How Sidney Powell Plans to get Dominion’s Defamation Suit Thrown Out

Screen Shot via Sidney Powell Twitter

Sidney Powell, the disgraced former campaign attorney to President Trump, is laying out her plan to get Dominion Voting Systems to throw out its $1.3 billion defamation suit against her. The voting systems company hit Powell with the massive suit after Powell made repeated claims the 2020 presidential election was stolen by widespread voter fraud. However, Powell is claiming her comments are protected by the First Amendment because her statements were opinions, and no “reasonable” person would have ever believed her claims.

The pro-Trump attorney’s legal team is claiming, “reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact but view them only as claims that await testing by the courts through the adversary process.”

In other words, her defense is that the Trump supporters who believed her were insane to believe her. Powell thinks Trump supporters are unreasonable.

According to Townhall:

“Given the highly charged and political context of the statements, it is clear that Powell was describing the facts on which she based the lawsuits she filed in support of President Trump. Indeed, Plaintiffs themselves characterize the statements at issue as ‘wild accusations’ and ‘outlandish claims,'” the motion reads.

“…the speech at issue here is not actionable. As political speech, it lies at the core of First Amendment protection; such speech must be ‘uninhibited, robust, and wide-open,'” the motion says. “Additionally, in light of all the circumstances surrounding the statements, their context, and the availability of the facts on which the statements were based, it was clear to reasonable persons that Powell’s claims were her opinions and legal theories on a matter of utmost public concern. Those members of the public who were interested in the controversy were free to, and did, review that evidence and reached their own conclusions—or awaited resolution of the matter by the courts before making up their minds. Under these circumstances, the statements are not actionable.”

Powell’s attorney, Howard Kleinhendler, said the former Trump attorney stands by her statements and views.

“It’s her opinion, based on her view of the factual affidavits that were presented to her,” Kleinhendler told the Wall Street Journal.

Dominion Voting Systems is also suing Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and Fox News.

  1. She’s smart. Say what it takes to win and then counter sue. The Dems and MSM already believes there’s truth in her statement. Use their arrogance to defeat them.

          1. He is still hiding under his desk, and won’t come out until the democ rats are gone, which will be never now that the courts will not bother to hear a case.

    1. Just a reminder, Dominion is also suing Mike Lindell (The MyPillow guy); you and I have all seen the videos and reams of evidence Mike has collected. Our cockeyed justice system “may choose” to dismiss Sidney’s suit, for fear of getting their black robes any dirtier than they already are, OR they may not. In either case Lindell’s evidence, against Dominion, WILL come forth! And can you just imaging what the results of that will be?? I can and am looking forward to it. It might help “impeach” biden/harris/pelosi, or, at least, help lock them ALL up. He he he!! For me, that would be a dream come true.

    2. A person from that company who claims to be an engineer says those machines can be hooked up to other machines. His name is Cueller or Culler. I tried to find his name online but it didn’t pan out. Oh and it was and very clear he was a “never Trumper”.

    3. Whoever wrote this article doesn’t understand tort law. Dominion has the burden of proof. Also, the author uses “reasonable” and “insane” as antonyms or opposites. They are not. It’s unreasonable to fully believe opinons or claims without seeing any evidence. We are not privy to the evidence, only Sidney’s description of her opinion about evidence she claims to have seen. That doesn’t mean we think Sidney is not credible. Accepting her general credibility is not insane, nor unreasonable. Her reputation was never sullied until she took on this pursuit, and the media bias is so partisan, that current descriptions of Sydney’s character are skewed. Also, Dominion is subject to “discovery” and has to show actual harm ie economic loss. Most people don’t buy their services. The media has defended Dominion because the media is partisan. How is Dominion harmed? Tort cases are not argued in the press, they are argued in courts. I am not offended that Sydney might argue that, if I “believed” her claims, it’s unreasonable. Doesn’t bother me a bit, go for it.

