NAACP is Trying to Cancel Fox News

mroach from Malmö, Sweden, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

NAACP President Derrick Johnson is requesting the NFL terminate its contract and business relationship with Fox Corporation. Johnson has requested a meeting with NFL leadership to try and convince them to end the over $1 billion contract networks pay to broadcast games. Johnson claims the Fox Corporation- specifically Fox News has a history of “bigotry and racism” and therefore should not be permitted to air the games.

The Hill reports:

“For several decades, the Fox Corporation, and more specifically, Fox News has represented the worst traditions of American broadcasting,” Johnson said in a statement provided to The Hill. “The media outlet has used its news division to sow bigotry and racism, create dissension, spread misinformation, and promote conspiracy theories that ultimately led to an insurrection against the U.S. Capitol. It is safe to say, the views and opinions of Fox News are often squarely positioned against the progression of our democracy and not in the general public’s best interest.”

Johnson accused Fox of exploiting its licensing deal with the NFL through “increasingly high cable subscriber fees” that he says go towards subsidizing its news division.

“However, this is just one aspect of its inaccurate, incendiary coverage of racial injustice. Network personalities routinely attack Black Lives Matter and downplay the existence of systemic racism and police brutality,” he added. “A league where nearly 70% of the players are Black and prides itself as America’s favorite sports pastime, should not be complicit in helping to increase the profits of Fox News.”

“The NFL should immediately rethink its relationship with Fox, given all that Fox has done to harm its players and the franchise. It’s disturbing that this renewal is even on the table,” Johnson said.

Reports emerged last month that the NFL is requesting a 100% increase in TV right payments from its providers. Networks that broadcast the events include Fox, CBS, NBC.

    1. Tell the NAACP and NFL to go pound sand up their azzes.

      I quit watching NFL a long time ago. Never did watch the NBA. I also boycott companies who advertise with these two black racist pro sports organizations.

      1. I live in LA and for the past 3 years September through mid November Malibu beach and Zuma have been fantastic on Sundays. BLaMe? You can keep your socialist crap someplace where the sun never shines

  1. Hahaha. Lying about Fox is hilarious. It’s the only truth reporting in the country. What a misinformed group that likes to burn down cities.

      1. Until the group actually comes home in flag draped coffins, there is a snowball’s chance in that very hot place I’ll EVER watch another pro sports event.

        1. MAD Maxie is in trouble up to her ears. A young man who served 13 HONORABLE years in the U.S. Navy was slandered by her. She made insulting remarks about him and ended up as if he was dishonorably discharged. He sued her. She went to court to get the charges thrown out but the judge said no way. At last NO double standard for a Democrat.

          1. Stacy A. suffers from chronic political hysterical rage and is unable to love anything! The only things that might remotely satisfy her are the Georgia Governor’s seat and reparations she feels are due to her! She is a anxiety eater and buys KFC in family sized buckets and shares it with NO ONE!

          2. Reparations my patootie. Since the very first slave holder was Anthony Johnson, a black freeman ooriginally from Angola, when whites and Indians were NOT allowed by law to have slaves, prove to me you’re the descendant of a slave rather than a slave holder. The very first slave’s name was John Casor and now you all have something to research. I was quite surprised years ago when I read the court records since a lawsuit came about. At the start of the Civil War there were more black families with slaves in the south than white families. People running this country know absolutely NOTHING about its history.

    1. Newsom in a desperate vote pandering effort – said he will appoint a black “female” to replace Fartstain – if she were to suddenly retire – got the feeling Diane is sitting on a trap door? But wait a minute – stores in California are being fined for having seperated mens/womens – boys/girls departments – BUT the governor gets a pass for BLATANT GENDER IDENTITY? I guess that’s like him ordering everyone ( but him) to wear masks and dine alone or not to travel while he goes to Hawaii? Democrat HYPOCRISY = “The New Norm”.

      1. You forgot. Newsom also used the race card in his comment. Now why does he have to identify the race of his appointed Feinstein replacement? I thought democrats weren’t racists.

      2. And why female? I thought the democrats were the gender fluid party. I wonder if I could move the California and claim I am a black female. Lol

        1. I am a Californian. Unfortunately you can be anything but a Trump supporter. BUT 2020 Trumpsters came out in HOLLYWOOD and did NOT back down. Things are looking up.

