Americans are Fleeing for Freedom; Where They’re Coming From and Where They’re Going

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Americans have decided to leave behind their homes in search of greener pastures. According to the Fraser Institute’s annual Economic Freedom in North America index, nearly 800,000 Americans between five states have moved to what’s considered “freer” states. The study shows that Americans were driven by the desire for lower taxes and smaller government in their search for “free” states. Keep reading to see which states are bleeding citizens and which states are doing things right.

Are you living in any of these states?

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    1. If they got enough brains to see and understand the destruction, mismanagement of their States, than lets hope they got enough Brains to understand the difference between the good, the Bad and the Ugly, and leave all the blue left-twisted crap behind.

      1. Don’t knock California yet. We are fighting back. Time to get rid of Newsom. It is surprising how many lefties joined the battle. No surprise he is blaming white supremacy and racism the only thing the pathetic DEMs have to argue with.

        1. What a laugh!!! The population is most likely 62% Hispanic!!! Face it pal it’s you, you dictator! You set a bad example of a so-called leader!

          1. Most Hispanics here in Florida want the same for their kids as the Floridians do. They are religious, hard working families. Very much like the wave of Italians who settled in America in the early 1900’s. I think they would be less inclined to change Florida into a socialist gulag than the Woke, counter culture liberals.

          2. The fact is that the average place of origin of Hispanics in Florida and California are quite different. The Florida population has a much, much higher percentage of Hispanics from Cuba. These people have either fled the socialism there, or have grown up hearing about the evils of socialism. This makes for a perfect example of why generalizations of different groups are senseless and why identity politics are illogical.

          3. They are different, most of the ones in Florida fled socialist/communist regimes and do not like or want either. They also are mostly educated and have work skills unlike the people crossing our southern border.. The Mexicans and a lot of the others crossing the border support socialism and free handouts. A lot of them are coming here for all the freebies the Democrats promise them. Most are uneducated and unskilled and as a result will be a net drain on society. Biden’s policies are that of an idiot that is clueless. Can you say dementia, stupidity, clown, and an embarrassment to America. I have only been ashamed of 3 Presisents: Carter who was a coward, Obama who was a Traitor, and Biden who is a bafoon.

          4. The truth is that CA 38% Hispanic.
            CA was a Hispanic state long before it was an American State.
            White people are the newcomers.
            I am guessing that you don’t live any where CA.
            Hispanics are the future of the Republican Party.
            In general they have a very conservative values, hard working, religious, and family oriented.
            Collen, yet again you have made a fool of yourself with your ignorance. .

          5. SO all Hispanic’s are what ?
            I guess you think Hispanic’s are a race right Right ?
            Kinda iike saying all Jews are white lol
            Leftist are Morons, taught by Moron teachers.

          6. Albert Hess was a NAZI, the one in charge of propaganda. So I glean from the name is your a mouth piece for the “Democrat” Socializt Party. The NAZI’s were socialist. Look up what NAZI stands for and you will see why you should never vote Democrat unless you want to eventually have a Hitler ruling America and goose step to what ever tune he plays.

          7. SO was TEXAS, but, they are NOT STUPID enough to vote in LIBERALS to run their STATE into the ground!! ie California!! Nuff said!!

          8. Ah, fascist Dem troll, CA was an Indian state before the nasty anti-Christian Catholic Spaniards and Portuguese invaded, enslaved, and slaughtered the natives. The flood of illegals (42M+ and counting) do not want to integrate into American society – they want to maintain their former cultures and language and displace ours.

          9. Hard working I know plenty that are lazy. I have lived in Mexico and the lazested people. California is full of illegals. They commit the most felonies. They steal id’s and social security numbers. Mom goes to welfare office claims dad is not around he is outside waiting for her to get everything free

        2. Leopards don’t change their spots and liberal lefties don’t change their politics, Woke and counter culture is in their DNA. Mark my words. I live in Florida and the lefties here have pushed hard to make changes to the liberal slant. I dread more coming because I know they will screw everything up.

          1. Same in Texas– Cities are turning Blue even though they all know that Every Blue city has the highest taxes and the Highest Crime.

        3. Newsom’s current favorable rating is 46%
          Trump’s last favorable rating was 34%
          It peaked at 49%
          Newsom peaked at 64%.

          1. Sorry fascist (aka Dem) Albert, only according to the fake news media. According to genuine polling groups (like Rasmussen, Gallup) Trump was always over 45%, and rose to 58% after the fraudulent election. But you are a troll and facts are irrelevant to your kind. When the long overdue civil war between Americans and Dems starts (2021), where will you (and your kind) run to? Watch the movie “The Purge” to see how it will unfold.