  2. I don’t believe Sidney is saying Trump voters are unreasonable at all, she is saying any reasonable person would take her statements as opinions, NOT facts and do their own research and make up their own minds…which is exactly what Trump voters did.

    1. She isn’t. Defamation cases are based on weird criteria, commencing with the Motion to Dismiss or for Summary Judgment. Malice is also a factor. No malice, just doing her excellent attorney job, and now facing the commie mob. The lawyer representing her decided on this apparently. I am waiting for the real defense to their BS lawsuit. Truth is a defense.

        1. We are referring to the mechanics of tort law and public figure claims of defamation. Not general politics and justice. Monica nailed it.

    2. She was counting on her opinions to be able to see the light of day, but the crooked judicial system would not let them.

    3. NO !joe (demented) 88yrOLD’fart’ !! did NOT defeat DJT even Stevie WONDER has eyes regarding my statement …..

    4. Why would a reasonable person not accept her statements as facts since they were presented under oath both in writing and at the evidentiary hearings. She had NO evidence at all, just pure speculation, hearsay and innuendo all the time she was lying to us and to the president.

      1. Including me. Check out your state’s voting process and contact your governors if they’re oblivious to any fraud.
        Voter ID, Voter IF and NO HARVESTING or registration on day of voting.

      1. Dominion may “think” they’ve cleaned up al the evidence, but they have not; don’t forget Mike Lindell, plus all the real time videos, sworn affidavits AND witness testimony.

    1. Good I hope to God they are all destroyed BC they were rigged internet so they can commit fraud ! all states who had the dominion machine everyone of them need to go to the junk pile for scrap !!

  3. It is here fellow patriots , No more speaking the truth and sticking to Your guns . I wonder when truth spoken becomes a felony and death thereafter or MAYBE life in prison with no parole .

    1. When President Trump starts his own Media website we all need to ignore Hess and not respond to his insane comments. Let him talk to himself.

  4. She is not “disgraced”.. She is a top notch lawyer, who stands for truth and justice. The mainstream media absolutely lied about her. There is an abundance of evidence regarding all of the fraud perpetrated on We The People to undermine and destroy our right to vote per the Constitution. And, the Constitution is being destroyed. The Dominion people are all part of the so called Deep State cabal and will stop at nothing to destroy people who have all of the truth regarding the flipping of votes. Sidney will succeed representing those at Fox who justly spoke about the election fraud and now Dominion would like to silence them into submission. Not in America, thank you. This isn’t Communist China, but there are those who are loyal to them right here in America, who will stop at nothing to grab power and control. In the end, they too will succumb to the CCP, because they are mere puppets. It will not end well unless we stand up for our freedom and our country. Find the your own research. It’s out there; not through mainstream sources.

  5. She really knows what she is doing. She is CRAZY like a FOX. More will be coming just wait. Just remember anyone can sue for anything but they have to be able to WIN and there lies their problem. FREE SPEECH is protected in the United States unless Biden decides do cancel it by Executive Order.

    1. Freedom of choice is yours, too. But can you prove TTN is spam for any good reason to anyone else but yourself. I for one disagree with your opinion.

    2. That your opinion and you are entitled to your own opinion!

      Just know the saying goes, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and thinks others stink!

  6. Dominion all tied up in rigged Venezuela elections. I don’t think Sydney Powell frightens too easily. The same threat by Dominion against Fox News. If Powel’s or Fox’s cases ever get to court Dominion will have to put up or shut up. There were testimony’s by many digital experts during the press releases after the election that Dominion machines were rigged and even how they did it but the courts, including our cowardly Federal Supreme Courts under the thumb of Justice John Roberts refused to hear the evidence. .

    1. Good point. I’d like to see evidence come forth. It’s there. we just need to have it reviewed in the machines. you can’t tell me it wasn’t rigged.

    2. Yes – Integrity something systems is one. But Ms Powell is well aware. Even some of the state staff in Ga were interviwed and they provided user tests that proved the processing elapsed times for ballot processing. Ir didnt add up to the biden counts reported when systems resumed after the toilet leak downtime.