      3. Let’s hope enough of the morons in California have come to their senses and will throw Newsom out on his azz.

        This not an invite for people in California to come to my state. We don’t want you!!! We’d rather have a swarm of locusts. So stay put. You have plenty of work to do to un-screw what you created by voting these slime balls into office.

        1. Do we know the people of California actually voted him in? After our last election I am beginning to wonder about some of these losers that keep getting reelected, time and again with no job performance, mostly democrats

          1. As a californian I can t3ell you he was not voted in.

            Harris was never voted in.

            Look up “provisional ballot”.

            There is the answer.

          2. This voting is all suspicious every where Dominion voting machines are all crooked you can program them with your I phone. There was a tech in Georgia that showed investigators the problems with these machines .

  2. No the communist behind NAACP is trying to cancel fox, they include others also and every one of these organizations are communist to their core and beginnings. This has been the plan for years, we’re just in the final stages and the communist control the government, they were behind Russia collusion and two impeachments of Trump, every witness was communist, face it we should have listened to Joe McCarthy.

  3. Fox News refuses to endorse the NAACP’s efforts to spread bigotry and racism, create dissension, and spread misinformation.

    1. You know, a conservative, republican black minister from the south started the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). When the Scottsboro Boys Trial in Texas took place the NAACP came to the defense of those nine black men, the youngest was 13 to 19 years old. The Communist Party USA came into the picture and shoved the black minister out of the organization he founded. The minister left in disgust at what the communists were doing. The CPUSA walked away from the Scottsboro Boys and several of them died in prison while others remained in prison. Even after the two white women recanted their stories and said the sheriffs paid them to accuse the nine of raping them. The NAACP started out to be a conservative organization until the communists took over.

      1. Similar to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). They started out legitimately trying to right wrongs, then they went left. I don’t think Focus on the Family belongs on the same list as the KKK simply because they believe the Bible when it says homosexuality is a sin.

  4. Isn’t calling African Americans “Colored People” considered politically incorrect? Yet it is still the NAACP?

  5. Pure stupidity. Fox and Fox News are two separate organizations. I watch Fox News and have never seen any inkling of predjudice.

    1. Fox Corporation owns Fox News, they are not separate. I believe you’re thinking of 20th Century Fox, who merged with Disney, after Fox Corp was created as a separate entity and took Fox News with them.

  6. This guy is a buffoon and a liar who should go read the First Amendment over and over till he understands what says. BTW, the NAACP outlived it`s usefulness years ago.

  7. Here we go again. Where do these people come from anyway. I’ve been watching Fox News and Sports for years and never heard or seen any of the things this guy says about Fox. There’s an old saying that when people resort to calling others racist and bigots you need to remember t hat they must be what they are talking about because it takes one to identify all the problems. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to say anything. This guy is way out of touch. It could be TDS

  8. Piss on the NAACP. They are only for blacks and why should we listen to them? The whites in this country aren’t allowed any White’s taking care of us. Another double standard in this country.

  9. Always the same crap with NAACP always the victim, always someone else’s fault. What a pathetic existence they must have.

  10. These people are completely delusional…

    Because you don’t see our side the same as we do, you are a bigot and promote racism and division. Do people really buy into this garbage?

    So tired of the leftists NAACP and their racist views!

  11. Go ahead the only people it will hurt is the players. Scouts watch all channels so take the money away from the people you want represent. Besides most people have given up on the sports world. Just over paid cry babies.

  12. Ahh… over half of the NFL is outstanding African American athletes. I don’t see where this fits into anything but another delusional thought to get a spot into the lime light.

  13. I can certainly do without sports. No one will bully me or take my rights away. Period, end of story. This country is a great country, if you do not like it, LEAVE. Find the fans and money elsewhere that you have enjoyed.


  15. I don’t even like FOX and don’t watch since they called AZ for Biden BEFORE the votes were even counted…!!! That said, the REAL BIGOTS and RACISTS and RACE BAITERS are the members of the NAACP…!!! FACT..!!! WE should cancel them…..!!!

  16. The only racists are the ones that do all the accusing to suit their political agenda just like this fraud.

  17. im still waiting for any facts figures or proof that ANY republican person, political group, new source, radio host or entertainer is racist or a white supremist. Do not just tell me they are racists show me proof/examples that support your lies..
    I will show you 200+ years of democrat racism and white supremist. the interesting thing is that democrats/liberal love to throw their labels on everyone else based on wanting to project their standards on others so they can sleep better at night.

