WaPo Makes Another Correction After Spinning False Narrative

Michael Fleischhacker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Left-leaning Washington Post made more corrections to a story after realizing their information was not correct. This time the publication made edits to a story published March 23 that previously claimed there is no migrant surge at the border.

Townhall reports:

The headline now reads, “The migrant ‘surge’ at the U.S. southern border is actually a predictable pattern.” And the introduction, which spoke about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy declaring the rise in unaccompanied minors crossing the border a “crisis…created by the presidential policies of this new administration,” has been removed.

The edited version of the article also includes an entirely new section on the surge of unaccompanied minors crossing the border, admitting this “appears to be more than just a seasonal pattern.”

What is more unusual at this moment is the increase in border crossings by unaccompanied minors, which appears to be more than just a seasonal pattern. This poses a more distinctive challenge for the Biden administration, although it is also possible that there will be a similar drop in crossings by minors during the summer months.

Have Biden administration policies caused this increase? There is no evidence to suggest that this is the case. Organizations working with asylum seekers and unaccompanied children in the San Diego-Tijuana border region tell us that even before President Biden took office smugglers may have been exploiting potential clients by claiming it would be easier to enter the United States once the Trump administration was gone.This is supported by the literature that examines changes in the fees smugglers charge at the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as a DHS report on the same subject. (WaPo)

No matter how much the liberal media wants to ignore the immigration crisis at our borders and claim it doesn’t exist doesn’t make it true.

Twitter users were quick to point out The Washington Post’s flip-flopping on the story.

  1. One thing that must be exposed – who supplied all the Biden tee-shirts to the illegals heading in?

    1. Actually the drug cartel has done it, plus they charge $2300. to $4500/person. Nobody reads the Latin American press? They are elated, now all their dealers come and get on with the drug business. Home free.

  2. The Post – a LIE is a LIE -and trying to change the narrative doesn’t change the basic facts, then the post is free to make retractions -with out penalties LIES Comes from directly from SATAN – he was the master of the lie – but now its the Demo-rat-ic party and their propaganda agency The Post, and its covering for the commander and chimps these people need to pray to God for penance

  3. They must be hurting for subscribers. Everyday I get an email from Crapo with another offer. They last one was $39.00 a year. I replied that I wouldn’t subscribe no matter how much they are willing to pay. What good is $39.00 a year gonna do me?

  4. Hey, Jan-Feb-Mar is not springtime you f–king jerks it`s criminal, to say the least. Biden this is America if you want to help your poor relation and future Democratic voters do so but without the help of our tax dollars.

  5. Beijing Briben’s so called “news conference “ was incompetent and inept which appears to be the very essence of Mr. Briben himself.

    1. It is Biden, NOT BRIDEN!!!! Either way, he is destroying our country; Once done, don’t believe it can be undone. Wake up TRUE AMERICANS, Don’t know about you, but this is making me depressed and sick. Republicans and some Democrats surely don’t want Socialism/Communism either. At least I sure do hope so.

  6. Here’s how the AMERICAN MAINSTREAM MEDIA plays the game of lying to the gullible American public-
    Knowingly publish a lie on Page 1.
    Ten days later print a correction on page B11.
    And everything is forgiven!!!!!

    1. They also know that they have implanted their scenario in the minds of most readers. and and their correction will will not be noticed or much attention given to it.

  7. Biden’s policies incentivize undocumented (minor?) illegal immigration, enable drug cartels, human trafficking, sex trafficking, endangering US Border Patrol and endangering US citizens with the spread of COVID during a pandemic. This is (orchestrated) crimes against humanity.


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