Rick Scott Spurs 2024 Speculation with Iowa Visit

The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

Some are already speculating Senator Rick Scott could be considering running for president in 2024 and his latest trip to Iowa is sure to add fuel to the fire. However, Scott who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) says that the visit is about ensuring the GOP wins back the House in 2022.

Fox News reports:

The Iowa GOP invited Scott to Hawkeye State, where he’ll team up in Cedar Rapids with fellow Republicans Sen. Joni Ernst, Rep. Ashley Hinson and state party Chair Jeff Kaufmann to help raise money for Republicans.

The state’s senior senator, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, is up for reelection next year, but the longtime lawmaker has yet to say whether he’ll run for an eighth six-year term representing Iowa in the nation’s capital.

On the eve of his trip, Scott told the Des Moines Register he’s “very optimistic that Sen. Grassley’s going to run … Actually, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t.”

Scott, a multimillionaire health care executive and venture capitalist who served two terms as Florida governor before winning election to the Senate in 2018, is currently crisscrossing the country, meeting with Republican donors, activists and GOP lawmakers and state leaders as he aims to boost the NRSC’s coffers to help the party retake the Senate.

Senator Scott’s name has been thrown around as a potential presidential candidate, especially if Trump decides not to run. Scott recently visited with Trump in Mar-a-Lago to discuss the future of the party and how Trump can help win back majorities with his influence.

    1. We may get Trump back this year yet due to all the latest findings on the corrupt Dems and their numerous cheating and fraud during the election, Trump did win the legitimate voting and Obiden never should have been “sworn in” HE Never Won! Justice still might be served.

      1. Like has been said for some time, he didn’t win, he stole. And now America will pay the price.

      2. We all sure hope you are right, buster! If the Biden devolution continues at this rate, we may not get a second chance. There comes a point of diminishing returns as well as a point of no return.

  1. This is good news got to keep fighting for freedom.
    Some of you must agree that our economy speaks louder than most people think.
    Without our economy biden will surely be making the tax hikes a issue even with his own base, and eventually this will run into disagreement within the democratic party
    Because without any funds what can you do.
    They just might tax businesses right out of the country.

    1. There are more running than just Biden and Scott, and there are many other very important things than just the economy, such as Freedom, With Freedom the whole of the people can make the economy, we surely did before we started to lose our Freedom.


    1. This Biden Admin insanity will destroy this country if nothing is done to stop it. Hoping 2022 isn’t too late. And, where is the GOP on these outrageous Executive Orders. I hope the Pipeline lawsuit succeeds!

    2. I pray you are right, however, the first two years of Pres. Trump’s presidency Republicans had the House and the Senate and they did nothing to help Pres. Trump’s America First. In fact they did everything they could to stop him. I don’t trust the GOP any further than I do the Dims. They are all corrupt pols. Mr. Trump Made America Great Again with absolutely NO help from either party.

      1. The current group of republicans allowed the election to be stolen from President Trump. I will never donate to the GOP again! I will only support candidates endorsed by the REAL president.

      2. True, but look what we and those Repubs have recently been through with the Dems and OBiden. Could be that some or most of them would prefer Trump’s policies much more than the Dems. They might have Trump’s and the people’s back now.

  3. Scott would be a good VP candidate on Trump’s ticket. And very possibly Trump would give him a lot of power, to set a record for the 2028 election.

    1. Scott is a traitor on our Second Amendment with his signature of those Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws when he was Governor of Florida. If you have guns and are in favor of having them confiscated then he would be a good choice!!!!!!

  4. I consider Sen Scott to be ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT and RHINO, Not willing to interpret The whole US Constitution as it is written. He would never get my vote.

  5. Many remember him as the moron who pushed a red flag law on Florida private firearms owners. According to Wikipedia, “In Florida, red-flag orders were granted 2,227 times between March 2018 (when the law took effect) and July 2019. State judges granted petitions for temporary orders about 97% of the time and granted petitions for final orders 99% of the time.[70] In many cases (up to 90% in Broward County) the respondent agrees to the order.[71] The volume of petitions varies from county to county.[70]”

    Red flag states include a small band of ignorant, tyrannical governors shoving the U.S. to the brink of catastrophe. Red flag laws were created to transfer authority from licensed psychiatrists to unqualified persons more obedient to democrats, e.g., local judges and nosy neighbors.