    3. 2020 election counting was rigged for HidinBiden, and the courts are mostly corrupted all the way to the USSC! USA is in deep kimchee!

        1. Then why the hell are you here?
          Get the f–k out ASAP!
          I can’t think of a single person that would want you here. And you know Albert, it actually pains me to say that.

    4. They gave the excuse that the parties bringing the suit had no standing in the case. That doesn’t mean the evidence didn’t exist, they just refused to hear it based on the plaintiffs standing in the case.

  7. Look, anything that is crazy belongs to the democrats, we can use crazy excuses too, if a forensic investigation was allowed at questioned sights i could see the suit, but the same democrats that prevented a FEDERAL read federal, investigation for a t3n day period, the same Supreme Court that refuse all request for a hearing on evidence, while media news and politicians lied telling us no proof existed from make believe investigations and court hearings. That is like saving I stole your car and you have proof on video, then the court refuses to look at film, and fair investigations to prove it are debited, then I sue you fir character assault. Look, I have faith not in my government, but in God, what rules us today is pure evil, history proves pure evil cannot win, eventually the people once the been screwed over will d3cided to expose these crimes.

  8. Old saying is ‘when in the wrong, attack.’. I disagree with the above interpretation of Ms Powell’s legal team statement. The statement clearly says that these were claims*. I have read statistics reported by professional IT analysts who hands on determined the machines were incapable of physically processing the life cycles of the volumes recorded after the coordinated down times across multiple states. this in and of itself is proof that something in those systems permitted direct updates to the data which is a HUGE flaw in or fix in voting systems. I say ‘Yay lets go to court – that is one way to reveal the truth.’. The whole thing might backfire.

  9. Ms Powell should check with Gov Abbott of Texas. He refused these machines in 2-013 because they were so easily manipulated and could leads to fraud. Why did other states use them, in that case.

    1. Some other state appear to be colluded in corrupting 2020 election to favor BasmentBiden and BS MEDIA.

      1. 5 states were the ones they shut down completely to steal President Trumps votes to. Rig them to China Joe !
        They had to focus on certain ones !! In turn thoses states help them by changing the voting laws which was unconstitutional ! This whole 2020 election was stolen and 75 million people KNOW IT !! There is a illegitimate criminal Joe Biden and his cronies need to ALL GO TO JAIL !!! Including Nancy P , chuckie S Nadler , schiffty shift and MORE!!!!!

      2. If it wasn’t rigged. Trump would’ve won by a landslide. But no way could Obiden win by a landslide so they only took enough votes to do the job

  10. She is very intelligent. Not one court would look at the evidence. They only ruled on standing. Which denied the evidence being examined. Well the evidence is about to be examined in court. Thank You Sidney!

  11. The Arizona legislators won their case-Maricopa county election officials must turn over all paper ballots for a third party county AND Dominion election machines for forensic audit.

  12. The Watergate investigation wasn’t solved overnight, so this one will take awhile but the ending should be the same. Nixon resigned and so should Biden. The 2020 election had so much carelessness in the process that only fools believe there was no fraud, widespread or otherwise. Investigate then prosecute the crooks who engaged in the fiasco that caused the unlawful elevation of that crooked old Joe Biden and his cackling Kamala.

  13. What makes her disgraced? The only disgraces are the liberal cheaters in the 2020 election. The proof is overwhelming both on video and testimony. More proof, unbelievably is still showing up daily.
    The final disgrace is the Supreme Court that allowed it to happen. If there is any justice the election should still be overturned and anyone involved in the scam sent to Gitmo for a required twenty years.

    1. John Robert’s was compromised when he took the Lolita Express to Epstein Island. There are probably others on SC that r compromised as well. They’ve been honey potted and it is on video. Lin Wood has the proof on Robert’s. He will either commit suicide or have a convenient “heart attack” and die. He has been found out.

