolved.
      Only an old damn fool would think that there would be no change.
      Minus the pandemic 18 year olds think think things are OK.
      They always do.
      By the time they hit 80 things will be awful.
      They always are.
      Old people are annoying to be around.
      They are so negative.

  19. What a bunch of donkey dodo…These people are losing what little brains they had..they will fight tooth and nail..they don’t realize that they are fighting The Almighty Lord YAH..they have already lost the war, but we must stand to fight the battle with truth and rightiousness<><

    1. Brea graduates have alway done quite well.
      What has changed.
      Is it Trumpism?
      Everything that is not pure Trump is pure evil?

  20. Trump wants America to go back when to we considered ourselves Americans first, not some hyphenated American who the left claim are all victims needing the support of the racist Democrat party. Trump realizes that America has become polarized by the left and people are being forced to abandon what they believe to be true, and to accept what the left CLAIMS to be true. Ignorance provides the left’s greatest advantage, with stupidity a close second. Good information and true facts defeat ignorance AND stupidity, and truth is the left’s greatest enemy. Unfortunately, stupidity is very strong in those on the left.

    1. All eight my great grandparents were born in Ohio.
      I was born a German/American.
      I will die a German/American.
      I am proud of my heritage.
      How bout U.
      Which of the following terms annoy you?
      Native American
      First Nation American
      Christian American
      Catholic American
      Jewish American
      Hebrew American
      Muslim American
      Hindu American
      Agnostic Americans
      Atheist American
      Holy Roller American
      Patrotic Trump American
      Canadian American.
      Mexican American
      Latino American
      Bahamian American
      Bermudian American
      African American
      Black American
      All of the above?
      Do you indentify as an American Mutt?
      Breeding and origin unknown?

    2. Trump realized that there was some polarization.
      He exploited it.
      Startiing with his Birther Nonsense.
      Do you think that if John Roberts thought there was any chance Obama was born in Kenya that the Court would not have heard the case.
      Roberts liked McCain and Romeny.
      He thought Obama was a tad uppity
      He hates Trump.
      For obvious reasons.

  21. You know, when we were young and foolish, we knew everything too. It was amazing how much our folks had learned by the time we turned 30. Young folks show us their under ware, they can’t figure out a ball cap is for keeping the sun out of you face and when we get our jeans worn out they will $100’s for them. Go figure.

    1. I think you are onto something.
      As people age out they become more Conservative.
      They become more like their parents.
      So of course their parents become smarter.
      Smart people think like us.

      Youmg people know how to keep the sun out of their eyes.
      Put something opaque between the sun and your eyes.
      Sunglasses help.
      And they are a fashion statements.

      Underwear, baseball caps and worn jeans are fashion statements.
      Can you figure that out?
      Did you do that cleavage/nipples thing in 80s?
      Have you ever worked in the
      fashion industry?
      Family Dollar?

  22. The ignorance of today’s college students is sad. They have swallowed the garbage being taught without having the brain-power to find the truth about American history. Yes, there were racists in the past-most of them Democrats, founders of the KKK. Now we have Communists in Government which became more blatant in the Obama administration and has gotten worse now.

    1. They will be the leaders in 25 years.
      They will evolve.
      They just need to push the old farts like Bill out of the way.

  23. What is “white terrorism” and “white supremacy”? They are words created by the vile Lying corporate media to create and promote violence and hatred between the American people. The lying corporate media are the enemy of the American People and they never stop their “divide and conquer” brain washing. The day will come when their lives will be over and they are going to have to answer to God Almighty for their evil words and deeds.

  24. kron Police department recruited black people, very few applied. You should shut your mouth if you can’t speak at least partial truth, why do you lie?

  25. “…the use of violence and threats to create a state of fear towards particular communities and identities, then this is what ‘Trumpism’ is at its core.” Says who? Berea College? Obviously that writer has never listened to a Trump speech. Trump speaks to all Americans, excluding no-one. It is the writer who attempts to create a state of fear against Trump and his supporters, not the reverse.


