Video Proof Pete Buttigieg’s Push to Save Energy is All an Act

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A week after Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg proposed implementing a mileage tax on working Americans he was caught on camera trying to sell the facade that he truly cares about the environment. Unfortunately for him, this PR stunt won’t work. Buttigieg was caught on camera arriving in an armored suburban a short distance from his destination then unloading a bicycle to ride the rest of the distance with a security detail in tow, pretending to save energy.

Watch the video HERE:

[jwplayer AdU1sGPV-lzmB6GEw]

Clearly, Buttigieg had no idea anyone would record his sneaky move then he could easily continue to claim he’s simply doing his part to save the environment.

Last week, the Transportation Sec. said that Americans should be charged for their mileage and gas consumption as a way to help pay for President Biden’s multi-trillion infrastructure proposal.

[jwplayer vVyfmKDG-lzmB6GEw]

      1. To remind everyone, Pres. Trump did NOT take a salary. Biden has plenty, he could lead by example also. Nope, just bleed the drone bees, raise taxes, raise prices by taking great jobs away, stop job making businesses, give away tons to foreign countries including 60 Million to Palestinans, support illegal aliens, bail out democratic states and cities, and on and on. Ain’t socialism great? Everyone but American citizens first.

        1. I still want to know WTH happened to the 250 million that Yasser Arafat had accumulated. It sure didn’t go to the Palestinians!

  1. It’s time to get Rid of Butt-Gag and All those like him. America is soooo tired of this type of Character.It may have been good back 20 years ago but Not for the Future America. We want God fearing Straight men and women to Run Our Country!!!!!

    1. Biden has chosen the least qualified bunch of mongrels that I have ever seen in an administration. He gave kamala the Border to deal with.. She has not even visited the border.. She was too involved in the Government paid renovations that she wanted in the V.P. residence and had to be there to oversee the work.. Then she was supervising the move into the residence. I think she just wants to be a house frau. No one is supervising the border and they just keep on coming as though they were running from a war. This is an invasion and Biden is only throwing taxpayer dollars at this invasion.. The border GUARDS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO TAKE ANY INFORMATION–THAY ARE PUT ON PLANES AT OUR EXPENSE AND SENT WHERE THEY ASK TO GO NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN.until they break the law.

  2. OMG, it never ends with the CommieCrats. Seriously, it seems each good American patriot has one vote, and even that gets stolen. Makes me want to puke on every liberal shoe out there.

    1. You get one vote and illegal gets a vote to help cancel your vote. No id needed to vote they say but need id to travel to show COVID shot, driver’s license, etc. but one of the most important thing is for citizens to vote and let it be illegal vote because that keeps the swamp keep trolling for us.

      1. If HR1 passes we (republicans) will lose any chance to win the office of presidency again. It may affect the vote for congress in time.

  3. So I will ask again????
    What’s the answer to combat all this craziness?
    Eventually I’m hoping there’s a huge REVOLT.

    1. Totally agree. How is it that X Number of radical democrats versus the total number of US citizens are trying to turn our country into a communist country and nothing has changed to the patriots advantage. We all have to fight and cut the BS out of the demonic democratic crap. We need to rebel and take them out of government ie Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Schumer and all these idiots in the Democratic Party that don’t like America and our constitution. Our country is starting to look more like the tyrannical China, Cuba, Venezuela and Korea to name a few. Let’s stick up for what we want and take it back!!! I know we are all tired of their ideology and taking over our country.

      1. This was planned a long time ago. Arrange to put the most power into the hands of the easiest people to corrupt and they, thinking that they now actually know something, will do whatever they are told or whatever stupid and superficial idea comes to mind. Those are the people now running our country. It can and will only get worse. No one to turn to. Scary!!!

      1. We have to stay strong and fight.
        I pray this bill does not pass, but not sure how we stop it?

      1. I’m really trying to not comply, but if you fly, they make you wear the face diaper.
        At church I no longer do. I get the looks from all the old people who have been vaccinated. Boggles the mind.

