Iowa Democrat Gives Up on Trying to Steal State-Certified Election

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

After weeks of attempting to steal a state-certified election, the Democrats are finally throwing in the towel. Iowa Democrat Rita Hart has officially withdrawn her challenge to unseat Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even back the effort to overturn the state-certified election in a pathetic and obvious attempt to increase Democrat’s historically slim majority in the lower chamber.

Iowa Republican Miller-Meeks narrowly won the state’s 2nd Congressional district by a handful of votes- six to be exact. However, after multiple recounts, the results remained the same and Miller-Meeks was sworn into Congress. However, that didn’t stop Hart from attempting to challenge the results.

The Hill reports:

Hart had presented her challenge to the House Administration Committee, saying that 22 ballots that were not counted should have been part of the tally. The panel’s investigation could eventually have led to a vote on the House floor to seat Hart despite an earlier decision by Iowa’s election board.

Hart said she was withdrawing her challenge after conversations with those close to her but maintained that the challenge was justified.

“After many conversations with people I trust about the future of this contest, I have made the decision to withdraw my contest before the House Committee on Administration. Since Election Day, and throughout this entire process, my mission has been about ensuring the voices of Iowans who followed the law are not silenced. I am saddened that some Iowans’ votes will not count through no fault of their own,” she said.

“Despite our best efforts to have every vote counted, the reality is that the toxic campaign of political disinformation to attack this constitutional review of the closest congressional contest in 100 years has effectively silenced the voices of Iowans. It is a stain on our democracy that the truth has not prevailed and my hope for the future is a return to decency and civility.”

Multiple Democrats were voiced their uncomfort about their party’s attempt to steal the state-certified election.

  1. I guess the Dems are moving on the bigger and better things…like Trillion$ of dollars in tax dollars going to their favorite supporters and pet projects…as well as bailing out blue states and their overloaded pension funds, with OUR tax dollars!!!

    1. And don’t forget the funds given to all illegals once they get here…millions. And they will go to school when our own kids cannot.

      1. Remember the plane load of dollars that Barry from Kenya and China Joe sent to the Mullahs in Iran to help them finance terrorists in the Middle East to attack our troops there.

        1. Don’t forget that the money that Barry the Fairy sent to Iran was HUSH MONEY so their secret of having Hillary hire Iranian Terrorists to kill SEAL Team6 after it was found out that they were given the wrong information by the Central Lack of Intelligence Agency and killed Osama’s look alike instead of Osama himself! That’s what Benghazi was all about! A true bit of info about Barry the Fairy, He should have been in Prison instead of the White House, he killed a gay lover of his right before he was elected to be con artist in chief! The gay lover came out on a local radio station in Chicago Barry’s home town at the time, he claimed that after a weekend long cocaine fueled marathon of passion all paid for by the tax payers of Chicago with a large salad mixing bowl full of cocaine he went home and saw that he announced that he was running for president so he felt inclined to allow the people of Chicago know who they were actually voting for! Everything in the guys murder except the actual pulling of the trigger was caught on the apartment surveilance cameras! The Chicago PD in their infinite wisdom claimed that the video evidence was not pertinent to their investigation and claimed the gay guy committed suicide by way of 12 gauge shotgun to the back of his own head! Which is absolutely 100% impossible, you see Barry the Fairy on the videos running immediately after the gunshot is heard, he is running out of the guys apartment back to his limo!

        2. That plane load of unmarked cash didn’t fly any farther than globalist puppet, barry soetoros private bank account .

    1. yeah, and the WORST part of it all that they are getting away with it, more and more, instead of us getting rid of them, better yet, they belong in PRISON for their on-going CRIMES….but “who” would put them there…..NOBODY…..

  2. What do you expect from corrupt Democrat leaders who incited the 2020 and 2021 election fraud. Keep in mind that is why they want to get rid of the filibuster so they can rig all elections. However one day they will pay dearly and you know what they say about karma. They are already doing a good job of hanging themselves!


        1. Now we know he wouldn’t for sure, being he’s proven he can’t climb a flight of stairs.
          Hahaha, I just can’t stop watching the video.
          It’s absolutely hilarious.

    1. You are quite correct John. I believe the fuse has already been lit and it is simply a case of no one being able to determine the length of it. Myself, I would definitely not want to be a current version Democrat Politician when the majority of citizens realize the damage.There are not enough sensible body guards in the world to protect them. It will be interesting to see which nations accept them as immigrants.
      Korean era veteran

      1. Perhaps they will all find refuge in one of their socialist utopias, i.e. Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, etc…………….

      2. is that why so many of your fellow citizen
        voted for this senile ? and bho before.obam
        sealed his records and the DUMMIES still voted for him.
        and now he runs the show behind the curtain.

  3. Stain on Democracy my ass! Pelosi has NO RIGHT “to do” ANY of this? Who the hell is Pelosi? THE PEOPLE are “finally” WAKING UP! She’s been in Congress 34 YEARS! She’s “thinks” that “SHE” can “clap like a seal”, “rip up the Pres. Congressional address”, & FALSELY IMPEACH him x’s TWO AND FAIL! If “ANYBODY” HATES America, it’s HER & the Dems. NOW, , under “Biden-Obama”, America will have no jobs, energy prices going thru the roof, TAXES beyond belief & NO “free” Press or “media” AND a million UNDOCUMENTED aliens who “TEST” Covid POSITIVE, AND are being BUSSED or FLOWN to “ANYWHERE” USA! THIS IS ALL CRAZY!! To E-mail Pelosi, you must go thru a MAZE! To boot, “SHE” tells YOU to go to YOUR Congressman or Senator! WELL GUYS, “you better”start E-mailing “like CRAZY”!, so these Dems in Washington, “GET THE MESSAGE”! Just “WAIT” ’til your federal taxes SKYROCKET! Already, you see “it” @ the gas pump.& INFLATION is a “heartbeat” away, WHICH “we” are seeing @ the Supermarket! THIS IS JUST THE “beginning”! E-Mail NOW & KEEP seeing “them”!

