Fox News Sued, Biden’s Sneak on Guns, Pro-Trumper Running for Senate

Fox News
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Dominion Voting Systems Sues FOX News

Dominion Voting System filed a lawsuit against FOX News on Friday over election fraud claims.

Dominion’s $1.6 billion dollar defamation suit claims FOX News used the false election fraud claims to boost its ratings


MURDOCK: Just say No to D.C. Statehood and Free Locals From Federal Income Tax

As I warned last fall, Democrats are pushing to make Washington, D.C. America’s 51st state. Republicans are resisting this idea, as well they should. Democrats, in turn, blame the GOP’s reluctance on — what else? — “Racism!”

“Now today the state of D.C. would be 46 percent black, which would make it the state with the highest percentage of black people in the entire country,” U.S. Rep. Ayanna Presley told a House hearing Tuesday. “I’m gonna make it plain: DC statehood is a racial justice issue, and racism kills.”

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich was blunt Monday, via Twitter: “Opposition to D.C. statehood is racist. Period.”


Another Trump Supporter Enters Missouri Senate Race

A number of candidates have already announced their campaign to fill the soon-to-be-open Missouri Senate seat after Roy Blunt announced he wouldn’t run for re-election. The latest to enter the race is another Trump supporter, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt.


Wisconsin Approves Investigation into 2020 Presidential Election

The Wisconsin Assembly passed a resolution to authorize an investigation into the 2020 presidential election which Democrat Joe Biden narrowly won by .63%. Donald Trump sued the state forcing a recount but ultimately Biden still won the state. Trump repeatedly claimed the state’s election was wrought with fraud and voter irregularities but the Supreme Court refused to take the case.

The Wisconsin resolution was unanimously passed by state Republicans with every Democrat in opposition. The resolution gives the chamber the authority to issue subpoenas to compel testimony and collect documents.


Washington Examiner: Red States Leading Economic Growth

 Red states are leading economic growth in the U.S., a new report by the U. S. Commerce Department shows, with South Dakota, Texas and Utah reporting the highest growth.

The report is based on 2020 fourth-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) data and February 2021 unemployment rates.

[CONTINUE READING at Washington Examiner]

Daily Caller: Biden White House Confirms Gun Control is Coming

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Friday that President Joe Biden intends to sign executive orders instituting increased gun control.

“Yes,” Psaki flatly stated in response to a question on the subject during Friday’s press briefing. “I can’t give you an exact time frame in part, because they have to go through a review process, which is something that we do from here.”


  1. And there is NOTHING RACIST about ID for Voting, any more than there against another State!! WHEREVER it is!!!

    1. If blacks couldn’t get ID’s for voting, why is there motor/voter sign up….are the dems secretly trying to only sign up whites??????

      1. Say what? They are doing their best to keep blacks and whites from ever agreeing on anything. If that happens, they are toast. The Dims are after the ILLEGALS for their votes. They know that they will be dependent on them for everything so of course they will vote for them. It’s that or elect a Republican and then have to leave the country. I am white, and I have some black friends. We have talked about it, and we all agree, that the minute the blacks and whites put all the race issues behind them and start talking together, those Dims are going to be looking for new jobs. Also, the people who are here ILLEGALLY, will be looking for new homes. In some other country.!!! Then they can apply to come here LEGALLY. That’s the ONLY way any of them should be here. They are breaking the laws of this nation, and the Dims are feeding and housing them. That’s actually called aiding and abetting. If this nation ever decides to pull together and stop being stupid, the Dims will be in some other nation trying to get back in here.

  2. To dumbocraps everything is racist, but showing your ID sure the hell isn’t, u need an ID to write a check,shopping,banking,to buy cigs,all my life,for voting, u hypocrtical dumbocraps, whine about everything, get an ID, and shut the hell up,crybabies.

    1. Today, you need ID for EVERYTHING!
      Republicans need to get out there and say this in front of a camera.

  3. The US is in a truly pathetic way. EVERYTHING “run” by the Dems is a DISASTER! The economy of every “blue state” is that there IS no “economy”! It’s all been SHUTDOWN! People have no $$$ & no jobs. The BORDER is non-existent, NOBODY is being “tested” for ANY disease,AND WASHINGTON is “shipping” all these illegals to every Red State so that they can DESTROY the SUCCESSFUL economies of red governors. Too boot NO Attorney Generals in ANY of these “Blue States” will prosecute any “felons” & want DRUGS legalized everywhere! Our “freedoms” are STIFLED & “we” can’t opine, go to Church, OR own guns, yet EVERY Dem “run” city has more SHOOTINGS & KILLINGS by ILLEGAL guns, drugs,AND their “gun laws” are the stricktist in the NATION! Our Capitol is “protected” by razor wire & the MILITIA is being housed in Parking Garages, while illegals get HOTEL ROOMS! ANY WONDER “WHY”? the Dems are “scared” of Trump, his followers & “the average Joe” who has a functioning BRAIN? SCREW the “Dems” & their COMMUNIST IDEAS, backed up by the Press.! HOPEFULLY “ELECTIONS” will once again BECOME “legit” THEN “the RATS” will run for the SEWERS!!!

  4. Fox News. Sue them back for their scheme with the Democrats to cause a pandemic to keep Trump and the Republicans inside while China and others rigged the Dominion machines and ‘fixed’ the election in Biden’s favor.

  5. Biden and his gun control can suck eggs. No true American will follow the orders of a mentally impaired lunatic. We will not give up our guns, and you don’t have enough people to stop us. You will, however, start another Civil War.

  6. How about they actually enforce the gun laws that we already have instead of making ‘new laws’ that repeat what is already on the books?!? 🤔

    And go after And punish the criminals that break and ignore the gun laws instead of going after and punishing the gun owners that actually obey the gun laws.

  7. I wonder what is wrong with people that call everything and everyone racist. I think they have no idea what the word means. Also they seem to lack common sense, and command of the english language.So they misuse the word racist out of stupidity.


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