          1. That state is bigger than most countries.
            That state does not need the US.
            That state pays more in Federal taxes than it gets back.

      2. They are going to your states because of population density and cost of living.
        Not Conservative politics.
        They will not be changing their stripes.

          1. Conservatives are a violent bunch.
            They have no regard for human life.
            If it is over 9 months they just don’t care.

    2. YES! They want what we have, but I hope they realize the liberal policies of the states they are leaving is the problem and that the conservative policies of our states are what caused us to have what they want.

    3. Many CA folks sent an email to Nuisance and said he was racist against whites. He STOLE 40% ALL CA vaccines and gave them exclusively to 80% plus black and Mexican zip codes. Before that vaccines were passed out evenly to counties but still catering to his voters little Gavie 65+ age people go to Black and Mexican neighborhoods 40 miles away (round trip) who were too stupid or lazy to get vaccines but instead and then Gavie LIED saying whites hogged them. I had to drive elderly frail and sick people very far to cater to Black and Mexican votersand that was not enough. F Gavie.
      Contact California Governor Gavin Newsom (easy just Google it) hit him hard !!

  1. Just don’t vote demturd and bring our states down like yours. We don’t need no leftists ideologies in our red states. Ppl whom voted for dementia joe need to go to jail just like the left does

  2. I’m going to flee my country , as the Jews fled germany in 34. If President Donald Trump gets re-elected , I would certainly return. God bless America , and God bless President Trump.

  3. Welcome to Texas so long as you leave your old voting habits behind. You ruined your bed…don’t ruin ours!

    1. Nah, open borders will ruin Texas real soon.
      Democrats know EXACTLY what they are doing.
      TX almost elected Betto o’rourke and that goofball is among the biggest morons Amerika has produced….and Amerika has recently produced A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Well friend they are well on the way to turning Texas in to a crap hole just like the rest of the democ rat run states, Austin, Huston, El Paso, and Dallas have all gone to hell. and those are the most populated cities in the state, just look at how close that fake Mexican came to winning the senate race.

  4. The liberal solution is, especially in California is to continue to tax the people who left the state who fled the state because of high taxes and failed liberal policies, for 10 years after leaving. I thought that was a no-no, taxation without representation. I read somewhere and before COVID and the massive lockdowns, 400,000 people were fleeing the state every year. And there wasn’t enough new residence to make up the tax difference. I have a lot of friends and family who live there. It’s a beautiful state run by idiots like Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom. One of the weirdest places is Los Angeles County. So much wealth is everywhere and yet there is so much poverty and homelessness. We were driving on Sunset Blvd and I missed a turn and I had to go around the block. We went to the next light and we were a homeless tent city. It was weird, so much wealth and only 3 blocks from a tent city. It was a jarring sight, wow this is their reality. I didn’t like LA, I did love Santa Monica so much better. The shops were better, and I loved the restaurants there much better. Liberals and progressive need to stop thinking that the taxpayers are stupid, and we are NOT a bottomless piggy bank for them to loot whenever they want.

    1. Surprised these dysfunctional crap hole democrat states don’t assess a financial penalty for people fleeing their states.
      Considering those people voted for the democrats and liberal policies that they are now trying to escape, I think they should be penalized.
      Sick of people never being held accountable for their stupidity !!!!

  5. Pretty sad that U.S. citizens have to now “flee” oppression WITHIN the United States.
    And dementia Joe, Soros, all democrats, the mainstream media are just getting started.

  6. The only problem is that they want to bring the same crap to their new state that they are running from in the old one, talk about stupid, this is it.

  7. All the people who move to the free states should be required to leave all the Communist Liberal programs propaganda and Commie ideas in the place they came from! Look at Washington and Oregon when the Commie Democrat goons moved from California they RUINED those two states and now they are just as bad or worse than Commiefornia!! They have just about ruined Colorado and Nevada to!!!!!!!!! Gott watch those thing very close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Do they intend to bring their arsonists and looters with them? Will they need to elect a paragon of virtue Governor like NY Coumo, PA Wolf, The Michigan Twit, The California Jerk, and the Jersey Fool.

  9. Unfortunately the sad part is that these same fleeing self-maligned Americans are bringing their liberal baggage with them to some very real and stable red states. In no time at all it’ll have begun all over again. Maybe they should just stay in their home states and clean up the messes they’ve begun there.


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