    1. SO!! now what are you going to do about it?
      we had a great President.cheated him out of office.
      life is too good,go on ICE.

  4. Funny how the demented Democrats didn’t worry about all the voting irregularities during the Presidential election. But don’t hesitate to try and find more votes to make it a win for one of their own!! 🙁

  5. Stain on democracy? how about stealing the elections? Pathetic evil sources in and outside the White House are destroying our Nation and you don’t care about it.

    1. We need prayers, but we also need WE THE PEOPLE to RISE ands POTEST and DEMOSTRATE OUR DISGUST and UNWILLINGNESS to ACCEPT all this crap!

  6. “It’s a stain on our democracy”….So, Republicans have NO right to LEGALLY winning anything = playing the “VICTIM” card =Instead of simply saying “I have LOST”…And that is exactly why I CAN’T stand so-called democrats, would NEVER vote for ANY of THEM…The Arrogance of them all is just NAUSEATING….!!!

  7. What a shameful display of abuse of power, by those in office!
    This too, is after all of the indignant rhetoric; because Trump disputed the election results up until the last minute, for transmission of power…

    You Liberals threatened Trump with military/police extrication from the Whitehouse…

    Then you play this political overthrow, in broad daylight!

  8. My gripe is that honest people should have been fighting these lawless Democrats a long long time ago. Truth be known, they have been stealing elections for 50 years and getting away with it. That is not acceptable, constitutional, or lawful!

    1. starts in our schools.remember
      DEAR God,why do you allow such violence in our scools??
      ( the us government )
      dear us lawmaker,
      Iam NOT allowed in your scools,
      we have very few honest teachers in our scools

      1. You said it, gin n bear it, it all starts with true belief in God and then actively following His Directions in everything we know, say and do!


  10. Vote no on S1. It does nothing but give democrats a legal path to steal our votes. It cannot happen again. The democrats whine and push S1 so that alone tells you it’s bad for Americans. Demand your Senators vote NO on S1. Tell them if they vote for it you will vote NO on Their Re-Election in the midterms.

  11. This may be the dumbest thing anyone ever said but here goes – Why can’t they take the best ideas of the Democrats and the best ideas of the Republicans and make them WORK? Instead of dividing the country – and constantly opposing ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING the other side says. The end result of that is NOTHING gets done and the American people pay the price. Lets get the children and senile out of D.C. and let the adults run the show for a while.

    1. Not dumm at all,but just look at what bho did,
      sealed his records,lied and won.kept on lying and won again.
      and now is advicer to senile joe,( bho 3 term )
      where is the brain of the american voter???

  12. No matter how small the victory, we’ll take it! Congratulations to Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks. Now make us all proud!

  13. “Multiple Democrats were voiced their uncomfort about their party’s attempt to steal the state-certified election.”
    To whomever wrote this article~~ the word is discomfort (not uncomfor), and this sentence (?) is completely wrong!
    Try this~~ Multiple Democrats voiced their discomfort over their party’s attempt to steal the state-certified election.
    There, that’s better. Good grief.
    I’m not a Democrat and I hate what they are doing to OUR America, but I am an educator and I have a “thing” about words and sentences. Thank you all for indulging me.

  14. Obviously Democrats were trying to steal yet another election. Not that they already didn’t do that through a false adjudication process done with Dominion voting machines. If ballots were Democrat ballots and individuals voted Trump, they adjudicated them to read Biden. It was done on 90% of ballots in some districts. Democrats will stop at nothing to disenfranchise actual voters intent. This election in Iowa was going on foe months. It was recounting all valid votes. Dead voters or moved voters do not count.

  15. Isn’t it just amazing that even cheating sometimes falls short of accomplishing one’s goals? Sounds as if the calculated need for votes to win was just not quite enough.

  16. That’s a comical statement coming from the Socialist Demorats who specialize in the art of the steal.

    1. They’re not actually donkeys anymore, they are useful idiots that are at the beck and call of their masters, the deep state and the chinese power elite (emperor gi jingping and his court jesters, the politburo)!

  17. Well of corse she gave up – if they did a proper usdit of her mai in Ballost there wold neve have even been a question once the fake ballosts were removed.
    Even sparsley populated Montana discovered they to had also been deluged with fake mail in ballots. Fortunatly there werent enugh to make a difference but Zuckerberg, Soros and Xi had tried.

  18. Why can’t these people be taken out of office. Biden & Pelosi should be tried for treason. Plus putting the US national security at risk by opening borders. I can’t remember what everything is called. I just know if We The People don’t do something there will be nothing left for our kids & grandkid

  19. Yea they are going after my Representative Matt Gaetz. The Demonrats will stop at nothing but complete control of our lives from the cradle to the grave.

  20. Betty says that the Democrats should wake up and smell the coffee. Their agenda isn’t going to work for much longer. People are starting to listen to other media outlets than the MSM and they will know the truth and the “truth” will make us FREE!


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