Trump Sued by Two Capitol Police Officers

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Two Capitol police officers are suing Trump for physical and emotional injuries they suffered as a result of the events on Jan. 6th at the Capitol building. Officers James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby are alleging that the former president “riled up” his supporters and emboldened them to commit violent acts against them. The lawsuit seeks to directly blame Trump for inciting the riot.

According to reports from The Hill:

“Both United States Capitol Police Officers reported for duty on January 6, 2021, without any suspicion that they would soon become the targets of Trump’s followers,” the suit states. “The insurrectionist mob, which Trump had inflamed, encouraged, incited, directed, and aided and abetted, forced its way over and past the plaintiffs and their fellow officers, pursuing and attacking them inside and outside the United States Capitol, and causing the injuries.”

Hemby was “attacked relentlessly” while protecting the Capitol Building the suit states and was “bleeding from a cut located less than an inch from his eye,” at one point.

“He had cuts and abrasions on his face and hands and his body was pinned against a large metal door, fending off attacks,” it says.

Blassingame, who was moved from a post outside the Capitol to inside the building once the crowd grew and overtook police, says he and colleagues were pelted with rocks, sticks and other items.

Democrats and some Republican lawmakers voted to impeach Trump following the violent events on Jan. 6th however he was ultimately acquitted.

  1. What is happening. This country is gettin sue crazy. I’m
    Traumatized by all this that Biden has done at the border. WHO DO I SUE. ?

    1. Or, this is the President’s opportunity to release the “Space Force” captured phone calls between Nancy and the bought-and-paid-for Mayor of DC, on how to facilitate the rioters (some from Eastern Europe – known paid rioter thugs (remember how the Police Cars chaperoned the rioters from the Ukraine into the area? Supplied them with non-tradable equipment, etc.? Once we get to hear NP voice giving the riot orders – game over!

    2. Try Biden/Harris deep state estabishment & other INSIDER cohort traiators personally as they are not doing tge peoples wishes;. YOU MAY WIND UP IN HUGE CASS ACTION LAWSUIT WITH OTHERS JOINING YOU.

    3. First you have to find a sleazebag ambulance chaser that will file a case for you, if you have enough money, then sign a contract that says the shyster will get all that you have coming to you, plus expenses, then low and behold a case will be filed.

    1. Yes, indeed, and all the law enforcement officers attacked thanks to Kommi-la Harris inciting and supporting those riots.

    2. Don’t forget Soros and the other super rich who were paying the rioters to destroy American cities.

        1. Soros is an evil hungarian Jew who sold his own relatives to the Natzies during the war. After the war he earned his living cataloging art stolen from Jewish homes during the war for the German’s.

  2. What are these P—ssies police officers for if they are going to lie to themselves about who caused the trouble? They should go after piglosi and schittmer

    1. It will show their handlers what good soldiers they are for the afl-cio(afge or possibly seiu) have to agree what a bunch of tw?ts. Unions in the swamp have alot of power.

    2. The cop population has opportunists too. These guys doubtlessly are at least partially motivated by settlement money. They have none and Trump has lots of it. Behind them are lawyers drooling over their 33 percent. And guess what? They’re rousing cops’ emotions. Sufficient numbers and they’ll have a class action. Instant millionaires.

    3. The QUESTION is: where are the cops getting the money – BIG money – to hire high power lawyers to “discover” and go through the extensive and expensive lawsuit procedures?

  3. THOSE two are suing the wrong man! They should be suing Pelosi and Schumer for not letting President Trump have police there! Idiots or should I say Democrats! Pelosi caused the problem and she is the Swamp! She is a hateful old bag that should of retired years ago! Then she could get together with the other drunk Hillary! They are hateful and disgusting!

  4. Wha t a joke–suing Trump for something that he wasn’t a part of–try again guys more like you should sue Pelosi and the Mayor of DC, they were the ones who instigated the riot and refused Trump’s support days beforehand as they didn’t want anything to stop their stunt to point the finger at Trump again. Pelosi is so jealous of Trump. Give it up old lady you will never be better than him.

    1. Marcia, if this suit is adjudicated fairly, the truth will come out, and Trump will have nothing to fear. THIS I want to believe!

      1. Will – – thank you for mentioning that. Actually, those cops – just like Dominion – do NOT believe the case will go to court. What they really want is an out-of-court settlement. IF THE CASES GO TO COURT – anything the plaintiffs claim, or even briefly mention, opens the subject for extensive evidentiary exp-loration and investigation by the defenders. Such lawsuits also eliminate “beyond a reasonable doubt” proof and reduces it to “preponderance of evidence”.

