Republican Gov. Bans Vaccine Passports

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott banned government-mandated vaccine passports in the Lone Star state. The Republican signed an executive order which bans the requirement that Texans show proof of vaccination before getting a product. The order also prohibits businesses receiving state funds from requiring proof of vaccination from customers as well.


The Daily Wire reports:

“Every day, Texans return to normalcy as more people get the COVID vaccine. In fact, this week, Texas will surpass 13 million doses administered,” Abbott said in a Tuesday video announcement. “Those shots help slow the spread of COVID, reduce hospitalizations, and reduce fatalities.”

“But, as I have said all along, these vaccines are always voluntary and never forced. Government should not require any Texan to show proof of vaccination and reveal private health information just to go about their daily lives,” the governor continued. “That is why I issued an executive order that prohibits government-mandated vaccine passports in Texas. We will continue to vaccinate more Texans and protect public health and we will do so without treading on Texans’ personal freedoms.”

The order exempts nursing homes and long-term care facilities, allowing them to require proof of vaccination as need to protect their residents.

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Last week, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a similar order.

    1. I agree Rosa. I just posted but they’re holding my post and will approve it in a couple of days.
      My governor should do the same, but he consults with the wack job from MI and others like her.
      Indiana just lifted their mask mandate.
      Good for Fl and TX. The people should be overjoyed.

  1. Good job FL and TX for taking a stand against this vaxx passport idiocy. On side note I hear someone in the broward county of FL is organizing a mask burning celebration this Saturday April 10. I hope many other states follow through with this as I can’t stand wearing these stupid masks and also being sick & tired of constantly being reminded to wear one like I’m some little child

      1. I’m sure they’re not happy about that….and I wouldn’t care. Liberals for all their talk about “unity” and “tolerance” sure like for all of us to be miserable under the guise of being “safe”.

        1. Libs bring absolutely no UNITY or TOLERANCE to anything.
          With them it’s my way or the highway.

          1. With globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep it is globalists way or the highway .

    1. Govt Abbott has fought AGAINST ALL OF the LEFTIST IDIOCY since he got Elected!! I hope he stays IN as long is legally POSSIBLE for him too!!

      1. He has tough skin. For you Texans I do hope he’s reelected if possible. Didn’t Bloomberg and now Cuomo serve 3 terms?
        If only Governor Abbott could fix Austin?
        What a sheethole of liberalism.

    2. It is pleasant to see this governor tell globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ to stick their bribes and threats up their a$$ .

  2. It never seems to matter to the Democrat Socialist totalitarians in pursuit of their socialist utopia that some folks on Planet Earth are strongly advised NOT to receive the COVID vaccine. I refer to those who are severely allergic with a history of adverse reactions to pharmacologic agents. Above and beyond all that, why submit to the risk of an unproven new vaccine which is maybe 67% effective (and you STILL must wear a maskie) for a virus which is per CDC ~99% survivable? This vaccine campaign is a juggernaut of control of the masses. It will roll over and crush any who stand in its way. Unless we stop it!

    1. Recent testing shows the vaccine as close to 95% effective. I took the vaccine as I’m 74 and I take a flu shot every year and can’t remember the last time I was sick out side of minor colds. Everyone should vaccinate. Why gamble with a serious virus? There are those that due to medical problems, should not take the vaccine.

      1. I’m only 66 but I will definately NOT be taking it. Though I get the annual flu shot, the swine flu shot back in 75-76 almost killed me, and I was a lot younger then. As long as the manufacturers are protected from law suits for this EXPERIMENTAL vaccine, and until ALL of congress and their staff gets it, I’ll not take the risk.

        1. The swine flu and avian bird flu were all lies and cons perpetrated by the government as well they went overboard on the hyping the lies on CoronaSCAM2020 because they didn’t get rich enough off of the Swine and Avian Bird Flu as well as they have been dumbing down the population to be more likely to take shots their bodies do not need causing serious health risks later in life just like Desert Storm Syndrome! It wasn’t the gasses that made the soldiers die it was the shots that their bodies did not need!

      2. I and the 7 members of my family NEVER have taken the flu shot, and certainly will NOT take the vaccine. We have been very healthy. No sir everyone should NOT take the vaccine. Do not spread leftist propaganda.

        1. Me thinks the left is too pushy on taking vaccines, what is the underlying reason? Theres more to this than immunization for Corona. This vaccine is not FDA approved as I understand, its a test to see how people react to the vaccine. People can get Covid, even after they get the vaccine, and oh yes, Fauci says everyone must still wear masks. Talk about control!