    Nobody wants criminals to have firearms but to be taken seriously, if the accused is a danger to himself (not against the law) or others, he should be legally arrested. In other words, take the man but leave the arms. Every state allows for the involuntary detention of dangerous individuals for psychiatric evaluation. The difference is red flag laws only confiscate arms, the obvious objective. 

    This law is new and many resent its total disregard for due process. I’ve often wondered how the police, teacher, classmate or aunt would know the rightful owners of which firearms. Seems law enforcement would risk serious lawsuits if they err on that point.

    Currently, that point is being litigated in Lori Rodriguez v. City of San Jose, currently accepted by the Supreme Court for conference review. Also submitted for Supreme Court review are Pena v. Cid, Mance v. Barr, and Culp v. Madigan. However, the major cost of these laws is the loss of trust between peaceable, lawful citizens and their elected officials.

  6. My first hope is that we take back the house and the Senate. After that, we’ll see who wants to run for President in 2024.
    I’m not sure about Scott???
    Trump 2024, Desantis for VP.

  7. Yes, we do need Trump, but what are the odds? Rick Scott was a good governor of FL, I think he would be a very good President. He has common sense, a conservative for the people, and a good financial background.

  8. I wouldn’t vote for turncoat Rick Scott for nothing! You might as well vote for Diane Feinstein!!! He is a Second-Amendment turncoat and signed the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Red Flag Fiasco laws into effect when he was Governor of Florida!!! He CANNOT be trusted with our Second-Amendment and others under them DAMN Reg Flag Laws!!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m not sure, other than Trump, who i would support for Pres. What we really need in the Republican Party, and i mean Conservative party, is someone, we the people can talk with because our elected representatives, at least in Ohio , care less about “we the people”. They dont respond to emails , take no phone calls. We are just a nuisance to them, the exalted ones.

  10. I’m from Fl. and voted for Scott. Scott has some issues don’t remember what but he would not be my first choice. He would be some where around 4th or 5th.

  11. Fellow Americans, do we still have 16,000 arned national guard troops in Washington, DC to protect congressional members from an imaginary threat? If so, this comes to 29.3 guard per person, for POTUS, VP, 535 ciongressional members & 9 SCOTUS members, Doesn’t this seem little excessive?
    Doesn’t this seem excessive hypocrisy for our supposed legislators to value their lives so much with so many armed guards per person – especially when they are again trying to disarm all law abiding Americans by infringing upon our GOD GIVEN rights of self defense & freedom?
    I notice that tbe demonicrats are still condoning & encouraging their domestic terrorists antifa/BLM’s rioting & destruction, while demonizing the unarmed ones they attack for no reason,except their expressed love of violence.
    Are these legislators representing us or are they working to destroy our nation from within? Why are they trying to crash our economy with further lockdowns, whch go against any scientificbasis, while inviting more caravans of invading illelgal aliens to enter our country illegallty, when we already have a crisis here of unemployment of American citizens, food shortage caused by covid 19, plenty of homeless people in need of help? Why are they deliverately making the situation worse with their aiding and abetting these illegals in breaking our immigration laws?
    Take a look at the appointees being made by the demonicrat administreation & it looks like it has picked up exactly where Obama administration (which according to Biden put together the VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION) left off on trying to destroy us from within.
    Wake up fellow Americans – befiore it is too late. Time to end criminals operating our government.,.

    1. Pelosi is politicizing the military. Biden is to dumb to do it. She is directing everything. Wouldn’t doubt that she planned the January 6th fiasco. Why wouldn’t she accept the 10,000 troops Trump offered?

  12. Scott has a background of “corruption”. A politician who is corrupt – IMAGINE THAT.

    We don’t need politicians or lawyers in any political office. We need people who actually worked AT A REAL JOB and then we need TERM LIMITS so the people who get elected to Congress go back to a REAL JOB after serving for a term. That is how the system should work. The system we currently have is BROKEN and the only people benefitting from it are the corrupt “LIFETIME” politicians. THAT’S A FACT JACK!

  13. Trump 2024. Scott wants to be president wait after Trump. Let’s see if Scott can hold the fort down after Trump.

  14. The only person who may be allegedly spurring “speculation” about Rick Scott 2024 is Scott. Forget it Dude. The great state of Florida has got your number and its zero.


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