Rachel Maddow’s Hypocrisy Lands Her in Hot Water

Terry Ballard from Merrick, New York, USA, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow just proved how out of touch she is with reality. One of the biggest advocates for stripping Americans of freedoms hilariously shared a photo on her Twitter of a quote by former President Abraham Lincoln “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

It’s shocking the far-left journalist would even dare to post a quote from the former president considering that now her party has deemed Abraham Lincoln racist. Over the last year as we’ve seen countless statues of the former president who abolished slavery torn down from parks and museums across the country.

Maddow has fiercely advocated for strict gun control laws and of course, is a fan of the economic lockdowns that have crippled the U.S. economy over the past year.

The liberal loon and the far left have become infamous for their hypocrisy and it wasn’t long before Twitter called Maddow out for her tone-deaf message.

One Twitter user pointed out he is shocked Maddow would dare repeat the words of what her party has dubbed a “white supremacist.”

Another user pointed out how Maddow and the left like to pick and choose which freedoms are important for Americans.

    1. That is absolutely hilarious! Since I don’t watch either, never thought of it. But you’re right.

    2. I agree with “NIne Island Girl” (shouldn’t that be “Nine Island Person Assigned Female At Birth”?). It is so obvious a comparison that it actually took me several seconds for the sheer aptness to register, but, when it did, I almost fell off the chair laughing. “Steven Colbert’s Trannie Brother”. I will never be able to look at either of them without that comparison coming to mind. I do note that I have some problems with the use of the word “Queer” in this context because, frankly, I don’t know how that even works in a gender fluid world. See, I know that Rachel Madcow has a female partner now, which would seem to make her “lesbian”/”queer”, but if they were together pre-gender swap, she/he would have been “heterosexual”/”straight”, while it’s just the opposite with Caitlyn Jenner, who is dating a woman post-transition, making her “queer” but who would have been “non-queer” pre-transition. It really is confusing, so I’ll just drop the “queer” part, because I’m lost. It was so much easier when boys were boys and girls were girls.

  1. Please Racheal, please be an example and let us know how wonderful it is for you. Lead the way and get rid of all your security items, walls, or body guards anytime. That would be a light to show others.

    1. Yes tear your security down and lead by example but we all know you won’t because people like you talk out your a$$ because you’re mouth knows better.

      1. That is correct – “you can’t fix stupid”

        Unfortunately however, you can get it elected to high office.

  2. NEXT

    1. They are all sick demented beings. They are not human beings they are spawns of Satan. That is who is running this country. If you want it to change you better pray to God. For only he can fix this. Wether it’s thru you or someone else. This is TRUTH

      1. Yes, they ARE “sick, demented beings” but calling them “spawns of Satan” merely excuses their behavior. These people aren’t the agents of some external power, they’re either idiots or evil or both and should be treated accordingly. It’s not Satan pounding on your door demanding your firearms and your freedoms, it’s these people. It’s the neighbor down the street with the “We Believe…” sign in the front yard. It’s your kid’s 5th grade teacher, selling her revisionist history to young minds, or the local politician pushing progressive ideas at the City Council meeting. It may even be the local preacher whose pulpit now offers up the latest in social “equities” under the guise of Christian ethics. And that is why praying to God, however praiseworthy it may be, is NOT going to fix the problem. God may bless your efforts, but He’s not gonna do the job for you. IF you want your freedoms preserved, IF you want your country back, then you’d d**n well better do what is needful and save your prayers to give thanks when the task is done.

  3. I think we can make e truce here . All law abiding Americans defending their 2nd ammendment rights shall forfeit their firearms upon a conditional acceptance . Condition being that all gun owners , prior to forfeiting their arms , must discharge their entire ammunition stockpile , into the brains & chest of Rachel Madcow , while acknowledging the immense difficulty of hitting a brain or a chest target on Madcow . This way , all ammo will be expended as to guarantee limited harm to society .

  4. Maddow isn’t bright enough to recognize how Lincoln’s words contradict rather than confirm her statement. Typical of the rabid left.

  5. These people are attacking our way of life and our Constitution. They want to say and do what they want, because it is their right. However, only they have that right and only those who agree with them have that right. A homosexual female who fights for her right by denying others their rights. There are more heterosexual people in this country than gay people. I am not ever going to tell anyone who to love. It is your right to love and I am 100% all for love, but these people want to get to love through HATE. This means you are no better than the ones who hate who you want the right to love!

  6. Rachel Maddie’s can suck an egg all care, she nothing but a worthless piece of dog-sh, you probably could shovel-it were the sun don’t shine

  7. I want to see maddow the mildew BANNISED FOREVER from TV, Movies, and any other form of communications. She’s a nit from the nether pit.

  8. Gee didn’t think anyone looked at the calendar … y’all know they are full of shiet and git y’all riled up … that is how they get their “jollys” …

  9. Say, is that the same Abe who started the Northern War of Aggression our Southerners hate so much? Funny that you seem to defend him now.


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