    2. Life is to good you kidding me the virus the fraud the underhandedness of turncoats and taking over America and it’s ppl. Come on! They all need to go to Gitmo now. Better add more sells.

  14. Well myself after reviewing the two fraud indicating graphs in Michigan and Wisconsin at roughly the exact same time 4am in the morning and exactly the same mathematical impossibility I say she is telling the truth! These two mathematical graphing scenarios are a total impossibility unless Someone or Something (Dominion Voting Machines) stops the election and manually inserts these votes or the voting machines deliberately change the votes from red to blue! THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO MATHEMATICALLY PROVE THIS OCCURANCE!! Along with over 1000 sworn affidavits would constitute compelling evidence that should have been immediately accepted and presented in a federal court of law and our SCOTUS!! Any reasonable person can understand that these two events have never happened in our election process( the affidavits and impossible graphs) and should have been adjudicated in a Federal Court of Law with expert mathematical scientists and experts explaing the impossibility of this occurrence and the great americans that signed the sworn affidavits had the day in court!! THESE TWO PIECES OF EVIDENCE IS WHAT TRUMP SHOULD HAVE DECLARED THE INSURRECTION Act ON AND ENFORCE HIS 2018 EO on election interference! INSTEAD HE WALKED AWAY LIKE A COWARD INSTEAD OF STANDING UP FOR US VOTERS AND THE HONEST INTEGRITY OF AMERICA!!

  15. This greatly disturbs me. I wholly believed what Powell said abot the voting machines snd the extent of the fraud. Is she saying now it was all a dog and pony show? So, Biden DID win legitimately? What insanity is this?

    1. No that is not what she is saying at all. She has all the goods on Dominion machines. She is using a legal tactic that says most reasonable people would not believe the election was stolen and her spoken opinions are just that , opinions. She is trying to force a judge to look at all the evidence. She knows Trump supporters are not crazy and the left are the ones that don’t believe the election was stolen. So she is saying the left, being reasonable people, would not accept her opinions as fact.


  17. Mike Lindell, as in My Pillow, is also being sued by Dominion. He is still investigating the voting machine fraud issues and claims that he found very hard evidence against them. He is producing a video with what he claims is proof that the machines were definitely compromised with foreign interference, especially the CCP. His video will be out possibly next week. It’s called Absolute Interference. It will be on his website. He also plans to present this evidence in court.

  18. This is a fake news or is being tell the wrong way as an opinion of whoever wrote the article. She will never be a traitor to our country, and she was not representing Trump neither.

  19. Actually I believe there was a great deal of fraud in the 2020 election but my opinion is not based on anything Powell said. Whether it was enough to turn the election result I can’t say. But I am certain that to any dedicated leftist, and that includes the entire Democratic Party today, the ends justify the means and they stoop to any means to get the result they want. Fair and honest elections are not part of the left’s agenda. Why else are they pushing Pelosi’s beloved HR1? Because it would result in never having a fair election in the future making our nation a one-party dictatorship with the Democrats in complete control. .

  20. Dominion is suing people and media organizations to shut them up, especially Fox News. This country will regret the day they let Dominion, China, Globalists, and crooked politicians destroy America and rebuild her in the socialist image of a One World Government.

  21. Trump Train should change its name, because your columns read like they were written by his enemies, the democrats, etc. You sure know how to twist words.

  22. And she was correct, the election was indeed stolen. Much more evidence than just the machines has been presented….and we also know how votes were changed in the machines.

  23. Dominions are suing, because they are pelosi’s babies, and what is said contrary is true. When the truth prevails, sue, sue and sue. Dominion’s must sue to save face.

  24. Sally Kent should be fired for writing a biased, liberal leaning, narrative. This site has gone to hell in a hand basket lately. Damn anti-Trump writers! Shame on all of you turncoats.

  25. Someone needs to sue the pants off Serbian run Dominion for diluting mine and other Georgians voting power in 2020!


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