GA GOP Demands Investigation into Officials Behind Leak of Fake Trump Quotes

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Georgia Republican Party is demanding answers from top officials behind the leak of fraudulent quotes from President Trump in relation to a call with the state’s top election officials. Initially, reports began to circulate that Trump has made comments to Frances Watson to “find the fraud” and said that the investigator would be a “national hero” if she complied. However, Trump never said those things on the phone call once a recording of the full conversation was released.

The State Executive Committee of the Georgia GOP passed a resolution last week calling for an investigation into Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs, Secretary of State chief investigator Frances Watson, and others over the scandal.

The Daily Wire reports:

“The State Executive Committee of the Georgia Republican Party hereby calls on the Office of the Inspector General of State of Georgia and the appropriate legislative committees of the Georgia General Assembly to investigate the governmental personnel involved in the” recording, leaking, and attempted destruction of a Dec. 23 phone call between Trump and Watson, the resolution says.

“The State Executive Committee of the Georgia Republican Party hereby calls on Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to issue a statement repudiating the reported aforementioned misrepresentation and attempted destruction of evidence and to relieve from power those engaged in this conduct no later than March 24, 2021,” it continues.

Fuchs defended her actions in a statement to the Post’s media critic Eric Wemple.

“I believe the story accurately reflected the investigator’s interpretation of the call. The only mistake here was in the direct quotes, and they should have been more of a summary,” Fuchs said. “I think it’s pretty absurd for anybody to suggest that the president wasn’t urging the investigator to ‘find the fraud.’ These are quotes that [Watson] told me at the time.”

The Washington Post first reported the story with an anonymous source providing the fabricated quotes. The publication recently released a correction to the story but the damage had already been done.

Listen to the actual called between Trump and Watson Here.

[jwplayer ay7b1hyd-lzmB6GEw]

  1. I believe that Francis Watson, was looking for fame and attention. No one likes a liar, or a pretend Republican!

    1. Fuch’s interpretation could not be any further off the mark. She should not have any kind of position that she would (deliberate or not) /
      could not accurately convey a conversation. Her interpration was uterly twisted thinking (obviously) or she wouldn’t repeat her error. To repeat her lie is just sick! Who is this woman?

  2. Get them President Trump, let’s find all the fraud and get you back in the oval offiv=ce where you belong.

    1. Omg yes please get our President Trump back! 🙏🏻✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. There are 2 things that must be dealt with if we are ever to have another republican president. 1-Stop Soros from funding and winning races for judges, day’s, ag’s, s.o.s., etc. 2-Realize that the Dominion, etc. voter machines can and will be used in state and local elections. You can analyze the 11/3 election a million ways, but the lying, cheating, stealing, baby-killing democrats will be a step or 2 ahead if you don’t stop these 2 things.

  4. All I want to know from Georgia is where were you turds when the nation needed you to show up and keep the country sane?
    Georgia was our line of defense. You failed us all, and now look what’s coming down the pike.
    You’re ALL IDIOTS!
    I feel about you all as I did and still do about ALL the idiots that voted for OBUMMER, not just once but twice!

      1. How about both? it would seem that the public for the most part are just to lazy to bother with anything but some stupid TV show or ball game to even care about the country.

    1. Obama is the First Mixed Race President to have served 2 terms that people actually Voted for and his Third Term Started when the Swore in Biden, He’s always been Obama’s Puppet!!

    2. True dat those ppl were all used just like the ones that voted for sleepy joe. Any ppl that vote demturd are used ppl

    3. You are the biggest turd along with with everyone who believes like you. Biden bought the election with his $2000 promise and the voter fraud that went with the promise just like every other battleground state.

      1. Ok, so are you saying that Republicans went out to vote for the 2 COMMUNIST senators because they were promised 2k?

      2. False you believe that and I got a resort on the moon I’ll give you a free pass on for life as long as you take all of obidens ppl with you

    4. Bunch of idiots in my book! Like to learn the hardway. Well this time they really put the nail in the coffin as if it wasn’t 6 feet under already they had to finish it off. And yes y’all know whom you are

  5. The average person would have been ashamed to be caught like this. But as we know many (most) Democrats are below average. That is why a sense of shame never dawns on them.

