‘Biggest Flip-Flopper Since John Kerry’ GA Gov. Kemp Blasts Stacey Abrams

Office of U.S. House Speaker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp slammed failed gubernatorial opponent Stacey Abrams for “flip-flopping” after she pleaded for corporations and activists not to boycott Georgia after the MLB pulled the highly lucrative All-Star game out of the Peach State. Abrams alongside other Democrats has already publicly condemned the new voting integrity law saying that it will make it harder for minorities to vote, however, she has offered no actual evidence from the bill which would point to that conclusion.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Jr. announced last week he would pull the All-Star game out of the state because of the law. The move is sure to hurt minority communities in Atlanta and the many black and minority-owned businesses in the city.

Fox News reports:

Obviously [MLB] didn’t care what was said because they folded to the pressure. President Biden’s handlers couldn’t even get him a note card that told him what this bill did. Somebody is lying to you. It’s not me. You can read the bill and prove that out.” In that regard, host Martha MacCallum pointed to comments from Abrams, a high-profile Democrat in the state:

“Black, Latino, AAPI and Native American voters that are the most suppressed over [the new law] are the most likely to be hurt by potential boycotts of Georgia. To our friends, please do not boycott us. To my fellow Georgians, stay and fight, stay and vote,” Abrams said.

“You know, that is the biggest flip-flop since John Kerry I have ever seen. For someone that has been pressuring these corporations, pressuring Major League Baseball to now come out after the fact and say don’t boycott? People are getting screwed in this, Martha.”

Kerry, Biden’s climate ‘czar’ and the Democrats’ 2004 presidential nominee, was accused of being a “flip-flopper” on almost every major issue from the economy to the Iraq War during his campaign against President Bush.

Governor Kemp noted the MLB’s decision to pull the game out of Atlanta is sure to hurt the hardworking small business owners in the area, a majority of which are minority-owned according to Census.gov.

        1. Someone thought that dynamite would be a good way to eliminate a dead beached whale in Ca. That turned out to be a REAL mess!

  1. Besides just lying, another Democrat proven tool is to lie and then never be willing to address the lie. No one to my knowledge, has ever explained what provision of the GA law makes voting more cumbersome, and especially not Psaki. She will ignore, confuse, and substitute rather than address the issue, just like a true Democrat.

  2. Stacey is trying to get elected just because she is black.When others are trying to make sure our elections are secure, she cries ,Racists with no evidence at all.She doesn’t have any ideas on how to run any government agency.She has no new ideas on how to improve the government. Neither does biden.Since he has been in office he has reversed everything President Trump did.We are suffering because of it.

    1. she does know how to embelzilled a office and a campaign , for a couple of hundred grand, she is a very corrupt politician. And one NOT TO VOTE FOR

    2. Michigan Elections Forensics Report – 66,194 Unregistered Ballots Tallied in JUST 9 COUNTIES, plenty more to go! Trump won 2020 election lawfully!!! Go away Joe !
      Published April 9, 2021
      Michigan Constitutional Attorney Matthew Deperno released his much anticipated Michigan Elections Forensics Report on Friday.
      Among the findings:

      • Modem Chipsets Installed In Voting System Motherboards
      • 66,194 unregistered ballots tallied in just 9 counties.

      66,194 ballot voter IDs not found in October registration database. Election fraud!

      Still waiting for Georgia Ballots Forensics report from JOVANI. !!!!!

    3. She hates America and whites…she allied herself with the New Black Panthers at the time the leader was telling blacks to kill whites. There were photos of her out burning a flag etc. She is dangerous yet Dems embraced her.

  3. Stacy Abrams is typical of all Democrats, they want things both ways! They always go with whatever best suits their agenda and will gladly take the opposite view the minute it proves to be most beneficial to them! This proves one thing….they don’t do anything because it is “the right thing to do”, their side is the one which moves their cause farther toward their ultimate goal!
    Stacy Abrams is not a disgrace to her race, she is a disgrace to the human race!

  4. Wow, How loud she is hearing the old statement,”Be careful, what you wish for” You wish just came true.

  5. If Brian Kemp hadn’t caved to Stacey Abrams in 2020, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Of course Stacey Abrams is a liar and a flip flopper, but she is a Democrat. Brian Kemp is a RINO Republican who was suppose to protect Georgia from the foolishness we saw in 2020. Now, the foolish Georgias, both Demon Rats and RINO’s can enjoy the mess they created. I have no sympathy for those who supported the Demon Rats losing money now. The corrupt MLB=BLM morons should be boycotted. If enough people stop supporting these corrupt CCP owned organizations maybe they will go bankrupt and we can bring in some new, pro-American businesses.

  6. “Sore loser” or just Loser are she cannot accept that she lost the election for governor so she invents the lame excuse that she lost due to “votor suppression” and has be a corrupt one trick pony ever since. She likely lost because #1 there is absolutely nothing likeable about her. After that she is boring, not too bright, incompetent, corrupt, dishonest, fat, ugly, stupid and does not have a single original idea in her head. There are innumerable reasons why she lost and voter suppression is not even one of them.

      1. That’s ok. You got your point across. And I agree with you. I’m sick of politicians and I’m also sick of the people who run for office, and they don’t know the first thing about anything. They have never run a home, office, business, or even a snow shoveling job. What they shovel certainly isn’t white and it stinks. As they do.

  7. Stacy is a brainless Idiot’ she openened her big mouth n it backfired. Cause the Demorats have no common sense n didn’t read the bill instead told a bunch of lies. What they do best.

