Defense Department Opens Investigation Into Diversity and Inclusion Chief for Posts Comparing Trump to Hitler

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

The Defense Department has confirmed it opened an investigation into recently hired Richard Torres-Estrada, the head of the U.S. Special Operations Command’s office of diversity and inclusion. Torres-Estrada previously posted photos comparing former President Trump to Adolf Hitler in June 2020 and was named to the post last week.

The Daily Wire reports:

“USSOCOM welcomes our new Chief of Diversity & Inclusion, Mr. Richard Torres-Estrada. We look forward to his contribution in enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of #SOF through diversity of talent, helping us recruit the best of the best,” USSOCOM posted on Thursday.

The announcement sparked backlash online as old social media posts from Torres-Estrada’s Facebook page began circulating online. One post from June 2020 featured side-by-side photos of former President Donald Trump holding up a Bible outside of St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C., and a doctored image of Adolf Hitler made to look as if he is holding up a Bible.

Torres-Estrada captioned the post, “Here I leave this and slowly retire (to continue working from home)…”

“We are aware of the situation, and the command has initiated an investigation,” USSOCOM spokesman Ken McGraw said. USSOCOM did not immediately return a request for comment from The Daily Wire.

Screenshot from The Daily Caller

The investigation comes as officials have been increasingly scrutinized over past political posts.

  1. Professionalism doesn’t exist in the White House. I believe the democratic party is trying to abolish themselves.
    Signing executives orders, before reviewing the after affects wasn’t a good idea.
    How I see the democratic party,
    It reminds me of a crime boss going after a good guy trying to make America great again, and in this crime movie the boss always screws up the ending.

        1. Looked it up and there are numerous sites with the quote by Obama.
          One at the business insider from 8 16 2020 and many more.

        2. Source ok….ahhhh, wasn’t biden the Vice President? For obama…..Wait, oh you meant outsourcing jobs, regulations,
          Climate change hoax, housing crash.
          ETC…..and at the moment, border, Russia, keystone pipeline, tax hikes,
          Let me say something nice.
          If you need help with employment
          come to Florida, and it’s a guarantee you will find employment.
          Without the democratic mobbing you.

          1. You forgot the forced bankruptcy of General Motors and the theft by Obama of the General Motors Bonds from retirees and small pension funds.. The First time in the History of the USA that a promise to bondholders was broken. Solyndra hoax to repay his campaign donors. The ten trillion dollars debt he put the USA into –more than all of the combined debt from the beginning of the USA Republic.. Then the Shovel Ready jobs that never materialized but where did the trillions go????

          1. It’s OK to be rude AND see facts at the same time. Merely examine a democrat’s thought process. Oh yea , they don’t think. See that wasn’t difficult at all.

        3. Go to Amazon and see a shirt being sold that saying on it.According to Politico Obama said it
          It is reported in the US Sun by Christy Cooney y Nov 30 2020, that Obama said it 

      1. Yes, I’ve heard this quote before, even when Biden was still serving as VP. And considering that he spent 47-48 years in Congress as a follower, and not in a leadership role, one can easily surmise that Biden is not the brightest bulb on the chandelier!

      2. Because that is what 0bama wants. Joe is clueless. 0bama is running the show behind the scenes and filtering commands through Susan Rice.

    1. You are so right! I hope people get so sick of Dems that the very word “DEMOCRAT” causes explosive regurgitation! I understand the number of people who want their votes back is increasing hourly!

      1. True but they thee demons will find another way to steal and cheat again that’s if we have a country left by then!!!!’grrr

    2. Oh my God,.Chainlink that is so true. To me the democrats are the criminals. The only thing, they get away with It. A Republican would get hung out to dry.

      1. And they count on the Republicans always doing the right thing so when they get their nose under the tent to check out what they can carry away., then the trillions in deficit spending begins but the works never get accomplished. ex. SHOVEL READY JOBS.

    3. I believe the democratic party is trying to abolish everyone in the USA who doesn’t toe the line they’ve drawn. Doesn’t matter how insane the democrats ideas are, everyone, no matter your age, your religion, your profession, your education you are only allowed to believe what they tell you is right even if it’s blatantly wrong.

      1. Joe and Clan have been around the CCP so much that they actually admire the CCP form of Government as do many of American college students from their propaganda spewing Marxist Professors. Now that Joe is paying off the college loans–the colleges and universities will just raise their fees again. When Government gets involved–prices usually double and triple .Joe just makes those of us who worked our way through college look like we have been snookered..

      1. Uh-huh, that would be anyone with a (D) behind their name, in or out of Congress plus a few loose cannon Rinos!

      2. Hitler was also a socialist.
        It seems that every democrat in office is a socialist.
        It seems that they are turning America into the 4th Reich.
        Study your history and you will find that the democrats are following Hitler’s book play by play.

