‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ McConnell Puts Retirement Rumors to Bed

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Could Mitch McConnell be eyeing his exit from politics? Not so fast…

Kentucky just passed a vacancy law that requires the governor of Kentucky to temporarily fill a vacant Senate seat with a successor of the same political party as the departing lawmaker. McConnell’s public support for the bill has raised a lot of eyebrows causing people to question if he’s considering retirement soon. However, the top Republican isn’t ready to lose his title as Senate Leader just yet saying “I’m not going anywhere” after the legislation successfully passed.

The Hill reports:

“I don’t think we’re going to have a vacancy. I’m not going anywhere. I just got elected to a six-year term. And I’m still the leader of my party in the Senate,” McConnell said.

“But I had watched this over the years in the Senate as various vacancies were filled and I thought this was the best way to go,” he said.

The Republican-controlled Kentucky legislature overrode Democrat Governor Andy Beshear’s veto.

McConnell, speaking to reporters in Kentucky on Tuesday, said that he would have supported the bill even if Kentucky currently had a GOP governor.

“The goal here, that I support … was if such a vacancy were to occur to have the people as quickly as possible elect the new senator. And in the interim, honor the results of the last election,” McConnell said.

McConnell became Kentucky’s longest-serving senator in 2020 and the longest-serving Senate GOP leader in 2018. If he stays in office into 2023 he will break Mike Mansfield’s record as the longest-serving Senate leader of all time.

  1. Why should any of them retire, they all have it made. Take our money, give it back to us as if it were charity then retax it later when the grandkids become workforce age. And they pay off all their crooked players on our money and still make millions in the process. This old fart is as crooked as the rest.

    1. You can not get in touch with him at all. Especially in Washington. This old man has been making millions off of us for years. He started when he got 25 million dollars when he married his Chinese wife. He has been in bed with them since he married her. He has never put the American people first, only himself.

      1. Except for Trump doing what he said he would do, he is the only person in politics that has an honest bone in his body. Politics breeds these people who are for the most part full blown sociopaths. And anyone who joins their club is likely to be the same.
        With the bunch in the congress today, nothing positive will be done for the people, just themselves and the new carpet of illegal aliens joining their plantation. The are still the KKK just wearing different clothing and even some of different races but there only to get what they can.
        So when a politician does not do what he said he would that should give everyone the signal he has joined the clan whether his color is white of not. Fat mouth Max is black but still using her constituents and lying constantly while she and her family like old Joe and his druggy son line their pockets with our money and those who buy their services.
        Kamala is now trying to say she is asian. That woman can’t seem to get her identity straight. I thought she was mixed heritage of black, and islander but now it is asian. What a joke and this is supposed to be the first woman to run the USA. How sad and I still don’t believe those two losers actually had 80 million legitimate votes. The fraud won the day and the nation watched. Very, very sad.

        1. On Hunter Biden’s Lap tp Kamala Harris was the number 2 contact for the Chi/Com’s if Joe was not available – this was in 2019.
          It’s all part of the PLANDEMIC to Conquer America

  2. I thought he retired years ago. Politicians should not be RETIRING. We need TERM LIMITS, and we need them bad.

    1. Check out Convention of States. They are working only for Term Limits. Great group. Please pass this on we are coming up for mid term elections. Not much time left.

      1. We also need EARNING limits, limit a politician to 150% of the median income of his constituents. AND force them to actually live in the area they represent.

    2. A disaster . We have them in Ohio . The people we get sell us out from day one because they have nothing to lose

    3. We also need to change the way their retirement is distributed. If I understand it if they serve only 2 years they get a hefty retirement. My retirement was based on age and years of service. Two years would have been $O.

  3. If he is not going to retire, then he needs to double down and do the Job his voters put him in place to do! He is not the Boss, thought he thought he was.

  4. What he MEANT TO SAY WAS — ‘That is , if I have anything to do with it ‘ !! We’ll Mitch ‘ol boy I think the people from Kentucky WILL HAVE A LOT TO SAY ABOUT THAT !!!! You shouldn’t have screwed OUR PRESIDENT over like YOU DID —YOU RINO !!!

  5. We are sorely in need of TERM LIMITS for these leeches. Since the President has them, why don’t they???

  6. You are serving your final term, mitch, whether you think so or not. You’re done…conservatives are on to you and your connection with the ccp. You’re a traitor to the American people, you scum bag.

  7. Too bad. Sen McConnell should rethink his thought of not retiring anytime soon. He’s out lived his usefulness. Someone else with some “piss and vinegar” should be allowed to replace the elder senator.

    1. Watch what Biden’s Economic Plan does to America.

      A Lower Quality of Life for All. Less Money and Less Freedom.

      McConnell isn’t a Socialist, he opposes the Liberal Parasite Cult.

  8. All of congress is a joke including the corrupt ‘not so supreme court’. Hey these losers have a great gig, take our ‘hard earned money’ to pay for their ‘lazy do nothing’ jobs. As I’m sure y’all know, there is no 2party system just 1 big corrupt fraternity! Why are we paying their salaries??!!!! For years the only investigative group to protect our freedom is Judicial Watch – Tom Fiton. Check them out, they clearly care and worthy of our contributions!

  9. Most dangerous people in Washington DC? They let democrats attack the American people and President Trump for 4 years knowing Muller investigation was a fraud. Mitch McConnell & leadership in Senate, John Roberts Supreme Court Chief Justice and other 8 , all 300 so called constitutional judges appointed by Trump , DOJ Barr and all his lawyers,FBI director Wray and all his agents & CIA director and all her agents. All working for US Chamber of Commerce and Communist China money and Bush family GLOBALIST. Don’t forget Paul Ryan he and 39 republican congress people left office all in same year never happened before in US history. Just to let democrats win so they could attack Trump voters and Trump. Treason was committed against America and President Trump.

  10. I hope McConnell makes sure the rules of the Senate stay in place. The Left is always trying to change the rules to suit their agenda, like changing the fillibuster and destroying the election system with HR1.

  11. Republicans are fed up with rhino,McConnell, and so are supporters of Trump,he needs to be kicked to the curb and replaced, he’s a stumbling block, as is crazy piglosi and crying,lying chuck the schmuck schumer, all need to go.

  12. He will next election we in ky are tired of him talking with forked tongue hopefully he will be retired by election if we can get Cameron to run against him

    1. Where have you people in Kentucky been for the last 20 years voting mitch McConnell has been worthless for a long long time

  13. McConnell is a disgrace to the Republican party! Him and that dam Paul Ryan along with a bunch of Mitt Romneys sold out the Party, President Trump, and America!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. “Ole” Turkey Neck has got to go.His wife is a liability, he’s TOO OLD & somebody else has to take the helm! “Mitch” has been a WIMP, Pelosi & Schumer have used him & it’s time for him to GO! He’s got as much “PEP”as Biden. (I’m falling asleep)……..


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