Senator Tim Scott SMACKS CNN’s Don Lemon

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

Senator Tim Scott fired back at CNN’s Don Lemon after the “woke” host slammed Scott for not thinking the way he is supposed to think.

According to Town Hall:

During the Thursday broadcast of this CNN show, host and far left ideologue Don Lemon went after Republican Senator Tim Scott and accused him, the first black Senator from South Carolina, of supporting white supremacy.

[jwplayer Fh0KSZxF-lzmB6GEw]

During an interview with Fox News Friday morning, Senator Scott responded and explained the dangers of “woke supremacy.”

“I would say that white supremacy and woke supremacy have their roots in racism and discrimination. It is bad. I’m not talking about tomorrow, or yesterday, I’m talking about today. If we don’t deal with it today, we are going to have something on our hands that we can’t deal with,” Scott said. “It was the woke supremacists by the way, who said that me and Hershel Walker were the ‘coon squad.’ If you watch the folks who are yelling the loudest right now, it includes people who are at their wits end because there are Africa-Americans who are willing to speak their minds from a conservative perspective.”

“Why that requires people to call my office and threaten my life, why that requires me to have a security detail because I decide to stand up for my values, my convictions based on my faith, I don’t understand that,” he continued. “Don Lemon can say whatever Don Lemon wants to say but until he has taken a serious look at what’s been happening on his side of the aisle and comes out strong against that, we’re going to continue to have a conversation in American that keeps us divided instead of building a bridge so that we can live in this nation together.”

[jwplayer OBynP0Tb-lzmB6GEw]

The left seems to only believe in diversity of thought if it is what they want you to think.

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      2. do you ever actually think before you rant? your comments are as stupid as that idiot congresswoman AOC or whatever her name is.

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    1. globalist puppet lemon wouldn’t have a job on globalist media, cliton opinion and feelings network if he wasn’t racist .

  1. What an outrage. “Coon Squad.” The only racist is Don Lemon, and he’s too stupid to understand that he’s participating in his own destruction by using this and other equally racist terms against his own race.

  2. Don lemmon is just another black person who is mad because he was not born white just like michael Jackson who kept poring bleach on himself to become white or tiger woods who has never dated a woman who was black.Don lemon is truly a lemon

  3. To sum up what dDon Lemon is all about, he need a very high quality laxative. something that will relieve his brain from all that racism and liberal/narrowmindedness. He is not a liberal, he is a suppressor of FREE and he THOUGHTS, that is not LIBERAL MINDED. Don lemon is a LOSER in society

  4. Interesting thought – There are the so-called “Lemon Laws” for automobiles that continually have or cause problems – maybe this ought to be expanded to people also, and this Lemon would fit right in.

  5. You can’t get any more racist than the globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep that try to make you feel that you are racist . . . . .

  6. I don’t know what would be worse…..Lemon just reading the nauseating liberal script he is given so he can be the big man in the newsroom, or he really believes this crap he spews!
    Either way, if I want to dance around bulls**t I’ll visit a cattle ranch ! He just isn’t worth the effort ! Like all fake news !

  7. Don Lemon is the worst and CNN encourages his keeping the pot stirred using the racism word to stir the pot. Don Lemon gets paid big money by CNN to do what he does best, lie, cheat, and use words that are inflammatory just to bring America down to his miserable level.

  8. Lemon is amongst the finest of the scum-sucking low-life clowns who think they’re more than the piles of pig excrement that they are.
    Lemon, properly pronounced like the bitter yellow fruit, is about as brave without his bodyguards as the color the fruit that he is named after.
    That’s how everyone that I know considers him. And I like to think they pegged him right.
    Most of his ilk are cowardly chicken-shitz, so why would anyone have to think he’s different?

  9. We are not dealing with these communists. We are talking and wringing our hands. They are winning as we stand and watch them destroy humanity shame on us. They are advocating evil and insane practices. Satan has taken over. Send prayers.

  10. Wow Don,

    What a ‘lemon’ you’ve turned out to be!
    Like you should talk ‘bout tarnished pots callin kettles black…

    Let’s talk agriculture and the side you champion:
    Why are the Liberals, calling putting black people on plantations again, reparations to black people?
    Nothing spells slavery, quite like losing freedom, to slave for 15 hour days of toil and lots of sweat!
    Just to grow the white man’s crops again… lmao

    Liberal logic just kills me!

  11. Is it just my notebook or has everyone been able to see both videos? I get paranoid every time it says that the video was not done correctly.

  12. It appears this is just another try at keeping his title as the stupidest man on TV. If he tried reading the BLM manifesto, it clearly states that destruction of the nuclear family is part of their goals. Any attempt to claim otherwise seems to just there to bolster his defense of his title. His defense of woke supremacy shows just how racist he is as well. A stupid, woke racist in NYC, if I hadn’t seen it, I would not have believed is, but there is Don Lemon proving it to be true.

  13. Here is a guy that has had EVERYTHING handed to him on a silver plater standing up for BLM when he is so dumb that he has no idea what he is talking about. BLM don’t care much for family values or family’s at all anymore !!! When they first started they did but now they have changed and are just about causing trouble , Destroying everything and anything that gets in their way.. The New BLM like DON LEMON are nothing but trouble makers for sure !!!! The guy is one BIG LOSSER FOR SURE !!!!!!!!

  14. If BLM is as important as they would like us to beleive then why does the money go to the democrats & not to the black community ‘s Show me a black community that has really benifited directly.

  15. The problem with all of this is leadership. Calling names of leaders will not accomplish anything but aggravation. Our current President stated that he was by-partisan when he was running for the office. Now we get a look at what he really is. Immigration is completely out of hand. I don’t need to tell you why. Look at the Chinese. How they think that we put a puppet in office that won’t do anything constructive. Now Trump had things under control. He put more black people to work than any other President to date. Now we have a President who is killing millions of jobs. Making us dependent on oil from the communist countries which consumes tax dollars that are desperately needed to pay off our national debt. We need to stop bickering and settle down to running a government of freedom. Socialism is detrimental to freedom, which is what made our country great. We are headed the wrong way facing on-coming traffic. It is time to get on the right side of the road. And head back to freedom. Socialism always brings about bankruptcy and loss of our precious freedoms.

  16. Don Lemon represents the real problem in America – a crooked, biased and fascist media that stoke division and anti-American values. Creepily, the woke culture is really a Reflex racist movement that will destroy the USA if not stopped!!

  17. I think that Lemon and Fredo are half brothers, neither one is very bright, and they BOTH Love to LIE and Make Up Stuff. But that is what all news is all about now days. Semper Fi.


  19. This “woke” bunch is all about what they say, not what they do. If we were to solve the problem, they’d have nothing else to talk about.

  20. How dare Lemmon accuse others of being ignorant of history. Does Lemmon deny that that black people were not the only slaves in America? Does he deny the Irish and Chinese slaves held not unlike black slaves? Better dust off your history books and reread about slavery in America and that maybe to his surprise slaves of all types were held by and native American owners. If you are going to spout off Mr. Lemmon, please cite a complete reflection of history.

  21. I’m so proud of Tim Scott! Tim Scott has got more brains in his big toe than the Lemonator has in the empty gourd between his shoulders.

  22. Amongst the “PEOPLE FROM THE PLANET OF THE GAFFES” on Lemon is contending for the Kingship with some competition from Van Jones, and also rans couple from the MSDNC Network – Mr. and Mrs. Joe Scarecrow.



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