  2. Senile sleepy Joe Biden keeps hiring clueless Democrat A$$holes because of their diversity!

    Never mind they are incompetent, political hacks and obnoxious, just like sleepy Joe!

  3. What is a fact most media missed during that photo / burning church attempt, / President Trump holding the Bible. Is a few days earlier China burnt thousands of Bibles and destroyed some churches … and our
    President was stating a fact: America has freedom of religion, we do not burn Bibles or churches. ‼️

  4. I would mandate Estrada read the Declaration of Independence abd the Constitution and then resign because he has no understanding of their meaning.

  5. You idiots need to leave the military alone. Period. I am ticked off at the treatment of OUR fine men and woman in the military. The Biden and his admin.need to STOP the poor treatment of them.DO YOU HEAR JOE,

    1. Obama politicized our FBI, CIA, etc. and now Biden is politicizing our military. Austin, Biden’s goat, took an oath to uphold the Constitution but instead he is stomping on it. He and his Pentagon WOKE generals should be tried for treason. We have already seen Marines who have been brain washed. I have always respected the military but it is hard to respect a traitor. We can start taking America back by boycotting Coca Cola. Remember how the Goya boycott was turned against the left? If those 74 million who voted for Trump stop buying their products they will sit up and take notice.

    2. I do not believe that Joe ever served. If Joe would have worked as hard for the USA as he did at enriching the Biden Clan of Grifters. he would have had more respect from the citizens of the USA.. The Illegal aliens just love, love, love him mmmmore GOODIES.

  6. Are you surprise just how low the DIRTY BIDEN ADMINISTRATION WILL GO !
    You have a DIRTY LITTLE MAN WITH A VICE TRICK THAT ARE CAUSING THIS GREAT COUNTRY TO GO DOWN! The SWAMP CREATURE DEMOCRATS are truly happy about this. I just don’t understand why!
    I Vote YES they are and they will pay dearly!
    There is always a price you must pay when you deal with the DEVIL!

  7. Torres-Estrada’s Latino surname is a powerful clue that suggests his loyalties are aligned with his ancestors instead of the U.S. If so, he has no business serving in the U.S. government, especially the military. Illegal aliens depend on it.

    But that motive is as thin as Italian Americans supporting Italy in its disputes with the US. Or Chinese Americans supporting China in its disputes with the US. Time for Latinos to stand with us or with their ancestors.  

  8. Where are they digging up these crack pots up from why are they still here this nut needs to be send some where locked up and forgot about

    1. Deb Haaland is probably good as she may defy Joe’s orders about no drilling or fracking on Federal Lands… Deb is a Native American and she said that folks are entitled to their royalties.. She is from New Mexico and the citizens get oil and gas royalties otherwise the state is very poor.. Same with Alaska. She is a Dem.

  9. I wonder what Republicans voted for this exquisite candidate???
    Just like the Democrats didn’t vote for President Trump’s candidates, absolutely no Republican should have voted for all the criminals who are in bed with corrupt joe.

      1. Oh yes, the soccer beeches with yoga pants up their crack who get easily triggered???
        They’ll find out soon when their sons come home from public school wanting to wear dresses. LMAO

  10. Where did senile Joe dig up that idiot from, he must be a pal of crackhead Hunter or possibly a card carrying member of the CCP.

  11. Let’s see if the DOD under Senile Joe has even an ounce of honesty! If this had happened 2 years ago, the fake media would be all over it, demanding that Trump fire the guy!

  12. I have observed that the left continually accuses others of what they are guilty of themselves. The proof is in their policies that are harmful. They lack any kind of moral clarity or truth when you look at their records and what they have done, their policies, abuses of law, order, constitution, rules, demonization of others who are doing whats right, and general instability or dependability.

  13. Socialists/Communists (the Democrat Party) are infatuated by Hitler. They, the Left, throw around comparisons to Hitler as if he is their hero!!! What magic power does the image of Hitler wield over Democrats? Are they jealous of what he ‘accomplished’?

  14. this richard guy seems like a punk needs his ass beat these people have to go out in public this guys whats wrong with bidens people like the killer other day was biden harris faracan lover a harris look alike

  15. Nothing will happen to the demturds. They are above the law. When you have Satan for a boss you can do what you want. This will continue until the ppl learn to stand up for themselves and come back to God whom is the Devine power over All.

  16. The subject in this article is what Richard Torres-Estrada said about Trump…….can we stay on that subject please.
    President Trump and I do mean President as he still is in my mind, is the farthest thing from Hitler and that A** Hole that said that should be tossed out of his job on his ear. Maybe this would be better than an investigation which never seems to get any traction in D.C.


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