        1. In the mean time the FBI Capitol Hoax case is falling on its face, but on the other hand the FBI continues to dropped the ball on real live dangers, please see Boulder Colorado, Orlando night club, etc., etc.,

  5. Are you sure they aren’t the cops that were hired by Pelosi and her minions to let the Antifa in? Pelosi should be arrested for treason and sedition. Its the deep state that is the cause of all this, there time is coming if not on the earth in hell where they belong.

  6. Those so called police officers are bat guano crazy. What they are doing is just a publicity stunt and a total waste of tax payers money.

    1. And probably conceived, sponsored, and paid for by Nannie and Chuckie!!! They are so consumed by hate that they just can’t let go of President Trump (greatest President in decades), and the fact that he delayed by four years, their plans to gain control and power, and turn us into the next Venezuela. Their hearts and heads must be a dark place to live!! 🙁

  7. The First Amendment now has a conditional clause added late last night: If anyone commits a crime that you didn’t even suggest, but they think you supported that cause, they can sue you. How absurd, particularly after all Dimwit leaders publicly supported continued rioting for their supporters to act out their evil beliefs. Where are the lawsuits against them for all those cities burned down?

    1. With out a doubt! Gotta take all the evil and bad she has going so we forget the joe and hoe EVIL? NOT A CHANCE! You are to blame and add the virus to your evil list!

    2. Thank you, Karole. No matter which state, city, etc, cops do NOT make enough salary to hire high-powered lawyers required for such a case. Some attorneys might take a case “pro-bono” (without pay) or with the agreement of “if you don’t win you don’t pay” – IF – and that is a mighty BIG IF – – there is a strong possibility of winning. However, lawyers are NOT likely to take such cases that, on the surface, are NOT winnable. Such cases require extensive time and money to pursue through court processes.

      Just thought of a little question. It is nearing three months since the incident. So, why has it taken so long to find a couple of cops willing to put investigation of their entire lives and personal reputations “on-the-line”? By filing the lawsuit, those two have placed their entire families in jeopardy – reputational and physical.

  8. From here on out, watch the insanity. Theres more than politics in this, it all about evil and the One World Government that must take America out of their way for this global government to form. The antichrist is not far away.

    1. I believe there is more than one antichrist, Dee. And one of them lived in our White House for eight years starting in 2008. I believe that was the real beginning of this great divide and fall we’ve been experiencing since then! 🙁

      1. Dee S and cashgirl – – – It began long before that. Time for a history lesson!

        Following WWI the League of Nations was formed with the grandest of intentions – to preserve world peace. The League of Nations dissolved and following WWII the United Nations were formed with the same grand intention. And we know how the UN has evolved. “Uncle Walt” – – known as “the most trusted man in the world” upon his retirement said, “America must give up at least some of its sovereignty and support a One World Government.” The entire Bush family members are OWG or New World Order advocates.

        Long before that, the Bible says thatin the “final days” ALL people must accept the Mark of the Beast – identified as 666 – somewhere on their anatomies in order to sell, buy, trade, or have a job. Does the demoncrap proposal of requiring PROOF of covid vaccination ring a bell? But I digress.

        1. Thanks, David, but while I’m pretty certain that you and I are in agreement basically, my history teachers/professors would likely tell you that I’m not in need of a “history lesson.” And have kept up very well with what’s going on over the years. 🙂 Regardless that it has been bubbling for some time, I will always maintain that the beginning of this great racial divide we’re experiencing at this moment, which seems to be at the foundation of everything that’s happening in America, picked up great speed, when Mr. Obama and his Mrs. seemed to come out of nowhere, and moved in and started their racist rhetoric! And so it continues…

      2. Nah that idiot was to dumb to be classified as the anti, that was just some corrupt politician from Chicago that BS his way to the WH. That idiot can’t ever draw flies at his latest rallies.

  9. Neither Trump nor we his followers rioted, attacked, nor incited in any way any rioting nor attack. Trump and we his tens of thousands of followers are totally strong, patriotis, peaceful, law abiding, and solid supporters of law enforcement. We are not in any way connected to the amal group of loonies who invaded the capitol. Any rational person should know that neither Trump nor we his rally goers would ever have anything to do with ther crazy capitol attackers.

    1. Bobbie…the key word in your thoughtful post is RATIONAL! Insanity abounds, and grows, in our land. Only the Father of Lights, I feel, can save us now!

      1. Trust in the Lord, have faith, do not despair. God hears all prayers. Sometimes He says yes. Sometimes he says no. And sometimes he says “you’ve got to be kidding”. But he always listens.