  8. The people of Georgia need to wake up and realize Stacey Abrams is a hypocrite that only cares about herself and having power.

  9. She is so dumb. Typical of the dems. She hassles the wimpy MLB then wines when she gets what she wants. Like most of her dem buddies
    they forgot to think this thru. Hope that works to rid her from politics.

  10. Who are these people who vote for people like Stacey Abrams and Nancy Pelosi? Wow! We have some really dumb and uninformed people in this country. Now that’s scary!

  11. Why are decent ppl forced to put up with successive lying pieces of excrement year after year is beyond imagination

  12. This is all liberal Socialist Propaganda (aka BS). They have been fighting voter ID forever and it has nothing to do with voter suppression. Minorities have been polled time and time again, and have made it very clear that they have no problem with voter ID. The one and only reason for the liberals to fight voter ID is because it makes it so much harder for them to cheat.

  13. I don’t know why GA doesn’t at least audit the special election for those two senators. I don’t think they really won, esp. if Stacey’s special brand of “getting” votes was involved.

    1. She wants ALL the CAKES (and pies…and biscuits….and pancakes and donuts…and taters) and eat them, too..!!

  14. “Sore loser” or just “Loser” are the best nick names for her as she cannot accept that she lost the election for governor so she invents the lame excuse that she lost due to “votor suppression” and has been a corrupt one trick pony ever since. She likely lost because #1 there is absolutely nothing likeable about her. After that she is boring, not too bright, incompetent, corrupt, dishonest, fat, ugly, stupid and does not have a single original idea in her head. There are innumerable reasons why she lost and voter suppression is not even one of them.

  15. Watch out nancy, the look in abrams eyes is that you look delicious, you could be her next meal.

  16. Get a real job stacy, stop trying to leech off hard working, tax paying Americans. You’re nothing but a race-baiting disgusting anti-white racist.

  17. Stacey Abrams is the BIGGEST BISQUIT EATIN’ FLIP FLOPPER..!! And, it shows…!!! Oh, and Moldy Nancy loves her some Biscuit Eaten’ Stacey with syrup on top…!! HAHHAHAHA..!!!

  18. MLB does not care about those businesses who will suffer when they move the Allstar game to Denver to a mostly all white city from the largely black city of Atlanta. It does not even make.sense becasue they are saying o e thing but the reaso no are stupid.

  19. I can hardly stand to look at Stacy Abrams–she’s a real beauty–NOT hell she
    still thinks she’s the governor–such a moron–there is no suppression of voting
    in Georgia–they had a huge turnout==of course we know most of it was fraud
    and Trump really won the state the only supression of voting was the republicans
    so much corruption!! Georgia is RED–let’s show them in 2022!!!

  20. It is time for the NFL,NBA, MLB, MSL, and the NCAA all to understand they are for entertainment and need to keep their nose out of the political environment. You will one day kill ur league because of over reach.

  21. Republicans should use “Georgia on My Mind” as their theme song to remind Democrats that Americans do not Forget how they screw anybody that gets in their way

  22. The left took the MLB out of a mostly black city of Atlanta (which is 55% black) and moved it to Denver (which is 10% black) over a new policy of voting that requires photo IDs to vote in all elections. Denver and Colorado you need a valid photo ID to vote too. So, basically the message in Atlanta is that black voters are too stupid to go to the DMV to get a photo license and too ignorant to know what a driver’s license number is. I find that to be incredibly insulting to the black communities. Tell us again who the racist is?

  23. It seems as if Democrats make laws as they go not having any clue about what they are doing. Wow! and these people are leading our country? WAKE UP AMERICA.

  24. This Abrams bitch also said she is the most qualified foreign policy person in America. She claims to have read all the books on the subject. I’m thinking that is how numb nuts John Kerry got his job. They both should be booted to the curb.

  25. I’m sorry but when I hear & see Ms Abrams the image in my mind’s eye is that of a feral swamp hog — huge, shrewd, mean, dangerous & totally without useful purpose.

  26. Stacy ran the Georgia vote–Stacy corrupted the Georgia vote. We can thank Stacy for Joe Biden and his clan of grifters in the White House. With Russia and China saber rattling –that is just who we need in the White House. Joe will never stand up to these Communist bad boys because he and his Clan have taken money from them in the form of corruption. Once all is divulged Joe Biden will go into History as the most corrupt PINO ever — stopped construction of the Border Fence– stopped Deportation of freed illegal alien criminals. .He is wasting a trillion taxpayer dollars by inviting . all of the world to invade us and now there are 20thousand unaccompanied children living like sardines in a can. SEND THEM HOME TO THEIR PARENTS JOE, THE MILITARY CAN DO THAT WITH CARGO PLANES. LET THE MILITARY CLEAN UP YOUR CACA JOE PINO.

  27. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaaaa,F&$K GEORGIA,AND ITS CROOKED SCUMBAG POLITICIANS

  28. Abrams needs to think once in awhile. Hopefully the blacks who might have voted for her now know exactly what she stands for. It isn’t for helping them!

  29. ASSUMING that the 2022 “elections” are not rigged, ALL these Georgians should stand up & “remember in Nov.” what Abrams, Al Sharpton & the rest of these “cronies” did to cost them their livelihoods.You need I.D. for just about everything but not voting? This is pure lunacy & Dem propaganda. This is getting so far out of hand that any SANE person can see through this . The only votes that will be suppressed are the American citizens voting AGAINST the Dems!

  30. Brooklyn Center Minnesota Police Department,took down thier American Flag,at the request of a few citizens – – – THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THIER SELFS !


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