  6. The culprit here is Ms Jordan Fuchs, the deputy secretary of state! She is the one who reported the fake direct quotes to the Post per both the Post and Fuchs. She said those were not intended to be released as direct quotes by the Post! Uh-huh, and that is as believable as me having a resort on a lake on the planet Mars! This unethical dishonorable dog faced pony soldier got caught with her pants down and needs to have her lying stinking bottom put in direct contact with the fire she started…..and it’s right beneath her! She is busted and needs to pay the price….impeach or fire whichever applies, did she break a law if so prosecute her and she’ll be lucky if she isn’t sued! AT ANY RATE, SHE HAS DESTROYED HER OWN CREDIBILITY! Only a Democrat will hire her in the future!

  7. There is no doubt in my mind, that Stacey Abrams is up to her hips in any fraud that went on in Georgia. She’s still p!$$ed she didn’t win the race for governor.

    1. Ken
      When your opponent for Governor is in a position to change he rules during the election, what chance does you opponent have and Abrams lost by such a small amount it is amazing. Georgia like a lot of other states, including Texas, is on the border line for going Blue within the next 5 elections which means 10 years when we have an election every 2 years, the youth of today do not want what the Republican party has become.

      1. The only reason the leftist indoctrinated “youth of today” even voted was because of the mail in ballots. They would not get off there miserable a*#es if they had to go to an actual polling place and vote. I was in line with over a hundred people in the last election and maybe saw a dozen young people under 30, there to vote. This is why Abrams and the left want universal mail in voting. Because they know that 50% of their voter base would rather party or play video games than actually take the time to find out who they’re voting for. They just follow their little social media world leftist and do what they say. And they follow like sheep to the slaughter house all the while thinking they are smarter than all those stupid racist republicans. I know this for fact as I’ve watched it happen to my son and daughter and all their friends after they came out of college. It’s very sad. When I try to explain to them they are following leftist twisted facts and propaganda, I get the, “you just believe all that right wing lies from Fox news. This is what we’re up against. They don’t even want to engage in a discussion. This is what the MSM and college is doing to our America!

      2. Haha, you don’t even want to get into a discussion about, “changing the rules during an election”. Just look at what all the swing states governors and AG’s illegally did before the last election and changed rules using the courts, which is unconstitutional in most states as the legislators make the rules.

  8. Let’s be real. It was not just the Georgia democrat politicians who were working against President Trump, it was the entire world working to make certain that President Trump would not be our president for the next four years. President Trump won the election and it was stolen using overwhelming fraud and cheating at both a national and international levels. President Trump belongs in the white house as our Commander in Chief and who knows how many phony joe bidens there are and how many phony movie productions have been created to pretend that joe biden is alive and our commander in chief. All of the corporate media lying words are just to create the illusion that joe biden is alive and in command. If he is really alive, why are they creating the smeary green videos of him? How many joe bidens actors are there? We are living in a country completely controlled by the deep state and the videos of biden are merely a poor attempt to pretend that he is in control. The deep state is in control and they had to get rid of President Trump, our Real President, so that they could continue their works to destroy our country.

    1. DAMN RIGHT!!! And so many politicians are compromised or corrupt that it’s going to be awful for President Trump when he gets back!!! Clean them out!!!

    2. True and the majority of ppl don’t like it and will never stop talking about it. We don’t like to loose unfairly and neither does President Trump.

      1. Mac
        Now if the majority did not like it, please explain to me why Biden has an approval rating only dreamed about by Trump who never got above the high40% and Biden has around 60% right out of the gate.

        1. Easy Robert, who is telling you his approval rating is that high?? Just about every MSM entity that constantly belittled Trump, every chance they could, and then they cover for Biden. Even some pollsters were never Trumper’s. How the press deals with Biden compared to Trump. Press to Trump, “Mr. President, why are you ripping children from their mothers arms and keeping them in cages down at the southern border and how will you deal with this crisis? Press to Biden, “Mr. President, is that cookie dough ice cream or chocolate chip you’re having? Cookie dough, oh, how wonderful!