  10. Easy way to bleed money from our president, that was part of thier job, so now they want compensation from getting beat up. When is all this b.s. going to stop

  11. You can sue whomever you want… getting it to be heard in court is the difficult hurdle. This wont stand. Seems like a smear tactic and also hoping that they can cash in from Trump as well as getting their 15 minutes of fame.

  12. Considering the FBI KNEW IN ADVANCE that it’s possible that something was about to take place, and did not secure the capital just in case. It’s not going to hold up in court.

  13. Sue for what still being at another place and still giving his speech? BS the pig probably told them to do it and get $$$$$!

  14. The Beta Male Officers James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby are the reason why the Capitol Police Force could not contain the mainly peaceful protesters at the January 6 rally at the Capitol! What next? Are they going to ask for their mommies and their binkies?

  15. Well once he wins this one Trump better go after the two so called officers, but more important who backed/told them to do this suit. Trump is rich but what he should get out of this, I am sure will make him richer.

    1. Better yet. Trump should gather all the lies and barbs Pelosi flung at him on national tv and take her to court. He could also add that loser Hitlery Clinton for the BS she spewed. Add Swalwell and Schiff and that would cover Congress. Then add CNN, MSNBC. ABC, NBC, CBS etc. Everyone of these entities have defamed Trump and probably been proven wrong at least 90% of the time. And NEVER retracted their lies!

  16. Enough is Enough! It’s time to take our country back and kick those imposters to the curb!
    That idiot does not belong in the whitehouse. he is not a president, he is Obamas dirty little puppet! We the people come first and not those freeloading illegal criminals! We better wake up, unite and fight back unless you want Nazi Germany in our country! Kicking the doors down and stealing our guns? Pushing a poisonous vaccine and like the mark of the beast punishing us if we don’t take it?! Are they kidding?! We have a constitution and no one can force us to be told we cannot live free! If that incompetent fool thinks we should bow to those illegal criminals who never pays taxes, denys the american children an education while giving those freeloading illegal offspring of theirs will be allowed is total bullcrap! We pay taxes not them! I hope the people packs their things and and gets the hell out of there and let them foot the bill for those freeloaders! and I do not believe for one moment that the fool Biden, Kamala actually took that vaccine! I believe they only pretended to in order to deceive us into thinking its safe! They cannot punish us, take away our rights to travel, eat out, go to movies if we don’t have that nazi unconstitutional vaccine passport! I for one will not be their compliant slave, I will fight!

  17. If rabble rousing were a crime, we’d see no more of the democrat party. No more BLM. No antifa. No ACLU. No SPLC…oh wait, they’re virtually gone already. No socialists. No communists. No Nazis. No…

  18. Geeeezuz, fragile policemen who should have stayed home and changed jobs to a kindergarten (mind you, the little rascals can be tough too!).
    And the “riled up” allegations are ludicrous. Dealing with socialist is like figting a skunk, they make you smell like sh*t no matter what. Socialists are the scum of the earth.

  19. The accusations from these two cops – what a joke. What bs. Looks like getting some of the Trump MONEY is the goal here because the issue of him being the CAUSE of the riot has already been addressed and proven not true. WHY aren’t these two hoodlums looking toward the demonrat party, especially Pelosi, Schumer and others. They are doing everything they can to destroy Trump and so far nothing has worked in their favor but the Lord is protecting our TRUE President, Donald J. Trump. Haven’t we had ENOUGH of these frivolous lawsuits?

  20. Shouldn’t they sue piglosi, she was the one who turned down the call for more security by President Trump….remember, it was all about “RESIST, RESIST, RESIST”…..

  21. Just another democrat funded way of attacking President Trump. They couldn’t impeach him because the riots were not his fault, so they will try to blame him again through this process. They are still afraid of him and his influence against the socialist democrat party and want to injure him in any way possible to lower his standing, and to prevent any possible 2024 election run.

  22. Pelosi is in charge of capitol police, is she not? If so, she has to be behind this fiasco. Well, Rand Paul and all the GOP that suffered injuries after being shot at and/or beaten should file a similar suit against Pelosi, and her comrades, especially MSM and the Hollywood scum and SNL for inciting mayhem against various GOP members.

  23. Sorry but I respect every man and woman in uniform…always have always will however, if you wear the uniform and sue someone for mental distress for doing your job, then you weren’t suited for the job from the beginning! Go catch dogs or something but don’t crap on your uniform and your vow to serve and protect!