    2. Almost makes one want to call for a military coup to throw the bums out and return the Presidency to the duly elected President Trump. These Alinskyite radicals have begun the gutting of the military, and I’m sure it won’t be too happy about it. Antifa and protestors from the left–let them cool their heels in guarded encampments just like the ones that Joey has caused to be set up at the southern border, and see how THEY like it. Begin the mass round-up and deportation of illegals within our borders!

  4. This is because the DermoNazi Party knows exactly how stupid its followers are and how easy they are to fool. Hardly a way to run a country, but there you are!

  5. Matthew 24:11. And many false prophets shall rise and deceive many.
    Proverbs 26:28. A lying tongue hates those it hurts.
    Matthew 24:24. For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders, in so much that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

  6. The mileage tax is another lie regarding the infrastructure bill. Infrastructure can be financed with bonds, private partnership… no need to add trillions of dollars to US debt. This infrastructure tax on American taxpayers is pay back to unions and the left from the Biden Admin.

  7. Wait a minute there folks, the democrats are at it again. Saying something that’s not true. Their first bill which was called $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package but only 9% went to help Covid-19 relief. Now we have a 2T infrastructure bill that also uses only about 9% for infrastructure around the country, and the rest is anything but infrastructure of the country. Biden and the democrat party must think American people really don’t care how our money is spent. They tell us lies and we fall for their thinking that they are helping the country out.

    1. I disagree with you on your statement “another LIAR in the WH” The only reason president Trump was called a liar is because the democrats said so. To a democrat Trump lied on everything because they twisted his words to make it sound like a lie.

  8. There is already a tax on the fuel we buy, that is to pay for infrastructure upkeep. Now they want to add a second tax to penalize We the People further for our freedom because the waste our tax money to support their cronies. Fire them all.

    1. Hound your Representives to vote NO!! Call often!! Email!! Write notes!! Even to Democrats!!! Voting is no longer sure; besides it might be too late!!!!

  9. Pete was caught with his pants down around his ankles, but I guess it was not the first time he was found in a compromising position.

  10. It’s hard to fathom that these politicians actually think that we are so stupid that we cannot see what they are doing. Actually, they are the stupid ones and they are in control. That is the real danger. Problem is that there is no one to turn to . By the time the next election is upon us, there may not be anything left to save. Obama and China are working overtime to each get what they want and Biden just keeps turning in circles trying to figure out where the exit door is. Scary how it’s all turning out exactly as Trump said it would.

  11. This should prove that BUTT GAG is not qualified to do this job. He cheats too much. He does just exactly what he is told to do which kissing a lot of butt which I am sure he enjoys quite a lot.

  12. Joe Biden,and his sodom & gomarah administration should be dammed with fire & brimstone – – – – Amen

  13. Butt Boy needs to go back to his home state (if they will let him come back). He’s a typical LYING DemoncRAT. .

  14. One of the prerequisites to be a member of the Democrat Marxist Crime Organization is, you must be a hypocritical sociopathic charlatan.

  15. LOL ….. leave it to a Democrat to pretend they’re utilizing a bicycle when they barely rode it a mile. Big Joke DNC!

  16. When are the stupid people in America going to wake up and stop voting for Democrats. The Democrat Political Party has turned completely EVIL. And the Republican Party is not far behind.

  17. After watching this again, I counted 5, there maybe more,men in suits and masks in two vehicles. Then there was the guy in a pink jacket that rode with him. So six people and two gasoline using SUV’s were used to do this little bit of theater. How much did that cost us? Does every member of the White House cabinet have that many people to get them to work?

  18. I keep calling for help (not financial) from every patriotic American in abolishing the Biden administration. I have contacted all of my senators and congressmen asking that they begin the process of abolishment as allowed for in the Declaration of Independence, as well as contacting the governor of Texas and encouraging him to encourage other governors to join in this action. Further, I have asked them to encourage the governor to establish a gun law similar to that of Missouri – since no gun law in America is legal as the Second Amendment “…shall not be infringed.”