  18. These groups have totally gone if the deep end. They are out of their minds and all rational thinking has gone out the window. This is still America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Stay Strong and do not knuckle under to those that want to destroy our beloved country. Stand with Fox!!

  19. I am SO happy I got rid of my season tickets to the NFL. The NAACP are NOW the racist pigs. I am trying to spend MY hard earned money on any company that is a friend of america (NOT coke by the way), and no china products.

  20. You guys just explained the Democrat party. They usually say things about others when in fact they are describing themselves. Pelosi does it all the time with Schummer.

  21. The NAACP?????? You got to be kidding. Does anybody even listen to these racists? Organizations like the NAACP actually WANT to promote racism because that is what keeps them in business.

    I’ve noticed that the more racist somebody or some organization is, the more they claim others to be racist. That’s a fact jack!

  22. NAACP better be careful. Those words are hate speech. We don’t abide by hate speech. Cancelling NAACP is next. Can we see Johnson’s tweets?? Let’s check his email. Are there more hateful tweets?

  23. Be very careful, NFL. Americans are already quite unhappy with spoiled, self indulgent football players crying over this or that. Football is no longer our national sport. If the NFL keeps traveling down this road, YOU will be the ones cancelled in our hearts. Stadiums will be empty. Viewers will be gone. And the NFL will never get us back.

  24. I am never in favor of any racial group being able to dictate anything. That makes them nothing but racists, but I think maybe Fox should stop supporting the NFL altogether. The NFL ratings are way down, so Fox is not getting the sponsor revenue it used to, and if the billions Fox has been paying the NFL goes away, the players salaries will have to go down to try to keep the NFK afloat, and when it finally goes under all those overpaid crybabies will have to look for the only jobs they are qualified for “will that be fries with that order?”
    And what makes Derrick Johnson believe he is the only voice worthy of being heard in America? He is every bit as racist as David Duke, and an anti American Marxist on top of that. He hates Fox, we get that, but he does not have the right to control what others see and hear. If he doesn’t like what ifs on any channel, he can change the station any time. He is not the dictator of America, but is the leading black supremacist in this country, and that makes him dangerous to the future of our republic

  25. They shouldn’t be punished for telling the truth; They are the only ones the have any semblance of being truthful.

  26. This is a bunch of crap–NFL is bowing to China Communist Party and Communist in America. Who is going to watch NFL??

  27. Maybe they all need some crying towels? What a bunch of pansies. I wish football would stay off my television forever. Baseball, basketball, and other sports, too!

  28. First, I would ask Johnson, a black man with a Scandinavian surname, why Hispanics and Asians (also “people of color”) have no representation in the NAACP. Next, were I running any of the networks, I would tell the NFL I would be willing to halve what they’re paying them rather than double, and they can seriously decrease the outrageous salaries their players are getting if they want viewership.

  29. The NAACP cares NOT for the good of its people. They prefer the true anti-black MSM conglomeration. This is based on a completely open-eyed historical examination of real reporting and opinion. They can’t be THAT blind over THAT many years by accident or ignorance. PERIOD!!!

  30. Do a search for a black lady named: Bevelyn Beatty, search: there are two kinds of blacks. She nails it.

  31. That’s his opinion. We should shut down the whole network because he thinks it’s racist? I don’t think so!

  32. They’re at it again, the pot calling the kettle black. Fox is one of the few that tell the truth, but the democrooks always accuse others of their wrongdoing!

  33. BFD. Haven’t watched the nfl since they became “woke”.
    Seriously doubt that Goodell will listen, nor will the owners since their gods are $$$…

  34. Say’s the bigot in the room…More cancelation of opinions …I’m hoping that the NFL would be canceled by the public…

  35. And so the “woke” attempt to continue dividing our country continues…this time by the racist NAACP. My guess is that to continue making their money, the NFL is in need of as many broacasting networks and viewers as it can get, given the loss they’ve already experienced with their kneeling disrespect for our National Anthem and flag, and messing with the names of the teams. As for me, I haven’t watched football since the first season Kaepernick took his skinny knee in an attempt to garner attention and notice for his flagging career, and showing his hatred and disdain for America. So it doesn’t really matter to me whether the games are broadcast or not. But like I said at the beginning, the NFL will do whatever it needs to do to hold onto their riches and wealth!!