  24. Money grubbers and cowards. Disgusting and pathetic. They should never be allowed to wear a badge anywhere again.

  25. (Total B.S. !!!) Simply 2 more “bought off” useless pieces-o-trash looking for their 15 minutes of fame. But, with today’s …also “bought off”… judiciary, it is anyone’s guess as to where this will end up.

  26. Anybody can sue anybody BUT to get any $$ there must be some evidence. Trump did NOTHING to cause the faux “riot” or “insurrection.” Can we sane people sue Maxi-pad for siccing the loons on Trump supporters?

  27. Trump DID NOT cause the attack on the W.H.. The dems. planned it in advance just like they did all the other corruption. The stole the election and we all know it. All for what? Biden. He doesn’t know crap. He is withering away in dementia. Biden, Kamala and Pelosi and Schumer ARE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. God bless America and her people. To hell with the evil walking on this earth. That definitely is the democrat party.

  28. Good police officers are well suited for any assignment including what happened at the Capitol. A reason for joining police forces is that no day is alike and polide training prepares officers for the unexpected.Wonder who put them up to this? Many believe that the Capitol occurrences were planned and an inside job to fit a narrative. President Trump was acquitted.These lawsuits may provide new evidences and may backfire.

  29. Sounds like what Portland Police endured nightly from Antifa and BLM , yet Mayor of Portland and Governor Brown, who allowed it to go on, not one night, but for months, never received a lawsuit from Police. Yet,.Trump, who wanted followers to fight voter fraud, not storm the Capitol, it sued by Police for one incident, which he didn’t encourage, nor can it be proven. Free speech isn’t the same as actual permission to violate Police nightly by a Mayor and Governor. Sickening how these people keep playing partisan power moves, while their side has tried to burn down Federal Buildings with people inside.

  30. I have only one main question…….who is paying for the attorney?
    My own guesses, don’t include the two Officers, named in the lawsuit!

    Attorney fees are not cheap, and leads me to speculate on the answer(s)
    … my question and then the real reason for this “lawsuit”.

    One thing is, that getting this into Court, should be rather…”entertaining”
    and I think…. that this is not going to end as it was planned.
    I’m of the mind …that this effort …will backfire on the planner(s)! 🙂

  31. These Police Officers are suing the wrong party. The Democrats started all this crap and knew it was going to happen 3 or 4 days before Jan. 6th check the record Nancy P. made a statement it was going to happen. Democrats are the worse Party in our Nation what a lying bunch of people. Christians Pray that God will send Angel down and clean out OUR WHITE HOUSE , WE THE PEOPLE. God Bless America.

  32. These white hours police officers are part of the Socialist Nazi’s who will do and say whatever there Socialist Nazi Leader Pelosi tells them too . It’s all a plot to damage President Trump so that he won’t run in 2024 because they know he will win just like he did in 2020 . These Socialist Nazi’s are wanting to break America so the one world government fools can take over to bring satan on seen to rule the world !

  33. The demorats responsible for stealing our votes, but also make the press pay for serving as an arm of the demorat party. These lies from the press are destroying our country and our future! As per the comment made by Dapper Dave, we need to subpoena the records. Pelosi should be charged for many things, including destroying legal documents! We all need to unite and make our voices be heard!

  34. Why do they sue when all they were required to do is their jobs. Makes no snse unless they were paid by Dems

  35. This is a lie.

    “Two Capitol police officers are suing Trump for physical and emotional injuries they suffered as a result of the events on Jan. 6th at the Capitol building. Officers James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby are alleging that the former president “riled up” his supporters and emboldened them to commit violent acts against them. The lawsuit seeks to directly blame Trump for inciting the riot.”

    These officers know President Trump had nothing to do with this Jan 6th, 2021 Capitol building intrusion. The far-left engineered this debacle.

  36. OMG! Where did Pelosi pull these two “cop out” artists from? Have they bern hiding under a rock or THEY WOULD HAVE SEEN THAT THE FBI DISC9VERED MOST OF THE RIOTERS AT D.C. ON THE 6TH WERE “ANTIFA” AND “BLM” MEMBERS DRESSED “LIKE TRUMP SUPPORTERS”– NOT ACTUALLY TRUMP SUPPORTERS! Those ATTACK DOGS of Pelosi’s are responsible for the destruction and MAYHEM at the Capitol. No Trump Supporters did that, just the violent bent PELOSI ATTACK DOGS!
    WHY did Pelosi do that? Because she needed something else to Impeach President Trump a second time, so she contacted her “ATTACK DOGS”.and sent them to do her dirty work.