    It must be understood that the Second Amendment was given to American citizens in order that we can protect ourselves from a destructive government – keeping in mind of course, that it is the government including the Supreme Court, that is trying to attenuate and take our guns so we cannot protect ourselves from that same destructive government.

    Patriotic Americans, it is obvious that the Biden administration is not only chipping away at our freedoms and rights under the U.S. Constitution but worse yet, it is the administration’s destructive actions in opening our borders. With that hypocrisy that allows criminals, terrorists, and untested individuals (while demanding tests of others – the Janis syndrome) to pour into our country and then in the dead of night distributing them to cities that are unaware of what is taking place.

    If this does not worry us, warn us, and drive us to action, immediately, witnessing the destructive plans being enacted every day by the Biden administration, we will see our government and nation metastasize to a dystopia.

  19. There isn’t one decent democrat in the whole bunch. They are liars, manipulators and abusers of anyone they can convince that they really mean what they are doing. It’s a SHAM, A CON, etc. and they “think” they can fool Americans. Not all of us dumbocrats, NOT ALL OF US! We see clearly what your game is and it’s nothing we want in our Country!! Nor our lives!!

    The only people the dumbocrats can fool is other dumbocrats — birds of a feather, flock together!!

  20. Democrats cannot resist the urge to cheat. And when caught, they’re shameless in their explanations and claims of innocence. This particular cheater was issued an M4 assault rifle by the Air Force and trained to use it. But he claimed it was just like an AR-15 civilian rifle. Trust him not.

  21. Aren’t you tired of these idiots pretending they know what they are doing — and then their actions create another disaster in our Nation — like the Border chaos that Biden just ignores?

    Here’s a scenario for you:
    Biden ignores all those thousands of people in holding pens that are being mixed in with Covid infected people getting infected with Covid. Soon there will be one seething mess of Covid infected illegals and NO WAY to treat them all. Some will die and their bodies will not be found until later.

    So what will Biden do then? Release them into our Country raging with the Covid Virus to reinfect Americans? This idiot president/democrats are stupider than dirt and since they ARE NOT VISIONARIES NOR DO THEY RESEARCH THEIR ACTS BEFORE DOING THEM, those illegals now infected with Covid will now become “weapons” against the Ametican people! The dems are not in our govt to help our Nation nor to help any person. No, the dems are in our govt to put $$ in their pockets by screwing Americans and trying to control them with vaccines and threats.


  22. To ALL YOU PATRIOTS, wishing you all a very HAPPY EASTER. Enjoy your families and if you make it to your church, say a prayer for our country and all those trying to inform us of what’s coming. Stay safe, healthy and well.

  23. A liberal would say approvingly of Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, he may be a hypocrite but at least he is incompetent.

  24. The liberals did nothing in the 4 years of President Trump except impeach him or make up reasons to impeach him, now they want unity to pass their socialist agenda and expect us to go along with this BS. Every day they preach to us that they care but their actions show us they don’t really give a darn. Buttiplug is just another in a long line of lying, 2 faced democrats who think we are all as stupid as the sheeple they connived into voting for them.

  25. Little by Little these Demomarxists are going to strip us of our freedoms and civil rights day by day and one by one. That is what gas taxes are for and now they need to put a tax meter on the electric chargers along with the electric that charges the battery that replaces the fuel tank..

  26. Thanks Pete,
    We appreciate the show, but it’s past time you liars put your own money where your mouth is!

  27. The United States is being destroyed from within by having it’s own Democracy being used against it…There are no winners or looser…There’s no right or wrong…No men or women…There is no God or worship…No identifiable male or female at birth…People are blinded because they are afraid to speak…

  28. Another phony democrat who lies just like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, The Big Guy Joe Biden the king liar, and all those democrats in Congress and State Offices. We The People must fight back to take our Nation back from the throws of Socialism/Communism.


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