Facebook Censors Trump Interview with Daughter-in-Law Lara Trump

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

The big tech overlords are at it again. Facebook removed a video interview between former President Trump and his daughter-in-law Lara Trump from the platform. The platform says that any content featuring the “voice of Donald Trump” would be scrubbed from the platform after he was banned in January.

Fox News reports:

A group of Trump officials were sent an email from a Facebook employee, warning that any content posted on Facebook and Instagram “in the voice of President Trump is not currently allowed on our platforms (including new posts with President Trump speaking)” and warned that it “will be removed if posted, resulting in additional limitations on accounts that posted it.”

The interview was eventually posted to Lara Trump’s Facebook page, but was later taken down.

Trump was banned from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat following the violent events that took place at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. However, the former president has promised that he will eventually make his return to social media with his very own platform. Details of the new platform have been kept under lock and key but his millions of supporters are patiently awaiting his long-overdue return.

    1. The sooner the better,,unbelievable,,,accept everything else form antifa and BLM ,,,these are sick people and when karma comes it wont be pretty

    2. Please disregard the “thumbs-down” above…I clicked on the wrong thumb and there was no way to remove it after that:-( Ooops, now I see it’s gone:-) I guess someone is watching:-)

      1. If there are more than one thumbs up, and you click a thumbs down, it just removes one of the thumbs up. It’s like a minus one,-1.

    1. We are in a digital war and unfortunately there are still many that are still sleeping. Thus the reason fakebook & twitless are still being used.

      1. can’t wait for president trump to get his media site up an running maybe then they can put facebook an twit out

    2. I have a lifetime ban from every platform for telling the truth the idiots in the Demo RAT party and the social media platforms act as if the truth is deadlier than a nuclear explosion or something!

      1. Our country is suffering from socialism and communism the sewer rats are making it. thanks Obama is the culprit and his sewer rats -big tech cronies. Obama thinks he is God by biden’s side putting words in his Biden’s stupid mouth. We the right need to stay the course with Trump and start flaring our nostrils at these buzzards trying to destroy the good, smart, common sense people into saving America. Throw all the thugs to the dogs. This absolute depressing!

        1. Depression is counter productive. Time to be passionately angry. Fist through the wall angry. Your strength is as the strength of ten if your cause is justice and your heart is pure.

  1. Trump had the power to declare martial law and a hostile takeover. He didn’t. We can only count on ourselves now.

  2. There is no need to sensor this interview. The people who do not want to watch will not. I do not watch the show the Conner’s. It should not be banned just because I stopped watching when they let Rosanne Barr go.

    1. I understand your reasoning, Beverly, except that we have to fight fire with fire. It’s no longer subtle or reasonable. These actions are outright war against Donald Trump in particular and us Conservatives in general. The only way to fight this is with a lawsuit.

      By the way, I wouldn’t have watched the interview on Facebook anyway. Where can I find it?

  3. Are they taking piglosi down since she is the one that did not have the capitol secured from potential violence she was warned about? And where was the expensive capitol police? Oh right…probably told to stand down so they could find something to blame our President on. How many US Capitol Police?

    • The United States Capitol Police (USCP) is comprised of over 1,500 police officers and 400 civilian administrative/operational employees. 460 million dollar budget.
    1. When you interact with facebook, twitter, etc., you are dealing with some of the dumbest and most arrogant people in the world.

  4. LISTEN UP…PREZ TRUM P Won 104 MILLION Something LEGAL VOTES includes SWITCHED and TRASHED VOTES. 105 MILLION VOTES..to the Nearest Round Figure. IF YOU Don’t BELIEVE ME than Believe GOD. GOD is NOT a LIAR. HE is the TRUTH. HE is the RULER of MEN. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  5. All of these actions by Facebook, Twitter, Google, et.al, are against everything that this fine country stands for. The petulant children that are trying to control this country and their megalomania is leading us down the path to ruin. What you have is a group of people that has grown so much power that they can fix elections to fit their choice and not that of the American People. These people and their power must be eliminated. I had hoped that they would lose their protections which they hid behind and break them up into small entities that can not destroy free speech or influence elections.

  6. And w wondeer who controls America, it’s pretty frikkin obvious. Oh yeah, freedom of speech, there’s the joke for today. Losing them all one by one. Give up my gun, right, when the commie’s pry it from my cold dead hand.

  7. Facebook, Twitter and should be broken into many tiny parts and their owners, Zuckerhead and Bozo should be jailed for treason and subversion

  8. I stopped using Facebook over 3 years now. Don’t even think about it til someone elses voices get.shut down by those idiots.Same thing with Twitter.I don’t like giving someone else that power over me.I have opinions that are different then facebook but that doesn’t make me wrong or bad.

  9. Trump had nothing to do with the so-called riots of Jan 6th. He is being used as a pawn/scape goat. Its apparent these techies are on the left side of any thing political and seriously Non American.

  10. We have only one option to fight this. Call, write and email your Congressman and Senators and let them know you are tired of the censorship of conservative voices. BE CIVIL but be firm in expressing how angry you are about the obvious bias against our voices.
    At the same time INFORM them that you stand against Democrat’s plan to remove the filibuster. The filibuster is the only tool Republican Senators currently have to force Democrats to negotiate rather than ruling by decree.

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying.
      If you’re a conservative from a blue state, call your people in Congress and tell them you’re watching their votes. Get everyone you know to do the same.

