All of These Democrats Have Been Arrested

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Elected officials are met to be role models and pillars of your community. However, these Democrats aren’t nearly the upstanding citizens they would prefer their voters believe they are. Each of these Democrats has been arrested for their dubious dealings and has had to pay the price.

Just wait until you see what former Rep. Mel Reynolds did! It’s disgusting.

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    1. Ditto! Certainly if one has an arrest and conviction record, he/she can’t run for office ever again!!?

        1. Gen Flynn pled guilty because the FBI ‘threatened’ his son’s life and reputation!! The corrupt FBI upper echelons needed to prevent the Gen from serving
          In Trumps adm because he knew ‘secret’s ‘that Obama didn’t want to be found. You guys who assume he’s guilty, need to do some ‘fact finding…..

    1. Gen Flynn was ‘framed’ and the ‘framers’ were never changed… YET! Judicial Watch is on duty for a lot of these ‘political criminals’…

  1. One certainly has to wonder just why these particular people were accepted as members of the American Congress! Surely their backgrounds were known at the time of their having being accepted as members of Congress! One can only hope that they’ve all been replaced but that isn’t certain! I do realize that nobody is perfect and we all have flaws, but flaws of this kind don’t allow for acceptance in a place where honesty and integrity are important!

    1. Well some of these politicians are a reflection of their electorate who are dumb as well. They always voted Democrat, but never really understood what kind of people they were voting for, and have lost jobs, money, freedoms, and sovereignty, and security for their own family.

        1. They were not dumb when they beat the shyte out of you Nazi lot at the D day landing and ended your attempt at world dominance you stupid POS son of Soros.

  2. See, The mainstream media keeps these arrests quiet. Liberals are totally lawless, they make themselves the law and have disregarded the laws that were passed. You have to realize that when people are lawless, others who uphold laws must step up to the plate and hold them responsible, otherwise the whole country is in danger. Just like the borders. We have an invasion going on, this isn’t just about illegals stealing across our borders, its about drugs, opioids, cartels, terrorists, human traffickers, the abuse of young children, and other elements invading the country as well. The governors need to realize they should not be putting up with this situation from the Federal government when its to the detriment of their state and their people. The police believe that nobody in their right mind would orchestrate this kind of border policy.

    1. Google federal elected and appointed politicans arrested.
      You will find a pretty even mix of R and D.
      More R on the financial, more D on the sexual.
      R’s are not very sexy.
      Mitch McConnel comes to mind.

  3. Has Trump gained or lost support since the election?

    There seem to be more and more Rinos everyday. 

    1. Let’s be honest now I’m sure some were forced too by threats. But that still doesn’t mean you turn coat. You do for your country and the ppl note the elites and Satan

  4. Doesn’t the FBI & the DOJ give these demon(c)rats ‘a Deep-State’ get-outta-jail free, membership-card…❓


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