        2. Biden’s highest was 57% right after inauguration, Trumps highest was 49% last May. Funny how it was the highest last may as he was dealing with the pandemic and getting a vaccine developed, but then he lost by so much a few months later?? I’m sure the lying MSM had nothing to do with that, along with the lies that Shiff, Nadler, Shumer and Pelosi were saying almost every day on main street news networks. Bidens ratings are dropping now that people can see he’s a puppet of others and has cognitive disabilities. Crisis at the border created by Biden, “nothing to see here people, move along”. Trump’s was the lowest after the Jan. 6th incident that the MSM blamed entirely on Trump along with every freakin democrat in congress even though if you listen to his speech that day he said to peacefully march down to the capital and make your voice’s heard. He had every right to question the fairness of that election even though you democrats only think your side has any rights to question something. If the right does it, it must be some illegal conspiracy or insurrection!

    3. Lorraine E Blazich
      So in your opinion the majority of the World along with the majority of Americans did not want Trump to be reelected, and that was quite evident when the fact is that even in the 2016 election the majority did not want Trump and all the courts have agreed that Gerrymandering in the Swing States by Republican put Trump in office and all those states were ordered to redistrict, and now that they have, Trump still lost the election, with not one ounce of Fraud in over 1000 investigations into every accusation made about voter fraud, by State and Federal Law Enforcement, and when Barr told Trump that, Trump turned on Barr, and he resigned. Then Trump turned to courts who do not take cases with evidence produced by the person claiming wrong doing it refers the people to Law Enforcement to investigate, which Trump refused to do.

      1. Even statisticians have said the Biden win is almost an impossibility. Trump won in 2016 and then had almost 10 million more votes in 2020. Statistically, common sense should tell you that no way did Joe Biden, who didn’t even go on the campaign trail, stayed in his basement and read prepared script, promised to undo all the stuff Trump achived, said he would “give everyone, $2000 dollars” (typical democrat ploy to buy votes) and basically could not put a coherent sentence together if left on his own to answer a question, and actually slipped in an interview and said, speaking about the democrats, “we have the best voter fraud system ever”. You tell us how this senile old white racist got 5 million more votes than Trump? And if you ever take the time to look up Joe Bidens past in the senate, you will plainly see that he’s a racist with all the things he’s said, voted on in the past, and bills he’s sponsored. And just so you know, there were not over a thousand investigations, but many accusation of fraud that were never even looked at because the courts would not let them investigate and didn’t want to get involved with the election scandal.

      2. Robert, how does gerrymandering effect the national election? It only effects local elections. The votes are tallied across the whole state so gerrymandering a district would not come into play. What planet are you living on?

  9. Pray tell me, why is President Trump asking Georgia officials to find the frauds committed in Georgia during the 2020 elections.
    The Georgia Secretary of State currently has 38 lawsuits/administrative actions against people who committed fraud in the said election.
    In fact Raffensperger should be charged with misinforming the Nation that there was no fraud committed during the elections, and emphatically stated so to President Trump.

    1. Tinbuktu58
      Now when a person commits fraud in an election the state does not sue them or initiate administration action it arrests them, that in itself should prove there was no voter fraud or the states would be arresting the persons.

      1. The actions are against election officials in certain counties, not citizens who fraudulently voted. You have to find those citizens to arrest them, and to do that you need to review and verify all the votes, both in person and by mail, to discover if fraud took place. So far, they have not scrutinized those votes, only recounted the same stuff. Fortuneatly, Wisconsin and Arizona and Georgia have taken the initiative to do just that in some disputed counties. Question for you Robert, If there was no voter fraud anywhere and the Dominion machines were so wonderful, please explain how the one county in upper Michigan had 6000 votes discovered that were switched to Biden from Trump and then corrected when discovered by a poll worker. Dominion said, due to a clerical error of a software update?? Now I ask you, if a voting machines software could be programmed to do that, then those machines are all questionable and should never be used again! How would you feel if those votes were switched from Biden to Trump?