      1. Strength in numbers. Citizens of blue and red states need to contact their representatives, make sure they all know where they stand. Although it won’t hold as much weight as if you are a constituent we can contact the Senators from other states as well as Speaker Pelosi and the majority leader of the Senate-Schumer and the minority leader McConnell.

  11. Mark Zuckerberg is following the ruler of this world, Satan. He needs the Holy Spirit in his heart and mind for eternal life in Heaven.

    I really do not want to live in a secular humanist socialistic country run by unelected billionaires.

    1. Don’t know about Satan but George Soros called Zuckerberg out for supposedly “helping” Trump. Guess Soros ORDERED him to obey. Soros is now the one in control. Has been for sometime.

  12. This is not just about President Trump. It’s about the cancel culture running ramped in our lives today. This should scare every American to the bone. People are at risk for job loss, when, where and what you can say and do? How many freedoms have we lost, but better yet, how many people are even aware of this?

    1. So very true. I saw this coming years ago before Obama came into office. I said to my friends that you freedoms as a conservative and as a Christian are going to be taken away. No one believed me, I pray the spiritual eyes and ears of people will open up. The problem with people is they think that it will not happen to them and by the time it does, it will be too late. President Trump said when he was in office, If they do this to the leader of the free world, what do you think they will do to you.

      1. Some half wit paper took a poll and came up with numbers that Christians were attending church less. Typical of one digit IQs. The Democrat governors were blocking Christians every way they could.

  13. How is this not a violation of FREE SPEECH?
    Oh the arrogance of these leftist radical SOB’s.
    Please leave them and allow them to self destruct.

  14. The more they censor Trump, the more they create a demand for Trump’s own social media platform! Bring it on! I look forward to that day:-)

    What’s going on today with the Dems in D.C., Social Media Platforms and MSM, reminds me of Hitler’s Chancellor of the German Reich and Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbell. He exerted control over the News Media (MSM sycophants), the Arts (elitism); book burning (Dr. Seuss, etc.) …all for CONTROL and POWER and propaganda purposes.

    They hoodwinked the German people. Today, the Dems/Progressives are dumbing down Americans (sheeples) so they vote the way they propose. And rewriting history written and physical, like statues! It’s “progressively” getting worse. Beware America!!!

  15. Can someone please tell me why these companies have the kind of protections of section 230. It needs to be removed, and I wouldn’t shed a tear if they were broken up, just like the phone companies or face law suits. I guess they never heard about the First Amendment. I have seen these men on TV, and they seem very smug, like their poop doesn’t stink.

  16. I’m a conservative and I don’t see our republican leaders standing up for us Mitch! The only one that had any guts to stand up against Biden and all his wrecking crew and Obama who is in the shadows pushing his and the far lefts agenda is Donald J Trump! We really need to take exemption 230 I believe so the big tech.’s can be held responsible for silencing conservatives and trying to eliminate our1st. amendment right to say what we think even if you disagree with what I said!

    1. Deven Nunes, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Tom Cotton, JOSH HAWLEY (in his first Senate speech argued Big Tech needed reining in) John Kennedy, … and that is just starters. All back Trump.

  17. I can’t believe how retarded and GAY the social media sites are now! They are afraid someone might hurt another persons feelings. Feelings what the hell are they I wasn’t issued any of those in Special Forces During Desert Storm! Didn’t have anything other than the pain of dying 8 times to EARN all of my RIGHTS and FREEDOMS that low life jack asses in suits are stealing from me even though they were too big of PANSIES to lace up and wear the BDU’s and risk death to help others they have never met!!!!!

  18. The Social Media websites in the U.S. SUCK BIG TIME! They are nothing but Gustapo websites that want “EVERYONE TO PLAY NICE OR YOU CAN’T PLAY AT ALL.”
    FYI: What those websites are doing is one of the first steps to SOCIALISM: they are “CONTROLLING” THE NARRATIVE!

    WELCOME TO SOCIALISTIC AMERICA where eventually they will tell you where you can live, what kind of job you get, how much $$ you can make, who you WILL BE MARRIED TO, AND SHOULD YOU GET SICK, IF THEY WANT TO SAVE YOU OR LET YOU DIE. Yes, that’s what SOCIALISM does to your life! Welcome to it!

  19. Personally, can’t wait for P.T.’s own Social Media website where real truths are discussed not the false controlling hype fed to Americans like they have no intellect. That’s condescending and controlling.

    America is/was the Land of the Free! Not for long if Socialism sticks around. Fight it!! Because I know President Trump would fight it right down into the ground! God Bless that msn!

  20. So what’s a twitter? ? ? I think that I have one of those, however, the only thing that I have accessed it for is to view stuff that friends have emailed to me.
    I have never purchased anything that I saw advertised there.
    Barry 76
    Vietnam 3x

  21. Tried 45 office.com & couldn’t send. Obviously need some “kinks” ironed out.As for facebook, google twitter & amazon, they can all go to hell. I “LIKE” my FREE SPEECH!

  22. These Liberals are so envious of “President
    Trump”; they envy the following he has from the millions who support and voted for him in 2020.
    I have never seen such jealousy in my
    lifetime! President Trump gave us hope
    and security for four years and now we
    wake up each day wondering what changes
    we are expected to accept today.

  23. I’ve never heard of a large corporate like Facebook make such complete fools of themselves time and time again. Won’t be long and we’ll hear the distinct clatter of falling stock.


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