    If those D.C. Cops (urged by Pelosi I 100% bet!) want to go after anyone, GO AFTER PELOSI/DEMOCRATS for “Orchestrating” this break in, destruction of property, people being hurt, because PELOSI WANTED TO BLAME P.T. SO SHE COULD IMPEACH HIM…AGAIN! Sorry Capitol Police that you had to experience that disaster, but you need to confront the one really responsible for your injuries — Nancy Pelosi!

    Please also remember that DEMONCRATS mever care who they use to get their goals met. Everyone is expendable, including D.C. Capitol Cops! Drop that misguided suit against our President! GO After Nancy Pelosi, the real culprit and ORCHESTRATOR of the D.C. Break in!

    1. Please know that ALL of what you’ve seen this last 6 Months has been orchestrated by Pelosi and the dumbocrats to destroy the American people because we supported and loved President Trump!. Believe me, I have been researching this govt since 2007 and it has been crashing — except for when President Trump was in office. He has been the only one who has protected our Nation and YOU AND I.

      I cannot reiterate how many instances where I read about the dems making “UNRESEARCHED” actions that have collapsed parts of our economy– and they always “pointed their fingers” at someone else to blame.

      Unfortunately for Americans, the dems are in charge and are doing everything they can to destroy our security, our infrastructure and our American lives. If we Americans do not stand up to them, they will not only steal our election, but will STEAL OUR AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE. THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT. OUR AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE STOLEN AND REPLACED WITH SOCIALISM. IT IS COMING IF WE DO NOT PUSH BACK AT THIS GOVT!

  37. What’s wrong with these two besides that the capital police are under nancy piglose sue her for not taking help when its offered shes the one that caused all your pain but that’s also in your job description

  38. Money, money, money! These people better get out of their glass houses and quit blaming others for acts that they did not do. Trump saw the fraud and was only having a rally for his supporters. He did not invite BLM and 3 bus load of their Antifa and direct traffic for them to arrive to break in the capital. That was part of the Dem’s ploy to get the last laugh on Trump. What had they been doing for over 4 years? Pelosi is the one that didn’t want National Guards there and the Police chief even wrote a letter to that effect. Will these people get a life! We the people have a right to speak up also and not be squashed by these people to be sued. Why don’t they ever sue the source of the real problem? It is time for people to step up beside these anti-Trump characters. Why not sue what is happening at the border and the dumping on schools and taking away housing like in Washington state of a couple that was raising 20 adopted children to give to the border kids coming up. Who is taking care of them and bussing them up? Who makes these decisions? Dictators?

  39. I guess if these two Washington cops have…”physical and emotional injuries”, from doing a little crowd control, then I don’t think they’re very suited to be police personnel. Now I wonder why that wasn’t caught during their training, or do they happen to be of color and so filled a quota. Grow a set or get the hell out of the job! Stop whining, you knew the job before joining nobody forced you.

  40. can thank pelosi for the lack of guards at the capitol,she knew what was coming,and denied xtra securitys.point the finger where it needs to go.sueing trump,Trump, president, will get you NOTHING.sue the trash that allowed the capitol to be infiltrated

  41. I won’t forget the busloads of antifa people ESCORTED to the capitol building,by d.c. police.have we forgotten that allready???

  42. another joke of a lawsuit Trump innocent, he will sue to recover his legal fees ( he wins every time) read the transcript of his speech: by the way thought all DC politicians are exempt from lawsuits. Because if they are not guess what, Biden as President is going to have law suits lining up at his door, for all the damage done by his border decisions :

  43. They don’t have a leg to stand on. Why didn’t the FBI tell them. They had word about the protesters. Who put the Officers up to sue Donald Trump.

  44. First they should sue Nasty Below-ski, who passively enabled the entire confrontation to swell beyond its banks and overflow with inadequate guard protection. There was a method to her madness.

  45. They should be suing the ones who were not prepared. Trump offered National Guard troops and they were turned down. Just who is responsible for security at the capitol?

  46. I wonder if this is akin to suing one’s employer. I don’t know Federal Law on the subject by in the vast majority of states, such injuries would be compensable by Workers Compensation laws the vast majority of which do not allow for injuries that occurred on the job. In short, you can’t sue the government and Workers Compensation would be the sole remedy.

    All of the above does not delve into the merits of the allegations, just the process.


  48. As we say that everything bad is good for something. The IDEPENDENT court with witnesses will public let know, that rioters were paid Antifa members. (W.W.W. Who, What and WHY) Let Democrats to sweat this one.

  49. Well those scumbags are wasting their attorneys money and will be counter sued and loose everything!


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