  27. Young idiots are being prepped by Liberal idiots, so what do you expect, they are teaching them to hate everything American, that all white people are racist, which through their ignorance they are being turned into just that RACISTS!!!

  28. These people appear to be hard-over racists. And, as usual with racists, they tell lies with abandon. They MUST all be Democrats, because no one but Democrats would be this racist or dishonest. Democrats MUST be eliminated from the country if we are to retain our American freedoms.


  30. The fact being when you only discriminate against those who are not white, what else would you call it. Where is the big shouting about the White Europeans coming across the Canadian Border and coming across from the what is commonly called the White Dutch Indies, coming by the boat load to deserted shores on the east coast. They are openly ignored, and the White Europeans coming across Canada’s Borders are booked and released within 72 hours, unlike the one’s on the Southern Border who are not White.
    Those in Schools ands Colleges are taught the correct things not the actual racism and hate spewed by some who are actually afraid of anyone except a white person, and do not know that the majority of illegals commit less crime than Americans.

  31. Yeah, we have to include THEM. But they ain’t never gonna include US. Their inclusivity rant keeps up until they get the upper hand. Then it’s their way OR ELSE.

  32. This is Berea, one of the “work colleges,” where students are supposed to work to pay part of their education. I don’t understand how it has moved so far left. This is not the only evidence I’ve seen.

  33. Sounds like HATE SPEECH to me ….is big tech gonna censor and remove this content from their platforms? 98% of President Trump supporters are NOT RACIST or White Supremacists. that is all made up by the HATE groups of the left including BLM, Antifa and the alphabet losers. All funded by George Soros the Jew killer and his NWO plans

  34. Sounds like HATE SPEECH to me ….is big tech gonna censor and remove this content from their platforms? 98% of President Trump supporters are NOT RACIST or White Supremacists. that is all made up by the HATE groups of the left

  35. Oh Boy, another school I can remove from my list of possible institutions of learning that I will consider sending my grandchildren to. So far I have been able to include only Hillsdale, the 4 Military Academy’s (West Point, Annapolis, Air Force and Coast Guard) and a few very small schools in Iowa, Kansas and Colorado. Every one else has failed the test.

  36. And they’re piling up a ton of college debt to be indoctrinated with this garbage? Kids, take my advice & steer clear of any liberal arts degree. Learn something you can make a decent living with.

  37. these dumb colleges have a nerve saying Trump and his supporters are this or that – take a look at yourself morons!! you need to be deprogrammed of your dumbness and hatred. parents should be ashamed sending their kids to these schools in the first place. you people don’t know a good, honest, leader when you see one and that would be Trump – President Trump our real leader

  38. Antifa is white…
    Don’t wait today MUST sue Nancy Pelosi for gross negligence causing the wrongful dead of Ashli Babbit in the Capitol riot, she was unarmed, who gave those orders to the the Capitol police to shot an unarmed person without first giving prior notice of that they will be shooting at them , violating the law.
    No one is above the Law not even the POTUS, Nancy fired the experienced Capitol chief of police days before the riots and placed an inexperienced person to be in charge, refused the offer from the POTUS TRUMP to have 10,000 troops to stop riots in DC, there are multiple videos that show how the Capitol Police let the rioters in the Capitol and also guide them to the chambers then inside to ambush them and gun down an innocent person.
    We The People want the Law to be upheld even to everyone, no one is above the LAW.
    Now the say the Capitol police that shot Babbit is in hiding who is helping him to do so, and why they haven’t open an investigation!!!.

  39. Neither being Black or White, I will gladly put down in Black and White that I would rather identify with MAGA than the “PEOPLE FROM THE PLANET OF THE GAFFES”.

  40. There ARE BAD people, no matter what COLOR they are. So SICK of hearing about racism. There is discrimination everwhere.


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