        2. counting Grandkids we have 8 that are old enough for vaccines on one of my Daughters has taken it but she gets annual flu shots forever, also get sick more often anyway…..

      3. I am your age and have never had a flu shot! I also have not had chinese virus shot!
        Last time i had the flu was in 2003 or 04. Masks (except for very expensive masks) do not stop the chinese flu as the virus is so small it goes right thru them, so I never wear a mask.

  3. My governor, a RINO could learn alot from Governor Desantis and Governor Abbott. Instead, he likes to advise with the COMMUNISTS like Hogan and the witch from MI. He still wants masks and all the other garbage. Grrrrrrr!

    1. If they are going to force it, c’mon govs. Get tough and make them agree to voter ID also or Dont agree with these wrong and illegal passports!

      1. Yes, gotta give credit to our guy.
        ID to vote. We had no problems with the election and it was called Nov 3rd.
        Vaccine passports, he’s remaining quiet on that. Our state government just stripped him of his health powers.

      1. California is really become a complete lost cause. I feel really bad for the people who still think and vote logically. Not all can leave and relocate. California and New York should be the perfect example of a one party ruling.
        It’s what we’re now subjected from Washington.

  4. The last week of January the WHO announced they were going to adjust the PCR test because of to many false positives. Since that announcement the cases have dropped precipitously. The vaccines have nothing to do with it. However I love Gov. Abbott.

      1. It is not the VACs that are stopping the COVID from spreading. It is the FACT that people SMARTENED UP and STOPPED getting tested!!

  5. That is excellent news! Yes, more states with brave, righteous Governors should follow this lead. We must never be ruled under any medical tyranny, it is un-American and against the U.S. Constitution. The People Control this country, not the corporations, the tech oligarchs, not the ILLEGAL PRESIDENT, the ILLEGAL VICE PRESIDENT, Pelosi, the White House Press Mouth.

  6. Most Americans should be protected under the Nuremberg Code which prohibits the use of experimental technology concoctions masked as a “vaccine,” and the Code expressly states that people cannot be forced or coerced into taking experimental technology concoctions masked as “vaccine.” Anybody can access the Nuremberg Code The Nuremberg Code is defined in Law, it is an act of Law.


  8. Why is it that only Republican governors have sense enough to do what Abbott has done? Maybe it’s because the Democrat lockdowns, etc. have NOTHING to do with the Corona virus. It’s ALL the politics of control and subjugation by power mad politicians. Time to get rid of ALL Democrats, and send them to Cuba, where they can boss around the socialist slaves all they want, without complaint.

    1. It is only about CONTROL is why they also want our guns easier to CONTROL as unarmed population is much easier to control. Covid has been the Powerball for the DemoCraps. And there are plenty of sheeple following their Commie agenda.

    1. That is because he listens to Acton, Fauci Jr. They better run someone else for Governor in 2022. I will not vote for this old RINO again.

  9. Governor Abbot and others like him are truly AMERICAN, CONSTITUTIONALLY COMPLIANT, RULE OF LAW ADHERENT AND HONOR THEIR SWORN OATHS OF OFFICE. In my personal and educated opinion as BOTH a disabled by Agent Orange Vietnam veteran of the 1968 Tet Offensive and holder of a 54 year old degree in Government he had WHEN he so served HONORABLY as far too many in Establishment Government DO NOT, and as its CHIEF ADVERSARIES!.I consider it to be comprised of self-aggrandizing , New World Order Sychophant, U.N. Agenda 21 advocaring seditionist and treasonous trolls.. Their utterly UNCONSTITUTIONAL acts and policies are the result of a corrupted DOJ AND SJC! These professional, career thieving parasites and venomous vermin seek only to enhance their personal wealth and party agendas, and ALWAYS at the expense of and to the detriment of the ONLY constituency they are sworn to protect and serve: American citizens, and the Constitution they swore to: “defend and uphold AGAINST all enemies , foreign and domestic and not try to amend it into oblivion or obliterate it altogether as they are trying to do. They mostly belong in prison,NEVER ELECTIVE OFFICE , And, their pitiful performance record over the last 60 years or so, PROVES THE CONTENTION! Look at their inept history and NEVER vote for another of these swamp slime, slithering reptiles.; most of which are leftist lunatics, RINOS, or outright Marxists: The enemy within to ALL things American.THEY ARE ALL A NATONAL DISGRACE; and the ongoing generation of a $28 trllion debt rapidly escalating BY DESIGN AND INTENT, makes them all that much WORSE! We CANNOT afford them. WE have to get rid of them and , they are making it harder by corrupting the entire elective process! In my case, at my age and with my service caused disabilities, this is no longer my fight: it is all of YOURS, if you value freedom responsibility accountability and a bright future for your progeny!