  36. I don’t watch NFL on Fox or any channell. I haven’t since Colin acted up. If Fox is forced off, I won’t watch any other programs on Fox or any channell that carries the NFL, including news. I will also boycott their advertisers.

  37. Good morning Vietnam!
    .. Welcome to the U.S.of A.-bamaNation!

    I think they should cancel themselves…
    That would be ‘social justice’…
    … Would it be “loving your enemy”?

    “He that is without sin, cast the first stone!”

    The non-inclusive, woke-racist-cancel-culture; they’re breeding.. can’t see that they’re all blind and sleep walking…
    … Heading straight for the ditch!

    We cannot win by returning evil, for evil…
    That is only throwing gas on a fire!

    It’s time for the rubber to meet the road and for empty religion to shut up and sit down…

  38. Everyone is sick of the race baiting. Admit this is a political push aimed at more money for favorite people and silencing political opponents. Give it a rest.

  39. What utter nonsense. Cite one example of this bigotry. Possibly the NAACP is obsessed with racism and promotes it.

  40. I believe that this is a tac that the writer has put forth and taking this time to place it is in the best of the time. I think it was yahoo but Yahoo puts a lot of information but thy never take the time to get a response from the listener. Of course this is just my opinion.


  42. So in their opposite world, the Mainstream media is good, and Fox is bad, strait people bad, while LBGT sufferers are good, the police are bad, and George Floyd is a saint? Wow! We must be nearing the end times. Which team do YOU want to be on?

  43. Derrick Johnson is an Uncle Tom that don’t know what racism is and is only a dummy for the Lib’s. I’m Black and I listen to Rap that uses the N___ word endlessly and are they racist? Kanya West is now the richest Black Man in the World and is he a racist?

  44. I can’t believe that they would cancel football on fox. They will probably have to cancel due to what the left wants. Why couldn’t do something more helpful to get things that really matter. OH Well, it doesn’t surprise me. They are really putting their shoulders and then dare someone to stand up to them.

  45. Another attempt by the left to try and silence Fox News. General statements made that Fox News division has a history of racism and bigotry, creating dissension, spreading misinformation and promoting conspiracy theories without citing any examples or facts is the game they play. Calling the reporting on Black Lives Matter routine attacks by the newscasters is a farce, again without evidence or facts. Fox News continues to have better ratings than its competitors for a good reason.

  46. Nothing new as the morons at the naacp and the national felon league want to cancel fox because they hate facts and truth. One of the most bigoted organizations is the naacp!!!!!

  47. I have enjoyed football my entire life. I have watched it become a money game in the last 10 years or so. I now think it is the same as wrestling. I now wonder how they determine who wins. Is it by lottery system, toss of the dice. or perhaps the team that comes up with the most money ? I do not know but I fear the latter.

  48. Lessee – a 100% increase of TV payments??? The 3 networks SHOULD tell the no fun league to stick their demands where the sun don’t shine. See how long the leagus last without any tv broadcasts………………….

  49. NFL is requesting a 100% increase in payments and now the NAACP is singling out FOX? Humm must mean no one’s watching…..Looks to be the start of the foundation crumbling…..Go woke ..go broke…hope these over paid babies get exactly what they deserve for kneeling to OUR National Anthem and support for BLM a fully racist marxcist organization…..

  50. “The media outlet has used its news division to sow bigotry and racism, create dissension, spread misinformation, and promote conspiracy theories that ultimately led to an insurrection against the U.S. Capitol. It is safe to say, the views and opinions of Fox News are often squarely positioned against the progression of our democracy and not in the general public’s best interest.”

    Yet another example of the left accusing the right for doing exactly what THEY do,


  51. Is ESPN also included in this when talking about the worst traditions of broadcasting in America when Jemelle Hill is/was broadcasting?

  52. Everybody’s “FED UP” with sports since it ALL became political. The ONLY “people” interested are “the bettors” who can make some money. After a year of “FORCED” shut down, & “people” beginning to “figure out” “WHAT” really matters, Sports is NOT a priority. FREEDOM to “live LIFE” is # 1 ! Honestly, NOBODY CARES! “WE” all just want our LIVES back AND Government “taking a hike” into our daily lives.

  53. Everything Johnson stated about FOX News shows he is experiencing what Psychology calls Projection. Projection occurs when you see your own faults and weaknesses in others, but not in yourself.


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