‘Worse Than Obama Years’ Arizona Sheriff Details Biden’s Border Crisis

[Public Domain]

Arizona sheriff Mark Lamb said the current border crisis created by the Biden administration is the worst he has seen in years, even topping the migrant crisis seen during the Obama presidency. Sheriff Lamb’s comments come the same week the Department of Homeland Security revealed the U.S.-Mexico border is on track to reach a 20 year high.

Fox News reports:

“[During the Obama administration] it was like the Wild West out there in the desert on the south end of our county and we’re back to that again,” Lamb said.

“Almost every time we go out we’re finding 20 people. Last Wednesday, we had 49 apprehensions in my county. So this is just as bad as it was back in the Obama days, probably worse and on target to be worse.”

Lamb also accused the Biden administration of playing the “blame game,” targeting former President Trump’s border policies as the reason for the recent surge.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday referred to the influx of migrants at the southern border as a “big problem” and blamed the Trump administration for an “unworkable system” — following weeks of the Biden administration refusing to call it a “crisis.”

While President Biden has tried to downplay the current crisis, he’s yet to even schedule a visit to the border to see the situation firsthand. Meanwhile, a GOP delegation led by Kevin McCarthy traveled to the border on Monday to help find solutions. McCarthy said “It’s worse than a crisis. I thought I would see a crisis, but this is really a human heartbreak.”


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