Former GOP Rep Announces Campaign to Unseat Newsom in ‘Recall or General Election’

Charlie Nguyen from Berkeley, CA, United States of America [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Former California Republican Representative Doug Ose announced his gubernatorial campaign to unseat Gov. Gavin Newsom who may be facing a recall election. Ose served in Congress from 1999 to 2005 said he plans to run for the position regardless of if the recall effort fails.

According to The Daily Wire:

Ose announced his run on the KFBK radio show, stating “I’ve come to the point where I’ve decided I’m going to run for governor here in the state of California, whether it be in the recall or in the regular cycle in 2022. I’ve lived here my entire life, I’ve never seen it so screwed up.”

He continued, “I mean, literally, no one knows if their school’s open. No one knows if businesses are open. No one knows where to get a shot or when to get it. No one knows when they can go back to work. I mean, the people in charge are putting forth a false narrative that everything’s great and it’s not…I’m running to try to fix that.”

In the ad, Ose states, “Do as I say, not as I do. That’s how Gavin Newsom operates. Newsom sided with the unions to close your kids’ public schools while his children were in their classrooms. Newsom dined in California’s fanciest restaurant while telling you and me to stay sheltered at home and supported lockdowns that destroyed mom and pop businesses.”

The recall effort aimed at unseating the Democrat governor is the response to his hypocritical and oppressive Covid-19 policies. However, Newsom has attempted to blame Trump supporters and the RNC for the effort which has collected over 2 million signatures. To hold the recall election 1.5 million signatures must be verified.

    1. Messy Hessy I was born and raised in California and have never seen or heard of ANY state in the U.S. to be in such a screwed up position (followed by New York, Michigan and New Jersey). Our gracious governor gave a China company $1 BILLION to make MASKS (Oh no NO Americans won’t do) The masks didn’t pass muster in America BUT California got $250 million back. The highest paid Cal government official who worked in finance was Chinese who became a citizen. He also had ties to China AND was investing in China for California. Helping them with their boats. In my humble opinion Newsom is the most arrogant, narcistic braying jackazz in the Democratic party. And by the way California’s finances are NOT in good health.

      1. Who needs to visit Disney for a taste of fantasy, when the Liberals run the Government?!

        They can’t distinguish between good and evil, but write laws to dictate what we can grow, tell us where and if, we can go, … etc…

        Hug their trees, and cut down the children…
        Labs can’t experiment on animals; because it’s too cruel, but it’s ok for them to act like animals and do experiments with aborted children…

        1. Wait and see if WE the People have our say! The biggies with all the bucks seem to have been calling all the shots and OUR votes have been useless against their wants and money! They have been picking who THEY want as governor and will do ALL they want!

    1. I’m sorry but I’d rather Newsom stay than elect Ose. Ose is in the same bed as Romney, the same with Cox. We would be better off keeping Newsom for sure….. AND I have never liked Newsom from day one and I sure as hell didn’t vote for him either…. Didn’t vote for Cox either.

      1. Really? Really? You would be better off keeping Newsome? Really? Truly it must be the land of fruit and nuts!

        1. Ose is worse than Newsom. You must not be from the Sacramento Area, otherwise you would know the Ose resume and the things he has done….. Ami Bera got elected because nobody wanted Ose in that seat…. Ose is not who you seem to think he is….. end of subject……

      2. You ever heard the saying, “Bad CPR is better than no CPR?” Well, Ose is better than Gavin. Ose will have a lot of mopping up to do when Gavin is kicked out. Just like the next Speaker of the House will have a Monumental Mess to have to clean up when Nancy is given the heave ho and kicked out of her cushy little pad in DC.

    2. California needs a governor that remembers California many years ago under Ronald Reagan as Governor, when the State was Truly Golden and a great place to live, retire, vacation, or raise families.

      1. And cared about the states problems. Like the fires caused by not cleaning dead trees and weeds, or like the Oraville Dam being held together by bandaids. Or dead animals and veggie s cuz heaven forbid we use the Delta water when needed CUZ there s little useless fish in the Delta can;t use that. SOOOOO many things these rats have done to ruin MY state! Look at the roads, the freeways. And the UNFINISHED train to Frisco, never and will never get finished. Keep running out of money. WE get stuck paying. OOOPS forgot to get right aways. And this newscum wants us to build a train to Las Vegas? With all that needs to be done here? And the homeless? Refurbish some of the old bldgs and up date them. Have rules and regs, make them keep it clean and work there. NO MORE ON THE STREETS! Need a woman to run CA!

  1. I surely hope that California gets an honest, hard working, law abiding, freedom loving Governor who cares about the American people and their rights, and especially the hispanics that came to
    America to start businesses, raise families, and escape socialism, and became citizens lawfully. California used to be a great state to visit or live, and now Newsome has turned it into a 3rd world country.

  2. I wish him luck but considering a republicans cannot get elected dog catcher there don’t hold your breath.

    1. Many Republicans have been getting elected, and re-elected, including President Trump, but the left has been using their cheating games to overthrow honest elections.

  3. They are flying illegals into the USA? This is just a sideshow. They do whatever they want until they are confronted. This is treason and it`s time to pull our guns out and use them.

  4. Newsom should join the late night comics. He is trying to blame racism for his recall election. Now that is funny, funnier than most of the lame jokes on late night TV. Here we have a very white guy blaming racism for his recall. I would be surprised if one of his staffers hasn’t said to him “excuse me governor, you are white, very white, but are trying to blame racism for your failures. Have you thought about how that will play out in the press?” Even the left wing propagandists, posing as journalists, are going to find it hard to cover for Gavin on this one.

  5. He looks like the spoiled tyrannical mommy’s apron string holder he is….”I can do what I want Auntie Pigloosie says so” he says stamping his pretty little piggy toe.

  6. California is NOTHING but a MESS, led by Dems for ?how? many years? “Whatever” they touch turns to sawdust! The citizens have no electric, no water, no “say” in education, NO RIGHTS! Their houses slide off of cliffs since they shouldn’t have been built there in the first place. Their houses BURN to the GROUND since NOBODY does any “controlled burns” to get rid of the “deadwood” & tinder. YET “THEY” STILL VOTE for DEMS! ARE “they” braindead OR “IS” the voting system rigged?Their major “cities” are nothing but disease infested “rat-holes” with HOMELESS & feces in the streets! THIS “IS” what is ruling Washington, D.C. now, BECAUSE “they” have so many Representatives in “D.C.” BECAUSE they are such a BIG STATE, “THEY” RULE! Many residents are leaving, BUT I’d BET that their “voter rolls” will remain the same or INCREASE! GET RID of Pelosi’s “son-in-law”, “THE GOV.” thru marriage. “SHE” can get her hair done, and “HE can go out to dine “maskless”. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

  7. To DEFEAT NEWSOM, ONLY ONE REPUBLICAN has to run. “Dems” philosophy is “DIVIDE & CONQUER”! SO! Be SMART & put “somebody” in there who will NOT “let” your recall go to the “abyss”! THINK “SMART” after ALL your work! Make SURE that your “VOTING” is legit with NO “harvesting” & “MAKE SURE” that you have “Republican” EYES @ the polls! Too boot, MAKE SURE, that the “VOTING MACHINES” are NOT “the same” as 2020! “IF” that’s the case, you’ve already lost.


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