Minister Sues Pelosi, Harris for Access to Capitol Grounds for Good Friday

AFGE / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

After nearly three months It’s time for the Capitol fencing to come down and for the National Guard to go home. Presbyterian minister Rev. Patrick Mahoney is suing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Kamala Harris, the U.S. Capitol Police Board, and the Senate Sergeant at Arms for access to the Capitol grounds on Good Friday. Rev. Mahoney alleges that the continued fencing infringes on his First Amendment rights.

Fox News reports:

Rev. Patrick Mahoney says in his complaint, filed Tuesday in federal court, that he has been trying to hold a prayer vigil for Good Friday on the sidewalk near the Lower Western Terrace of the Capitol, but authorities denied his request. Mahoney claims that he has held many similar events at the same location in the past, including last year, when he worked with Capitol Police to make sure the event complied with COVID-19 restrictions.

“These acts by Defendants have effectively created a no-speech zone in one of the most important public forums in the nation,” the complaint reads.

The area around the Capitol has been fenced off and the National Guard has been present in the area following the violent protest that took place on Jan. 6. Mahoney said that incident was part of the inspiration for the vigil, stating in the lawsuit that it is “for the express purpose of beseeching God’s healing from the divisiveness and anxiety lingering over our nation since the tragic events of January 6, 2021.”

Mahoney claims that his prohibition from holding the vigil violates his First Amendment rights of free speech, assembly, and free exercise of religion. He also claims violations of his Fifth Amendment right to due process and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Democrats have continued to push to extend the fencing around the Capitol building and keep the National Guard stationed around the area. The lawsuit was brought on his behalf by the Center for American Liberty.

  1. We have open borders for our country, sick, but THE PEOPLES HOUSE is walled off. Other breaches over history have been had at the White House but no one fenced it off. They had breaches during Obama and Trumps add. Why so extreme now? They all have security but want to take away ours. Abide by the Constitution.

    1. which means the people inside of those buildings they don’t care for all the American citizens…but themselves….!

    2. All these people need us for is to vote fore them otherwise they don’t need us and there for we don’t mater. The fence is for their potection, we don’t mater.

  2. The bad thing is the courts are also corrupt. They are complicit in us losing our liberties to the left. I have little to no trust in our government. Just look at the
    two sided justice dept we have.

    1. hey russ how about the fbi investigation into hunter since 2018? trump built 400 miles of wall in 3 yrs. and we pay there salarys and outragious bennys too

  3. Per “marxist cult” leader Pelosi: Allow a Christian minister access..NO WAY! Allow marxist BLM/antifa access..YES WAY!
    Dems will not let that pesky nuisance of a Constitution get in their way!
    Pelosi has never felt SO in control! The word NO is the most frequently used word in the nasty old hag’s vocabulary!


    1. I have sent my impeachment for Both and the Hoe in! But hey all you organizations, STOP asking for MONEY! We are being hit with high prices for food and and gas. and all utilities! What the HELL< is up? I still have not got stimulas checks or $$ from tax refunds from Feds! According to that site it was posted april 17 and I have not had it appear in my account! Stop asking for $$$$ we don’t have! Opinons are fine and think its great we even get that much out of this so called federal govt! Hey REPS get off your rears and help OUR country! Surley you learned some good with OUR President Trump calling the shots! He is NO COMMIE!

      1. Everytime the GOP asks me for money, I return their email, with a note!! “When YOU START DOING your JOB, that you are ALREADY PAID to DO, I will start contributing to your cause again!!! YOU and YOU ALONE have ALLOWED ALL Of this Strife, by your LACK of fighting AGAINST the ones doing it!!”

    2. Sent her too China and let her see how much money see has and hoe much freedom she will not have.

  5. Nancy Pelosi should be in jail at 5 years ago….! she’s the #1 traitor to all Americans people.

    1. LONGER than that. Back when she said, “we have to PASS it to see what is in it” We knew THEN that she was TOO LAZY to be DOING HER JOB!!! To pass something into LAW, w/out knowing what is IN IT, is the WORST FORM OF STUPIDITY!!!

