Dr. Cordie Williams: A Candid Conversation on His View of the Current Political Climate

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[WARNING: This Video Contains Graphic Language, Viewer Discretion Advised]

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Dr. Cordie Williams a leader in the fight against government tyranny during the lockdowns and a fighter for freedom take some time to discuss his view of the current political climate in the United States.

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Dr. Cordie Williams is a US Marine and Chiropractor. At the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020, Dr. Cordie felt the state of California was violating his right and the rights of other Americans. As a father, veteran, and business owner, he knew he had to be the man to stand up. Dr. Cordie picked up a megaphone and began speaking up at protests all across California, gaining him the name #megaphonemarine. His message was loud and clear and caught the attention of millions. His speech from May 1, 2020, at the state capitol in Sacramento, CA, has received more than 8 million hits on Facebook and has generated over 15 million views across all platforms.

  1. Great message! We must never, never, never let these enemies of America get in our heads or hearts. We know who we are and what God and our forefathers gave us and we must never buy into their lies. We must stand against evil and boldly defend our liberties no matter what.

    1. I agree with you. But, they sure are making it very hard day by day. The great Governor of Texas lifted all mask mandates. However, in a city like Austin it’s like the virus got there yesterday.
      Full of LIBTURDS who won’t go by what the governor says. Look at CA and MI. Didn’t a lady just get 90 days in jail for keeping her business open? My Republican governor hems and hums then keeps us all masked up. I believe this is all intentional to keep us controlled.
      We need a miracle from God, or a very motivated electorate in 2022.

  2. I disagree with a couple of things he said. He said Republicans are good people but they LOSE ELECTIONS!! We did not lose that Election!!! We did NOT LOSE that ELECTION!!! It was STOLEN!!



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