      2. Right, my democrat governor is going to tell his democrat AG to arrest those democrats that voted 2 or 3 times to put them in office! If you believe that, I have a bridge I can sell you in Brooklyn!

    1. Those who want to radically change this country do not want fair elections where the voice and consent of the governed should have the power to elect representatives that stand for THEIR rights, THE BILL OF RIGHTS. Thats why the open borders are happening, to change the landscape and bring in those people who don’t know our history, constitution, and WILL NOT ASSIMILATE. Thats the difference in legal immigration, and ILLEGAL immigration. Many immigrants came to America lawfully THROUGH ELLIS ISLAND, and became citizens, assimilated, started businesses, raised families, and contributed to the country in positive ways. This formula the Democrats use is a radical ideology of a One World System that will create total lawlessness, poverty, and collapse on the population.

  10. The News release dialogues from Governor Kemp and Raffensberger at the time of the pjhone call and the directio of the Governor to have the President investigated and charged indicates that Fuch was a useful idiot withthe backing of Gov Kemp and Raffensberger.
    She didn’t cover the loose ends

  11. I wish this country could can all the impostors who are bent on destruction. The majority of the American people are law abiding, hard working, good citizens who care about their country.

    1. Dee S
      I am glad you see it that way because the majority of Registered Voters are Democrat, and you do not have to believe me, just google it.

      1. Wrong again Robert, actually, the majority of registered voters are registered as independant, (34%), democrats at 33% and republicans at 29%. I googled it!

  12. When I first heard about this I knew it was a lie. If Trump had anything to say he would say it like a President, and not like a biden.
    I want those involved to pay, because this was a intentional act, and should be prosecuted.

  13. What do you expect? The corruption in this country is so bad in our government and I will say not just this government but the world governments because the one world order money six control of the world. They want one percent one good life in the 99% to be the slaves of those they let live. Do you really wonder why they won our guns do you think it’s for our protection no it’s for their protection as they’ve been after this since the first I’m sorry the second communist got an office as president and that being Franklin Roosevelt the first was Woodrow Wilson.


  15. Biden and his happy crows odd cut throats are tearing our country down piece by piece. People that voted for the fascist group are reaping their vote, they should take a look at their country now. And, the people at Dominion will surely burn in Hell.

    1. The left and those who sit at one table, rinos, or other factions of cancel culture, and tell lies, are the orchestrators of the New World Order.

  16. There are many turncoat Rino Republicans that never fought for President Trump too, and the people won’t forget it. You’re not going to like this New World Order of Power and Privilege by the elites.

  17. There is never anything wrong with any investigation if it is done by an independent party, with members of both parties involved in that investigation. Any investigation done by one political party will always be suspect and not trusted by the majority.

    1. And the Russia investigation of Trump’s so called “collusion” was done by Mueller and one other lawyer who were registered republicans, the other 18 lawyers on his team were democrats and democrat donors. The findings were, no evidence of Russian collusion between Trump and Russia. So, why does a majority of democrats still believe the lie that Trump colluded with Russia? Your point on both parties involved does not hold water. In this case the democrats still can’t accept what the findings were, even though most on that commission were democrats?

  18. she says she’s interested in the facts and getting the truth and turns a round and lies. she had to know that calls to the president are recorded. how stupid can you get. he called to give his support

  19. The Democrat Political Party makes me sick to my stomach. They have ZERO ethics. In their world, any dishonest and disgusting falsehood is okay.

  20. hypocritical demonrats and google and apple that support their lies and won’t let Americans know both sides of the story and make their own decisions.

  21. Her words remind me of how Harry Reid responded when asked about the false statement he made on the Senate floor in 2012 (he claimed he had heard that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes for years). He said “well, we won the election didn’t we?” Or Hillary Clinton during the Benghazi investigation “at this point what difference does it make.” Why is it that Democrats feel it is OK when they lie?

  22. Don’t ever be fooled. You will know people by the fruits they bear and how they affect you, negatively, or positively. It will be obvious where their hearts are.


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