    1. And George Soros funds all of their Communist agenda, a Scum Bag that has been disowned by his own country of Hungary. Why are we not freeing his assets? He funded our Attorney Generals campaign (Kim Ogg) in Houston. He along with the Scum Bag lying Media and social media and these big corporations that do business with China that have people in camps want to preach to us…SCREW THEM, WE WILL NOT COMPLY!!!

  10. I read yesterday about a Priest that called the Police on a pregnant woman who was not wearing a mask, and the Police hauled her out and arrested her! I wish I could remember where it was but I am having a small senior moment (I like to say I am practicing for later). I can’t believe what this country becoming under the DemonRats rule! This whole mask thing is out of control.

    1. Yes. Yes it is out of control and in addition to that they are over 99% worthless.
      I never wear one except at work where I will be walked out if I don’t but, even there I wear it under me chon about 95% of the time.

  11. A few still have their senses left. In many states and countries the corona religion is totally out of control in panic, mass hystreira, symbolic sacrifices and suspension of human freedom and rights. It is a gift from heaven for the socialists to enforce their dream of a police state and total control of every citizen.
    We are in a mix of middle ages superstition that we shall all die if we don’t burn the witches and the communist system of oppression. How did this come about??

  12. Sleight of Hand by Governor Abbott. It is only during the Emergency Use Authorization period and does NOT exempt corporations from discriminating against you if you do not have the vaccine passport. e.g. Airlines, entertainment venues, banks, grocery stores, medical service providers, etc.

    1. Think Fauci is full of bull with the mask. According to OSHA an asbestos fiber is ten times larger than the COVID germ. If these mask are not good enough to work asbestos in, then they can not be of any use in preventing COVID spread. Fauci is enjoying the money he is making from all his investments in the vacines and in China.

  13. Well done, globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet, chester the molester biden and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media are very angry like bees .

  14. Simple solution to any MANDATES, if you have the nuts- “DO NOT COMPLY,” if you want true liberty. If you want government control keep complying and doing what you are told. Get some knowledge from other than government, this is not a vaccine and will not pass testing for a vaccine. If you have taken the vaccine and trust your elected rulers, I feel sorry for you. I hope what I think will not happen though not expecting it not too.

  15. It should NOT have excluded anyplace in the state. So I guess that those who don’t want the vaccine can never visit their loved ones in those places.


  17. This administration is hyping the vaccine jab just like the did the Covid hysteria that locked down our country and took away our freedoms.

  18. Hooray for Texas Governor!! No American should have to carry a vaccine passport to travel to businesses, different states, etc. Anyth8ng like that vaccine I.D. is actually the MARK OF THE BEAST according to our Christian Bible. Christians do not want that with their name on it.

    So now Texas has denied the vaccine passport, as well as Florida’s Governor. I’m guessing Arizona will be next denying the vaccine passport with Utah, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming following close behind. However, those states on the NorthEast Coast, well your guess is as good as mine…they are basically democrat states with major “control” issues. Who knows… And the MidWest is stew of unknowns. Time will tell.

    As for California, Newsom is already unsteady in his position because of two Removal attempts by CALIFORNIANS. If he tries to mandate a vaccine passport, I think Californians will forget any further removal attempts and just give Newsom a “Going Away Necktie Party” in the Redwoods!

  19. what ever happened to MY Body MY choice ,hmmmmmmmm Dr schwam her , never had any annual flu vaccine. ..too much guess work on what strain it might be this year, take it if you feel better about taking it. ..

  20. Texas should be sanctuary state for business and guns no federal IRS payments from business.
    Texas and the rest of the states also must declared that their residents can’t be taxed by the federal more than the state income tax, and eliminate the federal income tax for corporations that will keep the companies in those states and produce more jobs and more income, the feds are trying to eliminate the sovereignty of the states the states must eliminate the feds power grab.

  21. So many don’t realize how much they put themselves into danger. A virus with an extremely high potential for survival without any vaccine, a vaccine that has too many questions as to its validity and true purpose. Not honestly knowing what is in it or what the real purpose for it is. Population control? What everyone should know is that if they should get the shot and later on die from the vaccine, theres not one insurance company that will pay a life insurance policy for taking experimental drugs. Thats what this vaccine is. Thats why this was issued under an EDU policy giving manufactures immunity from lawsuits.

  22. I love being from Texas. At least they know how to elect the right people for the job. Go, Texas!


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