  6. Thank God for this Minister, finally someone has the back bone to stand up for everyone’s rights. God bless you sir

    1. I am from California and am hoping we unseat Newsom. I have NO representation in either the state or federal government. Maybe now that Democrats are leaving California we can start electing other than those HATERS.

  7. MOLDY NANCY will NOT, under any circumstances, remove the COUP TROOPS from “her” property…!! She’s a PIG…!!

    1. Oink Oink! 🐗 That’s pig language for “hey, don’t insult us pigs….there has never been a pig born as nasty and ugly as Pelosi”!

  8. You go Reverend. Sue the pants off that old hag Pelosi an laughing hiena Harris. Not that we want to see them without pants. Just sue them for what you can

    1. She will always have her very expensive ice cream. Cannot stand the pig. Please cancel her completely out of government. If CA is stupid enough to keep voting them in then they deserve what they get. Only problem is they then become our problem in the nation as well. The hag needs to go.

      1. WE have the problem of all the filthy rich deciding who will be gov, and what they want done! There is a group of 4 or 5 who decide if 1 of their own is qualified, hollyweirdos help with $$$ and big mouths to get what they want! WE the CA citizens don’t count for much execpt when its tax time or something they want! OH and thanks SD teachers for helping illegals and to HELL with OUR OWN!

  9. She and her vindictive, power hungry ultra Leftist, anti American hate mongers, need to be thrown out of office and put behind bars for their sedition against the American way of life and the millions of Americans who voted to maintain it. Pelosi and her henchmen ( ok, hench persons) are an embarrassment and travesty to everything American. I pray that this great country can survive their relentless treachery.

  10. I’m so sick and tired of that bitch Pelosi what she’s been doing for the past 3yrs. She needs to resign.

  11. with this minister entering a law suit vs pelosi god bless you and your american spirit. as 4 the rep. party where is your law suit. im ashamed of you for sitting in your high back leather chairs getting nothing done. same old same old and this was how you got nothing done when you had all three branches.

  12. They want to destroy every one of our basic freedoms as free American people for a new American communist government and not a socialist one with their Marxist/communist/communist/hand/book their new “BIBLE!!!! It is that simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Why do the dems keep up that fencing and the National Guard around the Capitol? Think about this. The dems “know” they are ticking off Americans by their deluded actions and that fencing and National Guard is keeping Americans from flooding in and tar & feathering Biddyboy, Pelosi, Schumer, etc. THE DEMOCRATS ARE AFRAID OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE — that’s the bottom line.

    The Dems stole our election and opened our borders to illegals, terrorists, criminals, etc. and created the worst inhuman disaster at our borders. And the worst thing of all — the delusional dems put an old dementiad man in our highest position that doesn’t know what he is doing or saying…he/democrats are the BIGGEST EMBARASSMENT/DANGER THIS NATION HAS EVER EXPERIENCED!

    Hopefully that minister will win this suit for not only God, but for the American people. It’s time for those fences to come down and the National Guard to go home. It’s time for GOOD to WIN THIS BATTLE!

    1. Nancy is a practicing Satanist! The Catholic church is against abortions. Pelosi only uses the church when it suits her narrative. She is such a phony and hippocrite.

  14. Pelosi helped not eligible illegal alien muslim infiltrator Obama use Fraud i.D. to get on the ballot in Hawaii 2008/2012 to usurp the Office of POTUS.
    Both must be put in prison for TREASON, then deported to Siberia with shoes and socks, and banished from USA FOREVER!

  15. Judging by the SCOTUS’ hearing of the Trump Lawsuit that he just won, it will be about 2025, before they even HEAR this case!!!

  16. The solution is to put a fence around the Democrats and keep them in. They will be safe and so will the rest of the country


  18. The Wicked Witch of the West has had so many facelifts she has hair on her chest. One more and she’ll have a mustache. Oh, sorry! She’s eyetalian. She already has a mustache. The trouble is the mafia trash lady from Baltimore brought her trash to California. She doesn’t know how to live any differently. .

  19. May the wicked old totalitarianess be SMACKED with a hundred lawsuits in the name of righteousness and the Republic!

  20. Democrats are still terrified that people will find out what they did in the 2020 election and storm the place with ropes.


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